• Reflux Free Natural Herbal Supplement - Anticolic Drops for Infants and Babies with Colic, Acid Reflux, Gas, Constipation - for Children and Adults - by Wonder Healing (30ml)

    Say Goodbye To A Gassy Stomach & Reduce Colic In Babies With Reflux Free Natural Herbal Supplement!Reflux Free is made to provide parents with a simple and reliable way to deal with their newborn's tummy ache and relieve baby colic. We carefully select natural ingredients that are proven to provide digestive aid whether at night or in the day so th...

    • ASIN: B07GZY3XC4
    • Brand: Wonder healing

  • Baby Colic Babies' Magic Tea- N1 Baby Colic, Gas & Acid Reflux Relief-USDA Organic- MUST BE USED 3 TO 4 TIMES A DAY- 20 Sanitized T Bags- Up to 80 Servings. No Chemicals

    Baby Colic BABIES' MAGIC TEA is N1 FDA Approved Natural Baby Colic Relief & Baby Gas, Constipation & Acid reflux Treatment It will also help your baby sleep better. Babies' Magic Tea should not be given only once to the baby, you should use 3 to 4 times a day, ONLY 1 SERVING WILL NOT HELP AlSO THIS A MEDICINAL BABY TEA SO PLEASE DON'T EXPECT A TEAV...

    • ASIN: B00BI2VW6K
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Secrets Of Tea
    • UPC: 850302006015

  • Mylicon Children's Antacid, Tummy Relief Tablets for Kids, Cherry, 24 Count

    For generations, moms have trusted Mylicon for relieving their babies' gas discomfort. Now there's help for bigger kids too: NEW Children's Mylicon Tummy Relief for Kids; the only multi-symptom, chewable tablet for kids 2 - 11 that is designed to quickly soothe upset tummies due to bloating and discomfort from gas, acid indigestion, and overeating....

    • ASIN: B07C9K3LXW
    • Brand: Mylicon
    • UPC: 819903010555

  • Enfamil A.R. Spit Up Baby formula gentle Milk Powder Refill, 32.2 Oz - Omega 3 Dha, Probiotics, immune & Brain Support

    Enfamil A.R. Spit Up Baby Formula is specially formulated with a thicker consistency clinically proven to reduce spit up by over 50%* while providing complete nutrition for your infant up to 12 months, unlike just adding rice cereal to formula. Spit up is common side effect of your baby's developing digestive system. But a switch to Enfamil A.R. In...

    • ASIN: B005ACNTVA
    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Enfamil
    • UPC: 300875100967

  • Little Remedies Fast Acting Gripe Water | Safe for Newborns | 4 FL OZ

    Little Remedies fast acting Gripe Water safely and gently relieves stomach discomfort from gas, colic, fussiness, and hiccups.* Our product is based on a time-tested formula from Europe that is over 100 years old and includes ginger and fennel to aid in digestion.* Little Remedies Gripe Water is paraben- and gluten-free and contains no artificial f...

    • ASIN: B001J5LDM4
    • Brand: Little Remedies
    • UPC: 756184122778

  • Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water, Relief of Gas, Colic and Upset Stomach

    Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water, 2 Fluid Ounce

    • ASIN: B00282S83E
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Colic Calm
    • UPC: 885132138742

  • Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Vitamin D Supplement Drops for Infants 50 mL dropper bottle

    Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Liquid Vitamin D Supplement, 50 mL Bottle ( Pack May Vary )

    • ASIN: B005ZIC55K
    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Enfamil
    • UPC: 300870866448

  • Mylicon Gas Relief Drops for Infants and Babies, Dye Free Formula, 1 Fluid Ounce

    Re-Introduction of infants' Mylicon gas relief drops that relieve the discomfort of infant gas frequently caused by air swallowing or certain formulas or foods. Safe enough for even the newest of newborns and safe enough to give with every feeding - up to 12 times per day. Mylicon, no.1 Brand recommended by pediatricians. Infant's Mulicon drops con...

    • ASIN: B011EVPAHG
    • Brand: Mylicon
    • UPC: 819903010227

  • Zarbee's Naturals Children's Complete Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummies with Our Total B Complex and Essential Vitamins, Natural Fruit Flavors, 70 Gummies

    Zarbee's Naturals Children's Multivitamin + Probiotic gummies help support your child’s growth, development, and immune and digestive systems*, plus they taste great! Supplement your children's diet with these multivitamins for kids. Kids vitamins to help promote and maintain intestinal health*. You can count on Zarbee's Naturals for vitamins, su...

    • ASIN: B07BP94S9Z
    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Zarbee's Naturals
    • UPC: 857647007189

  • Carlson - Baby's Super Daily D3, 400 IU per Drop, 1-Year Supply, Vegetarian, Liquid Vitamin D, Unflavored, 365 Drops

    Carlson Laboratories - Super Daily D3 for Kids 400IU

    • ASIN: B003BVIBMO
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Carlson
    • UPC: 088395012600

  • Mommy's Bliss - Gripe Water Original Double Pack - 8 FL OZ (2 Bottles)

    Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water, Liquid, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) 8 fl oz

    • ASIN: B00E3Y0N5G
    • Color: Original
    • Brand: Mommy's Bliss
    • UPC: 687077599592

  • Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops | Berry Flavor | Safe For Newborns | 0.5 FL OZ

    Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops is made especially for babies to gently and reliably relieve tummy pain from excess gas. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops with simethicone help break down the gas bubbles in baby’s tummy and can provide relief from gas in minutes. The drops can easily be administered orally or mixed in formula or water up to 12 do...

    • ASIN: B00DB4N08G
    • Color: Natural Berry
    • Brand: Little Remedies
    • UPC: 756184120453

  • Enfamil A.R. Spit Up Baby Formula Gentle Milk Powder, 21.5 ounce - Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Immune & Brain Support

    Enfamil A.R. Spit Up Baby Formula is specially formulated with a thicker consistency clinically proven to reduce spit up by over 50%* while providing complete nutrition for your infant up to 12 months, unlike just adding rice cereal to formula. Spit up is common side effect of your baby's developing digestive system. But a switch to Enfamil A.R. In...

    • ASIN: B003VKR0J0
    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: Enfamil
    • UPC: 763529289102

  • Mommy's Bliss Constipation Ease + Prebiotics for Baby's Tummy Troubles Relief - No Harsh Laxatives Gentle Formula Herbal Supplement - 4 Fl Oz

    "If there’s one thing you know a lot about as a mom, it’s your baby’s poop. And when you notice they’re not going like they should, Constipation Ease can help. We make it with real prune juice and no chemical laxatives to re-boot your baby’s system naturally and gently....

    • ASIN: B00R42HK64
    • Brand: Mommy's Bliss
    • UPC: 679234055317

  • Probonix Kids Probiotic for Toddlers and Children, Organic, Non-GMO Liquid Probiotic Drops, 8 Live Probiotic Strains to Support Gut Health for Toddlers and Children - 1 Month Supply, Grape

    Description: 30 Day Supply - 0.5 oz bottleSuggested Use:8 drops daily for children ages 1 to 9 years oldCould help if you have issues like: Gas ColicDiarrhea Constipation Eczema Thrush Asthma Lactose intolerance And more! Our liquid probiotic uses an exclusive formula containing 8 of the most effective probiotic strains for supporting general gut h...

    • ASIN: B012E0UVHU
    • Color: Grape
    • Brand: Probonix
    • UPC: 820103730921

  • (2 Pack) Prilosec OTC Frequent Heartburn Medicine and Acid Reflux Reducer Tablets 42 Count - Omeprazole - Proton Pump Inhibitor - PPI

    Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer 42ct, 2

    • UPC: 15729034
    • Color: Other
    • Size: 42
    • Rating: 4.716

  • (2 Pack) Equate Acid Reducer Omeprazole Delayed Release Tablets, 20 mg, 42 Ct, 3 Pk - Treat Frequent Heartburn

    Omeprazole Acid Reducer TabletsDelayed Release Tablets 20 mgUse:Treats frequent heartburn (occurs 2 or more days a week)Not intended for immediate relief of heartburn; this drug may take 1 to 4 days for full

    • UPC: 389520808
    • Rating: 4.672

  • Zantac 150mg Maximum Strength Ranitidine / Acid Reducer Tablets, 24ct

    Zantac 150 Maximum Strength Tablets are clinically proven to relieve heartburn in as little as 30 minutes. No pill relieves heartburn faster. Zantac 150 works with your body to reduce acid production. One tablet taken

    • UPC: 10309839
    • Model: 0068142103103
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 2424 ct
    • Rating: 4.82

  • Equate Acid Reducer Omeprazole Capsules, 20 mg, 42 Count, 3 Pack

    Equate Omeprazole Magnesium Capsules treat frequent heartburn occurring two or more days a

    • UPC: 14706053
    • Model: 00681131297936
    • Color: Pink,WhitePink
    • Rating: 4.669

  • Nexium 24HR Acid Reducer Tablets - 42 ct

    Get 24-hour relief from frequent heartburn with Nexium® 24HR Tablets. It provides the same complete protection^ from frequent heartburn in easy-to-swallow tablets. Nexium 24HR tablets work by blocking acid directly at the source, giving you

    • UPC: 48970539
    • Model: 245142
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 42 ct42
    • Rating: 4.824

  • Equate Cimetidine Acid Reducer Tablets, 200mg, 60 Count

    Relieves and prevents heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach brought on by eating or drinking certain food and

    • UPC: 10324616
    • Model: S21982E/02272
    • Color: White
    • Size: 60
    • Rating: 4.843

  • (2 Pack) Equate Acid Reducer Lansoprazole Delayed Release Capsules, 15 mg, 42 Ct, 3 Pk - Treats Frequent Heartburn

    Compare to Prevacidà 24HR active ingredient. Lansoprazole Delayed-Release Capsules 15 mg is a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI). PPIs actually deactivate the pumps in the stomach lining from producing acid, significantly inhibiting acid production (and its

    • UPC: 517817123
    • Rating: 4.75

  • Acid Reflux Complete - Natural Organic Liquid Heartburn, GERD, & Amish Reflux Relief Remedy & Medicine

    Acid Reflux Complete is a all natural liquid concentrate that helps support elimination and to get quick relief from acid reflux, heartburn, gas, or the backup that occurs from indigestion. Acid Reflux Complete helps speed

    • UPC: 746742402
    • Size: 16
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Infants' Tylenol Acetaminophen Liquid Medicine, Grape, 1 fl. oz

    Children's Tylenol Grape Flavor Pain Reliever temporarily reduces fever and relieves minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, headache, sore throat,

    • UPC: 28538800
    • Model: 12230
    • Color: NAOther
    • Size: 11 OZ PKG
    • Rating: 4.733

  • Prilosec OTC Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine and Acid Reducer, Wildberry Flavor, 42 Count – Omeprazole Delayed-Release Tablets 20mg - Proton Pump Inhibitor

    1 pill each morning. 24 Hours. Zero heartburn.* Unlike some other Heartburn treatments, Prilosec OTC blocks the acid that causes frequent heartburn so you don't get heartburn in the first place. If you experience heartburn

    • UPC: 21054801
    • Model: 3700080934
    • Color: RedWildberry
    • Size: 42 tablets42
    • Rating: 4.695

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