• U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Poultry I - Chicken, Poultry Processing, Destination and Surveillance Inspection - eBook

    The veterinary food inspection specialist performs inspection of poultry when it reaches its initial destination and during storage. Chicken is the most common form of poultry bought by the military services. It is a highly

    • UPC: 360738414

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation - Electrocardiogram, EKG, Dysrhythmia, Electrophysiology, Rhythms/Heart Blocks - eBook

    In this subcourse, you will study recognition of cardiac dysrhythmias. This information will aid you in maintaining and improving the health of soldiers. In that pursuit, do your best to achieve the objectives of this

    • UPC: 690566064

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Poultry II, Chicken, Turkey, Ducks, Geese, Inspection, Identification Marks, Class and Quality, Grade and Rating - eBook

    This subcourse is a continuation of the advanced correspondence course for the Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist. Subcourse MD0728 reviews the information in the basic level subcourse MD0712, Poultry I, and provides additional information. You may

    • UPC: 427569907

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Prescription Interpretation - Script Form, Common Latin Terms and Abbreviations - eBook

    The prescription is a vital link between the physician and pharmacy personnel. The prescription states the drug and the dose of that drug the patient must receive. If the prescription is not properly interpreted, the

    • UPC: 689919522

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Sterile Procedures (MD0540) - Communicable Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens, Medical and Surgical Asepsis, Wound Care, Isolation, Prevention of Infection - eBook

    A cardinal rule in the medical field is to not do more harm than good to the casualty. This is the reason we must be careful to protect the patient from infection or disease while

    • UPC: 131856046

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Management of Patients With Respiratory Dysfunctions - Respiratory System, Devices to Aid Breathing, Administering Oxygen, Suctioning - eBook

    This subcourse presents a review of the respiratory system, devices such as the oralpharyngeal airway and bag-valve-mask (BVM) systems which are used to assist a patient's breathing efforts, procedures for supplying the patient with additional

    • UPC: 490471278

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Waterfoods - Seafood, Fish and Shellfish, Aquaculture, Inspection, External Identification, Composition, Anatomy, Preservation, Deterioration - eBook

    Waterfoods (fish and shellfish) are among the most perishable of all foods and need proper care from the moment they are caught until served or processed. The handling of waterfoods determines to what extent deterioration

    • UPC: 180019910

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Introduction to Medical Records and the Patient Administration Division - Army Medical Department (AMEDD) - eBook

    The Patient Administration Division (PAD) is one of the administrative services established by the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) to support the health care delivery mission of medical treatment facilities. Organization of the Army Medical Department;

    • UPC: 596685010

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Therapeutics I - Pharmacy, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Anesthetic, Central Nervous System, Surgery, Sedative, Anticonvulsant, Narcotics, CNS Stimulants - eBook

    A patient who visits a physician or physician extender frequently receives a prescription for a medication. That prescription is brought to the pharmacy to be filled. The patient expects professional attention at the pharmacy. Part

    • UPC: 743601866

  • U.S. Army Medical Correspondence Course: Introduction to the Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist Career Field - Combat Service Support, Ethics, Standards, Established Practices - eBook

    As a veterinary food inspection specialist, you need an introduction to the context in which you will be working. The purpose of this subcourse is to provide some general knowledge that may be referred to

    • UPC: 675437493

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