• Banyan Botanicals Kidney Formula - USDA Certified Organic, 90 Tablets - Herbal Supplement to Support Kidney & Adrenal Function*

    Supports Proper Function of the Kidneys and Adrenals*Kidney Formula is a rejuvenating tonic for the kidneys and adrenals. It supports healthy urinary flow and composition, assisting in the natural cleansing of the blood. This energizing combination of herbs supports a healthy, unobstructed urinary tract and works to cool and soothe the entire urina...

    • ASIN: B000Q418YW
    • Brand: Banyan Botanicals
    • UPC: 618192011713

  • Banyan Botanicals Punarnava Powder - USDA Certified Organic, 1/2 lb - Boerhavia diffusa - Ayurvedic Herb for Heart, Liver, and Kidneys*

    Kapha Rejuvenating Herb that Promotes Overall Health and Well-Being*Literally meaning "the one that renews," punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) is well known in Ayurveda for its health promoting qualities. It is one of the best herbs for balancing and rejuvenating kapha and is an ingredient in most traditional kapha-reducing formulas. Punarnava is used ...

    • ASIN: B001FAV6Q6
    • Brand: Banyan Botanicals
    • UPC: 618192069523

  • 2 oz Kidney Vitality Tonic

    Kidney Vitality Tonic is formulated to provide energy and stamina, support kidney and bladder function, decrease water retention and rejuvenate adrenal vitality.

    • ASIN: B007U04WX4
    • Brand: Sarada Ayurevdic Remedies
    • UPC: 814542000097

  • Love Is the Best Medicine - Audiobook

    **A book guaranteed to touch anyone who has ever had a beloved pet… **    From instant New York Times bestseller, Dr. Nick Trout comes another touching and heartfelt story from the front lines of veterinary medicine—the story

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    • Rating: 3.9

  • Doctor Dogs : How Our Best Friends Are Becoming Our Best Medicine


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  • The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments : Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

    Lyme Disease is one of the most stubborn, treatment-resistant infections in the world. It is also spreading repidly on all continents with more than 200,000 new cases per year in the United States alone. Recent

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  • Laughter Still Is the Best Medicine : Our Most Hilarious Jokes, Gags, and Cartoons

    "The editors of Reader's Digest present over a 1000 of our all-time favorite jokes, gags and cartoons from the humor pages of our magazine. This hilarious collection offers up some of the funniest moments that

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  • Food Is Your Best Medicine : The Pioneering Nutrition Classic

    A physician explains ways in which proper diets can prevent and cure numerous

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  • Laughter Totally is the Best Medicine

    More than 1,000 of the funniest, laugh-out-loud jokes, quips, quotes, anecdotes, and cartoons from Reader's digest magazine--guaranteed to put laughter in your day. This collection of laugh-out-loud, clean jokes, one-liners, and other lighthearted glimpses of

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  • Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine : America's Funniest Jokes, Stories, and Cartoons

    A collection of jokes, anecdotes, cartoons and humorous quotes from Readers

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  • Ferri's Best Test : A Practical Guide to Clinical Laboratory Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging

    Practical and concise, this spiral bound, pocket-sized manual is a quick, go-to reference for up-to-date clinical material on today's diagnostic testing and laboratory tests. Three convenient sections provide quick access to key information on clinical

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  • Kidneys and Bladder Tonic IV - 2 oz (60 ml) by Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals

    These herbal formulas were created to alkalize (remove inflammation)‚ clean‚ strengthen‚ and regenerate the kidneys and bladder tissues. They are function enhancers. Kidney & Bladder Tonic IV is used more as strong diuretics.Traditional Uses: Kidney

    • UPC: 161447297

  • The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease : Preserving Kidney Function with Plant-Based Eating

    Packed with clearly states up to date information on the most effective methods for managing kidney disease. This valuable book has a great deal of specific information to assist readers in implementing or continuing a

    • UPC: 11145599

  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Disease - Stop kidney dialysis - KIDNEY FAILURE TREATMENT in India

    Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment By Ayurveda - True Testimonial

    Guidelines for Kidney Failure & Dialysis Patients - Yoga, Ayurveda, Diet & All by Nityanandam Shree