• iHealth Smart Wireless Blood Sugar Test Kit for iPhone & Android,Bluetooth Diabetes Testing Kit with 50 Test Strips, 50 Lancets, Control Solution, Smart Blood Glucose Meter for Blood Sugar Monitoring

    The iHealth Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System 50 Strips Kit offers user friendly features for easier diabetes management at competitive prices. With advanced biosensor technology, the iHealth Wireless glucose meter requires no coding when you use iHealth Blood glucose test strips 2019 Version, gives fast readings in only 5 seconds from a tiny 0.7 micro-liter blood sample size. A Visual Daily Diabetes Management System iHealth Smart blood glucose monitor takes readings like you’re used to with an old glucometer, but adds a digital twist. Its app becomes your digital logbook that presents your ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01M0PTDQ9
    • UPC: 856362005081
    • ASIN: B01M0PTDQ9
    • Brand: iHealth
    • Manufacturer: iHealth (HBA)

  • O'WELL Contour Next ONE Diabetes Testing Kit - 50 Contour Next Test Strips, Contour Next Control Solution, 50 O'WELL Lancets, O'WELL Lancing Device, Manuals & Carry Case

    This blood glucose diabetes testing kit is an all inclusive blood glucose monitoring starter system kit. It is recommended for first time pre-diabetic users, type one (type 1) and type two (Type 2) diabetics alike. It includes: a Contour NEXT ONE Meter, Contour NEXT Test Strips, Contour NEXT Control Solution, OWell Painless Design Lancets & Lancing Device, Manuals & a Carry Case .

    • ASIN: B075F7WVHD
    • UPC: 759526638968
    • ASIN: B075F7WVHD
    • Brand: OWell
    • Manufacturer: OWell

  • Bayer Contour Blood Glucose, 100 Test Strips Exp Year or Longer

    No coding required. Sip-in sampling (may Replaced with 2 boxes of 50's). For Use With Bayer Contour, Contour USB, Ascensia Contour Meter only. This item is not to for use with Contour Next, And Contour TS meter. 0.6 blood sample required Bayer HealthCare LLC does not warrant use of the Ascensia CONTOUR Blood Glucose Meter with any strip other than Ascensia CONTOUR Blood Glucose Test Strips. For complete warranty information, refer to User Guide. For in vitro diagnostic use. Before using this product, read the package insert. Store between temperature 59 -86° Fahrenheit and out of direct su... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00BA116QK
    • UPC: 301937090219
    • ASIN: B00BA116QK
    • Brand: Contour
    • Manufacturer: Ascensia

  • Contour-Next Bayer Blood Glucose Test Strips, 100 Count

    INDICATIONS: Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips, Ready to test right out of the box making daily testing easy. New contour next test strip.

    • ASIN: B0097OY70Y
    • UPC: 764442894244
    • ASIN: B0097OY70Y
    • Brand: Contour-Next
    • Size: 100 Count
    • Manufacturer: Ascensia Diabetes Care

  • AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Count

    The test only starts when the strip has enough blood. More blood could be added to the same side of the AlphaTrak test strip for up to 60 seconds.Use the same AlphaTRAK 2 system your vet uses to get accurate results at home. AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS are validated for dogs and cats.

    • ASIN: B007TL2ULA
    • UPC: 813471016056
    • ASIN: B007TL2ULA
    • Brand: Zoetis
    • Size: Glucose Test Strips (50ct)
    • Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories

  • 30 Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strips, Unboxed, Sealed, Not Ketone Test Strips

    Thirty new, factory-sealed Abbott lot 45001 Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strips to be used with the Abbott Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. Expiration dates are at least three months in advance of purchase date. Unboxed. For the myriad reasons to track one's blood sugar (glucose), testing blood glucose levels with the accuracy of the Precision Xtra and its single-use blood glucose strips is a necessity.

    • ASIN: B072B6W7VT
    • UPC: 093815998778
    • ASIN: B072B6W7VT
    • Brand: Precision Xtra
    • Manufacturer: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

  • Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips 300 Count (50 Strips x 6 Packs)

    Prodigy No Coding Test Strips work with the Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice meters. The 3 lead technology allows the meters to test only when there is enough blood on the test strip, saving the user test strips and money. The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip. Prodigy No Coding test strips do not use GDH-PQQ technology and are approved for alternate site testing. Our glucose oxidase technology allow for safer and more accurate results. 5 Boxes of 50 strips (300 strips total).

    • ASIN: B00D47H9HS
    • UPC: 384840528000
    • ASIN: B00D47H9HS
    • Brand: Prodigy
    • Manufacturer: Prodigy

  • True Metrix Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Test Strips(6 Boxes of 50)

    With Triple Sense Technology, TRUE Metrix automatically detects, analyzes and corrects Variables in each blood sample to ensure proven accuracy and confidence in results. Please Refer to TRUE Metrix Owner's Booklet or Test Strip Instructions For Use for more details. (Sold by: 6 Boxes of 50 Count TRUE Metrix Test Strips Each)

    • ASIN: B01LW1A51V
    • ASIN: B01LW1A51V
    • Manufacturer: Kelllelldaaa

  • New 2019 KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter Starter Kit | Affordably and Accurately Test if You're in Ketosis On The Ketogenic Diet by Measuring Blood Ketones

    The all-new FDA approved KetoCoach Blood Ketone Monitor is finally here. What makes our meter different:✔ Individually foil wrapped strips ensure measurement accuracy and stability. ✔ No coding of the meter is required. This reduces the chance for strip errors and wasted strips. ✔ The KetoCoach meter has smallest blood sample of any ketone measurement tool. This not only means you need less blood to test, but it reduces the chance for the meter not receiving enough sample and wasting a strip. ✔ The KetoCoach starter kit comes with a premium lancing device. Our meter is pac... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07GJVC8LV
    • ASIN: B07GJVC8LV
    • Brand: KetoCoach
    • Manufacturer: KetoCoach

  • Blood Sugar Support Supplement - 20 Herbs & Multivitamin for Blood Sugar Control with Alpha Lipoic Acid & Cinnamon - 120 Pills - Arazo Nutrition

    Arazo Nutrition Blood Sugar Support Supplement - 120 Herbal Pills - 120 Day Supply ►►►► Click the "ADD TO CART" button at the top of the page to place your order now! ow!

    • ASIN: B01HB511LI
    • UPC: 743541728056
    • ASIN: B01HB511LI
    • Brand: Arazo Nutrition
    • Manufacturer: Arazo Nutrition

  • Freestyle lite glucose test strips 50 count

    FreeStyle Lite 01/2019 dating

    • ASIN: B075VD1JTW
    • ASIN: B075VD1JTW
    • Brand: Freestyle
    • Manufacturer: Abbott

  • 30 Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Strips - (Exp: 04/2019+) Test and monitor ketones on the ketogenic diet - Keto strips for use with the Precision Xtra Glucose and Ketone Meter or compatible testing kit

    • ASIN: B079Z384GR
    • ASIN: B079Z384GR
    • Manufacturer: Precision Xtra

  • 30 Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips.

    Thirty new, factory-sealed Abbott lot 75001 Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips to be used with the Abbott Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. The expiration dates are at least three months later than purchase date. Unboxed. Whether one is following the ketogenic diet and is aiming for nutritional ketosis, or if diabetic, and needing to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis, testing blood ketone levels with the accuracy of the Precision Xtra and its single-use blood ketone strips is a necessity.

    • ASIN: B010MPEOOK
    • UPC: 692764454054
    • ASIN: B010MPEOOK
    • Brand: Precision Xtra
    • Manufacturer: Precision Xtra

  • Contour Diabetes Testing Kit | Contour Blood Glucose Meter, 10 Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 O'well Lancets, O'well Lancing Device, Control Solution, Log Book, User Manuals and Carry Case

    A glucose meter (or glucometer) is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. New diabetic patients find it challenging to insure that all the proper supplies are accounted for, to receive accurate results in his/her glucose level. This Owell Blood Glucose Starter Meter kit provides all the appropriate supplies that are required to test your sugar level. This Contour Diabetes Kit includes a Diabetic glucose meter with 10 test strips, a box of OWell 30 gauge twist off sterile lancets; 10 count, a surgical lancing device, & a carry case. This Dia... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01HDVOA36
    • UPC: 736846518323
    • ASIN: B01HDVOA36
    • Brand: OWell
    • Manufacturer: OWell

  • TRUEtrack Test Strips, 200 Count, for TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Meter

    TRUEtrack Test Strips, 200 Count, for TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Meter. High-performance testing and clinical accuracy can also be affordable. TRUEtrack test strips, featuring patented TRUEfill technology, have proven clinical accuracy and, now, are more affordable than many other brands. Most importantly, they make testing easy - 98% of patients rated testing procedure with TRUEtrack strips "easy" or "very easy".

    • ASIN: B01MCQH5FZ
    • UPC: 794168653610
    • ASIN: B01MCQH5FZ
    • Brand: TRUETRACK
    • Manufacturer: Trividia Health

  • ReliOn Premier VOICE Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    ReliOn Premier Voice is a bilingual (English and Spanish), speaking blood-glucose monitoring system. It features up to 29 different voice prompts to guide users through meter set-up, testing and review of results. Voice guidance may

    • UPC: 259405342
    • Model: GM505UAA
    • Color: Gray
    • Rating: 4.262

  • Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System, 1 Kit

    In the Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System All-in-One Kit you will find: Contour Next Blood Glucose Meter; user guide and quick reference guide; Bayer's Microlet 2 Lancing Device; 10 Microlet colored lancets; logbook

    • UPC: 27564584
    • Model: 7379
    • Size: 11 kit
    • Rating: 4.456

  • ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Red

    Keep your blood glucose levels in check with this ReliOn Prime Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This Blood Glucose Monitor System requires only a 0.5 microliter sample size and will give you an accurate result in

    • UPC: 20752267
    • Model: 701103
    • Color: Red
    • Rating: 3.311

  • AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System No Coding, 450 Test Memory

    The Prodigy AutoCode Talking blood glucose meter is excellent for the low vision or any diabetic patient who wants to hear their test results. The Prodigy AutoCode is a talking no coding glucose meter, which

    • UPC: 157094511
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Control Solution for Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Control Solution for the Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Use the control solution to check the accuracy of your machine; that

    • UPC: 104011258
    • Color: White

  • (2 Pack) Equate Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Ct

    Keeping an eye on blood glucose levels at home is easy with Equate Blood Glucose Test Strips. They can be used on either the palm or fingertip and require only a tiny speck of blood.

    • UPC: 976962075
    • Rating: 3.914

  • Bayer EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System Model, 7252

    • UPC: 21553037
    • Model: 7252
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: n/a
    • Rating: 4.558

  • Contour Next ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE smart meter and app system combines remarkable accuracy with ease-of-use to benefit a broad range of patients living with diabetes. 92% of users think it is quicker and easier to interpret readings

    • UPC: 55213559
    • Model: 7818
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.612

  • Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring

    • UPC: 140644636
    • Model: Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System
    • Color: White

  • ReliOn Premier BLU Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    ReliOn Premier BLU is a highly accurate, full-featured blood-glucose monitoring system featuring Bluetooth technology. Wireless Bluetooth technology connects the meter to a cloud-based portal through the ReliOn Life app you download onto your smartphone. The

    • UPC: 535063483
    • Model: 782001
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 3.354

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