• 4E's Novelty Pack of 4 Expandable Balls, Hand Catch Expanding Breathing Sphere Flower Ball for Kids Boys and Girls, Great Stress Relief and Anxiety Toy, Helpful Gift for ADHD Sensory Issues

    Pack of 4, Rainbow Colors/Neon/Green-Black/Green-Black. Expandable Sphere Transforming Ball Toy By 4E's Novelty,

    • ASIN: B07JP6FV2L
    • Brand: 4E's Novelty
    • UPC: 810137032818

  • Coping Skills for Kids Workbook: Over 75 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Anger

    Dealing with stress, anxiety and anger are important skills to learn, but not all kids learn those strategies naturally. The Coping Skills for Kids Workbook can help teach children to calm down, balance their energy and emotions, and process challenging feelings. Author Janine Halloran, LMHC, share over 75 innovative, fun and engaging activities de...

    • ASIN: 1683731220

  • Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast

    'EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE A BOOK COMES ALONG THAT COMPLETELY TRANSFORM THAT FIELD -THIS IS THAT BOOK FOR ANXIETY'There’s a new and faster way for anxiety relief, but few have ever heard it. Most people are advised to either just “manage” their anxiety or medicate it away.If you’re tired of just managing your anxiety and want a powerful natural...

    • ASIN: B0158S7E1G
    • Brand: Unknown

  • LOVETUNER Antique Silver - Ball Chain (Antique Silver)

    The Lovetuner is a single tone flute that aligns ourselves with the 528 Hz Frequency, the so-called "Love Frequency". It has a profound effect on the mind, body and spirit as it allows individuals to reduce stress and practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises. Designed for all ages, the Lovetuner allows individuals to reduce stress and ...

    • ASIN: B071JWZ418
    • Color: Antique Silver
    • Brand: LOVETUNER

  • Relax Lite: Stress & Anxiety Relief

    • ASIN: B00VN28YSE
    • Brand: Saagara LLC

  • 5 Best Yoga Poses For Depression

    • ASIN: B07G9QW5NM

  • Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40's - 70's) including AM Energy, PM Relaxation, Improving Balance, Relief from Desk Work, Core Strength, and more.

    Practice yoga with the grandeur & beauty of Glacier National Park! This DVD was developed especially for mid-lifers (40's to 70's), to increase strength and flexibility, balance, posture and grace of movement, and create a more relaxed body and mind. Includes 3 sequences designed for specific times of the day: A Morning Practice (18 minutes) to awa...

    • UPC: 845121080599

  • 50 Mindfulness - Best Yoga Meditation and Relaxation Music for Breathing Exercises, Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Depression

    • ASIN: B011XQJANW

  • Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck

    The Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck is a deck of cards designed to help kids learn healthy coping skills. The Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck has 44 coping skills cards with simple strategies children can use to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger. We know that not all coping skills work in all places. To make it easier, we've included cheerful ...

    • ASIN: B07GZ7Q1KV
    • Brand: Coping Skills for Kids
    • UPC: 854543008272

  • Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation-Guided Meditation/Relaxation Techniques decrease anxiety, stress, anger

    Experience four research-based, stress management techniques that are accepted and used by both the traditional medical and holistic communities. You will not find any philosophies, theories or fluff presented here because frankly, we do not have time for that and chances are neither do you. Enjoy and learn four stress-management techniques; diaphr...

    • ASIN: 0970863330
    • Brand: Brand: Stress Free Kids, LLC
    • UPC: 689076175036

  • The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

    Now in its sixth edition and recommended by therapists worldwide, The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook has been the unparalleled, essential resource for people struggling with anxiety and phobias for almost thirty years. Living with anxiety, panic disorders, or phobias can make you feel like you aren’t in control of your life. If you’re ready to tac...

    • ASIN: 1626252157
    • Brand: New Harbinger Publications

  • Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

    Feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Struggling with anxiety about your daily tasks? Or do you want to stop worrying about life?The truth is...We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your lifestyle.The solution is to practice sp...

    • ASIN: B01KU04K5A
    • Brand: Oldtown Publishing LLC

  • LOVETUNER Bronze - Ball Chain (Bronze)

    The Lovetuner is a single tone flute that aligns ourselves with the 528 Hz Frequency, the so-called "Love Frequency". It has a profound effect on the mind, body and spirit as it allows individuals to reduce stress and practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises. Designed for all ages, the Lovetuner allows individuals to reduce stress and ...

    • ASIN: B071JX54TB
    • Color: Bronze
    • Brand: LOVETUNER

  • 4E's Novelty Expandable Ball Fidget Toy, Great Expanding Sphere Toy for Kids, Hand Catch Breathing Flower Balls, Pack of 1 Colors May Vary, for Stress Relief and Anxiety

    1 Expandable Ball No Color Choice

    • ASIN: B07N99K84Q
    • Brand: 4E's Novelty
    • UPC: 810137033457

  • Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

    • ASIN: B0133ZH7N6
    • Brand: Oleksandr Albul

  • NaturalCare Anxiety Relief 120 Tabs

    Formulated to help relieve occasional minor anxiety, fear, anguish, stress and worry associated with the ups and downs of everyday life. The Prevalence of AnxietyAnxiety is one of the most common feelings in America today.

    • UPC: 26968618
    • Model: 0528935
    • Color: Pink
    • Size: 120 TAB120
    • Rating: 3.905

  • Natrol Stress Anxiety Day/Night, 10+10 CT

    Natrol Stress and Anxiety is uniquely formulated to calm you day and night! Feeling Stressed? You're Not Alone. Anxiety and worry can interfere with our ability to cope during the day and to fall asleep

    • UPC: 54136868
    • Model: 047469054588
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Nutrivein Organic Ashwagandha Capsules 1200mg - 120 Vegan Pills - Black Pepper Extract - 100% Pure Root Powder Supplement - Stress Relief, Anxiety, Immune, Thyroid & Adrenal Support - Mood Enhancer

    Manage Your Stress & Support Your Body Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps your body beat the negative effects of stress naturally. It maintains your energy levels and even helps you get a good night's

    • UPC: 768360906
    • Rating: 4.941

  • Keep Calm - Anxiety Relief Supplement - Comprehensive Formula for Anxiety Relief & Stress Management - 60 Capsules - Made in USA - Money Back Guarantee.

    It's time to naturally reduce your anxiety and live life with less stress. Clinically proven and time tested ingredients like: Ashwaghanda, St. John's Wort, Valerian, Gaba, 5-HTP, Chamomile, B-Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium & many more. Keep

    • UPC: 810916465
    • Color: White
    • Size: 60 Capsules60
    • Rating: 4.25

  • Nature's Bounty® Anxiety & Stress Relief, Ashwagandha KSM-66*, 50 Tablets

    From pressing deadlines to busy schedules, we’ve all experienced our fair share of stressful situations. That’s why we’re excited to introduce new Nature's Bounty® Anxiety and Stress Relief tablets. With the use of a clinically

    • UPC: 911637279
    • Model: NRT00491
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Xentivan - 100% NATURAL Formula to Reduce, Stress, Anxiety & Depression

    Xentivan 60ct

    • UPC: 162851510
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Choose Calm : A Journal for Healing Anxiety, Breathing In, and Letting Go

    Journal your way to a lighter, happier, calmer you!Tired of feeling strung out? If you're like most people, your days are hectic, your mind is frantic, and moments of calm slip by you, unclaimed. Choose

    • UPC: 287246017

  • The 10 Best Anxiety Busters : Simple Strategies to Take Control of Your Worry

    A pocket-sized anti-anxiety guide offers 10 simple techniques, including breathing exercises and relaxation practices, and strategies that will turn anxiety from overpowering to manageable in no time.

    • UPC: 39125220
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Guru Nanda Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend, 0.5 Oz

    GuruNanda Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend - for Congestion - Eucalyptus - Peppermint - Basil - Rosemary - Tea Tree - Natural Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Diffusers - Pure Therapeutic Grade 15ml: 15 ml of

    • UPC: 49921269
    • Model: 623
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 3.963

  • Natrol Natrol Stress & Anxiety, 2 ea

    Stress & Anxiety, Day & Night, Tablets, Box 20 CT Dietary Supplement. Mood & stress. New look! Day: Promotes calm & relaxation. Helps reduce occasional anxiety. 100% drug-free. Night: Fall asleep faster. Stay asleep longer.

    • UPC: 32687140
    • Model: 0533687
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 4.333

  • The Breathing Exercises That Can Control Anxiety

    Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay

    3 Deep Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress & Anxiety