• Hogue 09000 Rubber Grip, Browning High Power 9mm W/Finger Grooves

    Hogue rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is not spongy or tacky, but gives that soft recoil absorbing feel, without effecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene and results in a much superior grip. The material used does not come apart or deteriorate and is resistant to all solvents and oils used around firearms. Hogue grips give you a lasting precision fit and durability that will provide years of dependable service. The flexibility of the materials and molding process has allowed Hogue to produce super... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B000STDIEI
    • UPC: 743108090008
    • ASIN: B000STDIEI
    • Brand: Hogue
    • Manufacturer: Hogue

  • Meprolight Browning Tru-Dot Night Sight for Hi-Power Mark 3 fixed set

    The ML10885 set is meant for use on the Browning FN Hi-Power Mark III series pistols that have dovetail front and rear sights. MEPROLIGHT sights, like our other self-illuminated products & devices take maximum advantage of tritium light sources - the fail-safe, maintenance-free light sources that don’t require any external source of energy and provides up to 15 years of usable light under all weather conditions. MEPROLIGHT continues to offer the strongest guarantee in the industry for the usable light of our TRU-DOT sights.

    • ASIN: B0002INCZK
    • UPC: 669278108858
    • ASIN: B0002INCZK
    • Brand: Meprolight
    • Manufacturer: Meprolight

  • World War Supply Black Leather Hi-Power Holster

    Black leather Hi-Power Holster. Patterned directly from the WW2 original. The sale is for the holster only the Hi-Power is there to show scale and fit. ATTENTION: Ensure you choose World War Supply" as the seller to guarantee you receive an authentic, high quality World War Supply product as well as the great World War Supply customer service you expect. If a new seller arises offering the product for a lower price, the product is not associated with World War Supply and may be of lower quality and will have no World War Supply customer service or guarantee.

    • ASIN: B01F97I9XI
    • UPC: 682962441123
    • ASIN: B01F97I9XI
    • Brand: World War Supply
    • Manufacturer: World War Supply

  • Hogue Hi Power Screw (Per 2) Hex Black

    Replace those marred up slot screws with these beautiful Hogue Grip Screws. Specifications: - Fits: Browning Hi-Power - Quantity: Package of 2 - Color: Hex Head, Black

    • ASIN: B002ZBDWF2
    • UPC: 743108090091
    • ASIN: B002ZBDWF2
    • Brand: Hogue
    • Manufacturer: Hogue

  • Pachmayr 63270 Renegade Wood Laminate Pistol Grips, Browning Hi Power, Rosewood Checkered

    Pachmayr's deluxe laminate pistol grips are the ultimate in style and function. The wood laminate panels are highly polished and checkered, to deliver maximum comfort and durability. Available colors provide classic good looks, and a perfect accent to stainless steel or blued frames. The precise laser cut checkering patterns provide a secure grip while maintaining the grip's attractive appearance. Available to fit a wide variety of pistols, including 1911's, Ruger Mk 111 and 22/45's, Beretta 92's, CZ 75's and Sig 238's and 938's. Features: - World's Finest Handgun Grips by Pachmayr - Polished ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06Y2L69J5
    • UPC: 034337632702
    • ASIN: B06Y2L69J5
    • Brand: Pachmayr
    • Manufacturer: Lyman Products

  • Hogue Hi Power Screw (Per 2) Slot Stainless Steel Finish

    Replace those marred up slot screws with these beautiful Hogue Grip Screws. Specifications: - Fits: Browning Hi-Power - Quantity: Package of 2 - Color: Slotted, Stainless Finish

    • ASIN: B007LUQT8Y
    • UPC: 743108090183
    • ASIN: B007LUQT8Y
    • Brand: Hogue
    • Manufacturer: Hogue

  • Hogue 09310 Wood Grips PAU Ferro, Browning High Power

    Hogue Fancy hardwood grips are in a class of their own, and are acclaimed by many as the finest handgun stocks available. All Hogue hardwood grips are precision inlet on modern Computerized machinery (CNC), then hand finished on actual factory frames, assuring a proper fit. Finally, they are hand polished to a non-slippery sheen using natural carnauba wax which will not crack and peel like cheap, sprayed-on finishes.

    • ASIN: B001NDEHCK
    • UPC: 743108093108
    • ASIN: B001NDEHCK
    • Brand: Hogue
    • Manufacturer: Hogue

  • MakerShot Custom .40 Caliber Magazine Speedloader (Browning Hi-Power)

    MakerShot speed loaders are fine-tuned across more than two-dozen critical dimensions for a specific magazine, resulting in perfect fit, speed, comfort, and durability. This complex technology, developed in the USA, creates high-quality loaders that are simply the fastest and easiest to use. Specifically designed for the advertised firearm model. Clone magazines are likely to work. Magazine NOT included. May be used with thumb from top or with thumb and pointer finger along rim.

    • ASIN: B07CYPJCT4
    • UPC: 853468007766
    • ASIN: B07CYPJCT4
    • Brand: MakerShot
    • Size: 1 Unit
    • Manufacturer: MakerShot LLC

  • LOK Grips Browning Hi Power Bogies G10 (Brown/Black)

    Our Bogies Browning Hi Power Grips have a very aggressive texture that looks great and really feels good in your hands. They are made from Phenolic G10. G10 is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum but nearly as strong with a grippier texture. G10 won't crack or shatter, like the cheaper polymer and acrylic grips are known to do. The color is dyed into the material, so scratches aren't an issue. G10 grips will last a life time under normal use.

    • ASIN: B01LBCOQ28
    • UPC: 634397441445
    • ASIN: B01LBCOQ28
    • Manufacturer: LOK Grips

  • Dazzling Pro | 1911 Leather Holster

    ● If you own glock 19, our holster is what you are looking for ● Our holsters made with the finest quality of 100% cow leather, it assure you safety and scure. ● Our holsters are proportionate to your weapon and body because of the wonderful handmade craft. ● Simple use so you can insert and take out-the weapon quickly. ● Gives you a stylish appearance and quick take-out of your weapon. ● The two slots in the holster allow you to use it in two different positions, both long and slanted. ● Because of bilateral sewing, the cover design is maintained for longer periods of tim... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07D6VNFCR
    • UPC: 663481479705
    • ASIN: B07D6VNFCR
    • Brand: Dazzling Pro
    • Size: Free
    • Manufacturer: DAZZLING Pro | 1911 Leather Holster

  • BLACKHAWK! Serpa 413503BK-L Gov't Clone Holster 1911 Black

    The SERPA Sportster holster has the SERPA Auto Lock release as well as passive retention detent adjustment screw. It is a gunmetal gray holster body with black locking mechanism and includes paddle platform only. It has a speed-cut design for rapid draw, target acquisition and re-holster. It fits the shoulder, S.T.R.I.K.E quick disconnect and tactical holster platforms.

    • ASIN: B000U3DTQ4
    • UPC: 648018090080
    • ASIN: B000U3DTQ4
    • Brand: BLACKHAWK!
    • Size: Size 03 - Colt 1911 & Most Clones with or w/o rails (not full length)
    • Manufacturer: ATK

  • LPA Sight, Fully Adjustable Black Serrated Sight for Browning HP Vigilant TPU55BR07

    This is a Rear Fully Adjustable sight, Black Serrated, for the Browning HP Vigilant. This sight uses the original High Power stock front sight and sits low profile when mounted. Additional wrenches are included in the package. These are LPA brand sights that come from Italy, they are top quality. The rear sight is fully adjustable, for elevation and windage, so you may adjust it in any way for your liking to correct your pistols point of impact. The sight set is made of steel construction, Not plastic. These sights use the original dovetails/slots on the pistol slide. These are the best sigh... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00OY1U8U8
    • UPC: 637769804909
    • ASIN: B00OY1U8U8
    • Brand: LPA
    • Manufacturer: LPA

  • Military Outdoor Clothing New Black Drop Leg Holster

    The inside of the M.O.C. U.S. Military Drop Leg Holster has an adjustable strap to determine how far down you want your pistol to ride inside the holster. This holster was designed to accept pistols with tactical accessories like flashlights and lasers. Detaches from leg harness to use as a belt holster. Integral adjustable mag pouch. This universal fit holster has various adjustments to allow you to adjust the fit of your pistol in the holster and the fit of the holster on your leg. The holster will fit many different full-size pistols including the following: 1911 Clone pistols by Colt, Kimb... [Read More]

    • UPC: 810062016860
    • Brand: Explorer
    • Manufacturer: Military Outdoor Clothing

  • Browning FN Hi-Power: An Engraved Mystery - eBook

    In 2009 an engraved 1935 Browning FN Hi-Power in perfectly preserved condition appeared for sale online. Purportedly a personal gift from Chiang Kai-shek, the gun had been carefully stored away until finally sold as part

    • UPC: 271511621

  • Imitate,Innovate and Annihilate :How To Clone And Improve On Competitors' Best Products And Services Effectively! - eBook

    The key to successfully combining imitation and innovation is to educate one’s self regarding the proper timing when applying innovation. Knowing when to expand on the abilities and uses of a product will increase your

    • UPC: 732689923

  • How to Create Clone Pictures with MS PowerPoint - eBook

    Clone pictures, Multiplicity pictures, call them what you want. A picture with multiple copies (clones) of you or someone else is a great source of entertainment. Learn how to create your own clone pictures using

    • UPC: 266527990

  • Replacement for BROWNING HI POWER 5301 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 1.50Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 882819590
    • Model: Replacement for HI POWER 5301 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY

  • Replacement for BROWNING HI POWER 5303 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 1.50Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 758686807
    • Model: Replacement for HI POWER 5303 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY

  • Browning Best Patch Cap Charcoal Gray

    The Browning Best Patch Cap is a true classic. The front patch proudly proclaims " Browning The Best There Is Since 1878". The mesh back cap has a raised embroidered Buckmark on the back mesh.

    • UPC: 434306677

  • Replacement for BROWNING HI POWER 5305 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 1.50Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 903259686
    • Model: Replacement for HI POWER 5305 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY

  • Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Best-Loved Poems - Audiobook

    Seventy-one poems are included from these two influential poets of nineteenth century England who were also man and wife. The poetry reveals their passion, ideas, and dedication to social causes. This two-CD set offers the

    • UPC: 897116285

  • Replacement for BROWNING HI POWER 5302 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 1.50Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 270430576
    • Model: Replacement for HI POWER 5302 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY

  • Replacement for BROWNING HI POWER 5304 FLASHLIGHT CONTRACTOR BATTERY replacement battery

    Volts: 1.50Manufacturer: CHOSEN

    • UPC: 153902673
    • Model: Colombian

  • Regent BR9 9mm Hi Power Clone

    Do NOT Buy the Tisas Regent BR9!!! Unless...

    Tisas Regent BR9 Stainless Steel Hi-Power Clone Review