• There is no cloud... Funny computer tech humor T-Shirt

    Hilarious pun for clever IT professionals - especially, network engineers, software developers, coders, programmers, and system administrators. Next time someone tells you that that their critical services are in the cloud, point to this design. Inside joke for sarcastic sys admins: there is no cloud... it's just someone else's computer hardware. W...

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  • Cloud Computing

    Explores cloud computing, breaking down the concepts, models, mechanisms, and architectures of this technology while allowing for the financial assessment of resources and how they compare to traditional storage

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  • Cloud Computing Explained

    Providing an overview of Cloud Computing in an enterprise environment, this resource describes the benefits and challenges of Cloud Computing and then leads the reader through the process of assessing the suitability of a cloud-based

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  • Cloud Computing - eBook

    Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate On-Line   Computing as you know it has changed. No longer are you tied to using expensive programs stored on your computer. No

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  • Cloud Computing Bible

    Looks at what cloud computing is and is not, why cloud computing exists, and the value of cloud computing, along with information on cloud computing platforms, infrastructure, services, and

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  • Cloud Computing: Managing Services in the Cloud Complete Certification Kit - Study Guide Book and Online Course - Second Edition - eBook

    The first edition of this book and its accompanying eLearning course is regarded as a classic in its field. Now, in an expanded and updated version of The Art of Service's book, the authors once

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  • Cloud Computing - eBook

    „Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein" – Reinhard Mey kannte damals zwar noch keinen Computer, aber sein Vers beschreibt die Euphorie, die viele Menschen der digitalen Cloud entgegenbringen. In diesem shortcut beschäftigen

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  • A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing - eBook

    An accessible and comprehensive guide to the future of computing.Cloud Computing is the next computing revolution and will have as much impact on your life as the introduction of the PC. Using websites including Facebook,

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  • Disruptive Cloud Computing and It - eBook

    Cloud Computing is a "daily spoken" and most commonly used terminology in every forum. Every conversation with a CIO has a reference to cloud computing. The objective of this book is to simplify cloud computing,

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  • Cloud computing: Moving IT out of the office - eBook

    Cloud computing is considered to be one of the main business drivers for growth and innovation, and a global survey by Gartner listed cloud computing as one of the top three technology priorities for CIOs

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  • High Velocity ITSM: Agile IT Service Management For Rapid Change In A World Of DevOps, Lean IT and Cloud Computing

    If you read through this book and still don't believe there is a critical need for IT Service Management then good luck seeing if you can survive in IT for the next 5 years. Agile,

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  • Careers and Training courses for Cloud Computing - Microsoft certification,SaaS,Networking,Routing

    Cloud Engineer Jobs, Resume & Salary | Cloud Engineer Salary Report | Cloud Training | Edureka

    AWS Tutorial | Introduction to Cloud Computing | Amazon Web Services | Mr.Avinash