• Floss Singles Dispenser Box, Light Green, Mint, 180 Count

    The individually sealed packages of dental floss offers superior cleanliness and avoids the cross contamination common with conventional floss dispensers. The pre-cut floss strands additionally offers the convenience of having the right amount of floss ready for each and every time. The 20 inches of floss provide the needed amount of floss to properly floss all your teeth. The mint waxed, top quality denier is ideal for plaque removal.

    • ASIN: B0074IQ5HI
    • UPC: 613325000176
    • ASIN: B0074IQ5HI
    • Brand: Floss Singles
    • Manufacturer: Single Use Dental, Inc

  • Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Threader Floss 30 Count

    Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Threader Floss combines Glide floss and a built-in threader ideal for use with bridges, braces, and implants to effectively remove tough plaque between teeth and just below the gum line.Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. For guarantee, call 1-877-769-8791 within 60 days of purchase with UPC and receipt.

    • ASIN: B000GGJCDY
    • UPC: 881492354495
    • ASIN: B000GGJCDY
    • Brand: Oral-B
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: P&G

  • Dental Hygiene Kit Best for Personal Use Deep Tooth Cleaning - Calculus Plaque Remover Set - Scaler Instrument, Tartar Scraper, Tooth Pick, Mouth Mirror - Premium Stainless Steel 5pc Tools Dental kit

    • ASIN: B079VTV4DG
    • UPC: 719104872665
    • ASIN: B079VTV4DG
    • Brand: Tila
    • Manufacturer: Tila Ltd

  • Dental Pick Tools, Terresa 9 Pack Professional Stainless Steel Dental Scaler Hygiene Kit, Plaque Calculus Remover and Dentist-Approved Tooth Picks Set Use for Personal or Pet Oral Care

    Want to have a healthy tooth? You need Terresa Dental Tools Set. We devote ourselves to making a professional and helpful dental scraper, for anyone wanting healthy, whitening teeth. Who know your demand? Terresa is focus on healthy and green lifestyle for you. Terresa is a brand team that full of passion and vitality, we are committed to research and development production better and better product.  Why you need Terresa Dental Scaler Kit? This Oral Care Set has multiple functions. The dental cleaning tools can be used for your daily oral cleaning, clearing the impurities in the mouth, e... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07H17DN2F
    • UPC: 728458532163
    • ASIN: B07H17DN2F
    • Brand: Terresa
    • Manufacturer: Terresa

  • Professional Dental Hygiene Kit, Calculus Plaque Remover Set , Stainless Steel Tools, Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Dental Scaler and Mouth Mirror Instruments. Hygienist Kit, Home Use Tools For Adults

    Dental care kit healthy oral hygiene takes much more than just regular brushing, flossing, or using teeth whitening products. While it doesn't mean you should say goodbye to the dentist's chair forever, using Dental Duty teeth care tools for extra deep cleaning at home, will certainly help. Dental Duty tools set promotes effective interdental cleaning away bits of trapped food and plaque that can build up between the teeth. It's often these hard to reach food traps that can cause bad breath, gum disease and teeth decay. Best solutions of bad breath & plaque & tartar: Brush your teeth and tongu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01LOM4ISM
    • UPC: 602401563421
    • ASIN: B01LOM4ISM
    • Brand: Dental Duty
    • Manufacturer: Dental Duty

  • Plackers Micro Mint Dental Floss Picks, 90 Count, Pack of 3

    The Plackers Micro Mint Dental Floss Picks make flossing a breeze while ensuring your smile is always ready to shine. Plackers Micro Mint dental flossers are manufactured with Super Tuffloss, the world’s strongest dental floss, engineered not to shred, break, or stretch while providing a seamless and comfortable experience time after time. Who has time for traditional flossing when Plackers Micro Mint Dental Floss Picks make it so easy and fun? Contained within the handle is a fold away toothpick to provide a convenient method for additional plaque and food debris removal while the minty fla... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B078XYC6R3
    • UPC: 651080813501
    • ASIN: B078XYC6R3
    • Brand: Plackers
    • Size: 270 Count
    • Manufacturer: Ranir

  • Waterpik Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Oral Irrigator For Teeth - Aquarius Professional, WP-660 White

    ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD ORAL HEALTH The easy and more effective way to floss, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser features advanced technology and a compact, contemporary design. And it is the first dental water flosser in its class accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA). It cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can't reach, using a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations. CLINICALLY PROVEN Removes up to 99.9% of plaque Up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss FEATURES & IN THE BOX 7 color-coded floss... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00HFQQ0VU
    • UPC: 056310179752
    • ASIN: B00HFQQ0VU
    • Brand: Waterpik
    • Manufacturer: Water Pik, Inc.

  • Dental Tools Smile Dent Pro Kit, Stainless Steel Dental Scaler, Mouth Mirror, Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Tweezers, Plaque And Calculus Remover Dentist Hygiene Instruments Set For Home & Pet Oral Use

    Simple And Easy DIY Teeth Cleaning:-Smile Dent Pro teeth cleaning tools help you clean in between spaces of teeth where normal toothbrushes don't reach. These are dentist prepared tools which have been made with keeping you in mind so that any adult can use these instruments following our instruction manual which will be sent to you on your purchase. Dental Hygiene Kit inclusions:- 1. Mouth Mirror/Dentist Mirror- Our professional made anti fog mouth mirror helps you to see the inside of your teeth 2. Tartar scraper/plaque Remover- This special instrument helps to remove hard and tough tartar o... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01ACOE0KE
    • UPC: 741587523529
    • ASIN: B01ACOE0KE
    • Brand: Smile Dent Pro
    • Manufacturer: Smile Dent Pro

  • Dental Tools, 6 Pack Teeth Cleaning Tools Stainless Steel Dental Scraper Tooth Pick Hygiene Set with Mouth Mirror, Tweezer Kit for Dentist, Family Oral Care, Dogs - With Leather Case

    More Professional Dental Tools, Make Living Healthier, Brighter, Fresher! Best Assistant for Better Living! Many times you feel difficult to clean your teeth with toothbrush, dental floss or dental tape. This dental tools set will be your best assistant to clean the build up on your teeth and gum. Made of Surgical Stainless Steel! The whole new generation of G.Catacc Dental Tools Set is made of surgical stainless steel. It is very strong for daily using on people or dogs. Durable for years! Come with a handy leather case! Come with a handy leather case for travel and storage. Package include ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B078R7ZX1W
    • UPC: 665268960130
    • ASIN: B078R7ZX1W
    • Brand: G.CATACC
    • Manufacturer: G.CATACC

  • Glide Oral-B Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss, Mint, Pack of 6

    Oral-B Glide Pro-Heath Comfort Plus Floss is extra soft and gentle on gums, yet tough on plaque. The silky-smooth, shred-resistant texture slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces vs. regular floss.

    • UPC: 037000986942
    • Brand: Oral-B
    • Size: 6 Count
    • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble - HABA Hub

  • DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks, No Break Guarantee, 150 Count

    DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks feature scrubbing floss to remove food and plaque, a textured pick to deep clean between teeth and a built in tongue scraper to keep breath fresh. Featuring a No Break Guarantee, DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks help keep your whole mouth healthy. Conventional dental floss can't always remove food and plaque in hard to reach interdental spaces. Try DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks when you need to remove food and plaque after eating. Dentists recommend flossing to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental health problems. Help protect your teeth against stain... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B003K01BMI
    • UPC: 047701001905
    • ASIN: B003K01BMI
    • Brand: DenTek
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: DenTek

  • Cordless Water Flosser (Waterproof) - Easy to Use Water Pick Waterflosser for Teeth and Gums, Plaque Remover for Teeth, Oral Irrigator for Braces, Bridges, and Gums, High and Low-Pressure Irrigator

    Are you ready to upgrade your dental hygiene?Would you like a cleaner, brighter smile?Do you need a simpler solution for flossing?Look no further, this cordless water flosser from The Good Stuff, cleans deep between your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh! Just fill the reservoir with water, and the high pressure water jet flosses deep between your teeth in moments. With no wasted cord or tape!① IMPROVED INTERDENTAL HYGIENE - An oral irrigator cleans deep between your teeth, faster and more effectively than tape or floss.② HEALTHIER TEETH AND GUMS - Gums are massaged, stimu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07JMYM6Q9
    • UPC: 744309876897
    • ASIN: B07JMYM6Q9
    • Brand: The Good Stuff
    • Manufacturer: The Good Stuff

  • Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush, Peppermint - 24 Count (4 Pack)

    Get clean teeth and fresh breath on the go with the Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush, Peppermint. This pocket sized mini toothbrush brush delivers the freshness of gum and the clean of a toothbrush in one effortlessly portable device. Its built in, sugar free peppermint bead easily dissolves and delivers a rush of minty freshness while the bristles gently remove food and other particles. A soft pick at the handle base of this disposable toothbrush removes food particles from any hard to reach areas. No water or rinsing is necessary.

    • ASIN: B071DPCBQG
    • ASIN: B071DPCBQG
    • Brand: Colgate
    • Size: Pack of 4
    • Manufacturer: Colgate

  • Professional Dental Tartar Scraper Tool - Dental Pick, Double Ended Tartar Remover for Teeth, Plaque Remover, Tooth Scraper - Added Tooth Cleaning at Home - 100% Stainless Steel

    Keep Your Oral Hygiene in Top Shape with Professional Grade Dental Tools This Double-Ended Tartar Scraper allows for the safe and effective removal of plaque and tartar build-up along the gum line and between the teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. The durable metal resists wear and tarnish to keep it going for longer. Safe, painless, and easy to maneuver 100% stainless steel Tartar remover can be easily sterilized Approved for dental use Small shovel blade scraper removes plaque and tartar build-up   How to Use the Scraper:  The plaque scraper has two ends, use whichever ends that wi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00KCXT7RC
    • UPC: 754207380075
    • ASIN: B00KCXT7RC
    • Brand: Utopia Care
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Utopia Care

  • Listerine Ultraclean Access Disposable Snap-On Flosser Refill Heads For Proper Oral Care, Mint Flavored, 28 Count

    Easily reach between your teeth with the Listerine Ultraclean Access Flosser Refill Heads. This pack of 28 disposable mint flavored floss heads features high-tenacity yarn to withstand breakage. Flossing removes plaque on teeth that brushing may miss and is an important step in your oral care routine. Easily get to 100% of hard to reach places with this floss. For use with the Listerine Ultraclean Access Flosser.

    • ASIN: B00N5XRYTE
    • UPC: 012547440195
    • ASIN: B00N5XRYTE
    • Brand: Listerine
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Listerine

  • ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners (s) - 30 Dental Floss, 2 Packs, Thornton Floss is used for daily dental cleaning. Easy to clean areas around dental bridges, implants.., By Thornton

    Main products of our company :electric, home,toy,clother ,etc. Since its foundation ,the company keeps living up to the belief of :"honest selling ,best quality ,people-orientation and benefits to customers. "We are doing everything to offer

    • UPC: 602373660

  • Threader Floss (Pack of 4), For use with bridges, braces and implants By Glide

    All of our productsWalmartply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Experience TheWalmartfort & Convenience. For use with Bridges, Braces and Implants. Convenient all-in-one Floss

    • UPC: 288933770

  • Dental Floss Threader Bottle 150, 2 Pack, Used for flossing under bridges and braces. By BridgeAid

    Main products of our company :electric, home,toy,clother ,etc. Since its foundation ,the company keeps living up to the belief of :"honest selling ,best quality ,people-orientation and benefits to customers. "We are doing everything to offer

    • UPC: 253374072
    • Size: 2

  • Floss for Bridges Implants and Braces Extra Thick Soft Yarn Ideal for Daily Use

    30 Strands in 1 Pack: Experience the Amazing Benefits of a SPECIAL-USE Dental Floss and Threader All in One Strand! If desired, brush section may be soaked in water, toothpaste or other substances recommended by

    • UPC: 917911381

  • EasyThread Orthodontic Threader Floss (50 Uses) Dual Ended Threader, FIGHT PLAQUE IN BRACES, BRIDGES & IMPLANTS: EasyThread dental floss comes in an easy to.., By Gum

    Product Description Easy Thread dental floss comes in an easy to use dispenser and is designed to make cleaning around and underneath orthodontic braces, fixed bridges and dental implants easy and effective without irritating the

    • UPC: 885674004
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Easy to Use Long Handle Dental Floss Holder Removes Plaque 4 pack by Flossaid

    Flossaid Dental Floss Holder - 4 Pack -The Original FLOSSAID Dental Floss Holder is an excellent dental hygiene tool. With it's angled head and long handle, not one tooth space is neglected or incompletely flossed.

    • UPC: 686115357

  • Kozecal Portable Electric Dental Calculus Plaque Remover Scaler Oral Care Tool for Home Travel Use, Electric Plaque Remover, Stains Scraper

    This plaque remover is designed for home use. You always see tartar, bacteria is built on your teeth, which is difficult to remove even with toothbrush, dental floss and dental tape. This dental tool is

    • UPC: 945464860
    • Color: Blue

  • Threader Floss (Pack of 4), For use with bridges, braces and implants By Glide

    From USA,ItWalmartes to you in New and Fresh state Experience TheWalmartfort & Convenience. For use with Bridges, Braces and Implants. Convenient all-in-one Floss & Threader - Built-in Threader Tip. Convenient individual packets - 30 Single

    • UPC: 722207776

  • Ranir, LLC Plackers Twin Line Whitening Floss Picks-75 ctMint flavor--fresh, clean feel. Protected pick--fold-away use. By Ranir LLC Company

    Plackers Twin-Line Dental Flossers have twin parallel lines of floss to dislodge plaque or debris, trap it and get it out for healthier, cleaner teeth and gums. The patented dual action flosser is a technological

    • UPC: 551847922

  • Easy to Use Oral Irrigator w/ Pocket SulcaBrush & Pick A Dent by Hydro Floss

    The HYDRO FLOSSÂ oral irrigator is the highest quality, most effective home treatment device of its kind. It compliments and completes anyone's home dental care. Optimizing by flushing disrupted plaque that brushing and flossing leave

    • UPC: 327103182

  • Dental Floss Handle. Best Oral Health Care Tool. Dr Floser. Easiest Way To Use

    • UPC: 263225884694
    • Category: Dental Floss & Flossers
    • Price: 13 USD

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