• When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life

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  • The Seven Five

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  • The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose

    "If you want to become the best you, but are unsure how to get there, start here." -- Rachel Hollis, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop ApologizingIn this remarkable, life-changing new book, renowned inspirational speaker Trent Shelton shares his revolutionary tool kit for transforming your life and reaching your goals.Trent Shelton seemed to have it all together--until everything fell apart. A college football standout, his NFL dreams died when he was cut from multiple teams. With no job and no prospects, learning he had a child  on the way and numbin... [Read More]

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  • Dealing with Anxiety: God's Prescription for Burnout

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  • Zen Premium Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement - Natural Herbal Formula Developed to Promote Calm, Positive Mood - with Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Hawthorne - 60 Veg. Capsules

    WHY LIVE ZEN?The busy, chaotic lives we live often lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out, whether you're at work, home, or even just amongst friends. We created WellPath ZEN to help you break through the unnecessary anxiety and pressures of a fast-paced existence, and live your best life!WellPath ZEN is an natural, herbal stress support formula developed in order to promote: Calmness and relaxation Focus and alertness Positive Mood Stress relief An improved sense of well-beingZEN IS GREAT FOR: Social Gatherings - Meeting new people, seeing friends, love life Traveling - Public... [Read More]

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  • The Blissful Dog Yorkshire Terrier Relax Roll-ON Aromatherapy for Dogs - Anxiety Relief for Dogs

    The Blissful Dog Yorkshire Terrier Aromatherapy .45 oz Roll-On Bottle All Natural Handcrafted Calming Essential Oil Blend for Your Yorkshire Terrier. Did you know the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to red stables and barns of rats, not mice, but big rats. Underneath that sweet exterior beats the heart of a determined dog. Your Yorkshire Terrier probably has the confidence of his long-ago tough guy ancestors, but even so, a boom of thunder or 4th of July fireworks and he is shaking, quivering and demanding to be held and comforted. Fireworks, traveling, being left alone or any of a number of trigge... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: B01H04KG2U
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  • Elvis: My Best Man: Radio Days, Rock 'n' Roll Nights, and My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley

    When George Klein was an eighth grader at Humes High, he couldn’t have known how important the new kid with the guitar—the boy named Elvis—would later become in his life. But from the first time GK (as he was nicknamed by Elvis) heard this kid sing, he knew that Elvis Presley was someone extraordinary. During Elvis’s rise to fame and throughout the wild swirl of his remarkable life, Klein was a steady presence and one of Elvis’s closest and most loyal friends until his untimely death in 1977. In Elvis: My Best Man, a heartfelt, entertaining, and long-awaited contribution to our under... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0307452751
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  • Music Within

    Ron Livingston delivers the performance of a lifetime in this acclaimed film based on the incredible true-life story of Richard Pimentel. Deafened by a bomb blast in Vietnam, Richard (Livingston) returns home and discovers his life's calling: helping others with disabilities, including his fellow veterans. Along with his best friend Art (Michael Sheen), a wheelchair-bound rebel with a wicked wit, Richard fights for the rights of those whose voices can't always be heard. MUSIC WITHIN is a powerful and inspiring journey that every American should take.

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  • Anxiety Stress Relief Mood Booster Supplement, 120 Vcaps

    THE #1 BEST SELLER! ALL NATURAL ANXIETY STRESS SUPPLEMENT: Do you suffer from Anxiety Stress or panic attacks? Vita Vocal Calming & Anxiety Stress Relief is the answer. We have all been there. Everyday life can make you stressed and anxious. But what happens when your anxiety runs out of control and you start to experience constant anxiety and panic? What do you do when days, weeks, or even months go by and it is simply not going away or getting better? Anxiety can ruin our relationships, our friendships, our jobs and ultimately our lives. ★ 5 Years ago we set out to create the most powerfu... [Read More]

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  • We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler (Jane Addams Honor Book (Awards))

    In his signature eloquent prose, backed up by thorough research, Russell Freedman tells the story of Austrian-born Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie. They belonged to Hitler Youth as young children, but began to doubt the Nazi regime. As older students, the Scholls and a few friends formed the White Rose, a campaign of active resistance to Hitler and the Nazis. Risking imprisonment or even execution, the White Rose members distributed leaflets urging Germans to defy the Nazi government. Their belief that freedom was worth dying for will inspire young readers to stand up for what they believe ... [Read More]

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  • Every Little Step: My Story

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIn Every Little Step, Brown will for the first time tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston.Bobby Brown has been one of the most compelling American artists of the past thirty years, a magnetic and talented figure who successfully crossed over many musical genres, including R&B and hip hop, as well as the mainstream. In the late 1980s, the former front man of New Edition had a wildly successful solo career—especially with the launch of Don't Be Cruel—garnering multiple hits on the Bill... [Read More]

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  • Rescue Remedy Spray, Natural Stress Relief, 20 ml

    A natural blend with a purpose! Rock Rose for confidence & composure, Impatiens for patience & tolerance, Clematis for focus & motivation, Star of Bethlehem for comfort & reassurance, Cherry Plum for self-control & stability. All naturally preserved in grape alcohol.

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  • The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

    The Israel Lobby," by John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, was one of the most controversial articles in recent memory. Originally published in the London Review of Books in March 2006, it provoked both howls of outrage and cheers of gratitude for challenging what had been a taboo issue in America: the impact of the Israel lobby on U.S. foreign policy. Now in a work of major importance, Mearsheimer and Walt deepen and expand their argument and confront recent developments in Lebanon and Iran. They describe the r... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0374531501
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  • Pure Encapsulations - Lithium Liquid - Supports Cognitive Health, Mood, and Brain Function - 30 ml

    Lithium is an essential micronutrient with some chemical properties similar to calcium and magnesium. It is present in all organs and tissues in the body. Lithium has a long history of clinical use for supporting healthy mood and behavior. Mechanisms for this involve promoting dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitter activity. Lithium also plays a role in natural detoxification and antioxidant protection. Lithium may support healthy brain receptor function and brain signaling cascades to maintain healthy mental function.

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  • Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay

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  • TED Talks : The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

    For anyone who has ever been inspired by a TED talk, this is an insider’s guide to creating talks that are

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  • Tony Evans' Book of Illustrations : Stories, Quotes, and Anecdotes from More Than 30 Years of Preaching and Public Speaking

    For over thirty years, Tony has been connecting to audiences around the world. Now his tools are available for you. Don’t leave your listeners to connect the dots. Let Tony Evans’ Book of Illustrations help

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  • Public Speaking for Success : The Complete Program, Revised and Updated

    This 2006 revision, edited by a longtime consultant to Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., preserves the full range of ideas and methods that appeared in the original including Carnegie's complete speech and diction exercises, which

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  • TED TALKS: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

    TED TALKS: The Official TED Guide to Public

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  • The Public Speaking Playbook

    Learn to speak in public without breaking a sweat! The Public Speaking Playbook, Second Edition, shows students how to prepare, practice, and present their public speeches with the highest level of confidence. With a focus

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  • Iconquer Speech Anxiety : A Workbook to Help You Overcome Your Nervousness about Public Speaking

    Does nervousness about public speaking overwhelm you? Have you tried to avoid public speaking most of your life? iConquer Speech Anxiety is a practical and comprehensive guide to help anyone overcome the nervousness and anxiety

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  • The Art of Public Speaking

    The Art of Public Speaking personalizes learning for every student no matter who they are or where they are, ensuring that they come to your public speaking class confident, prepared with the principle foundations, and

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  • Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie (the author of How to Win Friends & Influence People) & Pleasing Personality by Napoleon Hill (the author of Think and Grow Rich)

    This two-in-one volume contains "Public Speaking" by Dale Carnegie, the premiere life coach of the 20th century, and "Pleasing Personality" by Napoleon

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  • Speaker, Leader, Champion : Succeed at Work Through the Power of Public Speaking

    Distinguished Toastmaster Jeremey Donovan reveals the secrets behind the organizations World Champions winning speeches to help anyone become an exceptional public

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  • Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts

    Do you want to improve your public speaking ability? As creatives in a crowded world, we can no longer sit in our rooms, creating alone. If we want a viable income, we have to be

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  • Using Beta-Blockers to Calm Nerves | Public Speaking

    CBD vs Valium for Public Speaking Anxiety (Clinical Study)

    Introductory Video - Weekly Dose of Public Speaking Medicine