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  • Personnel: Marilyn Manson (vocals, guitar, saxophone, Mellotron, synthesizer, bass, drums, loops); John (guitar, strings, piano); Tim Skold (guitar, accordion, keyboards, synthesizer, bass, programming); MW Gacy (keyboards, synthesizer, loops); Ginger Fish (drums).Producers: Marilyn Manson, Tim Skold, Ben Grosse.Recorded at Doppelherz, The Mix Room, Burbank, California and Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles, California."Mobscene" was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.Marilyn Manson proudly wears his musical influences on his band's fifth studio album, where the perpetually androgynous singer and company continue their crusade of industrial rock outrage, making nods to forerunners while never losing that which is quintessentially Manson. "mOBSCENE," reeks of ANGEL DUST-era Faith No More. "Para Noir" offers a romantic agenda in grand Manson style, with little chance for radio edit status. "Better Of Two Evils" and "Your Fist And Not Your Mouth" rally with undeniable choruses while "This Is The New Shit" nails a Korn-inflected groove. The set's down-tempo title track is built around a haunting piano line, and "(s)AINT" deftly captures the Powerman 5000 style. The album track most likely to get extensive re-mixing is the incredibly catchy "Ka-boom Ka-boom." THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE drops yet another bomb on convention, and Marilyn Manson clearly planned it that way.


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    • Rating: 5.0

  • Personnel: Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelhorn); Maucha Adnet (vocals); David Sanborn (saxophone); David Bargeron (trombone); David Taylor (bass trombone, tuba); Keith Underwood (alto & bass flutes); Lawrence Feldman (bass flute); Bob Mintzer (bass clarinet); Gil Goldstein (accordion, keyboards); Adam Rogers (acoustic & electric guitars); Bakithi Kumalo (bass); Jonathan Joseph (drums); Cafe (percussion); Richard Sussman (programming).Principally recorded at Power Station, New York, New York. Includes liner notes by Randy Brecker.INTO THE SUN won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Performance.This disc showcases Randy Brecker's wide-ranging influences and continuing love affair with Brazilian music. Brecker and arranger Gil Goldstein brought together musicians from NY, Miami, Brazil and South Africa to form a unit which manages to maintain a spontaneous feel within some extremely challenging and modern arrangements. "Grey Area" employs the talents of guitarist Adam Rogers to give the track a hard-edged fusion sound reminiscent of early Brecker Brothers music. "The Hottest Man In Town, a recording made by Brecker's father, when the junior Brecker was only two weeks old, predicting Randy's future as an innovative jazz musican.


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  • Personnel: John McCutcheon (vocals, 6 & 12-string acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, hammered dulcimer, fiddle); Mike Cotter, Mary Ann Redmond, Demetra Katson); Pete Kennedy (acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, mandolin); Bob Read (clarinet, soprano saxophone, saxophone); Jon Carroll (accordion, piano, background vocals); John D'earth (trumpet); Doug Elliott (trombone); Michael Aharon (piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer); JT Brown (bass, background vocals); Robert "Jos" Jospe (drums, percussion); Kevin Davis (congas, percussion); Bob Dawson (percussion).Recorded at Bias Studios, Springfield, Virginia.All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.JOHN MCCUTCHEON'S FOUR SEASONS: AUTUMNSONGS was nominated for a 1999 Grammy for Best Musical Album For Children.Nothing's what you expect it to be on AUTUMNSONGS. McCutcheon is known as a first rate folk guitarist, but he underplays both his guitar skills and his folkie side in favor of full band arrangements featuring lots of electric instruments. This is ostensibly a children's album, but if you weren't listening intently to the skew of the lyrics, you'd just think it was a straight-up contemporary singer-songwriter effort. This recording continues McCutcheon's seasonal series, and it does contain songs about Halloween, Thanksgiving and such, but it seems to venture far beyond the theme. AUTUMNSONGS is ultimately a family album rather than just a kids' recording.


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  • Gentle Readers: Susan Fitzsimmons (vocals, guitar, piano, organ); Lee Cuthbert (guitar, percussion).Additional personnel: Kim Kolata (viola); Vess Ruhtenberg (bass); Travis McNabb (drums, percussion); Bill Ragsdale (drums); Paul Mahern (percussion); Kim Fox (background vocals).Recorded at Echo Park Studios, Bloomington, Indiana.All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.


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  • Rage Against The Machine: Zack De La Rocha (vocals); Tom Morello (guitar); Tim Commerford (bass); Brad Wilk (drums).Additional personnel includes: Sen Dog, B-Real (rap vocals).Producers: Rick Rubin, Rage Against The Machine, Brendan O'Brien.Engineers: Jim Scott, David Schiffman, Nick DiDia.Principally recorded at Cello Studios, Hollywood, California and The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, California."Renegades Of Funk" was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance.Seemingly due to the hasty departure of vocalist Zach De La Rocha, what had originally been intended as a second disc complementing a live set finds its solo release in RENEGADES. Originally born in the lighthearted spirit of cover albums such as Metallica's GARAGE DAYS series, RENEGADES is an assembly of interpretations of protest songs that spans many musical styles.From the funk treatment of the obscure "Pistol Grip Pump" (originally recorded by Volume 10), to the slowed-down, stomping groove of the MC5's "Kick Out the Jams," there is seemingly no song the band can't transform and make their own. Identifying closely with Rage Against The Machine's political ideals are Afrika Bambaataa's "Renegades of Funk," and the previously single-only cover of Bruce Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad." In what fans might optimistically interpret as a hint of what is to follow, two hidden live tracks round out RENEGADES' 60-plus minute assault.


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  • This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Personnel includes: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals); Zakk Wylde (guitar); Robert Trujillo (bass); Mike Bordin (drums).Recorded live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan on February 15, 2002.Fans fretting that Ozzy's reputation has been transformed into that of a distaff Robert Young thanks to the runaway success of the MTV reality show The Osbournes can breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing the fire-breathing performance rendered on LIVE AT BUDOKAN. Fronting a quartet that includes longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde (latest in a long line of hot-shot guitarists dating back to the late Randy Rhodes), Suicidal Tendencies bassist Robert Trujillo, and Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin, the Ozzman is in ferociously fine form.Hop-scotching through his considerable canon with Wylde providing molten riffs throughout, Ozzy delivers scalding versions of classics ranging from "I Don't Know" and "Crazy Train" to an over-the-top reading of "Mr. Crowley" juiced up by John Sinclair's ominous keyboard intro. Ozzy shows his range with the prog-metal psychedelia of "No More Tears," the heartfelt emoting that defines the smash power ballad "Mama I'm Coming Home," and the soaring semi-autobiography "Road To Nowhere." Although the only Sabbath number included in this set is the overplayed "Paranoid," the rest of LIVE AT BUDOKAN crackles with the kind of energy that you're not going to find on a re-run of Father Knows Best.


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  • Includes tracks previously released on 7" singles and compilations.Hot Hot Hot: Matthew Marnik (vocals); Dustin Hawthorne (bass, background vocals); Steve Bays (keyboards); Paul Hawley (drums).


    • UPC: 3483576

  • Personnel: The Amazing Delores (vocals), Michael Lipton (guitar, saxophone, organ, accordion), Gary Boggs (pedal steel), Andy Willis (harmonica), Stan Lynch, Rusty D'Agnolo, John Kessler (bass), Jupiter Little (drums, percussion), Dave Dunkley (drums).Engineers: Rusty D'Agnolo (tracks 1, 3-6, 8-11); Jeff Ling (track 2); Tony Cottrill (track 7).Recorded at the Recording Workshop, Chillicothe, Ohio.All music written or co-written by Michael Lipton. All lyrics written by The Amazing Delores, except "Coal" (Ernest Noyes Brookings) and "Stand By Me" (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller).


    • UPC: 3440904

  • This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Clockwise: Austin Leduc (vocals); Justin Pasquale, Scott Beare (guitar); Alfonso Bernal (bass); Dave McMahan (drums).


    • UPC: 3463400

  • This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Sparkle Jets U.K. include: Susan West (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Michael Simmons (vocals, guitar, piano, electric piano, Clavinet, drums); Jamie Knight (acoustic guitar, bass); Larry Doran (drums).Additional personnel includes: Probyn Gregory, Lisa Jenio.Recorded at Spider Crab West, Fullerton, California; Grand Master Studios, Hollywood, California.

    Bamboo Lounge

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