• ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life

    Women are not small men. Stop eating and training like one. Because most nutrition products and training plans are designed for men, it’s no wonder that so many female athletes struggle to reach their full potential. ROAR is a comprehensive, physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for active women. This book teaches you everything you need to know to adapt your nutrition, hydration, and training to your unique physiology so you can work with, rather than against, your female physiology. Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Stacy T. Sims, PhD, shows you ho... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1623366860
    • ASIN: 1623366860
    • ISBN: 1623366860
    • Brand: Sims Stacy
    • Manufacturer: Rodale Books

  • Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods

    Period Repair Manual is your guide to better periods using natural treatments such as diet, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and bioidentical hormones. It contains advice and tips for women of every age and situation. If you have a period (or want a period), then this book is for you.Topics include:How to come off hormonal birth controlWhat your period should be likeWhat can go wrongHow to talk to your doctorTreatment protocols for all common period problems, including PCOS and endometriosisThe second edition contains insights from Dr. Jerilynn Prior, more than 300 new references, and... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1975926773
    • ASIN: 1975926773
    • ISBN: 1975926773
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

  • Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.

    You will never diet again.Say goodbye to calorie counting, restrictive food bans, or other forced behaviors. In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, you will learn how to lose weight naturally, in the precise way your body and brain are meant to change.We’ve blamed ourselves for lack of discipline. That didn’t help. We’ve blamed calories, carbs, and fat. That didn’t help. We’ve blamed our diet formulas. That didn’t help.It’s time we looked at the practice of dieting.Nearly all diets are ineffective because they’re based on dieting. Every person has a diet (noun), but it’s only if you... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01N0FR4AX
    • ASIN: B01N0FR4AX
    • Manufacturer: Selective Entertainment LLC

  • Never Binge Again(tm): Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person(tm). Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice!

    If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset.  Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and self-love. But people who've overcome food addiction and weight issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than learning to love their inner child...Open the cage even an inch—or show that dog an ounce of fear—and it'll quickly burst out to shred your healthy eating plans, undoing all your progress ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B014V1Q6SI
    • ASIN: B014V1Q6SI
    • Brand: Psy Tech Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Psy Tech Inc.

  • The Hormone Reset Diet: Heal Your Metabolism to Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days

    The Harvard-educated physician and New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure shows you how to grow new receptors for your seven metabolic hormones, making you lose weight and feel great fast!When it comes to weight loss, most people don’t think about hormones. But when you develop resistance to your seven major metabolic hormones—cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen—your body adjusts by increasingly raising your hormone levels and ultimately slowing down your metabolism. And a slower metabolism leads to weight gain and difficulty losi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0062316257
    • ASIN: 0062316257
    • ISBN: 0062316257
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: HarperOne

  • The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep and Sex Drive; Lose Weight; Feel Focused, Vital, and Energized Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

    The New York Times bestselling guide to hormone balance that helps women of all ages achieve increased energy, resilience, vitality, and sensuality through science-based natural therapies.All too often women are told that feeling moody, asexual, tapped out, dried up, stressed out, and sleep deprived is just a part of being female. Or they’re led to believe that the answer can be found only at the bottom of a bottle of prescription pills. Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard-educated physician and nationally recognized, board-certified gynecologist, refuses to accept that being a woman means feeling... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1451666950
    • UPC: 884591034923
    • ASIN: 1451666950
    • ISBN: 1451666950
    • Brand: Gottfried Sara
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

  • Cooking for Hormone Balance: A Proven, Practical Program with Over 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Boost Energy and Mood, Lower Inflammation, Gain Strength, and Restore a Healthy Weight

    A breakthrough program with more than 125 tempting, nutrient-dense recipes for thyroid conditions, Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue, menopause, endometriosis, fibroids, breast health, PMS, PCOS, and other hormonal imbalances.Millions of women suffer from the life-altering, often debilitating symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalances: stubborn weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, insomnia, digestive issues, and more. The good news is that most of these conditions are reversible. Integrative hormone and nutrition expert Magdalena Wszelaki knows this first-hand. Developing hyperthyroidism... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0062643134
    • ASIN: 0062643134
    • ISBN: 0062643134
    • Manufacturer: HarperOne

  • Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing

    When it was first published in 1994, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom quickly became an international bestseller, and it has remained the veritable bible of women’s health. Now, in this revised and updated edition, world-renowned and much-beloved women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup shares with us the latest developments and advances that will maximize our potential for living well in our bodies today. Inside you will discover • new material on sexuality—and how to have a more fulfilling sex life• the spiritual and scientific principles behind healing from terminal illne... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0553386735
    • ASIN: 0553386735
    • ISBN: 9780553386738
    • Brand: Bantam
    • Manufacturer: Bantam

  • The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

    Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.  Originally published in 2000, the Dukan Diet swept across France, championed by people who successfully lost weight following its unique four phase regime. The Dukan Diet has helped millions in France, where it has been number one for more than ten years and adopted in twenty countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Korea and Brazil. All together, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0307887960
    • ASIN: 0307887960
    • ISBN: 0307887960
    • Brand: Harmony
    • Manufacturer: Crown Archetype

  • What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life Through Food

    NY Times best-selling author Dr. Michael Roizen reveals how the food choices you make each day--and when you make them--can affect your health, your energy, your sex life, your waistline, your attitude, and the way you age.What if eating two cups of blueberries a day could prevent cancer? If drinking a kale-infused smoothie could counteract missing an hour's worth of sleep? When is the right time of day to eat that chocolate chip cookie? And would you actually drink that glass of water if it meant skipping the gym? This revolutionary guide reveals how to use food to enhance our personal and pr... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DZHQ67B
    • ASIN: B07DZHQ67B
    • Manufacturer: National Geographic

  • Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond

    • ASIN: B000UZJQB4
    • ASIN: B000UZJQB4
    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Workman Publishing Company

  • The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight . . . Permanently

    Do you notice weight gain around your middle that just won't budge?Are you unable to lose weight on your past tried-and-true diets?Do friends and coworkers eat more than you do but weigh less?Do you have difficulty sleeping and wake up exhausted in the morning?Do you crave bread, pasta, chips, and sweets and go overboard eating them?There is a reason that some people can eat all they want and never seem to gain a pound while others count every calorie, exercise, and can't lose an ounce. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you may be one of the millions of people—an estimat... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0738218901
    • ASIN: 0738218901
    • ISBN: 0738218901
    • Manufacturer: Da Capo Lifelong Books

  • Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation

    • ASIN: 1579546013
    • UPC: 039697546010
    • ASIN: 1579546013
    • ISBN: 1579546013
    • Manufacturer: Rodale Books

  • The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metabolism, and Get Healthy (A DASH Diet Book)

    The most effective diet for healthy weight loss just got better! THE DASH DIET WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION uses elements of the diet ranked as the "Best Overall Diet" by US News & World Reports in 2011 and 2012, and proven NIH research on DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) to create a program guaranteed to speed weight loss and boost metabolism. Based on never before published NIH-funded research and developed by the foremost DASH dietician and leading nutrition expert, Marla Heller, this effective and easy weight loss program includes menu plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more. Reader... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B008AS4UR8
    • ASIN: B008AS4UR8
    • Manufacturer: Grand Central Life & Style

  • The Alternate-Day Diet Revised: The Original Up-Day, Down-Day Eating Plan to Turn on Your "Skinny Gene," Shed the Pounds, and Live a Longer and Healthier Life

    The original intermittent fasting diet – now up-dated and expandedAn easy-to-follow, safe, and science-based alternate-day calorie-restriction program that promotes weight loss and longevity, The Alternate-Day Diet includes the most up-to-date research on calorie restriction and intermittent fasting as well as additional techniques (including supplementation and eating according to the body’s natural circadian rhythms) to enhance the diet’s effectiveness.The Alternate-Day Diet describes how limiting caloric intake every other day can activate a gene called SIRT1 which reduces inflammatio... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 039916703X
    • ASIN: 039916703X
    • ISBN: 039916703X
    • Manufacturer: TarcherPerigee

  • The Prediabetes Diet Plan : How to Reverse Prediabetes and Prevent Diabetes through Healthy Eating and Exercise

    "A practical, empowering guide to managing and reversing prediabetes through diet and exercise, from a registered dietitian. Increasingly diagnosed by doctors and affecting millions of Americans, prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels

    • UPC: 23463944
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Natrol Complete Balance For Menopause AM&PM Capsules, 30 Ct

    May relieve hot flashes, moodiness, night sweats and other menopausal

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    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 30+30CAP30
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  • The Volumetrics Eating Plan : Techniques and Recipes for Feeling Full on Fewer Calories

    One of America's leading nutritionists, author of the popular "Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan," encourages readers to quit "dieting" for good, to feel full on fewer calories, and to lose weight while never feeling deprived. Recipes included.

    • UPC: 5386382
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Eating Clean : The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body

    The essential guide to fight inflammation, heal your gut, and reset your body with detox and clean eating

    • UPC: 47700141

  • Doctor's Best Menopause Spectrum with EstroG-100, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 30 Veggie Caps

    Menopause Spectrum with EstroG-100** features a patented, clinically proven synergistic blend of three herbal extracts that together offer relief for uncomfortable feelings associated with menopause.* Research has shown this combination to promote healthy management of

    • UPC: 115400708
    • Model: 00J3GUPVL2QHE50

  • The Ultimate Nutrition Guide for Menopause : Natural Strategies to Stay Healthy, Control Weight, and Feel Great

    ""A survival guide to healthy living- indispensable advice for women of all ages.""-James F. Balch, M.D., coauthor of Prescription for Natural HealingMenopause brings a multitude of changes for women. It's a time when you need

    • UPC: 755504406

  • The Everything Guide to Macronutrients : The Flexible Eating Plan for Losing Fat and Getting Lean

    "Learn about the basics of macronutrients--carbohydrates, fats, and protein--how to count them, and how to successfully lose weight in this new guide! You will learn the importance of these essential elements and how to control

    • UPC: 55786481

  • 12 Lessons on Sushi : Become an Expert on Ordering, Eating, and Making the Best Sushi

    Learn Everything You Need To Know About Sushi The world of premium quality sushi is fascinating and complex, and 12 Lessons On Sushi is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about this

    • UPC: 53406024

  • 1 Pound a Day : The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox and Plan for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

    From the authors of the hit diet book, "21 Pounds in 21 Days," an expanded, simplified, month-long program to cleanse the body, as well as a new plan for keeping it clean for the rest

    • UPC: 26737842

  • Discover Your Menopause Type : The Exciting New Program That Identifies the 12 Unique Menopause Types & the Best Choices for You

    Take Charge of Your Menopause!This groundbreaking book--the first to reveal 12 distinct menopause types and how best to treat each--gives you the information you need to take charge of this challenging and sensitive life stage.

    • UPC: 29325329

  • How to Avoid Menopause Weight Gain | Ask the Doctor

    What should a day of eating look like during menopause?

    Menopause Explained in Hindi | Patient Education I MIC