• Pinched Nerve Neck Stretcher Cervical Traction Device for Home Pain Treatment | Inflatable Spinal Decompression Collar Unit Muscle Strain Injury Relief | Herniated Disc Problems Remedy Kit (Blue)

    Why suffer from neck and shoulder pain, or pay way too much for physical therapy or chiropractor visits?Why our K'smarts Pinched Nerve Neck Stretcher is superior to similar products:✔️ Our neck traction device is upgraded with extra-long Velcro straps and comes in premium packaging - with protective travel and storage bag, detailed instructions...

    • ASIN: B01MU6WPU9
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: K'smarts
    • UPC: 717689212777

  • Cervical Neck Traction Fulcrum For Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain Relief - Chiropractic Therapy Tool for SpinalAdjustment - Hypoallergenic Foam Block - Home Remedy Spinal Restoration Tension Stretching

    This cervical neck fulcrum is easy-to-use for just 10 minutes a day and is highly recommended by chiropractors nationwide for those suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower or upper back pain, discomfort, forward head and curved spinal shapes. The neck traction device allows your head to rest over the foam block for proper stretching, ali...

    • ASIN: B01K6MFWY0
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Purify Life
    • UPC: 703062149716

  • REARAND Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Neck Pain Relief and Support Shoulder Relaxer Massage Traction Pillow Chiropractic Pillow for Pain Relief Management and Cervical Spine Alignment

    Rearand Neck and Shoulder relaxer The soft, pillowy foam gently wraps around your neck and gives your head the heavenly sensation of floating on air.It applies smooth, gentle pressure for a soothing massage, and a soft, sensual pleasure.Within 30 seconds your neck tightness and pressure start to vanish. Deep relaxation spreads to your shoulders,bac...

    • ASIN: B072LQGWBD
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: REARAND
    • UPC: 718040621245

  • The Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief and Physical Therapy

    In the past, individuals could only receive traction at a physical therapist's office, but these visits are often time consuming, inconvenient, and costly. Today, there are many at-home cervical traction devices, but most are complex, cumbersome, bulky, expensive, and potentially injurious. What is needed is an easy to use, compact, non-marring, ef...

    • ASIN: B07FX5CXKC
    • Brand: The Neck Hammock
    • UPC: 600173666661

  • Aquapro Chiropractic Pillow - Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Cervical Pillow Neck Traction Device for Pain Relief Management and Cervical Spine Alignment

    About Aquapro :Aquapro is founded in 1980, are committing to provide person and family a more healthy and comfortable life, developing the high-end massage devices to relax the body and mind. Aquapro products have always been at the forefront of technology.Our products are all ergonomically designed and are tested by lots of volunteers before enter...

    • ASIN: B07N7JVRQ3
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Aquapro
    • UPC: 782289601702

  • Better Posture DVD: Reduce & Eliminate Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain by Performing the Daily Dozen, 12 Dynamic Weight-Free Exercises that Take Under 12 Minutes to Complete

    The Daily Dozen are 12 simple exercises that take 12 minutes to perform, that reset your body into correct alignment, reducing pain, making you physically stronger and able to achieve peak performance. This program will help you: 1. Reset your body into correct posture and reduce your pain and discomfort. 2. Strengthen your muscles responsible for ...

    • Color: DVD
    • Brand: Better Posture
    • UPC: 602401946712

  • DaviSMART Neck Traction ✮ Effective Neck Pain Remedy at Home ✮ Inflatable & Adjustable Cervical Stretcher (Brown)

    Neck Traction Device The Inflatable Neck Traction Device by DaviSMART is very easy to use, it doesn't require any assembly and is completely portable. You can easily take it anywhere and you can use it at home, the office or while you are travelling. You can use it while sitting or lying down, however, you'd like. How to use it: - Secure the devic...

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Davi SMART
    • UPC: 655711649729

  • Stretching to Stay Young: Simple Workouts to Keep You Flexible, Energized, and Pain Free

    Discover how the practice of stretching can increase your flexibility, strengthen your body, and renew your youth with Stretching to Stay Young.As we age, our bodies move less and less. And the less we move, the tighter our muscles and joints become. But this isn’t our natural state―in fact, our bodies were designed for movement.Stretching is a...

    • ASIN: 1623158060
    • Brand: Althea Press

  • The Backpod - Premium Treatment for Neck, Upper Back and Headache Pain from Hunching over Smartphones and Computers. Great for Costochondritis, Thoracic Motion and Perfect Posture

    The Backpod offers effective home treatment for upper back and neck pain caused by; bad posture, excessive and repetitive computer work, overuse of mobile tools, etc. The Backpod is a practical New Zealand innovation developed to address a problem which was either ignored or misunderstood for far too long. It has been developed by New Zealander Ste...

    • ASIN: B01LYNZBV3
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Bodystance

  • The TMJ Healing Plan: Ten Steps to Relieving Persistent Jaw, Neck and Head Pain (Positive Options for Health)

    • ASIN: B00LMKZ1OC

  • DMI Cervical Neck Traction Over The Door Device for Physical Therapy Helps Neck Pain, Arthritis, Disc Bulges and Minor Fractions of The Spine with 20 Pound Graduated Scale


    • ASIN: B000FH19QW
    • Color: White/Silver
    • Brand: Duro-Med
    • UPC: 041298020141

  • Active Posture Corrector- Neck, Back and Total Body Exercise System

    Do you experience headaches or neck and back pain? It may be caused by poor posture. Texting, looking down at electronic devices and sitting at a desk can cause forward head posture and improper body alignment. Improper posture increases stress on the spine, joints, muscles & tissue and causes pain, discomfort, and damage. Achieving structural bala...

    • Brand: Core Prodigy
    • UPC: 604007999963

  • ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation, Blue

    The Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow Set is an effective, affordable, and natural home remedy for muscle pain, stress, insomnia, and more. The comfortable foam bed is covered in thousands of acupressure points, with a neck pillow also cov-ered in plastic needles to support your head and neck. As you lie down and rest on the mat, the pr...

    • ASIN: B00I1QCPCG
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: ProSource
    • UPC: 810244021132

  • Double Lacrosse Ball, Peanut Shape Self Massage Roller Back Foot Neck Spine Shoulder Physical Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massager Tool Set, Soft Hard Pack of 2

    Whether in search of physical therapy device or self care tool for your back, neck or thighs, our massage balls are perfect. Measuring 5 inches (length) and 2.5 inches in width, they are the best choice for bringing your deep tissue relaxation to the next level! Unlike other double lacrosse balls offered on the market, our set includes two levels o...

    • ASIN: B078W768F3
    • Color: Red Black
    • Brand: AllPlay
    • UPC: 618020539525

  • Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix for Instant Neck Pain Relief [FDA Approved] - Adjustable Neck Stretcher Collar for Home Traction Spine Alignment [Model 2019] + Bonus (12-17 inch)

    Your neck pain keeps you to truly enjoying life? Do you always feel tired, grind your teeth and have neck pain or shoulder pain? We know the feeling! At last! You find the solution for your Neck Pain relieve . ★ NeckFix Cervical Neck Traction Device offer a neck support to prevent and relieve neck and shoulder pain/injuries. It partially unloa...

    • ASIN: B07GZX7T9H
    • Color: Blue Ocean
    • Brand: NeckFix

  • Wooden Pillow Exercises : For Stiff Neck, Shoulder Pain, Spinal Health, and Relaxation

    Wooden Pillow Exercises

    • UPC: 904174877

  • Degenerative Disc Disease Explained. Including Treatment, Surgery, Symptoms, Exercises, Causes, Physical Therapy, Neck, Back, Pain, and Much More! Fac

    Degenerative Disc Disease plagues the millions of people that suffer from it. This books aims to provide the information sought out by those millions of people. Frederick Earlstein has written this medical education guide to

    • UPC: 543566982

  • Walk Yourself Well : Eliminate Back Pain, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hip and Other Structural Pain Forever-Without Surgery or Drugs

    A physical therapist with 25 years of experience shows readers how to use the body's natural motions to restore proper alignment, to allow the body to strengthen in all the right places, remove pain and

    • UPC: 6496370

  • Neck Massager Roller Shoulder Back Pain Ball Self-massage Tool Colors Vary

    MASSAGE, STIMULATE, RELAX SORE TIRED ACHING MUSCLES ON BACK OF NECK with the self massage roller wheels massager with the pressure point spikey nodes to target sore spots on back of neck and relax, rejuvenate

    • UPC: 546210473
    • Model: CNM8078
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Fixing Your Neck Pain with Home Exercises - eBook

    Dr. McClenny provides yet another easy to read solution for those suffering from neck pain. From his extensive years of treating numerous patients, he delivers a guide that helps those suffering from neck pain and

    • UPC: 150331588

  • Best Back Exercises for Women - Improve Posture, Reduce Pain & Develop a Beautiful, Sexy Back - eBook

    Best Back ExercisesThe back is one part of the body that many of us take for granted. We do things that put it under tension almost on a daily basis without even thinking twice about

    • UPC: 172310275

  • Pain-Free Posture Handbook : 40 Dynamic Easy Exercises to Look and Feel Your Best

    Transform your life and live pain free.Pilates instructors Lora and Nikki are leaders in their industry and have successfully helped thousands of people to reduce their back pain. The key? Movement.Now, in this portable, posture-building

    • UPC: 51650218

  • Stop Headache, Neck Pain and Bad Posture - eBook

    In this book, you will find the most effective way of relieving your neck problems such as pain, headaches, dizziness, dullness in head and more. It is done through many years of clinical expertise and

    • UPC: 143919957


    Health remedies to cure head ache, neck pain, knee pain and remove it completely. Proven exercises with poses and herbs. Tips to relief permanently from

    • UPC: 456088161

  • Physical Pain Herbal Medicine: The 10 Best Solutions to Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

    Physical Pain Herbal Medicine: The 10 Best Solutions to Relieve Back, Neck, and Shoulder

    • UPC: 725067157

  • Physio Neck Exercises Stretch & Relieve Routine

    Relieve Neck Pain & Tension at Your Desk - Daily Physio Routine

    Dr. Oz Shares a Pain-Relieving Neck Stretch