• Royal Canin Adult French Bulldog Dry Dog Food (17 lb)

    Royal Canin knows what makes your French Bulldog magnificent is in the details. With their pointy bat ears, Frenchies are adorable miniature bulldogs with extremely flat muzzles. They can benefit from a diet that’s easy for them to eat, provides muscle support, and aids with digestion to help cut down on their not-so-adorable gas. Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult dog food is tailor-made nutrition created just for your pure breed French Bulldog. This exclusive breed-specific diet is uniquely formulated for your French Bulldog, with the specific nutrients to help them thrive. The customized cu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00OV5KLEA
    • UPC: 030111457875
    • ASIN: B00OV5KLEA
    • Brand: Royal Canin
    • Size: 17-Pound
    • Manufacturer: Royal Canin

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Beef & Brown Rice Recipe with Veggies, Fruit & Chicken Dry Dog Food, 11.5 Pounds

    Whole ingredients you can see, for a whole taste your dog will love. Made with real U.S. farm-raised beef and real carrots, peas, apples and slow-roasted chicken pieces.

    • UPC: 640791618321
    • Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish
    • Size: 11.5 lbs
    • Manufacturer: DAD'S Products Co, Inc.

  • Ninja Farts: Silent But Deadly - A Hilarious Book for Kids Ages 7-9 (The Disgusting Adventures of Milo Snotrocket 3)

    Ready to laugh your butt off? Milo Snotrocket is back and stinkier than ever in this hilarious new addition to the #1 Best-Selling "Fart Book" series.Here's what readers are already saying about the side-splitting, bottom-burping Fart Book series:"I haven't heard my daughter laughing and giggling that much since she stared school. Thank you J.B O'Neill - I will definitely get all your books to keep my child laughing." -- Lisa D."Absolutely hysterical!...If you want to laugh your way through, from page to page, this is your opportunity and the price is perfect. Get your copy now, it will put ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00BFWQB1Y
    • ASIN: B00BFWQB1Y
    • Manufacturer: JJ Fast Publishing, LLC

  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food - Natural Dry Dog Food for Puppies - Chicken and Brown Rice - 6 lb. Bag

    Because puppyhood is such an important stage in any dog’s life, BLUE Life Protection Formula for puppies features ingredients that support the healthy growth and development of puppies. It contains the ingredients you’ll love feeding as much as they’ll love eating. BLUE Life Protection Formula dog food is a product of the Blue Buffalo company. Based in the United States, Blue Buffalo makes premium-quality pet foods featuring real meat, fruit and vegetables.

    • ASIN: B000XKCDNE
    • UPC: 764999841333
    • ASIN: B000XKCDNE
    • Brand: Blue Buffalo
    • Size: 6 lb
    • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo

  • Hill'S Ideal Balance Puppy Natural Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 12.5 Lb Bag

    It’s one thing to make a nutritious pet food; it’s another to create one that’s perfectly balanced. Hill’s Ideal Balance dry puppy food with natural chicken and brown rice contains a blend of natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are perfectly balanced to provide your dog complete nutrition. This dry food for dogs contains real chicken as the #1 ingredient. This lean protein helps your dog stay slim and trim. It includes fruits and vegetables to support energy and boost natural defenses, brown rice for healthy digestion, and flaxseed to improve skin and coat.... [Read More]

    • UPC: 052742227405
    • Brand: Hill's ideal balance
    • Size: 12.5 lb
    • Manufacturer: Hill's Ideal Balance Dog

  • Toca Boo

    • ASIN: B00R0DLFNG
    • ASIN: B00R0DLFNG
    • Brand: Toca Boca
    • Manufacturer: Toca Boca

  • Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Potato 24-lb

    BLUE Basics Dog Food is a delicious, limited-ingredient diet made from fewer ingredients selected with care, that may prove helpful to dogs with food sensitivities. All BLUE Basics recipes start with real meat from a single animal protein source not often used in dog food, plus they include pumpkin and easily digested carbohydrates. BLUE Basics puppy formula contains ingredients like DHA to support your puppy’s healthy growth and development at this crucial life stage. BLUE Basics Dog Food is a product of the Blue Buffalo company. Based in the United States, Blue Buffalo makes premium-qualit... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0073GNZ0Q
    • UPC: 859610005772
    • ASIN: B0073GNZ0Q
    • Brand: Blue Buffalo
    • Size: 24 lb
    • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo Company*

  • Women's Girls Novelty Funny Crazy Colorful Rainbow Unicorn Crew Socks in Blue

    MATERIALThese unisex socks are made from soft, long-lasting combed cotton;They are elastic and comfortable make it suitable for your feet,no slip down crew dress socks.PATTERNThe patterns on the socks were being knitted by machine directly during the manufacturing process, so it won't peel off or fade.CARE INSTRUCTIONSZmart products are best preserved when machine washed and dried on low heat under 40℃.Do not use bleach. Launder inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing.Hang to dry. 

    • ASIN: B0719GZX2P
    • UPC: 615311559378
    • ASIN: B0719GZX2P
    • Brand: HAPPYPOP
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Zmart

  • Color You Slow Feed Dog Food Bowl to Slow Down Eating, Non Toxic Interactive Anti-gulping Bloat Stop Pet Feeder (Purple)

    Why Use Slow Feed Dog Bowls? We observed the progression of obesity in all our pets, resulting poor health and reduced life expectancy. So we decided to do something about it. This dog bowl is a central part of tackling the problems of pets that swallow their food, eat too fast, regurgitate, eat too much and usually have poor eating habits. This dog food games bowl will help restore the natural eating habits of your dogs so that meal times become fun, healthy and above all slower. We believe that each dog should be fed a slow feeding bowl. Specifications: ★♦ Diameter: 20.4cm/8 inch  ★... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B019DNDS26
    • UPC: 669239338928
    • ASIN: B019DNDS26
    • Brand: Color You
    • Size: Height: 4.9cm/1.9 inch
    • Manufacturer: Color You

  • Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence (Does It Fart Series)

    From the scientist duo behind True or Poo?, their original New York Times bestselling sensation--a scientifically precise, fully illustrated, utterly hilarious guide to animal flatulence.Dogs do it. Millipedes do it. Dinosaurs did it. You do it. I do it. Octopuses don't (and nor do octopi). Spiders might do it: more research is needed. Birds don't do it, but they could if they wanted to. Herrings do it to communicate with each other. In 2017 zoologist Dani Rabaiotti's teenage brother asked her a most teenaged question: Do snakes fart? Stumped, Rabaiotti turned to Twitter. The internet did not ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0316484156
    • ASIN: 0316484156
    • ISBN: 0316484156
    • Manufacturer: Hachette Books

  • Goliath Games 30683 New & Improved Doggie Doo Game, Brown

    Everyone's favorite pup is back with a new and improved look! Feed your doggie, and squeeze the leash. After he makes his gassy sounds - plop! If you are the player who cleaned up the doo, you get a fart token. The player who has the most tokens at the end of the game wins! For 2-4 players, ages 4 and up. From the makers of Pop the Pig, Gooey Louie, Jumping Jack, Shark Bite, Catch the Fox, Lucky Ducks, and Googly Eyes.

    • ASIN: B01MZIU1MP
    • UPC: 657687456721
    • ASIN: B01MZIU1MP
    • Brand: Goliath Games
    • Manufacturer: Pressman Toys

  • Unicorns Farting Dog Footprints Puppy Foods Men's Running Shoes Foam Quick Drying Gym Shoes Athletic Sneaker

    This shoes come in with fashionable BREATHABLE and DURABLE material upper which allow the foot to breathe. These LIGHTWEIGHT and FLEXIBLE running shoes feature a classy look while slip on style allows for easy on and off. Suitable for sports, indoors, outdoors and any occasion.

    • ASIN: B07W226ZPS
    • ASIN: B07W226ZPS
    • Brand: Unicorns Farting
    • Size: 8

  • NEW FLAVOR! Best Probiotics for Dogs Powder - 5 Billion CFUs, Help for Dog Allergies, Dog Bad Breath, Yeast Overgrowth & Ear Discharge, Diarrhea, Gas & Constipation - 120 1/2 tsp Scoops

    Real Deal Pet Labs exclusive formulation of probiotic powder for dogs is light yellow in color and has a delicious liver flavor your dog will love! We recommend using a ½ dose for the first day or two to allow your best friend to acclimate to the change in digestion. Using the recommended dosage will keep the digestive system running smoothly by restoring the natural balance of good bacteria in the intestines. The additives found in most store-bought pet foods are depleting our dog's digestive and immune system of vital good bacteria. Without a properly functioning immune and digestive system... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06XY9ZTPY
    • UPC: 652827391030
    • ASIN: B06XY9ZTPY
    • Brand: Real Deal Pet Labs
    • Manufacturer: Real Deal Pet Labs

  • EcoDigestive Probiotics & Enzymes Formula for Dogs & Cats. Add Our Gut Health Formula to Your Dog or Cat's Food Daily for Better Digestion, Nutrient Absorption & Immune Function. 4oz Resealable Bag.

    Apply EcoDigestive Probiotics--Digestive Support Formula daily to your dog or cat's food for better digestion, reduced gassy-ness, improved nutrient absorption, and better gut function. Ingredients and what they do: Protease 3.0, 4.5, 6.0: Break down protein chains and carbohydrates into glucose. Often our pets' diets do not include sufficient fresh food to ensure adequate quantities. Peptidase: Breaks down protein molecules into vital amino acids. Amylase: Because plant material is more difficult for a carnivore to digest, amylase helps ensure that plant cellulose is adequately digested, ensu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071GCJMN4
    • UPC: 646437792837
    • ASIN: B071GCJMN4
    • Brand: Vet Organics
    • Size: 4oz
    • Manufacturer: Vet Organics

  • PET RELIEF Dog Upset Stomach, Bloat And Gas Relief For Dogs, Natural Stomach Relief,! 30ml Dog Farts, Digestion, Sensitive Stomach Relief Spray, No Side Effects! Made In USA

    "Tired Of Your Dog's Upset Stomachs, Bloating, Or Gas...But Don't Want Expensive, Unsafe Products Or Meds That May Not Work? This Is For You, Be Wary Of Imitators...Get The Real Thing Here!"-Finally Your Dog Relieved, The Natural Way. Easy To Apply With No Side Effects. Why Have You Gone Without It?-Is your dog struggling with gas, bloating, or stomach pain? Tried solutions that either didn't work, worked for a while but stopped, or had side effects? Want your dog relaxed, pain free, and comfortable again? See the difference almost immediately with this sensible, affordable solution. Nothing e... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01DE9FTQS
    • UPC: 688713584156
    • ASIN: B01DE9FTQS
    • Brand: PET RELIEF
    • Manufacturer: Pet Relief

  • Ramen Lovers Club Ramen Party- Traditional Japanese Food The World Best Delicious Noodle: Dot Grid Journal - Ramen Lovers Club Cute Japanese Noodles F Paperback

    Ramen Lovers Club Ramen Party- Traditional Japanese Food The World Best Delicious Noodle: Dot Grid Journal - Ramen Lovers Club Cute Japanese Noodles F Height : 0.29 In Length : 9.00 In Width : 6.00

    • UPC: 302891061

  • Dot to Dot: Famous Paintings : Join the Dots to Reveal the World's Best-Loved Masterpieces

    Take mindful art activity to the next level with 40 fabulous connect-the-dot puzzles to

    • UPC: 52702595

  • Best Day Ever - Congratulations Party Decorations for Women and Men - 6 Beer Bottle Label Stickers and 1 Carrier

    Want to wish someone Congratulations! Never know what to bring as a gift to the person who has everything Our Best Day Ever congratulations Beer Bottle Labels and Carrier are the perfect gift for the

    • UPC: 199784772
    • Color: Black, White, TanBlack

  • Best Teacher Gift - Teacher Appreciation Party Decorations for Women and Men - 6 Beer Bottle Label Stickers and 1

    Never know what to give as a gift to the Teacher Our Teacher Appreciation - 6 Beer Bottle Labels with 1 Beer Carrier are the perfect gift for the adult or bring to a party.

    • UPC: 195000163
    • Color: Black, White, GoldBlack

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