• Nero Platinum 2018

    Empower your digital life with Nero Platinum 2018 for high-performance multimedia. Create, edit, burn, convert, organize, and stream videos, photos, and music. Enjoy 4K quality and safely clean your photo archive thanks to Nero Duplicate Manager.

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    • ASIN: B0759GN3BG
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  • The Carrot Principle : How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent, and Accelerate Performance [Updated & Revised]

    Based on an extensive management study, the bestselling authors of "A Carrot a Day" and "The 24-Carrot Manager" show how great managers use constructive praise and recognition to motivate their

    • UPC: 10808046
    • Rating: 4.0

  • All In : How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results

    Offers insight into the corporate cultures of high-performance organizations to explain the importance of engaged employees in business success, outlining a seven-step plan for managers to facilitate high-achieving

    • UPC: 17760034
    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook : A Best Practice Guide for All Secretaries, Pas, Office Managers and Executive Assistants

    "The ultimate guide for all management, personal, and executive assistants and secretaries, The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook places specific emphasis on career development, providing guidance and advice on career advancement. Author Sue France

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    • Rating: 4.0

  • A Joosr Guide to... The Carrot Principle by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton: How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent, and Accelerate Performance - eBook

    In today's fast-paced world, it's tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get the key insights from bestselling non-fiction titles in less than 20 minutes. Whether you want to

    • UPC: 776943197

  • Trust Rules: How the World's Best Managers Create Great Places to Work - eBook

    An easy-to-use guide for ambitious managers on how to create a high-trust high-performance workplace, based on survey input from two million employees in eighty countries. Widely translated and published in eight editions, Trust Rules achieved

    • UPC: 794578954

  • Comparing Leadership Theories in Midsize Manufacturing Companies: Why Transformational Models of Leadership May Be Best Suited For Managers - eBook

    Abstract: This literature review analyzes and compares several theories of leadership as they pertain to management within a midsize manufacturing company or similar institution. Trait Approach, Style Approach, Transactional-Transformational, and Leader-Member styles are each reviewed

    • UPC: 289586195

  • Codebreaker : Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You

    Did you know you have unseen codes in your DNA that are controlling your life? YES. The way you repel or attract relationships, the way you maintain or push away someone you love, how you

    • UPC: 959947649

  • What the Best Managers Know and Do

    What separates the best managers from the rest? It's their grasp of the profession's essential requirements and ability to consistently behave accordingly on the job. "What the Best Managers Know and Do" represents a comprehensive

    • UPC: 157951127

  • Secrets To Planning The Perfect Speech For Marketing Managers: How To Plan To Give The Best Speech Of Your Life! - eBook

    In the world of marketing, a manager has the responsibility to find potential customers, make sure that they know about the companys products, and then equip the sales team to turn potential customers into real

    • UPC: 707773328

  • How Purchasing Agents & Supply Chain Managers Can Prepare For A Successful Negotiation: What You Need To Do BEFORE A Negotiation Starts In Order To Get The Best Possible Outcome - eBook

    It turns out that most negotiations are over even before they begin. The purchasing team that has spent the most time planning for the negotiation, doing their homework, and collecting the data that theyll need

    • UPC: 725828057

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    Best Free Password Manager? - Dashlane Password Manager Review

    The Best Password Managers, Compared