• My Familiar Stranger: FIVE TIME WINNER BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES (Knights of Black Swan Book 1)

    "Gets under your skin and into your dreams and will never let you go." - Fanatical Paranormal Romantical New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, introduces the epic saga that reset the gold standard for paranormal and fantasy romance.. "My God, this is spectacular." - Quote the Raven I accidentally ended up in this dimension. I had nothing.I knew no one. I barely survived the journey, but landed in the best possible place; an ancient society of vampire hunters with the medical means to put me back together. I can't go home, but I can use the extra-abilities I gained ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B007V8RAKW
    • ASIN: B007V8RAKW
    • Manufacturer: dba 7th House Publishing, Imprint of Andromeda LLC

  • Claiming My Omega: Blackwater Pack Book Two

    I have a confession to make.I'm not used to being the center of anyone's attention. I know that I've been sheltered. I was adopted by humans, and by the time I was introduced to the Blackwater Pack I was awkward and shy around other wolves... something that never really went away. I keep trying to claw myself out of my comfort zone, but until now I've never had a compelling reason. That's all changed since I've met him: Vaughn Bennett. Vaughn's a confident, successful, well-traveled alpha. Maybe he's too much for me; maybe he's out of my league. I don't know. I don't care. Sparks fly whenever ... [Read More]


  • The Stone Brothers: A Complete Romance Series (3-Book Box Set)

    A Top-10 Kindle Unlimited series!Have you gotten STONED yet?Which brother will you choose?The over-protective private investigator, the recovering bad-boy movie star, the alluring ER doctor?These hot and sexy brothers will have you begging for more.You'll love them. You'll hate them.You'll want to hide them away and marry them.Get the series readers are raving about.Book ONE - Stone Rules:CHARLIE DOESN'T PLAY BY THE RULES...She likes sleeping with men.Sometimes it's not a choice.Life hasn't been easy for Charlie. Her mother was a monster. And when Charlie left home, there wasn't always a warm ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0776MD3WK
    • ASIN: B0776MD3WK

  • My Leading Man (Neeson Boys Book 1)

    There’s no forgetting your first love. It’s been twelve years since the boy next door disappeared from Steven Neeson’s life, but he’s never been able to forget the promise they made to each other. Since then, Steven has been lost on his path through life, suffering through stagnation and the inability to follow his desire to become a writer. When he learns that his old neighbor grew up to become a famous movie star, Steven decides to risk everything and leave his life behind. Screenplay in hand, it’s off to LA for a chance at the big time—and to reunite with his childhood sweethear... [Read More]


  • Leave It All (Saint Lakes #1): An M/M Dragon Shifter Romance

    Lucas just wanted to be a normal human being, but normal is highly over-rated.Lucas Speck had been just some guy who worked at an office supply store and house-sat for his snowbird parents. He was nobody special. Or that’s what he thought until the headaches and other weird things begin to happen. When people start chasing him his whole life gets turned upside down.Bennett Somerset is a dragon shifter, who likes his quiet life in his quiet town. He isn’t looking for complications. He already has a family that defines the words, weird and crazy, to perfection. Good thing they live in a smal... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B016U1OBFM
    • ASIN: B016U1OBFM
    • Manufacturer: April Kelley

  • Best Gay Erotica of the Year (Best Gay Erotica Series Book 4)

    Much like a fine wine the Best Gay Erotica series just keeps getting better with each passing year—and this year’s volume is no exception! With M/M erotic stories about dominant men standing tall and powerful over their submissive, to dashing men with looks to kill for, to the rough-and-tumble type who is just asking for you to get down-and-dirty. So, pour yourself a glass and curl up with Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 4. Clothing is optional.

    • ASIN: B07H45R33L
    • ASIN: B07H45R33L
    • Manufacturer: Cleis Press

  • The Matchmaker: Omega Dating Agency Prequel

    Some alphas can’t catch a break. Is it ever too late for love?A certified geek with the career to prove it, Malcolm Carlyle has been working on someone else’s dream his whole life. But now that he’s 40, he’s ready to live his own life, but is it too late? Malcom was sure that he’d missed his chance at love, until he meets a sweet omega who he can’t get out of his head. Always the babysitter or the little brother. While his friends are getting married and starting their families, Leo Dyer can only watch from the sidelines. He’s caught every bouquet and held every baby as the event... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07KTC3CXD
    • ASIN: B07KTC3CXD
    • Manufacturer: Equal Love Publishing

  • Chicago Billionaires - Contemporary Romance Series Boxed Set

    Four Steamy Stand-Alone Bestselling Romances Novels with HEAs!!! - Mature Content - 18+years. All four novels are set in the grand lakefront city of Chicago. From the Amazon US and UK Top 100 "Most Read" Kindle All-Star author Aria Hawthorne comes her highly-anticipated CHICAGO BILLIONAIRES Boxed Set.  BOOK 1 - CLOSER - He's a hot billionaire losing his sight.  She's a struggling single mom who needs his money.  It's all business until they get so much closer...BOOK 2 - EXES - He still loves his ex wife.  She still hates him. Who will win?BOOK 3 - PRICELESS - He's a powerful billionair... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071YZ6M7Z
    • ASIN: B071YZ6M7Z
    • Manufacturer: French Kiss Press LLC

  • Dark Stranger The Dream (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)

    "Hands down the best book series I have ever read. I Devour the books and coming from somebody who reads all the time this is an extreme compliment. I have never read such a well-written book where the story line develops with so many characters I love knowing what's going on with everybody I love that you switch characters back and forth it is so awesome. Also the steamy love scenes are to die for!""This has been the best paranormal series I have ever read. It is better than vampire stories and better than reverse harem stories. It has lots of adventure, mystery, crime, justice, lust, love, r... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0101EUY1O
    • ASIN: B0101EUY1O
    • Manufacturer: I.T. Lucas

  • Betrayal (Infidelity Book 1)

    One week. No future. No past. No more.Alexandria Collins has one week to live carefree—no ghosts of her past or pressures of her future haunting her. Reinventing herself as "Charli," she is knocked off her feet by a sexy, mysterious man who brings her pleasure like she never imagined. With her heart at stake, she forgets that decisions made in the dark of night reappear in the bright light of day. "Some of my tastes are unique. They aren’t for everyone. I understand that.” Lennox "Nox" Demetri is wealthy, confident, and decisive--he knows what he wants. From the first time he sees Charl... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B016J2HJMY
    • ASIN: B016J2HJMY
    • Manufacturer: Romig Works LLC

  • Omega's Secret Crush: Omega's Under Siege Book 1

    Alpha Roman Carpenter has already disappointed omega Teddy O’Rourke once before. Roman enlisting in the Army was bad enough, as far as Teddy was concerned, but when they lost touch with each other over the course of Roman’s deployment and broke up? Teddy was completely done with Roman, and with alphas, and with the whole idea of dating in general.Right?So, now that Roman has just been promoted to drill sergeant under the watchful supervision of Teddy’s dad, Master Sergeant O’Rourke and Master Sarge has made it clear that they are to stay very much away from each other, following Dad’... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07W14BN22
    • ASIN: B07W14BN22

  • More Than Friends Collection: Contemporary Gay Romance Collection of Books 1-3

    International #1 Bestsellers in Gay Romance: More Than Friends, Drunk In Love and Choosing Happy are now available for a limited time as a BOXED SET!In Book 1, More Than Friends, Ryan is struggling to get over the break up from his long-term girlfriend. When he finally decides a fling might be exactly what he needs to move on, he expects to find it in a woman. But when he meets Drea's hot cousin, he feels an attraction that he's never felt before. But Drea's cousin is a guy...and Ryan isn't gay.In Book 2, Drunk In Love, Ryan and Zach have been together for eight blissful months. Just as they a... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0184M1FRW
    • ASIN: B0184M1FRW
    • Manufacturer: Surrendered Press

  • Mister McHottie: A Billionaire Boss / Brother's Best Friend / Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

    The best enemies make the best lovers...”My favorite rom-com debut ever.” - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Lucy ScoreThere are three things I hate: Bratwurst in any form, my neighbors boinking like farm animals at 3 AM, and Chase Jett.Mostly I hate Chase Jett. It's been ten years since he took my virginity—I'd make a bratwurst joke, but the unfortunate truth is that it would have to be a brat-best joke, andyes, it kills me to admit that—and now he's not only a billionaire, he's also my new boss.Turns out our hate is mutual. And this kind of hate is horrifically twisted, filthy,... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B075KGZJ2D
    • ASIN: B075KGZJ2D

  • Challenge: A Best Friends Romance (Kinky in the City Book 2)

    When two men reveal the secrets they tried keeping, even from each other, sparks will fly...Freddie's life changed forever when he walked in on his best friend dancing around the room in women's lingerie. A lifetime of friendship was buried in the same box as Peter's lingerie and makeup. The single father isn't ready to face the man who made him question his sexuality when they were teens.He may not have a choice.Peter refuses to call himself the black sheep of the family, because his life has been nothing but color since he left home rather than face a future he didn't want. The death of his ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DCGTWY2
    • ASIN: B07DCGTWY2

  • Stone Rules (A Stone Brothers Novel)

    CHARLIE DOESN'T PLAY BY THE RULES...She likes sleeping with men.Sometimes it's not a choice.Life hasn't been easy for Charlie. Her mother was a monster. And when Charlie left home, there wasn't always a warm bed, food, or a hot shower.She figured out how to get by on her looks.When her mother dies and she comes home to put that part of her life behind her, she finds the diary.It fills her with rage.She's out for revenge.But along the way she meets him.Ethan DOES play by the rules. And at the top of his list is "Don't get involved with clients."Will he break his rules for Charlie?Start reading ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01M09FHOJ
    • ASIN: B01M09FHOJ

  • Gay Best Friend - eBook

    What's a straight man to do when he can't stop fantasising about dominating his gay best friend? Should he resist temptation or simply give in and enjoy? Carlton's not gay. He knows that, because he's

    • UPC: 342480949
    • Rating: 4.0

  • The Best American Short Stories 2018

    Best-selling, award-winning, pop culture powerhouse Roxane Gay guest edits this year’s Best American Short Stories, the premier annual showcase for the country’s finest short

    • UPC: 746152764

  • Lesbian Romance: Fiction Younger Girl Older Woman Seduction Stories Completed Erotica Series - eBook

    2 Soft licking Stories Bundled for a deal.  To get it going on with these wet juicy stories inside CLICK the Look-Inside to read a hot sample.ENJOY THE

    • UPC: 537951976

  • Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 2

    Looking for the steamiest stories of female-on-female passion? Youve found them! IBest Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 2/I is guaranteed to have your heart

    • UPC: 387755193
    • Model: 32224

  • Forbidden Passion : The Black & White Gay Shifter Romance MM Series Book 1

    Tom Langley Sharpe III is a teenager who probably has it all. He is an only child in a wealthy family that owns a ranch that trains race horses. When he was still a teenager,

    • UPC: 365019055

  • Caesar’s Conquest (Gay Historical Romance Series MM Ancient World) Parts I, II, and III - eBook

    All three parts of the wild adventures of Crispus, the beautiful Roman Adonis, and his hot GAY relationship with the leader of Rome, Julius Caesar.In Part 1, Cris waits for his lover Caesar, who is

    • UPC: 999706042

  • Murder Most Gay

    A serial killer is targeting gay men, and rookie cop Pat St. James feels all too close to the victims because he's gay and firmly in the closet at work. The fact that he's sent

    • UPC: 718134401
    • Rating: 2.5

  • Mate Series, 18-20 (Gay Werewolf Romance) - eBook

    INCLUDES: Thatcher's Mate, Kyler's Mate, and Booker's Mate***Gay Werewolf Romance Novellas***Adult Content***~94,000 wordsTHATCHER'S MATELorenzo never expected to be looking for a new pack.But when his Alpha's behavior pushes him out, he finds himself fighting in

    • UPC: 540650995

  • The Discreet Lesbian ~ Episodes 1- 4 : Lesbian Fiction Romance Series: - eBook

    This compelling lesbian romantic drama continues to unfold over 6 episodes.The haunting story takes Mandy, the protagonist, from the very bosom of the church to a lesbian relationship, to being chased by the FBI for

    • UPC: 116512094

  • Traumhafte Begegnung: Eigentlich wollte er nicht weg - Best of Gay Romance - eBook

    Während Adrian Angst davor hat, wegen seiner wahren Gefühle verstoßen zu werden und sich deshalb dazu entschließt, diese für sich zu behalten und im Alltag die schwere Rolle zu spielen, eigentlich so zu sein wie

    • UPC: 868711580


    Another Gay Guy In School? And He Is Extremely Hot?! | Romantic Comedy | 'Geography Club'

    Quentin & Eliot The Magicians Everything That Touches You RexRed (gay romance)