• Going Home: A Novel (The Survivalist Series Book 1)

    Book 1 of The Survivalist SeriesIf society collapsed, could you survive?When Morgan Carter’s car breaks down 250 miles from his home, he figures his weekend plans are ruined. But things are about to get much, much worse: the country’s power grid has collapsed. There is no electricity, no running water, no Internet, and no way to know when normalcy will be restored—if it ever will be. An avid survivalist, Morgan takes to the road with his prepper pack on his back.During the grueling trek from Tallahassee to his home in Lake County, chaos threatens his every step but Morgan is hell-bent on... [Read More]

    • Manufacturer: Plume

  • Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

    The Pepper Spray Gun by SALT Supply Co. The Pepper Spray Gun was designed to offer the same trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray but at 10 times the safe distance. Shaped like a traditional handgun, SALT shoots rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray that create a chemical cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity.Effects - SALT Rounds are filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray that break on contact, immediately causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing and severe impact distress.Trusted Protection - SALT has been proven safe and effective by the U.S... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01DBR53FU
    • UPC: 662712007168
    • ASIN: B01DBR53FU
    • Brand: Salt
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Salt

  • Niko: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Hell Squad Book 9)

    In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on...Mackenna Carides is tough, strong, and excellent at her job as second-in-command of Squad Nine. She often works side by side with Hell Squad on some of the toughest missions to fight back against the alien raptors. Now she's helping the survivors of Blue Mountain Base settle into their new home at the Enclave. And that means working with the Enclave's sexy civilian leader, Nikolai Ivanov, an artist who watches her with an intensity that is hard to ignore. A man she's seen in the field and who she knows is hiding a mys... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01HN13A2S
    • ASIN: B01HN13A2S

  • HandGun Concealment Flag Box Quick Access

    This beautiful memorial flag box does double duty. It not only holds your priceless flag momento but it is designed to be a personal property concealment box too. The flag box is made of MDF fiberboard with beautiful oaken finish. Its different from most flag boxes in that it opens from the front so you can get to your valuables in a hurry if you need to. We have it loaded it with a S&W .357 Magnum. It fits easily along with a knife, watch, money or whatever else you need to hide. All of these things fit behind a folded standard presentation flag of 3 x 5' which is easily attached to the front... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00IO4Y7MG
    • UPC: 717029367396
    • ASIN: B00IO4Y7MG
    • Manufacturer: DC Mach Inc.,

  • The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo

    The true story of the World War II evacuation portrayed in the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, by the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Day of Infamy. In May 1940, the remnants of the French and British armies, broken by Hitler’s blitzkrieg, retreated to Dunkirk. Hemmed in by overwhelming Nazi strength, the 338,000 men gathered on the beach were all that stood between Hitler and Western Europe. Crush them, and the path to Paris and London was clear. Unable to retreat any farther, the Allied soldiers set up defense positions and prayed for deliverance. Prime Minister Winston Churchill... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1504047540
    • ASIN: 1504047540
    • ISBN: 1504047540
    • Manufacturer: Open Road Media

  • Defensive Revolver Fundamentals: Protecting Your Life With the All-American Firearm

    Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is the complete guide to self-defense with the original defensive firearm: the revolver. In this authoritative guide, you'll learn:The revolver's advantage in defensive shooting.Concealed carry with a revolver.Reloading the revolver under stress.How to use the handgun to defend against a violent, surprise attack.Dealing with more than one aggressor.Understanding how your body's natural reaction to a surprise attack should influence your training.And much, much more!"The defensive revolver isn't an antiquated afterthought. It's a legitimate option that deserves a... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 144023695X
    • UPC: 074962016164
    • ASIN: 144023695X
    • ISBN: 144023695X
    • Manufacturer: Gun Digest Books

  • Good Intentions (Chaos of the Covenant Book 6)

    The galaxy is burning, and the Queen of Demons is ready to play with fire. Queenie and the Rejects have found the Covenant, but it isn't anything they thought it would be. Never to be the one to give in, she has a new plan to fight back against Thraven and his armies, one that depends on beating the Nephilim at their own game.She's got the best of motives and the best of intentions, but then again, the road to Hell is littered with both. It's time to go big or go home, and the Rejects don't have a home. They'll just have to kick some ass instead. All hail the Queen! Good Intentions is the sixt... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B074HBTHF1
    • ASIN: B074HBTHF1
    • Manufacturer: Quirky Algorithms

  • Them (English Subtitled)

    • ASIN: B0037K5TRY
    • ASIN: B0037K5TRY

  • Invincible (Ark Royal Book 12)

    All is not well in the Human Sphere. The alliance between the Great Powers is starting to fall apart, the human economy cannot keep up with the urgent need for newer and better starships and politicians are demanding an end to military spending. For the Royal Navy, desperately trying to do too many tasks with too few ships, it is the worst possible time for a new threat to appear. When a generation starship is detected approaching a British colony world, HMS Invincible is dispatched to intercept the aliens before they can make landfall. But the newcomers bring with them tidings of a new an... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07BBV3Z18
    • ASIN: B07BBV3Z18

  • 36inch Hardware Cloth 100 ft 1/4 Mesh Galvanized Welded Wire 23 gauge Metal Roll Vegetables Garden Rabbit Fencing Snake Fence for Chicken Run Critters Gopher Racoons Opossum Rehab Cage Wire Window

    To fence out rodents rats, mice, moles, snakes, small animals cottontails, antelope squirrel racoons, owls, a german shepherd, a border collie. Protection for vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs;to keep snakes, scorpians, raccoons, possums, skunks, waesels, etc out and make rabbits, chicks, hens, birds safe.

    • ASIN: B015PD9IOU
    • UPC: 714367086767
    • ASIN: B015PD9IOU
    • Size: 1/4inch 36inx100ft
    • Manufacturer: AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

  • Earthrise: Books 1-3

    With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, Earthrise has captivated science fiction fans around the world. This bundle includes the first three novels (out of twelve) of this bestselling series. If you loved Ender's Game, Starship Troopers, and Old Man's War, you'll love Earthrise. From a USA Today bestselling author.BOOK 1: EARTH ALONEThey came from deep space. They came to destroy us.Fifty years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the Earth. Most of humanity perished. We fell into darkness.But now we rise from the ashes. Now we fight back.Marco Emery was born into the war. After his mother i... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071S1JL7P
    • ASIN: B071S1JL7P
    • Manufacturer: Moonclipse

  • HADRON Chaos: (Book 6)

    Opportunities are missed and alliances crumble. The enemy must be stopped before making it to Earth. Always put forth your best defense. You're gonna need it.HADRON Chaos is the sixth exciting book of this epic adventure. If you have yet to begin reading this series you will want to begin with the first book--HADRON Dark Matter. Get cracking today!What are readers saying about this series?--I read the entire eight-novel HADRON series in six days. I couldn't stop reading even when I needed more sleep.----Stephen Arseneault has written a story that's hard to put down; with believable, well-craft... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01FK8KL8C
    • ASIN: B01FK8KL8C
    • Manufacturer: Stephen Arseneault

  • 2 x Trump Punisher Vinyl Sticker Decal 3.5" x 5.5" - WHITE

    Made in the USA!!! This is a very high quality die-cut vinyl adhesive decal made for all-weather conditions. We design and make all of our own decals out of our home in Oregon. These decals are perfect for applying to: Windows Cars Water Bottles Mailboxes Laptops iPads & Phones Signs Multiple color choices to choose from. Just email us at [email protected] after placing your order and let us know if you want a color other than white. Here are your color options (also see photo to view color swatches): White (your order will automatically ship a white decal unless you let us ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B076GWHF9F
    • UPC: 607178710177
    • ASIN: B076GWHF9F
    • Size: 7.5" x 5.5"
    • Manufacturer: ReptopiaVinyl

  • The Practical Guide to Man-Powered Weapons and Ammunition: Experiments with Catapults, Musketballs, Stonebows, Blowpipes, Big Airguns, and Bulletbows

    David slew Goliath with his slingshot: for millennia that was the norm, as men used a variety of non-explosive weapons to fire small stones and carefully rounded bullets of clay, glass, and even steel and lead. This unusual study explores in practical detail the many ways, old and new, in which man shot projectiles without recourse to gunpowder. They include the bow and arrow, a favorite for the last 10,000 years; pump-up air guns; blowpipes; catapults; and homemade lead musketballs. There’s information on ammunition and velocity, as well as a lively personal narrative filled with humor and ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1602391475
    • ASIN: 1602391475
    • ISBN: 1602391475
    • Brand: Skyhorse
    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse Publishing

  • wishacc Dictionary Secret Book Hidden Safe with Key Lock Book Safe Love Style Full Size 9.4 x 6.1 x 2 .2inches

    HENGSHENG Book Safe Love Style  Big Size Book Diversion Hidden Secret Book Safe With Strong Metal Case inside and Key Lock Size 9.4*6.3* 2.3 Inches Product Feature:  1.Looks and feels just like the real book. 2.Need a place to store extra cash, jewelry, etc. Doing some traveling. 3.Diversion safes provide the perfect hiding place and allow you easy access to your valuables. Why use a diversion safe? Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. These unique safes allow you to hide valuables inside common ho... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01H6VGNW4
    • UPC: 603097101058
    • ASIN: B01H6VGNW4
    • Brand: wishacc
    • Size: 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.1 inches
    • Manufacturer: HENGSHENG LTD

  • Best Gun Cylinder Head Ver.3 (Long)

    Best Gun Cylinder Head

    • UPC: 141746583

  • Xelement Xelement CF6019 'Invasion' Men's Gray/Black Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket with Gun Pocket Gray Small

    Xelement CF6019 Invasion Mens Gray/Black Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket with Gun

    • UPC: 111593902
    • Color: Gray
    • Size: S

  • Aeroshell 33 MS Grease Kit - 10cc Syringe (Specifically Sized for Gun Owners and Builders) , Best Gun Grease. MIL-G-21164D, Aeroshell 33 MS grease.., By armory labs

    Main products of our company :electric, home,toy,clother ,etc. Since its foundation ,the company keeps living up to the belief of :"honest selling ,best quality ,people-orientation and benefits to customers. "We are doing everything to offer

    • UPC: 621963173

  • Gun Lock, Set Your OwnWalmartbination Trigger Lock, 94DSPT, GUN LOCK APPLICATION: Best used for handguns, rifles, and shotguns By Master Lock

    From USA,ItWalmartes to you in New and Fresh state Product Description Keep that trigger under lock andWalmartbination. 's gun lock is easy to install and set. The device features an adjustable ratchet mechanism for positive

    • UPC: 942044947

  • Best Ankle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry - Super Comfortable & Universal Fit - Works Perfectly for Glock, Springfield, Taurus, MTAC, Beretta, Smith & Wesson and Others - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    If you're looking for the ULTIMATE Ankle Holster for Pistols, then you've found it. The Under Control Tactical concealed carry ankle holsters are Ambidextrous, FULLY-Adjustable, SUPER Comfortable, and UNIVERSAL-Fit for most popular handguns like the

    • UPC: 103598206
    • Color: White

  • Aeroshell 33 MS Grease Kit (Specifically Sized for Gun Owners and Builders) , Best Gun Grease , MIL-G-21164D (1oz), 1 - tin of 33MS Grease By armory labs

    By popular customer request, for those that only need a small amount of 33MS for applications such as fire arm assembly.AeroShell Grease 33MS is an extreme pressure (EP) grease based on the proven lithium complex

    • UPC: 743598269
    • Size: 11 oz

  • Gun Digest Presents 10 Best Coyote Guns - eBook

    Coyotes can be seasonal or year-round fun, but whether you're in it for the pelts or population control, Gun Digest's Top Ten Coyote Guns and accessories will help you get the job done. We have

    • UPC: 329417325

  • Gun Digest's Best Concealed Carry Guns & CCW Gear eShort - eBook

    In this excerpt from Combat Shooting, Massad Ayoob gives you expert tips for chooing a concealed carry gun or self-defense handgun, ammo, and related gear for combat

    • UPC: 679936583

  • Gun Digest Presents 10 Best Youth Deer Guns - eBook

    Getting young hunters started in the field brings a variety of challenges. One of those challenges is finding guns and gear that works for small-statured and often inexperienced shooters. Our Top Ten Youth Guns provide

    • UPC: 745738983

  • Gun Digest Presents 10 Best Late-Season Goose Guns - eBook

    Late-season snow, specklebelly, and Canada goose seasons are more of a challenge than those flying through the regular seasons. They’re harder to decoy, harder to call, and ultra-wary of anything on the ground that looks

    • UPC: 848110702

  • Best Gun for Home Defense | Tactical Rifleman

    The "Best" Home Defense Gun

    Top 5 Guns For Home Defense