• Quali-Pro MSM Turf Herbicide 8oz

    MSM is a highly selective premium post-emergent herbicide for effective control of grassy and broadleaf weeds in turfgrass. MSM is specially formulated to control annual and perennial weedy grasses such as Ryegrass, Bahiagrass and Foxtail and alos provide effective control of broadleaf weeds such as Clover and Dollarweed. The active ingredient, Metsulfuron Methyl, is absorbed through the plant's surface and roots to inhibit the production of key amino acids. This action prevents cell division and stops weed growth. Works effectively on warm season turf, yet is gentle on the environment due to ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00OU2BJGS
    • UPC: 764966210254
    • ASIN: B00OU2BJGS
    • Brand: QUALI-PRO
    • Size: 8 Ounce Bottle
    • Manufacturer: Quali-Pro

  • Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic, 16oz, 1 Pint

    Surfactant for herbicides is a wetting agent with 80% non-ionic surfactant for increasing the penetration, coverage & Overall effectiveness of almost any herbicide. Surfactant for herbicides can be used with almost all herbicide sprays including Trimec, atrazine, brush Killer & 2, 4-D amine. Please Check the herbicide product label first to see if a surfactant is recommended. Surfactants reduce the surface tension of water to produce more uniform coverage & penetration of herbicides & Weed killers.

    • ASIN: B004XDHRCE
    • UPC: 051538122023
    • ASIN: B004XDHRCE
    • Brand: Southern Ag
    • Size: 1 Pint
    • Manufacturer: Southern Ag

  • Ortho Weed B Gon Plus Crabgrass Control Ready-To-Use2 Wand (Bonus Size)

    Ortho Weed B Gon plus Crabgrass Control Ready-To-Use2 is guaranteed to kill crabgrass, dandelions, and other listed common lawn weeds to the root! With the convenient trigger applicator, you can kill 200+ weeds without damaging your lawn (When used as directed) for easy and effective spot treatment. And Ortho Weed B Gon starts working immediately; see results in hours!

    • ASIN: B01876047W
    • UPC: 071549044602
    • ASIN: B01876047W
    • Brand: Ortho
    • Size: Comfort Wand
    • Manufacturer: Ortho

  • Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide

    Up to 6-8 months of control for 111 broadleaf and grassy weeds in 413 field-grown and 235 container-grown ornamentals without harm! Thats more than any other pre-emergent herbicide on the market.For use on landscape ornamentals, ground covers, perennials, Christmas tree plantations, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, container and field-grown ornamentals. Application rate: 2.3 to 4.6 lb per 1000 square feet, depending on weeds to be controlled. Important that this material is applied before rainfall or irrigation, otherwise work into the top 1-2 inches of soil. 50 pound bag.

    • ASIN: B001FA9P6Y
    • ASIN: B001FA9P6Y
    • Brand: A.M. Leonard
    • Size: 50_pound
    • Manufacturer: A.M. Leonard

  • The AMES Companies,Inc 069 037321000693 Sedge Ender Weed Killer, 1 Pt.

    Sedge Ender Weed Control ConcentrateIncredibly effective pre- and post-emergent control of goosegrass, nutgrass (and all sedges), crabgrass, foxtail, and many other problem grassy type weeds. Safe to use on both northern and southern lawns. Sedge Ender is specifically designed for lawn use only. Kills the toughest weeds down to their roots, not your lawn.About Bonide:Bonide has been trusted since 1926 as the leader in providing the best possible products and solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems. Based out of Oriskany, New York, we continue to grow our reputation as a leader in th... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B006MVFSOE
    • UPC: 037321000693
    • ASIN: B006MVFSOE
    • Brand: The AMES Companies,Inc
    • Size: 1 Pt.
    • Manufacturer: Bonide Chemical Company

  • Bayer Advanced 502890B Southern Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate, 32-Ounce

    Bayer Southern Weed Killer For Lawns Concentrate 32oz Kills weeds in Southern lawns, without harming the grass. Kills 200+ broadleaf weeds in St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass and other Southern lawns. One simple application kills Dandelion, Clover and other broadleaf weeds. Rainproof in 1 hour. Active Ingredients: 4-D Dymethylamine Salt

    • ASIN: B001DKCWYI
    • UPC: 687073028904
    • ASIN: B001DKCWYI
    • Brand: BioAdvanced
    • Size: 32-Ounce
    • Manufacturer: SBM Life Science

  • RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control, 2.5-Gallon

    RM43 43% Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control is ideal for fence rows, gravel paths, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas and around farm buildings and barns -- anywhere you want to spray once and be done for up to 1 year. The concentrated formula of glyphosate and imazapyr is effective against most noxious weeds, grasses, vines, brush and trees. For use on non-crop areas as a spot treatment for brush, vines and weeds or on bare ground for total vegetation control. Do not spray this product over the root systems of desirable plants. 2.5 gallons treats 43,243 square feet.

    • ASIN: B00CI05VK4
    • UPC: 737716765014
    • ASIN: B00CI05VK4
    • Brand: RM43
    • Size: 2.5-Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Ragan & Massey Inc

  • Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer with Trimec Herbicide, 128oz - 1 Gallon

    CONTAINS: 5.30% Mecoprop, 3.05% 2,4-D, 1.29% Dicamba. USE ON: St. Augustine (Note: Not for use on improved St. Augustine varieties in the South), bermuda, bahia, blue grass, fescues, rye and centipede. CONTROLS: Most broadleaf weeds. RATE: 1 to 1+ oz. per gallon to 400 sq. ft. for southern grasses. 1+ oz. per gallon to 400 sq. ft. for Northern Grasses. APPLICATION: Apply as a uniform spray with a fan nozzle on turf or follow the labeled directions for using a hose end sprayer. CAUTION: Avoid spray drift on shrubs & trees. Spray to accurately obtain indicated coverage.

    • ASIN: B0056QETI2
    • UPC: 051538135047
    • ASIN: B0056QETI2
    • Brand: Southern Ag
    • Manufacturer: Southern Ag

  • Fertilome 8 Oz Over The Top Grass Killer - 10434

    VPG Fertilize, 8 OZ, Concentrate Over The Top II Grass Killer, Systemic Selective Broad Spectrum Post Emergent Herbicide That Can Be Sprayed Over Desired Plants Listed To Control Annual & Perennial Grasses, Can Be Used On Vegetables, Gardens, Trees, Shrubs, Ornamentals & Ground Covers, Stops Growth Of Weed Grasses Within 2 Days. This product can be used easily. This product is manufactured in China.

    • ASIN: B00CFU3SIY
    • UPC: 732221104341
    • ASIN: B00CFU3SIY
    • Brand: Voluntary Purchasing Group
    • Size: 0.5

  • PBI / Gordon Q4 Plus Herbicide - 1 Gallon

    Q4 Plus Herbicide contains four active ingredients: Quinclorac + Sulfentrazone + 2,4-D + Dicamba. Q4 Plus offers the professional turf manager more knockout power and the speed associated with Gordon's line of ProForm? products. Q4 Plus contains 0.75 lbs./acre of quinclorac for enhanced control of grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail. Quinclorac is absorbed by both the leaves and roots and translocated throughout the plant. The effects on grassy weeds include stunting, gradual reddening and yellowing followed by plant death. Q4 Plus also contains sulfentrazone, adding fast-acting yellow ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00QTL5EYG
    • UPC: 070251697779
    • ASIN: B00QTL5EYG
    • Brand: PBI / Gordon
    • Size: gallon(s) (128 oz)
    • Manufacturer: PBI Gordon

  • Target 6 Plus (MSMA) 48.2% Turf Herbicide - 5 gallons:1 case (2 x 2.5 Gallon jugs)

    MSMA Target 6 Plus Herbicide is for post-emergent control of crabgrass, dallisgrass, johnsongrass, nutsedge, pigweed, and chickweed. MSMA is one of the best selective post emergent herbicides but is also dangerous if improperly used. Please read all label instructions before use.

    • ASIN: B00EDQ1DCQ
    • UPC: 857601000119
    • ASIN: B00EDQ1DCQ
    • Brand: Target 6 Plus (MSMA)
    • Size: 2.5_Gallon
    • Manufacturer: LUXEMBOURG- PAMOL

  • Primesource Quinclorac 1.5L Select (Drive XLR8) Liquid Crabgrass Killer

    Quinclorac 1.5L liquid herbicide is the latest technology in providing unsurpassed crabgrass control. However Quinclorac 1.5L treats and controls a wide variety of other grasses and broadleaf weeds in residential lawns, commercial establishments, golf courses, military and other institutions, as well as parks, athletic fields and many others . When compared to a dry flowable formulation, the new liquid formulation offers superior results

    • ASIN: B00Z7XF438
    • UPC: 794504353969
    • ASIN: B00Z7XF438
    • Brand: Primesource
    • Size: 64_Ounce
    • Manufacturer: QUALLI-PRO

  • Payload 12 lb-Compare to other Bareground Herbicides

    Payload Herbicide manufactured by Valent is a bare ground herbicide for control or listed weeds in non-crop areas. Payload also offers pre-emergent and post-emergent control of selected grassy and broadleaf weeds.

    • ASIN: B007H32UII
    • ASIN: B007H32UII
    • Brand: Payload
    • Size: 12_Pound
    • Manufacturer: ALLIGARE

  • Bonide (BND7492) - Ready-to-Use Burnout, Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer (1 gal.)

    Ready-to-Use Burnout, Fast Acting Weed and Grass KillerThis Weed and Grass Killer is formulated from natural ingredients making it ideal for organic gardening and safe for use around people and pets. Specially designed to kill all types of actively growing weeds or certain grasses and is conveniently rainproof when dry for long-lasting use. Killer works at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and will not translocate. Ideal for use around borders, driveways, sidewalks, around the base of mature trees, around buildings, fence lines barns, pastures, school grounds, greenhouses and a vari... [Read More]

    • UPC: 037321074922
    • Brand: Bonide
    • Size: 128 oz
    • Manufacturer: Bonide Products

  • Hg-95777 32 fl Oz Weed Grass Kill - United Industries - Spectrum

    Spectracide weed and grass killer is a nonselective herbicide formulated to quickly kill grass and weeds including the root. Results in 24 hours. Effective, kills over 155 varieties of broadleaf and grassy weeds as listed. Area may be replanted in 7 days. Rainfast in 15 minutes. Works only when it contacts foilage and deactivated when it hits the soil, making it ideal for use around flowers, shrubs, and trees. No. 53911: 32 oz. ready-to-use bottle No. HG53002: 1 gallon ready-to-use bottle No. HG95777: 30 oz. concentrate bottle

    • ASIN: B002ITSMX8
    • UPC: 071121960092
    • ASIN: B002ITSMX8
    • Brand: United
    • Manufacturer: United Industries Corp

  • Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic, 16oz, 1 Pint

    A wetting agent that increase coverage and penetration of any herbicide. CONTAINS: 80% non-ionic Surfactant. USE: With almost all herbicide sprays including TrimecÆ, Atrazine, Brush Killer and 2, 4-D Amine FOR: Reducing the surface tension

    • UPC: 153121069
    • Model: 12202
    • Size: 16 oz16 fl oz

  • Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic, 128oz - 1 Gallon Southern Ag

    A wetting agent that increase coverage & penetration of any herbicide CONTAINS: 80% non-ionic Surfactant. USE: With almost all herbicide sprays including Trimec, Atrazine, Brush Killer and 2, 4-D Amine FOR: Reducing the surface tension

    • UPC: 307978566

  • SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf - 1 Gallon

    SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf - 1

    • UPC: 127817842

  • Turflon Ester - Post-Emergence Herbicide for Control of Bermuda Grass 16 oz

    Postemergence herbicide for control of bermudagrass, kikuyugrass and other broadleaf weeds in cool season grass. Turflon Ester will control Oxalis, Ground Ivy, Wild Violet, Clover and many other broadleaf weeds. Contains 61.66 percent active

    • UPC: 947040466

  • 1 Quart Weed Impede Pre-Emergence Herbicide For Use On Over 175 Ornamentals

    QT; Weed Impede; Pre-Emergence Herbicide; For Use On Over 175 Ornamentals; Trees & Shrubs; & Cool Season Turf To Control Weeds That Germinate From Seeds; Product Prevents Weeds & Grass Seeds From Germinating For Up

    • UPC: 520423437

  • Aquathol-K Aquatic Herbicide 2.5 Gallons - For Controlling & Treating Milfoil, Hydrilla, Curly Leaf Pond Weed and More

    Aquatic Herbicide

    • UPC: 974816471

  • Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide for Nutsedge, Foxtail, Crabgrass - 2.5 Gallons

    Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide for Nutsedge, Foxtail, Crabgrass - 2.5

    • UPC: 324866611

  • Weed Out With Q 1pint 2;4-d Grassy & Broadleaf Weeds Crabgrass", Ferti-lome weed out with q 16 oz. ***This product is not for sale to: california.., By Fertilome

    It comes to you in New and Fresh state,From USA Ferti-Lome Weed Out with Q 16 oz. ***This Product Is Not For Sale To: CALIFORNIA Weed Out with Q (16 oz) Gets Rid of the

    • UPC: 408282436

  • Weed Beater Ultra Concentrate (32 Oz) for Hard To Kill Weeds

    MCPA, Mecoprop-p, Dicamba and Carfentrazone. Effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds, right to the roots. Visible results in just 24 hours, rain fast once dry. Reseed in just 2 weeks! Superior cool weather

    • UPC: 645897433

  • SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf - 2.5 Gal.

    SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf - 2.5

    • UPC: 902869999

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