• Lung Tonic - Long-term Herbal Respiratory Remedy Supports Lung and Bronchial Health - All-Natural - 120 Softgels (Contains Mullein, Horehound, Elecampane, Grindelia, Echinacea, Pleurisy Root, Osha & More) - Herbs Etc

    For over 24 years, Herbs, Etc.'s Lung Tonic has been improving mucous membrane health for people with chronic (long-term) respiratory challenges. It tones the lungs and the bronchioles while enhancing respiratory immune defenses. Lung Tonic nourishes and strengthens the lungs maximizing lung capacity....

    • ASIN: B001ED1EPC
    • Brand: Herbs Etc.
    • UPC: 765704507018

  • Gaia Herbs Bronchial Wellness Herbal Syrup, 5.4 Ounce - USDA Organic, Soothing Support for Throat and Respiratory Health with Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Bronchial Wellness is a unique herbal syrup that helps support bronchial health all year long. The formula’s ability to support healthy mucous membranes makes it well-suited for people who are regularly exposed to smoky or polluted environments. The formula combines freeze-dried organic extracts of Grindelia, Plantain leaf, and Helichrysum, natur...

    • ASIN: B00F1J6X9C
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • UPC: 794504373622

  • Gaia Herbs, Tea Bronchial Wellness, 16 Count

    Bronchial Wellness Tea Soothing Support For Respiratory Health Bronchial Irritation, Whether Acute Or Chronic, Can Leave You Feeling Achy And Exhausted. With Herbs Such As Grindelia And Plantain, Long Known To Support An Irritated Respiratory System, Bronchial Wellness Herbal Tea Provides Complete Relief With Cooling Essential Oils Of Peppermint An...

    • ASIN: B0053WLLSA
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • UPC: 751063145275

  • Turmeric Curcumin Max Potency 95% Curcuminoids 1950mg with Bioperine Black Pepper for Best Absorption, Made in USA, Best Vegan Joint Pain Relief, Turmeric Pills by Natures Nutrition - 60 Capsules

    Turmeric root (Curcuma longa), the spice that gives curry it's yellow color, is a perennial plant from the ginger family. The root is boiled, dried and ground to make turmeric powder, a primary ingredient in curries, and is a very effective nutritional supplement. Turmeric has been shown to be one of the most powerful herbs on the planet, by dramat...

    • ASIN: B01NBA8DZF
    • Brand: Nature's Nutrition

  • Lung and Bronchial Formula 100 Capsules

    A synergistic blend of herbs for the respiratory system. Breathing, even though a simple act requires a lot of energy from our body. We breathe anywhere from 15 to 25 times a minute without even thinking about it. Throughout our lifetime our lungs are subject to regularly encounter airborne particles such as pollens, pollutants, microorganisms & du...

    • ASIN: B000TQES8K
    • Brand: Dr. Christopher's Formula
    • UPC: 764442254253

  • Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 120 Count - Immune and Intestinal Support for Healthy Digestive Flora

    A natural antioxidant source, Oregano Oil contains phytochemicals which support the body’s natural resistance. Gaia Herbs supercritical CO2 extract of Oregano volatile oils contains phenols, including Carvacrol and Thymol. These oils help support a healthy microbial environment in the intestines and a healthy immune response. Gaia Oil of Oregan...

    • ASIN: B00F1J8HOQ
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • UPC: 794504383928

  • 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula 60 caps

    The Ultimate in Immune System SupportThis product represents 4Life's highest level of immune system support. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula combines the intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XFTM, the intuition of NanoFactorTM extract, and the added support of our CordyvantTM blend to provide the ultimate in immune system support for you...

    • ASIN: B004NNINLI
    • Brand: 4LIFE RESEARCH
    • UPC: 689958601899

  • Host Defense - Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules, Naturally Supports Immune Response, Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, 120 Count

    Predominant in woodlands throughout the world, Turkey Tail is one of the best-documented mushrooms in scientific research. With a wide spectrum of beneficial properties, Turkey Tail shows much promise in supporting the immune system with its protein-bound and unique polysaccharides. Host Defense Turkey Tail uses activated, freeze-dried, Certified O...

    • ASIN: B0053DR1EM
    • Brand: Host Defense
    • UPC: 633422027333

  • Gaia Herbs Bronchial Wellness Herbal Tea, 16 Tea Bags - Soothing Support, Promotes Respiratory Health, Caffeine Free

    Inhale the cooling essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus from a steaming cup of bronchial wellness tea. These vapors, along with herbs such as grindelia and plantain, help support upper respiratory health. Licorice root and thyme lend a naturally pleasant, subtly sweet taste, adding to the soothing sensory experience in every cup....

    • ASIN: B01FGGK22I
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • UPC: 751063145275

  • RidgeCrest Clearlungs Extra Strength Herbal Decongestant , 120 Veg Capsules

    ClearLungs Extra Strength combines lung decongestants with a traditional Chinese formula for clear breathing and lung health.

    • ASIN: B0016AV5IE
    • Brand: Ridgecrest Herbals
    • UPC: 811407584747

  • North American Herb and Spice, Oreganol P73 Gel-Capsules, 60-Count

    North American Herb and Spice, Oreganol P73 Gel-Capsules, 60-Count

    • ASIN: B0002BB68C
    • Brand: North American Herb & Spice
    • UPC: 635824000501

  • RIDGECREST HERBALS Clearlungs Extra Strength New 120 Capsules

    Made the highest quality ingredients available

    • ASIN: B0777TSNC2
    • Brand: Ridgecrest Herbals
    • UPC: 355724001568

  • Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 120 Count - Daily Immune Support and Cardiovascular Health Supplement, Antioxidant, 680mg

    Olive leaf has the unique ability to support immune function while also offering the body protection from free radical damage. Because of this antioxidant property, Olive leaf shows promise in supporting cardiovascular health. Gaia Herbs’ fresh-picked whole Olive leaf is gently concentrated into a superior-quality extract. Enter the MeetYourHer...

    • ASIN: B005ACNNJS
    • Brand: Gaia Herbs
    • UPC: 751063145817

  • White Lung by NutraPro - Lung Cleanse & Detox. Support Lung Health After Years of Smoking. Supports Respiratory Health. 60 Capsules - Made in GMP Certified Facility.

    White Lung is a respiratory formula that was designed specifically to help support the respiratory system of whom suffering years of smoking damage and support COPD lung diseases breathing problems. White Lung has an amazing blend of superb ingredients. - Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required for overall health. - Cordyceps: used t...

    • ASIN: B077CQP7Z1
    • Brand: NutraPro
    • UPC: 092617963397

  • Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup Original Formula, 7.8 Ounce Bottle

    Sambucol Black Elderberry Immune System Support* Dietary Supplement Original Formula (7.8 fl. oz.) • Supports immune system • Virologist developed • Clinically tested • Great tasting syrup • 100% drug free • Use daily for maximum benefit When winter starts wearing you down, give your system a boost with Sambucol. Sambucol is a unique ex...

    • ASIN: B001ESA36I
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Sambucol
    • UPC: 896116001112

  • Secrets of Tea - Baby Magic - Certified USDA Organic Herbal Tea for Digestive Health, Gas, Constipation, Acid Reflux, and Colic Prevention Inducing Better Sleep (20 Servings)

    If the right balance of the various bacteria in the infants gut is not met, the infant will likely experience intestinal discomfort until that bacterial equilibrium sorts itself out. Such bacteria that the infant deals

    • UPC: 518173541
    • Color: Other
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Herbs for Kids - Echinacea/Astragalus Blend - 4 oz.

    Herbs For Kids Echinacea/Astragalus Blend supports the healthy functioning of the immune system. Both Echinacea and Astragalus are well known and well documented, powerful, safe and effective immunostimulants. Echinacea supports both the bodys anti viral

    • UPC: 28470823
    • Model: 105273
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Oil For Kids 1 fl oz 30 ml

    Herb Pharm Ear Oil - Mullein Garlic - Kids - 1

    • UPC: 173146026
    • Model: HBP01509
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 11oz drops

  • Herbs for Kids - Chamomile Calm - 2 oz.

    Herbs For Kids Chamomile Calm 2 oz. (59 ml) Herbs For Kids Chamomile Calm calms, balances and nourishes the nervous system. This blend is wonderful for soothing the over-energized, anxious, or exhausted child. This combination of

    • UPC: 29304319
    • Model: HFK10015
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Herbs for Kids - Sweet Echinacea - 4 fl. oz.

    Herbs For Kids Sweet Echinacea 4 oz. (120 ml) Herbs For Kids Sweet Echinacea supports the healthy functioning of the immune system. Echinacea's incredible popularity is due to its well documented safe and effective immune stimulating properties. Echinacea has

    • UPC: 26969068
    • Model: HFK10110
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1

  • Herbs for Kids Astragalus Extract - Alcohol Free - 1 oz

    Herbs for Kids Astragalus Extract - Alcohol Free - 1 oz Immune Support. Alcohol-Free Herbal Supplement. Kids Love the Taste! This product supports the long term functioning of a healthy immune

    • UPC: 29898702
    • Model: HFK10155
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1

  • Bronchitis Cough Care Tincture, Lobelia (Lobelia Inflata) Dried Herb, Mullein (Verbascum Densiflorum) Dried Leaf, Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita) Dried Leaf Liquid Extract, Herbal Supplement 2 oz

    Bronchitis Cough Care Lobelia (Lobelia Inflata) Dried Herb, Mullein (Verbascum Densiflorum) Dried Leaf, Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita) Dried Leaf Liquid Extract, Herbal Supplement.This herbal supplement made from the Lobelia (Lobelia Inflata) Dried Herb, Mullein (Verbascum

    • UPC: 867613985
    • Size: 22 oz

  • Chamomile Calm Herbs For Kids 1 oz Liquid

    Chamomile Calm by Herbs For Kids 1 oz Liquid Chamomile Calm Chamomile Calm calms balances and nourishes the nervous system. This blend is wonderful for soothing the over-energized anxious or exhausted child. This combination of

    • UPC: 31174307

  • Herbs For Kids Echinacea Goldenroot Blackberry, 2 Oz

    Natural Defense Immune SupportGreat Tasting Blackberry FlavorKids Love the Taste!This product supports healthy functioning of the immune system. Directions Shake well. Take directly or mix in small amount of water or juice. For children over

    • UPC: 26969214
    • Model: 0631440
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: 22 oz

  • Herbs for Kids Echinacea/Astragalus Deep Immune Support Liquid, 2 Fl Oz

    Herbs for Kids Echinacea Astragalus is designed to help effectively support your kid's immune system. It is formulated with immune stimulants that work to build defensive energy. It also contains peppermint leaf, cleavers root, lemon

    • UPC: 26969203
    • Model: 0631283
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: 22 fl oz

  • Natural At-Home Remedies : How to Treat Bronchitis Without Antibiotics

    Herbal Remedies for Bronchitis

    Bronchitis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments - Dr. My-Huyen Tran