• Boveda 62-Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control, 8 Gram - 10 Pack

    The Medium (8 gram) Boveda pack measures 2.5" tall x 2.75" wide. Put a Boveda Humidipak in your air tight container and relative humidity will be controlled at the RH level printed on the pack. Perfect humidity is essential for keeping smoking material fresh for any length of time. This makes a great gift for all the cigar and medicinal herb fans i...

    • ASIN: B00JV27MF4
    • Color: 62% Rh Level
    • Brand: Boveda
    • UPC: 787732422873

  • Boveda 72-Percent RH Retail Cube Humidifier/Dehumidifier, 60gm - Pack of 12

    Boveda Technology Works Two Ways Whether it’s food, cigars, cigarettes, RYO, chewing tobacco or herbal medicine, these products lose their character if the humidity isn’t right. Too much humidity is just as bad as being too dry, especially when mold enters the picture. Boveda’s patented technology adds or removes humidity as condition...

    • ASIN: B00CPPG23W
    • Color: Kraft
    • Brand: Boveda
    • UPC: 850661003274

  • Boveda 72 Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control, Large, 60 gram, 4-Pack

    60 gram Boveda provide hassle-free maintenance of full-size humidors and humidor bags. Every Boveda RH is accurate to +/- 1% in an air tight environment, which humidors are not. It's common that the actual RH of your humidor will stabilize up to 5 points lower than the Boveda RH you're using, due to humidor quality and ambient dryness. That's why w...

    • ASIN: B004LHQEOY
    • Color: 72%
    • Brand: Boveda
    • UPC: 885507686670

  • Integra Boost Medium 8 Gram Humidity Pack 62% (36)

    2 WAY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Using 2-way control technology, Integra Boost packs maintain relative humidity near 62% in a controlled and contained environment

    • ASIN: B01EZ7EKSG
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Integra Boost
    • UPC: 735201992426

  • LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room, 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom and Babies, Vaporizer with Remote and Humidity Monitor, Home, Germ Free and Whisper-Quiet, 2-year Warranty

    Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic HumidifierDisperse warm and cool mist throughout your living spaces to create a soothing atmosphere at home with the LEVOIT Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier. Got a cold or the flu? The warm, soothing mist helps eliminate most germs/bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and mineral dust around your living spaces. If you have trou...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: LEVOIT
    • UPC: 817915020319

  • Smell Proof Bag - Odor Proof Bag - Dog Tested Bags 11x9 - E-book - Best Odor Proof Pouch Zipper on top Smell Proof Case for Herbs Coffee Tea Oils 5 Sealed Baggies - Smell Proof Container

    Don't wait until it's TOO LATE! Buy Now and get the bonus 🎁 Sealed Baggies before 🔥 FREE OFFER EXPIRES! Why do you need Smell Proof Bags? 👍 Very Quick benefits - Smelly odor proof container is designed specifically to lock in powerful odors. They're made with a high-quality, heavy-duty carbon that's strong enough to keep ev...

    • ASIN: B07H2GCLZR
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Enjoy Native
    • UPC: 759321991602

  • Boveda 62% RH 4 Gram, patented 2-Way Humidity Control, (1) 10-Pack, Unwrapped Boveda, Resealable Bag, store up to ½ oz (14g) of cannabis; terpene protector, for drier climates and higher altitudes

    • ASIN: B06XB26Q8N
    • Brand: Boveda
    • UPC: 850661003502

  • FreshDank 62-Percent RH Humidity Packs (10 Pack at 8 Grams), Best 2-Way Control That Keeps Cannabis Fresher for by Essential Values

    Scientifically engineered to maintain a precise relative humidity at 62% in an enclosed space, Essential Values FreshDank is Ideal for Cannabis Lovers looking to gain consistency from their Beloved Bud. Now with FreshDank, you will never humidify beyond the RH on the pack, so there's no such thing as "too much" or "too little". Essentially, we like...

    • Brand: Essential Values
    • UPC: 732068043988

  • VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit: 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 4'' Carbon Filter and 8 Feet of Ducting Combo

    • ASIN: B06XFRNPR8
    • Color: 4 Inch
    • Brand: VIVOSUN
    • UPC: 615435161013

  • DampRid FG01FSLV33C Moisture Absorber Odor Eliminator,Lavender and Vanilla, 6 pack

    Think of DampRid as a dehumidifier that doesn't need electricity. It's the convenient, all-natural way to absorb excess moisture in the air that can cause stale, musty odors, while preventing damage to your valuable possessions. Damprid’s crystals absorb excess moisture in the air to create and maintain the optimal humidity level in your home, st...

    • ASIN: B00ESJAC6Q
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: DampRid
    • UPC: 075919006016

  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6" Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics

    Inline Duct Booster Fan A smart inline duct fan designed to quietly ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, boost heating/cooling to rooms, circulate fresh air, exhaust projects, and cool AV closets. Featuring an inline mixed-flow design, the duct fan can maintain airflow even in high static pressure applications. Contains an DC-motor with PWM-control for...

    • ASIN: B074XBXFPD
    • Brand: AC Infinity
    • UPC: 854759004792

  • C Vault Humidity Control Stainless Steel Storage - X small, Small, Med or Large (MEDIUM) by CVault

    The C Vault maintains your herbal product at its ideal relative humidity, not losing or gaining any moisture. Instead, it will be maintained at its ideal 62% moisture level throughout its intended lifespan....

    • ASIN: B01N3ZGLUJ
    • Brand: CVault

  • iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Duct Inline Fan with 4" Carbon Filter 8 Feet Ducting Combo for Grow Tent Ventilation

    Carbon filter & Inline fan combo

    • ASIN: B00D7M6692
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: iPower
    • UPC: 610395731696

  • Portable Card Game Case for 2,000+ Cards. Fits Main Game and All Expansions (Extra Large)

    Don't settle for cheap nylon cases, protect your stash in a CaseStashe! This limited edition and highly rated case is made with a premium EVA weatherproof material that fits over 2,000 cards with the dividers and over 2,200 without! The Biggest Deck Case features 9 adjustable and customizable velcro dividers to fit any size collection, a durable ca...

    • ASIN: B077JBMG3W
    • Brand: CaseStache

  • Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop

    This humidor can hold up to 100 cigars depending on their size. It comes with a cedar shelf and dividers that allow you to efficiently utilize the space to achieve that 100 cigar capacity. The humidor also comes equipped with a locking lid, humidifier inside and hygrometer mounted on the exterior....

    • ASIN: B0085EJPF4
    • Color: Mahogany
    • Brand: Mantello Cigars
    • UPC: 804879392774

  • Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Concentrate, 32-fl oz

    Enjoy a beautiful lawn with the Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Concentrate. It kills tough weeds, and it delivers results in just hours. Use it on most lawn types, including Bermuda Grass, Bent Grass, Centipede

    • UPC: 48947780
    • Model: HG-96392
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 32 oz32 fl oz
    • Rating: 3.8

  • Best Naturals Horny Goat Weed with maca 60 Capsules

    Best Naturals Super Horny Goat Weed is so effective because of its unique combination of natural ingredients so you get results in amazing time. Each serving contains 1000 mg Horny Goat Weed and 200 mg

    • UPC: 101324801
    • Model: 817716014739
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.667

  • Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate, 40-fl oz

    The power is in your hands to keep your landscape in line – unleash it with Spectracide® lawn and garden products. Our easy-to-use, fast-acting insect, lawn disease and weed control solutions help you tame lawn

    • UPC: 924100205
    • Model: HG-96624
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Rating: 4.8

  • Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate, Ready-to-Spray, 32-fl oz

    Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate controls more than 470 types of weeds as listed – and it won’t harm your lawn when used as directed. This ready-to-spray formula kills by contact,

    • UPC: 35789535
    • Model: HG-95703
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 32 oz32 fl oz
    • Rating: 3.2

  • Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns, Ready-to-Use, 32-fl oz

    Enjoy a beautiful lawn with the Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns. It kills tough weeds, and it delivers results in just hours. Use it on most lawn types, including Bermuda Grass, Bent Grass, Centipede Grass,

    • UPC: 48947778
    • Model: HG-96437
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate2, 32 oz (16,000 sq ft)

    Kills dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds. For use on many northern and southern lawns. Kills more than 250 weeds* (*see product label for full list of weeds

    • UPC: 41867392
    • Model: 0420005PM
    • Color: As shownOther
    • Size: 32 oz32 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.114

  • Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate, 32-fl oz

    Use Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate to put an end to weeds in your lawn. It kills over 250 types of weeds, including crabgrass. The fast-acting product produces visible results in

    • UPC: 48947792
    • Model: HG-96393
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 32 oz32 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.778

  • Ortho Weed B Gon MAX Plus Crabgrass Control Weed Killer for Lawns Ready-To-Spray, 32 oz

    Kills the toughest weeds, including dandelions, clover and crabgrass. Kills over 200 types of weeds. Kills Weeds, not lawns when used as directed. Available in the following sizes: 32-ounce

    • UPC: 19864182
    • Model: 999413020
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: 32 oz32 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.089

  • Ortho Weed B Gon MAX Plus Crabgrass Control Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate, 32oz.

    Kills weeds, not lawns. Ortho's most powerful weed killer for lawns! Kills 190 listed types of weeds, including crabgrass. Kills the

    • UPC: 23565895
    • Model: 9906010PM
    • Size: 32-Ounce32
    • Rating: 4.092

  • Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns, Ready-to-Use, 1-gallon

    Kill weeds, not the lawn with the Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns. This product kills over 200 types of

    • UPC: 16630903
    • Model: HG-95833
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 11-Gallon
    • Rating: 3.441

  • Best Weed Environment for pH, Humidity, Temperature - Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

    Optimal Indoor Marijuana Flower Room Temperature and Humidity Levels

    How to control grow room humidity levels