• The Ultimate Brownie Cookbook: The Best Brownie Recipes Known to Man

    This is the best brownie cookbook you will find anywhere. For starters, it features a variety of brownies that can complement your morning tea, and they will absolutely excite you.This book is a compilation of the most amazing brownies and not just for morning tea – they are also perfect for lunch boxes, afternoon tea, biscuit barrel, and dessert...

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  • The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Food for Home Cooks

    An Upscale Cookbook for Enthusiasts of All Skill Levels That Approaches Cannabis as an Ingredient to ExploreCannabis is one of the hottest ingredients to hit the culinary world, and cannabis-infused food is an evolving art and science. In The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, chefs in the know from Amherst to Anaheim share their secrets for infusing every...

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  • Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts

    “The Martha Stewart of weed baking” (New York magazine) offers a beautifully photographed, gourmet guide to baking with marijuana.   From her Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Boulder, Colorado, Karin Lazarus has made it her mission to bring flavor, passion and innovation to a cuisine previously best known for pot brownies. Using premium medicinal mar...

    • ASIN: 158333565X
    • Brand: Avery Publishing Group

  • The Cannabis Cookbook: Over 35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, Munchies, and More

    The Cannabis Cookbook is the definitive guide to cooking with the world's most versatile and popular weed. What better way to sample the most popular weed on the planet than by eating it, as people have done for thousands of years? Inside The Cannabis Cookbook are over 35 delicious recipes for Stoned Starters, Mashed Main Courses, Doped-Out Deserts...

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    • Brand: Chartwell Books

  • DIY Cannabis Extracts: Make Your Own Marijuana Extracts With This Simple and Easy Guide

    BONUS: Free Book On "How To Grow Marijuana". Check Inside For More Details.Make Your Own Cannabis Extracts With This Simple And Easy Guide That Shows You HowAre you someone who enjoys good cannabis?Or maybe you use marijuana for medical purposes?Are you looking to try marijuana in other ways than smoking?In this book you will learn how to make your...

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  • Cannabis: Cannabis Cookbook,A Complete Marijuana Cookbook To Prepare The Best Cannabis Recipes and Cannabis Extracts.

    HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO COOK WITH CANNABIS BUT NEVER REALLY KNEW HOW TO GO ABOUT IT?Do you think you will have the chance to impress your friends by cooking with weed?Do you have the passion to introduce a little variety in your palate?Well, in that case, you have come to the right place! Cannabis is one of the most misunderstood herbs in the wo...

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  • Marijuana Cooking: Good Medicine Made Easy

    In Marijuana Cooking: Good Medicine Made Easy, authors Bliss Cameron and Veronica Green guide would-be chefs through the process of making their own tasty and healthy home-remedies using marijuana. Step-by-step instructions and photographs carefully document the cooking techniques described, making this the most user-friendly marijuana cookbook ava...

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  • Marijuana Cooking Secrets Exposed: 40 Marijuana Recipes to Cook

    Hah, Marijuana! Let’s discard the constant debate about its legality for a moment to discuss the right way to use it. Of course, smoking the plant is what probably comes to your mind first, but do you know that eating it gives you a better experience as the high is distributed in the right amounts and at a consistent rate in your body?When you in...

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  • Get Enhanced Health Benefits Cooking with Cannabis: 34 Simple & Delicious Marijuana Recipes

    Have you been searching for an alternative way to use cannabis? Can't stand the smell or taste? Or simply you don't want to smoke it? Here you have the perfect book to give you a healthier and better alternative, cannabis-infused recipes.Brownies are not the only recipe that you can cook up. In fact, there are many other recipes that you can make. ...

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  • New Use of Weed: Amazing Weed Recipes

    Tired of having the same type of meals every day? Need something to spice up your culinary life and experience? Want to try out something more exciting, more daring? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you will love this.Cannabis/weed can be very good ingredients to add to your meals. They add exceptional flavor – one you probably didn...

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  • The Brownie Lover's Cookbook: 40 Best Baked Recipes to Celebrate National Brownie Day

    December 8th is National Brownie Day! So now is your chance to indulge in 40 of the best ever brownie dessert recipes.Brownies are a decadent and rich marriage of cake and cookie that melt in the mouth leaving you wanting more.There are lots of different ways to serve these tantalizing treats from squares to scones, trifles to tortes and puddings t...

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  • The Ultimate Brownies Collection: Introducing 50 Brownies Recipes for any Event

    You want your efforts at making brownies turn out great, don’t you? You want your brownies to be the best they can be, don’t you? You want fresh ideas on how to accomplish this, don’t you? These are probably lots of questions, but we have an idea of what your answer to each one is.The answer you seek resides inside the pages of this book. It ...

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  • Cannabis Cookbook: Marijuana Recipes for foods and drinks: Guide for cooking with cannabis (Cook, cannabis, medical marijuana, edibles, recipes)

    This book contains recipes with cannabis as a central ingredient and additional information on cannabis.In this book will teach you to create great tasting food, with as extra element the effect of the ingredient marijuana. Cannabis is one of those edible stuffs that are popular around the world. This herb is not eaten in a regular sort of way. It ...

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  • Cannabis Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Made Using Marijuana

    Did you know that you could cook with cannabis? Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a drug made from the plant of the cannabis that has the ability to alter mood and brain perceptions. Due to this, it has become a popular alternative in natural medicine to help treat intense depression, numb severe pains, and so much more. It is popularly smoked;...

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  • Weed Recipes: Healthy Recipes with Cannabis

    Edible marijuana recipes available. The recipes gathered here are various types contributed by many. They range from butter, sauces, and dressings to delightful desserts. Everyone remembers pot brownies back in the day. That was about the limit of recipes years ago. Now since marijuana is legal in 29 states, people use it for medicinal purposes as ...

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  • Best Christmas Cookie Recipes : Easy Holiday Cookies 2014

    Are you looking for a way to make this Christmas extra special? Are you tired of all the commercialism and the crazy spending? Then why not try adding a personal touch to your gift baskets

    • UPC: 53293643

  • The Great Minnesota Cookie Book : Award-Winning Recipes from the Star Tribune's Holiday Cookie Contest

    Eighty delicious, imaginative recipes from the Star Tribune's beloved annual cookie contest, with mouth-watering pictures and bakers' stories It's cold in Minnesota, especially around the holidays, and there's nothing like baking a batch of cookies

    • UPC: 289855075

  • Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook : Hannah Swensen's Recipes from the Cookie Jar

    A delight for fans of Fluke's "New York Times"-bestselling series and for foodies everywhere, this beautifully packaged volume combines the most mouthwatering Hannah Swensen recipes along with new recipes and charming vignettes featuring favorite Lake

    • UPC: 19234444
    • Rating: 3.667

  • Keto Fat Bombs, Sweets & Treats : Over 100 Recipes and Ideas for Low-Carb Breads, Cakes, Cookies and More

    Delicious desserts, baked goods, and other high-fat treats for people following the incredibly popular ketogenic

    • UPC: 711574577

  • Best-Ever Cookie, Brownie & Bar Recipes

    150 recipes sure to tempt your sweet tooth with an inspiring photo for every

    • UPC: 55829139

  • Easy Cookie Recipes : 103 Best Recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cake Mix Creations, Bars, and Holiday Treats Everyone Will Love

    Easy Cookie Recipes: The 103 Best Recipes For Chocolate Chip, Holiday, Sugar Cookies &

    • UPC: 55802912

  • Cookie Love : More Than 60 Recipes and Techniques for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

    "A new, edgier take on baking cookies, from a James Beard Award-winning chef and the owner of the popular Chicago restaurant, HotChocolate. Mindy Segal is an up-and-coming chef and baker who's serious about cookies and

    • UPC: 43294762
    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Cookies & Cups Cookbook : 125+ sweet & savory recipes reminding you to Always Eat Dessert First

    "Wildly popular "Cookies & Cups" blogger Shelly Jaronsky's eagerly anticipated cookbook features all-new, mouth-watering, delectable sweet treats 100% guaranteed to make you want to eat dessert first."--Provided by

    • UPC: 47875018

  • The Hello Kitty Baking Book : Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes, and More

    Collects more than two dozen easy-to-follow recipes for baked treats decorated with the likeness of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends, including meringue cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cakes, apple pie, and cake

    • UPC: 29646944

  • Holiday Cookies : Showstopping Recipes to Sweeten the Season

    A Cookie book like no Other, From Minty Spritz Cookies to Red-and-White Meringue Kisses to Apple Cider Caramels, find new inspiration for the best of holiday baking with Holiday Cookies. Book

    • UPC: 55789372
    • Rating: 5.0

  • How to Make POTENT Cannabutter - The Easy Way!


    How To Make Cannabutter: Cooking With Marijuana #101