• Magic Firming Cream-Copper Peptides Daily Firming Cream-Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, SNAP-8, Pentapeptide-18 (Leuphasyl), SYN-AKE, Copper Peptide,Syn-Coll, Syn-Tacks

    Magic Firming Cream-Copper Peptides Daily Firming Cream-Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, SNAP-8, Pentapeptide-18 (Leuphasyl), SYN-AKE, Copper Peptide,Syn-Coll, Syn-Tacks.

    • ASIN: B0734Q3C36
    • UPC: 671839226697
    • ASIN: B0734Q3C36
    • Brand: DNA CODE
    • Size: 2 OZ

  • Magic Serum Booster-DIY 100% Copper Peptide Solution Gives Your Skin Hair Nails A Vitality Boost Copper GHK-cu Tripeptide-1

    Magic Serum Booster-DIY 100% Copper Peptide Solution Gives Your Skin Hair Nails A Vitality Boost Copper GHK-cu Tripeptide-1

    • ASIN: B06XFQCL74
    • UPC: 671839223382
    • ASIN: B06XFQCL74
    • Brand: DNA CODE
    • Size: .5 OZ

  • Copper Peptide Face Serum Collagen - With Anti Aging Skin Solutions Properties:1oz/30ml Anti-Wrinkle Formula For Youthful Skin-Promotes Collagen Production And Cell Rejuvenation-Heals Micro Wounds

    Complete Skin Solutions Have A Solution For All Of Your Skin Problems! If you don't like those fine lines on your skin; If you're desperately trying to make your acne scars disappear; If you want to restore your damaged skin; If you hate your dry skin and dull complexion; Don't waste your time on chemical creams and weird remedies! Use this copper peptide serum by Complete Skin Solutions and see the results! Your fine lines and scars will become less visible, and your complexion will be brighter and healthier! You know you need this! "You Look Amazing! What's Your Secret?" Once you start using... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B079CNV3R8
    • UPC: 860461001301
    • ASIN: B079CNV3R8
    • Brand: Complete Skin Solutions
    • Manufacturer: CSS

  • Copper Peptide all natural Day Cream: 2 oz Jar - All Natural Moisturizer + Zinc & Magnesium for Skin, Face & Eyes

    The advanced copper-infused, all natural ingredients in Copper Clear Day Cream give your skin the boost it needs to help reduce signs of aging. Our proprietary formula provides Helps hydration and toning, giving your skin a fresh, young look and feel. CopperClear Day Cream contains all natural ingredients and contain no parabens. With no artificial fragrances and no artificial preservatives you don't have to worry about the harmful side effects that come with those artificial ingredients. Each product is designed to help encourage cell regeneration, supports the reduction of the appearance of... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00KXHD4BM
    • UPC: 615225000423
    • ASIN: B00KXHD4BM
    • Brand: MojaWorks
    • Size: 2 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: MojaWorks

  • NCN Pro Skincare GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex Formula 2 Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer Power Serum with Centella Asiatica Complete Amino Acid Complex - Replace Damage Skin - 2.5 oz.

    Have you used GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex Formula I for at least six months? If so, are you wondering if graduating to Formula II will benefit your specific skin? We offer a FREE skin analysis and consultation! Fill out our questionnaire today for a personalized response on whether this serum-and any of our other products-can best help your skin! Our GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex Formula II can: Increase stem cell production Improve skin elasticity and firmness Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the depth of deep wrinkles Get rid of "smoker's" lines Brighten and normaliz... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B075Y3F7RN
    • UPC: 638339777944
    • ASIN: B075Y3F7RN
    • Brand: NCN Pro Skincare
    • Size: 2.5 ounce
    • Manufacturer: NCN Pro Skincare

  • DNA Code-No Needle Alternative-Argireline Copper Peptide Wrinkle Reduce Serum Booster w/Snap-8, Matrixyl 3000

    DNA Code Magic Botox Alternative-Argireline Copper Peptide Serum Booster w/ Matrixyl 3000 and SNAP-8. BENEFITS:Relaxes facial tension leading to a reduction of facial lines and crow's feet. Improves texture and depth of wrinkles around eye area. Stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Promotes healing through cell turnover. Helps restore UV damaged skin tissue. Strengthens and thickens the delicate skin and around the eye.

    • ASIN: B01H7VM66U
    • UPC: 671839218838
    • ASIN: B01H7VM66U
    • Brand: DNA CODE
    • Size: .5 OZ

  • MATRIXYL 3000 + ARGIRELINE Peptide + Vitamin C 4 oz Serum with Organic Hyaluronic Acid, Reduce Sun Spots, Wrinkles, Our Most Powerful Triple Combination ASTERWOOD NATURALS Bottle

    The most advanced serum we offer. Our triple combination is hydrating, powerful and effective. It is combined with our hydrating base of pure, vegan, organic Hyaluronic Acid. Our MATRIXYL 3000 + ARGIRELINE peptide + Vitamin C with Organic Hyaluronic Acid Serum Includes the Following Benefits: Increases Collagen Production with Our Potent MATRIXYL 3000, Leaving Skin More Firm and Youthful Looking Creates Smoother, Tighter Skin with Our Powerful ARGIRELINE peptide, Also Known as the Natural Botox Superior Quality MAP Vitamin C that is Light and Oxygen Stable, and pH Balanced Decreases Appea... [Read More]

    • UPC: 658509695328
    • Size: 4 oz
    • Manufacturer: Asterwood Naturals

  • Peptide Complex Serum 1oz with Matrixyl 3000 & Argireline - Growth Collagen For Face + Heals and Repairs Skin + Instantly Ageless for Face + Skin Tightening Serum For Facial, 1oz (30ml)

    PRODUCTS FEATURESOur Matrixyl +  Argireline formulation is the only peptide serum on the market to combine a professional-grade peptide complex with pure concentrated chamomile extract, a natural ingredient that helps to sooth the skin and to reduce inflammation. In addition, our serum contains hyaluronic acid, the most powerful skin moisturizer, helping to restore and maintain a youthful appearance to your skin. Long term and Short term effective solution for fine lines Efficiency Genuine Peptide Matrixyl 3000 + Argireline Peptide Complex Serum Hyaluronic Acid 1% Solution Base PH Level: 6.5 ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07BM8BVSW
    • ASIN: B07BM8BVSW
    • Brand: Cos De BAHA
    • Size: 1oz
    • Manufacturer: cosdebaha.com

  • Peptide Complex Serum - BEST Anti Aging Serum - Anti Wrinkle Skin Care - Advanced Delivery - Facial Skin Care - Natural & Organic - Plump, Smooth and Even Skin - For Collagen Production & Optimal Skin Health - Amazing Guarantee 1oz

    Foxbrim's Peptide Complex Face Serum works to effectively create a healthy environment for beautiful skin. Moisturizers with plant based peptides work from the inside out, as the peptides signal the body for additional collagen production to restore a youthful glow, reduce wrinkles, fade fine lines and plump facial skin. Moisturizing agents Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E effectively hydrate while maintaining healthy skin balance. Effectively stimulate collagen (1 and 111) and elastin fibroblasts. Support the healing and repair response in your skin. Aid in increasing skin thickness and refining a... [Read More]

    • UPC: 642014595044
    • Brand: Foxbrim Naturals
    • Size: 30mL
    • Manufacturer: Foxbrim Naturals

  • YEOUTH Day Night Moisturizer for Face with Snail Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, and Peptides, Anti Aging Day Cream or Night Cream Moisturizer for Dry Skin, 4 oz

    Lightweight for Day yet Luxuriously Moisturizing for Night YEOUTH's Day and Night Cream is a highly effective everyday cream that helps to bring back the glow of youthful skin. Proven peptides, high potency antioxidants, and natural ingredients come together in our exclusive superpower formulation. Rich, yet lightweight, this amazing formula can be used day or night. What does it do? YEOUTH Day Night Moisturizer is a clever anti-aging complex that works to improve the skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture - which in turn firms up and plumps your skin while reducing lines and wrinkles. ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06X9ZCFG4
    • UPC: 671315019287
    • ASIN: B06X9ZCFG4
    • Brand: Yeouth
    • Size: 4 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: YEOUTH

  • Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu) Pro Skin Care Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (1.2oz)

    JJLabs is very proud of our newest high quality Pro Skin Care Serum with Copper Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, CoQ-10, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Echinacea because of its exceptional results and competitive price compared to other products on the market. Copper Peptide can lead to improved aged skin appearance, increased thickness, and reduced wrinkles. Allantoin is renowned for its soothing, anti-irritating, and acne control properties. It helps shrink large pores, dissolves blackheads, and removes dead skin cells for a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. CoQ10 also helps nourish and p... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B019DN8RQS
    • UPC: 799804220294
    • ASIN: B019DN8RQS
    • Brand: JJ Labs Skin Solutions
    • Size: 1.2oz
    • Manufacturer: JJLabs

  • Copper Peptide BEST Anti-Aging Serum Booster DIY Make Your Own Face Cream or Hair Tonic with GHK GHK-Cu Tripeptide-1 Anti Wrinkle Collagen Boost Youthful-looking Regenerate Mature Skin Perfection

    ****Copper Peptide Serum Booster is a DIY Ingredient, NOT a Ready Made Serum. Please contact us if you need help finding a ready-made serum such as our Nourish that contains Copper Peptide.**** Copper Peptide Recommended usage rate up to 1%. .5 fl. oz. Blue Glass Dropper Bottle Give your skin's vitality a boost with our preservative free Copper Peptide DIY Ingredient. Copper Peptide is essential for healthy skin and hair. Copper Peptide is a micro nutrient that helps your skin function properly. Copper Peptide helps your skin stay young and retain its natural beauty by improving the look of... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B009XVGZY2
    • UPC: 794438013144
    • ASIN: B009XVGZY2
    • Brand: Skin Perfection
    • Size: .5 oz

  • Copper Peptide Serum With Swiss Apple Stem Cell and Argireline. Boosts Collagen Production. Ideal Result Working with Derma Roller.

    All-New MYM Copper Peptide Serum with Apple Stem Cell and Argireline, Made in USA. This is a high potency serum. It is specially formulated for anyone who needs maximum strength skin repair. 3 Powerful Ingredients Copper-3-Peptide - Rebuilds the skin tissue by increasing collagen I, III, IV. This leads to significant reduction of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Apple Stem Cells - Decrease the severity of your wrinkles. A 25% reduction in wrinkle depth was reported after 10 days with a combination of Copper-3-Peptid and Argireline. Argirline - It is known for relaxing facial muscles. T... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00W0E0ZPE
    • UPC: 654469474034
    • ASIN: B00W0E0ZPE
    • Brand: MyM
    • Size: 1 bottle of 30ml
    • Manufacturer: MyM Supper Store

  • Peptide Complex Serum by Eva Naturals (2 oz) - Best Anti-Aging Face Serum Reduces Wrinkles and Boosts Collagen - Heals and Repairs Skin while Improving Tone and Texture - Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E

    Supercharge Your Skin's Collagen Production! Most anti-aging products do little more than sit on the surface of the skin. They may promise miraculous results, but the truth is they're not properly formulated to effectively boost collagen production, which is crucial for long-lasting anti-aging. Peptide Complex Serum by Eva Naturals was expertly crafted to naturally replenish your skin's collagen! Peptides are important because they're responsible for signaling the skin when it's time to create more collagen - an anti-aging building block. To heighten the results of our serum, we added other y... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B013O70Z3M
    • UPC: 784672878777
    • ASIN: B013O70Z3M
    • Brand: Eva Naturals
    • Size: 2 oz
    • Manufacturer: Eva Naturals

  • NEOVA Creme de La Copper, 1.7 Fl Oz

    Delivers powerful nourishing agents to dramatically improve the skin’s moisture barrier. An intense moisturizing cream, with patented DNA CoFactor [DNA + Copper Peptide Complex], delivers powerful nourishing agents to dramatically improve the skin’s moisture barrier and reduce the visible signs of photo aging. Key Performance Ingredients Copper Peptide Complex [CpC]: Also known as Bis(Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate, a delivery system that uses the body’s natural protective carrier to deliver proprietary copper peptides, an essential micronutrient for skin health, for maximum restorative be... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B000R8ZB4U
    • UPC: 878585000490
    • ASIN: B000R8ZB4U
    • Brand: NEOVA
    • Size: 1.7 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Cutting Edge International, LLC

  • Stellar Skin Face Moisturizer - Anti Aging Cream - Best to Boost Collagen and Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Contains Duo-Peptides, Skin Care That Works to Restore Youthful Glow

    Don't you want to keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful for a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment? This advanced anti aging cream is the perfect skin moisturizer to keep you looking

    • UPC: 545312466

  • Best Anti Aging Serum Organic Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream With Peptides Retinol Amino Acids Plant Stem Cells Matrixyl Hyaluronic

    New-Best Anti Aging Serum Organic Natural Anti Wrinkle Cream With Peptides Retinol Amino Acids Plant Stem Cells Matrixyl

    • UPC: 731308458
    • Color: White

  • Peptide creams & serums: Matrixyl, Copper Peptide| Dr Dray

    Peptides for Anti-Aging ~ Do They Work? How To Choose