• Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag (4Piece) Nail Gun Set with Framing Nailer, Finish Nailer, Brad Nailer, & Narrow Crown Stapler

    The Freeman 4-Piece finishing/framing combo kit is a contractors dream. This kit covers your framing to your finishing needs. The Freeman P4FRFNCB includes a 21-Degree Full Head Framing Nailer (PFR2190), 34-Degree 15-Gauge Angle Finish Nailer (PFN1564), 1-1/4 18-Gauge Brad Nailer with Quick Release (PBR32Q), 1-1/4 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler with...

    • ASIN: B005NUP8BS
    • Brand: Freeman
    • UPC: 733353726210

  • BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer, 1-1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch (N66C)

    • ASIN: B0006FKI5G
    • Color: Bostitch Gold and Black
    • Brand: BOSTITCH
    • UPC: 791403093729

  • Duo Fast - 502950 0 Degree Coil Siding Nailer DF225C - Air Compressor Powered

    More reliable-save money not having to go back and caulk. Our tool-less depth of drive allows you to drive flush every time lightweight only 4.5 lbs. less worker fatigue. Powerful drives nail flush into hardies-board every time proven increased durability withstands jobsite abuse. Less parts- service friendly....

    • ASIN: B003VTZVFG
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Duo-Fast
    • UPC: 787721546641

  • Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic 15 Degree 2-1/2" Coil Siding Nailer Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun with Tool-Free Depth Adjust and Side Load Magazine

    The Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic 15 Degree 2-1/2" Coil Siding Nailer is specifically designed for working on cedar shingles, roof and wall sheathing, siding, and fencing, and is compatible with 15 degree 13-14 gauge plastic or wire collated siding nails from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2". The nails load from the side fast and easy for efficiency. The body of the oil...

    • ASIN: B002EVPO5Y
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Freeman
    • UPC: 855629002047

  • Hitachi NV90AGS 1-3/4-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Coil Framing Nailer (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

    The NV90AG(S) framing nailer drives wire collated nails from 1-3/4" up to 3-1/2" in length and features Hitachi's next generation "industrial design." The redesigned head guard allows for faster and easier disassembly process, saving valuable time during tool maintenance. Weighing only 7.7 lbs, it is easy to use all day, while still providing the p...

    • ASIN: B016QD4AEG
    • Brand: Hitachi
    • UPC: 717709019577

  • Freeman PFR2190 Pneumatic 21 Degree 3-1/2" Full Round Head Framing Nailer Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun with Interchangeable Trigger, Tool-Free Depth Adjust, and No Mar Tip

    The Freeman PFR2190 pneumatic 21 degree 3-1/2" Full Round Head framing nailer is ideal for projects such as framing, subfloors, roof decking, pallet and shipping crate assembly, and fencing. This versatile air powered tool is compatible with 10-12 gauge plastic collated 21 degree full Round Head framing nails from 2" To 3-1/2", and a dual mode trig...

    • ASIN: B002EVPO5E
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Freeman
    • UPC: 787721672401

  • Metabo HPT NV90AGS Pneumatic Coil Framing Nailer, 1-3/4-Inch up to 3-1/2-Inch Wire Collated Coil Framing Nails, Tool-less Depth Adjustment, Convenient Side Load, Tilt Bottom Magazine, 5-Year Warranty

    The NV90AG(S) framing nailer drives wire collated nails from 1-3/4" up to 3-1/2" in length. The redesigned head guard allows for faster and easier disassembly process, saving valuable time during tool maintenance. Weighing only 7.7 lbs, it is easy to use all day, while still providing the power of a bulkier, heavier nailer. The convenient side-load...

    • ASIN: B07MYX99MM
    • Brand: Metabo HPT
    • UPC: 717709024298

  • Makita AN924 21º Full Round Head 3-1/2" Framing Nailer

    The Makita 3-1/2” framing nailer (model AN924) combines durable construction and robust performance with ease-of-use features for commercial framing applications. The AN924 is engineered for a range of applications including framing walls, floors, and roofs, construction of sub-flooring, roof and floor decking, floor and wall sheathing/Siding. It...

    • ASIN: B07N9KZQJK
    • Brand: Makita
    • UPC: 088381857093

  • Surebonder 9772 Pneumatic 21 Degree Round Head 3-1/2" Framing Nailer with Carrying Case

    Pneumatic 21 degree Round Head Framing Nailer drives plastic collated round head nails of 2" to 3-1/2" length. Unit features adjustable exhaust and adjustable depth drive. Built to last with lightweight and rugged cast aluminum construction. Also features a Saw-tooth design that digs in for precision toe-nailing. Contact mechanism prevents accident...

    • ASIN: B000WSGEHS
    • Brand: Surebonder
    • UPC: 018239333127

  • Max CN890F2 Super Framer Framing Coil Nailer

    The Max USA Corp CN890F2 super framer coil framing nailer is a lightweight powerhouse. At only 7.7Lbs, with a driving power of 1,060 inch lbs it can stand up to any job. The short height design allows for easy access in tight spaces. The CN890F2 has a maintenance free end cap filter that keeps the internals of the tool clean, an easy load magazine,...

    • ASIN: B01LZUU2LI
    • Brand: Max
    • UPC: 093818301391

  • Makita AN902 3-1/2" Framing Coil Nailer

    Makita AN902 3-1/2" Framing Coil Nailer. The 2-mode trigger allows the operator to select sequential or contact nailing options. It has a "Tool-less" depth adjustment engineered for more precise flush and countersink nailing. Easy access nose design for clearing jammed nails. The easy loading canister with nail size adjustment provides maximum vers...

    • ASIN: B00BXL57FS
    • Brand: Makita
    • UPC: 604310251697

  • MAX USA HN90F High Pressure Coil Framing Nailer, Red/Black/Silver

    The MAX HN90F is a top of the line professional grade coil framing nailer powered by MAX's 500 PSI PowerLite compressor. The HN90F can be used for framing, sheathing, decking, furring, siding, subflooring, and crate and box assembly. Backed by the power of a 500 PSI PowerLite compressor the HN90F can easily drive nails through the toughest wood (i....

    • ASIN: B07C8193GP
    • Color: Red/Black/Silver
    • Brand: Max Usa
    • UPC: 093818303050

  • Metabo HPT NR83A5 Pneumatic Framing Nailer, 2-Inch up to 3-1/4-Inch Plastic Collated Full Head Nails, Tool-less Depth Adjustment, 21 Degree Magazine, Selective Actuation Switch, 5-Year Warranty

    The NR83A5 Full Round Head framing nailer with depth adjustment is used for floor and wall framing, truss build-up, window build-up, construction of subflooring and roof decking, wall sheathing and Mobile home and modular home construction. The NR83A5 is like the original NR83A that you have Come To trust, but now with an improved trigger design an...

    • ASIN: B07MSW2W1G
    • Brand: Metabo HPT
    • UPC: 717709023888

  • Max HN65 High Pressure Siding & Decking Nailer,

    The Max USA HN65 high pressure siding and decking nailer is a lightweight powerhouse. Weighing only 4.2Lbs, it has a driving force of 738 inch lbs. The HN65 is ideal for exterior siding, sheathing, subflooring, and decking applications. The HN65 comes with 2 different noses, 1 for siding, and 1 for decking....

    • ASIN: B01M0AGW2H
    • Brand: Max
    • UPC: 093818303081

  • Hang Em Fast Easy Joist Hanging Tool

    The Hang Em Fast is the fastest and easiest way to mount joist hangers. With the use of a nail gun, you can install joist hangers in just a few seconds and they'll be perfect every time. The Hang Em Fast is light and durable, made from high strength plastic. It can withstand the elements and help with any decking job - big or small. Hang metal jois...

    • ASIN: B01DJLRK1I
    • Brand: Hang Em Fast
    • UPC: 812599021317

  • MAX CN665D 2-1/2 in. x 0.131 in. SuperDecking Coil Decking Nailer

    Lightweight design at just 6.2 lbs. improves operator control for quicker, more efficient workflowPowerful driving performance ensures secure nail drives for long lasting, dependable serviceQuick depth adjustment and setting via easy-to-use dialUnique tangle free swivel

    • UPC: 605675442
    • Model: CN96330

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