• The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer's History, Treatment, and Prevention

    Cancer touches more lives than you may think. According to the World Health Organization, one out of three women alive today, and one out of two men, will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.To Ty Bollinger, this isn’t just a statistic. It’s personal. After losing seven members of his family to cancer over the course of a decade, Ty set o...

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  • Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally

    Colon cancer survivor who opted out of chemotherapy after surgery provides the toxin-free diet, lifestyle, and therapy guidelines he used to help himself heal.Two days before Christmas and at 26 years old, Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He had surgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor and a third of his colon. But after surgery...

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  • Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

    In her New York Times bestseller, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, uncovers nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer—even after conventional medicine has failed.While getting her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkley, Dr. Turner...

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  • The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, Second Edition: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery

    This new and revised edition of the IACP award-winning cookbook brings the healing power of delicious, nutritious foods to those whose hearts and bodies crave a revitalizing meal, through 150 new and updated recipes.Featuring science-based, nutrient-rich recipes that are easy to prepare and designed to give patients a much-needed boost by stimulati...

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  • What to Eat During Cancer Treatment

    Featuring 102 new dishes, this second edition provides practical suggestions to help patients and their caregivers anticipate—and overcome—the major challenges of eating well during treatment. What to Eat During Cancer Treatment offers evidence-based research and clinical information about the seven most common eating-related side effects of ca...

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  • Cancer Secrets: An Integrative Oncologist Reveals How You Can Defeat Cancer Using the Best of Modern Medicine and Alternative Therapies

    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and will soon overtake heart disease as the #1 killer. This year alone in the United States, there will be 1.7 million new cancer cases, and over 600,000 cancer deaths. The lifetime risk of developing cancer is now 1 in 3 people, and is quickly approaching 1 in 2. Despite billions of...

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  • Keto for Cancer: Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy as a Targeted Nutritional Strategy

    A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Practitioners Although evidence supporting the benefits of ketogenic diet therapies continues to mount, there is little to guide those who wish to adopt this diet as a metabolic therapy for cancer. Keto for Cancer fills this need. Inspired by the work of Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD, nutritionist Miriam Kalamia...

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  • What to Eat During Cancer Treatment: 100 Great-Tasting, Family-Friendly Recipes to Help You Cope

    Winner: 2010 National Health Information Award, Gold; 2010 AM&P Snap/EXCEL Award, Silver2010 Mom's Choice Award, Gold, Adult Books - Cooking, Food & Wine; 2009 Association TRENDS All Media Contest, Silver; Finalist: 2010 National Indie Excellent Award, Cookbooks; 2009 USA Best Book Award, Cookbooks - General ——— This cookbook contains 100 fas...

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  • Outside the Box Cancer Therapies: Alternative Therapies That Treat and Prevent Cancer

    Naturopathic medical doctors Mark Stengler and Paul Anderson focus on the most critical components of Integrative Oncology Care. Using an accessible, case-history approach, they explore the different types of cancer, the causes of cancer, how proper nutrition can help prevent and treat cancer, the most well-studied supplement to use with cancer tre...

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  • Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing

    About the Book"If you love your stricken one, this is your Bible." said Denzel Koh of Brisbane, Australia after he healed his daughter's cancer using the information in a previous edition of this book. A cancer diagnosis always causes fear. All of us have seen relatives and friends destroyed by conventional cancer treatment. Now, thanks to books ...

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  • Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Fourth Edition) Rev

    There is good news in the "war on cancer". Optimal nutrition coupled with appropriate medical treatment can dramatically improve the quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission for most cancer patients. A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease. Cancer is the number two cause of death in America and the dev...

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  • The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook: Includes 150 Healthy and Delicious Recipes

    Information that meets the unique and specialized nutritional needs for individuals undergoing treatment. Recent research indicates that diet can influence a patient's cancer treatment and survival rate as well as help to manage the side effects. This book has been written for both patients and caregivers and addresses the unique requirements of ...

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  • The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer: A Practical Manual for Understanding, Prevention and Care

    Despite the risk of developing breast cancer, many women still have a limited knowledge of its causes and prevention. The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer uses the most recent research studies and clinical evidence to explain the causes of breast cancer and techniques for its prevention. Some of the topics covered are: Comprehensi...

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  • Breast Cancer Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Research-Based Recipes for Prevention and Recovery

    The statistics are staggering. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women--About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Second only to heart disease by a mere one percent, every ounce of prevention and every window of opportunity for healing is critical. In order to reduc...

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  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage: Illustrated Step by Step Guide to the Sally Kay Method

    RLD is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment for reflexology lovers. The step by step guide to the original protocol is beautifully illustrated and easy to follow.RLD can be used as a stand-alone treatment and the techniques are easily integrated into your reflexology practice for clients with many presenting problems, symptoms and side effects, inc...

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  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Healing for Your Breast Cancer Journey : Surviving and Thriving During and After Your Diagnosis and Treatment

    A support group from breast cancer diagnosis through treatment to rehabilitation and recovery, this book combines inspiring stories written just for this book and leading-edge medical

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  • Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer : A Survivor's Guide for When Treatment Ends and the Rest of Your Life Begins

    This fully revised and updated edition of "Living Beyond Breast Cancer," fromone of the country's leading breast cancer activists and experts, contains animpressive depth and breadth of essential

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  • Is There a Cure for Cancer: Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments, Best Cancer Fighting Foods and Diet - eBook

    Is there a cure for cancer? This question has plagued humanity throughout the ages and particularly over the past century where incidences of cancer have ballooned. And yet, the cure for cancer may be simply

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  • Her-2 : The Making of Herceptin, a Revolutionary Treatment for Breast Cancer

    Two years after she underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy, Barbara Bradfield's aggressive breast cancer had recurred and spread to her lungs. The outlook was grim. Then she took part in Genentech's clinical trials for a

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  • 107 Powerful Breast Cancer Meal and Juice Recipes: Fight Breast Cancer By Using Natural Vitamin Rich Foods - eBook

    Almost 20% of all cancer deaths in the world are from breast cancer and is the most common invasive cancer in women. These rates are higher in developed nations mostly because of different lifestyle and

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  • The #1 Best Tools & Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer - eBook

    The #1 Best tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer can be the best friend you wish you had; a friend that will take you by the hand and lead you through the

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  • 39 All Natural Breast Cancer Juice Recipes: The Most Effective Way to Treat and Prevent Breast Cancer Through Organic Ingredients - eBook

    Fortunately, new medical treatments have dramatically improved the survival rate in women suffering from breast cancer. I sincerely hope this book will increase your awareness of this serious disease and teach you how some simple

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  • Breast Cancer Treatment: Guide to Today's Treatments - eBook

    ABOUT THE BOOK For those who have dealt with, or are dealing with, breast cancer, the ramifications of the disease are well known. For those who have not dealt with it, the fear is always

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  • Breast Cancer Husband : How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) during Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond

    A guide for men whose wives contract breast cancer offers emotional support and advice every husband needs, including guidance from breast cancer doctors and the shared experiences of those who have gone through the same

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  • Be a Survivor - Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment - eBook

    Complete Accurate Reassuring Be a SurvivorYour Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment is a unique book designed to empower the newly diagnosed patient and her family, to help them regain control of their lives, and show

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  • Cancer-Fighting Foods

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