• The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

    There are two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night: the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby "cry it out," or the grin-and-bear-it solution of getting up from dusk to dawn as often as necessary. If you don't believe in letting your baby cry it out, but desperately want to sleep, there is now a third opt...

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  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's Sleep

    Guaranteed to help parents reclaim sweet dreams for their entire family New from the bestselling author of the classic baby sleep guide! Getting babies to sleep through the night is one thing; getting willful toddlers and energetic preschoolers to sleep is another problem altogether. Written to help sleep-deprived parents of children ages one to fi...

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  • The No-Cry Nap Solution: Guaranteed Gentle Ways to Solve All Your Naptime Problems

    Winner of Disney’s iParenting Media Award for Best Product “Easy naptime solutions that really work--without any tears.” Kathy Lynn, President, Parenting Today “Naps: Children need them. Parents want them. Here are the tools to make them happen.” Maureen A. Doolan Boyle, Executive Director, MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc. Does your chi...

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  • The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night's Sleep-Newborn to School Age

    Many parents feel pressured to “train” babies and young children to sleep, but kids don’t need to be trained to sleep, they’re built to sleep. Sleep issues arise when parents (with the best of intentions) over-help or “helicopter parent” at night—overshadowing their baby’s innate biological ability to sleep well. In The Happy Sleepe...

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  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 4th Edition: A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night's Sleep

    The perennial favorite for parents who want to get their kids to sleep with ease—now in a completely revised and expanded fourth edition!   In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, one of the country’s leading pediatricians, overhauls his groundbreaking approach to solving and preventing your children’s sleep problems, from...

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  • Puppy Sleep Training - The Exhausted Puppy Owner's Nighttime Survival Guide

    Is your puppy making nighttime a nightmare? Professional dog trainer and housebreaking expert Rebecca Setler, best known for her free housebreaking website, The Housebreaking Bible, can help you turn that nightmare into sweet dreams! One of the most common problems experienced by new puppy owners is a puppy that just won't sleep at night, yet the...

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  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns: Amazing Sleep from Day One - For Baby and You

    “Elizabeth Pantley spins her baby magic! She towers above her competitors by showing us what babies really need, and how best to give it to them. ” James J. McKenna, PhD, Director, Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory, University of Notre Dame You have a newborn, so sleep is impossible, right? Wrong! In the womb, babies sleep up to twenty ho...

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  • The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep from Birth to Age 5

    Even Hollywood's biggest stars face the same dilemma as other parents do: "How do I get my child to sleep?" As parents in the know are finding, whether they're on the red carpet or the soccer field, the answer is the same: The Sleepeasy Solution. Psychotherapists and sleep specialists Jennifer and Jill, the dynamic "girlfriends" all of Hollywood ca...

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  • Moms On Call Basic Baby Care: 0-6 Months: (Updated and Revised 2017) (Moms On Call Parenting Books Book 1)

    Advice from two pediatric nurse moms with over 20 years of experience and eight children between them (including two sets of twins). Who says that babies don't come with instructions? They do now! Everything that modern parents need to know about caring for babies in the first six months, including: • Step by step guidelines for getting babies on...

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  • Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents

    Parenting a baby or toddler is the grandest adventure of all when you’re not miserably exhausted. Sleep expert Alexis Dubief, of the wildly popular website Precious Little Sleep, imparts effective, accessible, and flexible strategies based on years of research that will dramatically improve your child’s sleep.This book will help you tackle the ...

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  • Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems: Revised Edition: New, Revised, and Expanded Edition

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    • Brand: Touchstone

  • On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

    • Brand: Unknown

  • Baby Sleep Solution: The Four Most Popular Training Techniques for a Good Night's Sleep Compared and Explained

    This book is compact and will save you precious time. The primary purpose is to serve as an overview when you want to understand what sleeping methods are out there. You can obtain the essence of any of them and listen to other parents' opinions.This book includes excerpts from the greatest baby sleep training books, highlighting the core of their ...

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  • Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

    • ASIN: B000FC1KBG

  • The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight:Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

    In this expanded edition, first published in 2004, child and family therapist West (aka The Sleep Lady) further explores the ways parents can teach their infants and toddlers the indispensable skill of falling and staying asleep. West has added the latest pediatric research on sleep safety, pacifier use, and breastfeeding, as well as expanded secti...

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  • The Happiest Baby on the Block; Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition : The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer

    "A completely revised and updated second edition of one of the most popular and bestselling parenting books of all time, by America's favorite pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp. Harvey Karp, M.D. shares his groundbreaking approach to

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  • The Children's Place Girls' "mermaid in training" 4 piece pajama sleep set (little girl & big girl)

    Big Girl Short Sleeve "Mermaid In Training" Mermaid Print 4pc Pajama Short

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  • Training the Best Dog Ever - Paperback

    "Originally published as The love that dog training program, now revised and updated"--T.p.

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  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

    Offers step-by-step ideas that steer little ones toward a good night's sleep with no

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  • Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Newborn Sleep Training: A New Mom’s Survival Handbook, What to Expect in Labor, Wise Tips and Tricks for No Cry Nights and a Happy Baby - eBook

    Are you in need of help with your pregnancy or can't get your new born to sleep?You're browsing through thousands of books on so you can have a healthy newborn child or in need of

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  • Sleep Training: The Baby Sleep Solution for the Exhausted Modern Parents. Effective Techniques to Help Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Crying - eBook

    Have You Tried Other Methods and Are Still Unsuccessful With Sleep Training Your Baby? Then Get This Book Right Now And Your Little Angel Will Be Sleeping Peacefully Without Crying In The Blink Of An

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  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution: 50 Best Solutions to Help and Train Your Newborn Baby to Fall Asleep Without Crying - eBook

    50 Best No Cry Sleep Solution for Your Newborn BabyYou know how tough it is when your baby won’t stop crying. You may be worried that something is wrong with your child, that you’ll lose

    • UPC: 443443596

  • Summary of The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer by Harvey Karp (Discussion Prompts) - eBook

    The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer by Harvey KarpThe Happiest Baby On the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help

    • UPC: 696890734

  • Cry Myself to Sleep: He had to escape. They would never hurt him again. - eBook

    The next book from the number one bestselling author of Cry Silent Tears. Joe was only five years old when he lost his voice. Only five years old when he was first beaten by his

    • UPC: 912364455

  • Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep: The Exhausted Parent’s Loving Guide to Baby Sleep Training, Developing Healthy Infant Sleep Habits and Making Sure Your Child is Quiet at Night - eBook

    Do You Feel Exhausted? Don't Know How to Get Your Baby to Sleep?The truth is…you are not alone.Many loving parents just like you struggle with crying babies. Little infants who they love more than anything,

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  • No Cry Sleep Solution : 50 Best Solutions to Help and Train Your Newborn Baby...

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  • The No-Cry Sleep Solution: 50 Best Solutions to Help and Train Your Newborn Baby

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  • No Cry Sleep Solution : 50 Best Solutions to Help and Train Your Newborn Baby...

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  • Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night - Seattle Mama Doc 101

    The No-Cry Sleep Solution - Elizabeth Pantley (Summary)

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