• VPN by Private Internet Access

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  • Intellectual Property and Open Source: A Practical Guide to Protecting Code

    "Clear, correct, and deep, this is a welcome addition to discussions of law and computing for anyone -- even lawyers!"-- Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and SocietyIf you work in information technology, intellectual property is central to your job -- but dealing with the compl...

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  • The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

    Be online without leaving a trace.Your every step online is being tracked and stored, and your identity literally stolen. Big companies and big governments want to know and exploit what you do, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand.In this explosive yet practical book, Kevin Mitnick uses true-life stories to show exactly what is happ...

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  • Open Networks, Closed Regimes: The Impact of the Internet on Authoritarian Rule

    As the Internet diffuses across the globe, many have come to believe that the technology poses an insurmountable threat to authoritarian rule. Grounded in the Internet's early libertarian culture and predicated on anecdotes pulled from diverse political climates, this conventional wisdom has informed the views of policymakers, business leaders, and...

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  • YI 4pc Home Camera, 1080p Wi-Fi IP Security Surveillance Smart System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Night Vision, Baby Monitor on iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available

    Product Description Building on the success of the #1 best-selling YI Home Camera, the YI Home Camera 1080p 4 pack delivers high definition videos of your home, so you can view every moment in even clearer quality. Its Baby Crying Detection technology also acts as a state of the art baby monitor, sending an alert to your phone at the first cry of y...

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  • Conservation Design for Subdivisions: A Practical Guide To Creating Open Space Networks

    In most communities, land use regulations are based on a limited model that allows for only one end result: the production of more and more suburbia, composed of endless subdivisions and shopping centers, that ultimately covers every bit of countryside with "improvements." Fortunately, sensible alternatives to this approach do exist, and methods of...

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  • Online Communities and Open Innovation: Governance and Symbolic Value Creation (Routledge Studies in Industry and Innovation)

    The advent of Internet marked a significant change in how users and customers can be involved in the innovative process. History is rife with examples of how users innovate, but Internet and its associated communication technologies brought radically new means for individuals to interact rapidly and at little cost in communities that spur new innov...

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  • RailsSpace: Building a Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series)

    Ruby on Rails is fast displacing PHP, ASP, and J2EE as the development framework of choice for discriminating programmers, thanks to its elegant design and emphasis on practical results. RailsSpace teaches you to build large-scale projects with Rails by developing a real-world application: a social networking website like MySpace, Facebook, or Fr...

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  • NBC

    Spanning eight decades from the beginnings of commercial radio to the current era of international consolidation and emerging digital platforms, this pioneering volume illuminates the entire course of American broadcasting by offering the first comprehensive history of a major network. Bringing together wide-ranging original articles by leading sch...

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  • Religious Experience

    How is religious experience to be identified, described, analyzed and explained? Is it independent of concepts, beliefs, and practices? How can we account for its authority? Under what conditions might a person identify his or her experience as religious? Wayne Proudfoot shows that concepts, beliefs, and linguistic practices are presupposed by the ...

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  • Orange Holiday Europe - 10GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (+10GB Additional for SIMS Activated from April 4TH) + 120 mn + 1000 Texts in 30 Countries in Europe

    How to activate your SIM card: insert your SIM card in your device when you get in Europe and it will automatically connect to the best local network tips: make sure data roaming is activated on your phone make sure your phone is unlocked only insert your SIM in your device when you get in Europe in order to avoid activating your credit be...

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  • Family Focused Grief Therapy: A Model of Family-Centred Care during Palliative Care and Bereavement (Facing Death)

    "To those of us who have been aware of the innovative service to families facing death and bereavement that has been developed by David W. Kissane and Sidney Bloch this book has been eagerly awaited. Their work is a logical development in the field of Palliative Care in which it has long been recognized that, when life is threatened, it is the fami...

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  • Twitter API: Up and Running: Learn How to Build Applications with the Twitter API

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  • Domestic Sources of International Environmental Policy: Industry, Environmentalists, and U.S. Power (American and Comparative Environmental Policy)

    How do international environmental standards come into being? One important way, as Elizabeth DeSombre shows in this book, is through the internationalization of regulations that one or more countries have undertaken domestically. Domestic environmental regulation, DeSombre argues, can create an incentive for environmentalists and industry―previo...

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  • Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in Government, Economics, and Contemporary World Issues (Greenwood Professional Guides in School Librarianship,)

    Teachers of political science, social studies, and economics, as well as school library media specialists, will find this resource invaluable for incorporating the Internet into their classroom lessons. Over 150 primary source Web sites are referenced and paired with questions and activities designed to encourage critical thinking skills. Completin...

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  • Online and Social Networking Communities : A Best Practice Guide for Educators

    Online and Social Networking Communities is a professional guide written for educational practitioners and trainers who wish to use online communication tools effectively in their teaching. Focusing on the student experience of learning in online

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  • Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence - eBook

    Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, serious concerns were raised on domestic and international security issues. Consequently, there has been considerable interest recently in technological strategies and resources to counter acts of

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  • Elgg 1.8 Social Networking

    Elgg 1.8 Social Networking

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  • Counterterrorism and Open Source Intelligence

    Counterterrorism and Open Source

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  • [OPEN SOURCE]: How to make your own private social network

    How to Build Your Own Social Networking Website Like Facebook | 2017

    Thoughts on open source social networks, LinuxRocks.Online and Mastodon