• Plant Theatre Hot Chilli & Sweet Pepper Kit Gift Box - 6 Different Varieties to Grow -Everything You Need to Start Growing in one Box! Super Grow Kit Gift

    A great gift for anyone who enjoys the pleasure of Grow Your Own, or who loves cooking with fresh ingredients. The Sowing and Growing Tips also provide information about each variety included in the kit. The seeds are of US origin and each seed packet contains a minimum of 10 seeds!

    • ASIN: B0048D5V22
    • ASIN: B0048D5V22
    • Brand: Plant Theatre
    • Manufacturer: Plant Theatre

  • Brussel's Live Fringe Flower Outdoor Bonsai Tree - 3 Years Old; 8" to 12" Tall with Decorative Container

    The common name, "fringe-flower" and the Latin name, "Loropetalum" derive from the appearance of Loropetalum flower, the petals (petalon, in Greek) of which resemble fringe or little straps (loron, in Greek). Because Chinese Loropetalum is in the witch-hazel family those familiar with the flowers of witch-hazel tree will tend to notice the family resemblance. Chinese Fringe Flower matures into a Bonsai with maroon leaves, which sometimes turn reddish in the summer. It produces fragrant pink “fringy” flowers in early spring. The foliage is burgundy when the temperatures are mild and then tu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0000DGG8B
    • UPC: 782819003860
    • ASIN: B0000DGG8B
    • Brand: Brussel's Bonsai
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: Brussel's Bonsai

  • GiftTree Personalized Dawn Redwood Tree-to-Be Growing Kit | Indoor/Outdoor | Grows Up to 2 ft per Year | Great Gift for Graduation, Birthday, Kids and Teens

    Grow your own living fossil with this Dawn Redwood growing kit, as seen in Sunset Magazine. Thought to have been extinct for centuries, this rare species of redwood is making a big comeback in the gardening world. Beloved for their attractive lacy foliage and ability to grow quickly in most settings, the Dawn Redwood is a magnificent piece of history and this complete growing kit makes a lovely commemorative or special occasion gift. Gift includes, A bag of Metasequoia Glyptostroboides Seeds (with proper care the seedlings should start to emerge in 15-30 days), Coir Seedling Pot, Terra Cotta S... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00C7WEM7G
    • ASIN: B00C7WEM7G
    • Brand: GiftTree
    • Manufacturer: 17495-16593

  • Dan&Darci Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit - Grow Cosmos, Zinnia, Marigold Flowers - Includes Everything Needed to Paint and Grow - Great Gift for Children STEM

    KIT INCLUDES: Tin Planter (12 * 4.5 * 4 inches), plastic liner, soil, 3 seed packets, 6-color paint strip, 2 paint brushes, paint palette, 3 wooden plant markers, shovel, watering bottle, and beautiful instruction booklet. PAINT & PLANT YOUR OWN SMALL GARDEN: Paint the planter and plant markers, and sow the Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers - with vibrant colors and pleasant scents. Follow along with the included step-by-step instructions.

    • UPC: 852482008100
    • Brand: Dan&Darci
    • Manufacturer: Dan&Darci

  • Back To The Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit, Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms In 10 days, Top Gardening Gift, Holiday Gift, & Unique Gift

    Back to the Roots is on a mission to undo food. In a college class, We learned mushrooms could grow entirely on spent coffee grounds. After watching hours of how-to videos & turning our fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, we eventually decided to give up our corporate job offers to instead become full-time mushroom farmers. What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion to undo food & reconnect families back to where it comes from.

    • ASIN: B00CD0KZ78
    • UPC: 853036006009
    • ASIN: B00CD0KZ78
    • Brand: Back to the Roots
    • Size: Mushroom Kit
    • Manufacturer: Back to the Roots

  • Costa Farms Blooming Anthurium, Live Indoor Plant, 12 to 14-Inches Tall, Ships in White Ceramic Planter, Great Gift, Fresh From Our Farm or Home Décor

    About anthodium: anthuriums are cheery, exotic flowering houseplants that offer glossy, green heart-shaped leaves topped by heart-shaped pink, Red, or white long-lasting blooms. Happily, anthuriums bloom almost all year long if they get enough light, fertilizer, & moisture. The brightly colored flowers make anthuriums perfect plants for centerpieces & tabletops. Your unique PLANT: Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary from the photo. It typically measures 12 to 14" Tall from the pot bottom to the top of the plant. Our growers hand pick the ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07BMY7VDR
    • UPC: 022532241942
    • ASIN: B07BMY7VDR
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 12 to 14-Inches Tall
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

  • Mr. Sprout Sunflower Starter Kit - Plant Growing Kit for Kids, Adults Or Gift Idea - Flower Seed Starter Kit Includes Peat Pots, Nutrient Rich Soil Pellets, and Plant Tags

    Mr. Sprout & Co. Sunflower Seeds Organic Planting Kit Enjoy a garden of soaring sunflowers with our garden seeds starter kit. Our flower garden starter kit includes organic, non-GMO, untreated, heirloom sunflower seeds in two varieties, namely Dwarf Sungolds and Mammoth Sunflowers. Biodegradable peat pots, nutrient-rich soil pellets, plant tags and a grower's guide complete our kit. Now all you need is water and sunlight to grow your plants. Highest Growth Success Rate Versus Competitors We have the highest success rate of growing the plants from seeds because we made sure each flower plant ki... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B079MNM4JL
    • UPC: 095509952615
    • ASIN: B079MNM4JL
    • Brand: Mr. Sprout & Co.
    • Size: Sunflower Kit
    • Manufacturer: Mr. Sprout & Co.

  • Color Orchids AMZ9101RI Live Double Stem Phalaenopsis, 15 x 20, White Blooms Orchid Garden Plant in Ceramic Pot,

    Beautiful, living, long lasting, Orchid garden in a decorative ceramic pot. This Orchid is supplied by Color Orchids, a wholesale indoor plant company located in Culpeper, Virginia. The color orchid's family owned farm has 5 acres of greenhouses dedicated to growing orchids & other indoor plants. As a grower, we respect the plants & the world they come from. In an effort to minimize our footprint, we utilize as many growing practices that are available to use, such as using biologicals for pesticides & collecting rain for all our water use. We focus on creating an experience for our customers ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071JTYQ5B
    • UPC: 851203005039
    • ASIN: B071JTYQ5B
    • Brand: Color Orchids
    • Size: 15 x 20"
    • Manufacturer: Color Orchids

  • Colorful Succulent Garden in Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planter - 8.5" Shallow Cube - Ships from Easy to Grow Bulbs, a California Licensed Nursery

    Large, colorful rosettes and intriguing textures combine in each one-of-a-kind Succulent garden with 4 4" potted succulents. Gardens may include echeveria, agavoides, kalanchoe, sempervivum, sedum and more! Your succulents are placed in a reclaimed cedar fence wood, re-purposed for a garden planter. Built right here in southern California, each planter varies in tone as the grains of the wood from which it was built. Weathering beautifully, it grows in character, and the planter's edges are softened by the foliage of the plants. Specially bred to be long-lasting, lush and lovely, your succul... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00EXV6M9U
    • ASIN: B00EXV6M9U
    • Brand: Easy to Grow
    • Manufacturer: EasytoGrowBulbs

  • Clean Air Houseplant Multipack Gift Collection (3 Plants)

    Give the gift of clean air with a 3 plant collection of beautiful houseplants that were included as part of the NASA Clean Air Study and subsequent studies. Some of the plants that could be included are Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Nephrolepis exaltata fern, English Ivy, Philodendron, Pothos and many more. These plants filter the air by removing carbon dioxide and other toxins and releasing oxygen. Each plant comes in an attractive Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Rice Hull Pot and saucer that is both long lasting and safe for the environment. The pot will last up to 10 years wi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B012B3Z4YA
    • UPC: 856054007522
    • ASIN: B012B3Z4YA
    • Brand: Sprig & Stone
    • Manufacturer: Josh's Frogs

  • Get Well Gift Plant - TickleMe Plant Gift Box Set - Grow the Plant that closes its leaves when you Tickle It or blow it a Kiss. It also grows Pink Cotton Candy Like Flowers. Sure to make them Smile.

    Maybe you know someone who is sick, or perhaps a dear friend who had an little accident or mishap or just feels a bit down. There is only one way to make them all feel better & give them a good smile. The TickleMe Plant! The TickleMe Plant is guaranteed to move and Put A Smile On Those faces The most beautiful Get Well Gift, you may offer somebody to make them feel better psychologically & physically. A Tickle MePlant has a very special ability - when you actually tickle it, the leaves close slowly and the branches tend to lower, when touched! You have to see it for yourself! Cutes... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01DOSH8KO
    • ASIN: B01DOSH8KO
    • Brand: TickleMe Plant
    • Manufacturer: TickleMe Plant Company, Inc.

  • Set of 25 Sunflower Seed Packet Favors (F05) Love Is Just Like A Sunflower

    Are you looking to impress your guest? These printed seed packets / seed favors will be perfect for your wedding. They measure 3.25" wide by 4.50" tall. The envelopes themselves are self sealing. The packet contains a mixture of Autumn Beauty Sunflower seeds, and you will have more than enough for each packet, and then some left as well. Each 1/4 Tsp is roughly 40 to 50 seeds. This packet of seeds is manufactured by Seed Needs. Custom seed packets and designs are also available through Seed Needs.

    • ASIN: B00PL6VDJ0
    • UPC: 682962476484
    • ASIN: B00PL6VDJ0
    • Brand: Seed Needs
    • Manufacturer: Seed Needs

  • Costa Farms, Premium Live Indoor Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum, Tabletop Plant, Gift-Wrapped Decorator Pot, Shipped Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift

    About peace lily: spathiphyllum is a beautiful table plant or gift. Plants bear broad, dark green leaves & white calla-like flowers (called spaths) that appear on tall stems above the blooms. Your unique PLANT: Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary from the photo. It typically measures 17 to 22" Tall from the pot bottom to the top of the plant. When mature can grownup to 36" Tall. Our growers hand pick the healthiest, best-looking, highest-quality plants. We package our plants for shipment with great care so they’ll arrive at your home re... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07BC8W8KN
    • UPC: 022532241836
    • ASIN: B07BC8W8KN
    • Brand: Costa Farms
    • Size: 15-Inch
    • Manufacturer: Costa Farms

  • Sow Right Seeds - Herbal Tea Collection - Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Mint, Lavender, Echinacea Herb Seed for Planting; Non-GMO Heirloom Seed, Instructions to Plant Indoor or Outdoor; Great Gardening Gift

    Collection of garden seeds to grow herbal teas. Collection includes:- Lemon Balm- Mint - Chamomile-Lavneder-Echinacea

    • ASIN: B07JN3P236
    • UPC: 691324787571
    • ASIN: B07JN3P236
    • Brand: Sow Right Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Right Hardware Co.

  • Mother's Day/Birthday TickleMe Plant Gift Box Set - To grow the Plant that closes its leaves when you Tickle it or blow it a Kiss! It even grows Pink Flowers! "I'm Tickled You're My Mom!

    TICKLEME PLANT: UNIQUE MOTHER'S DAY GIFT! Are you looking for a unique Mother's Day gift that will also let Mom enjoy some sentimental moments in a fun way? Would you like a gift that not only shows your love for Mom but also expresses how you'd respond to her love? If so, the TickleMe Plant is perfect for you! The TickleMe Plant folds its leaves and drops its branches when tickled or when you blow a kiss towards it. Your mum will definitely have fun as she cares for the curiously responsive plant every day. The TickleMe Plant grows easily and with its natural responsive behavior, it i... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00VARWX5C
    • ASIN: B00VARWX5C
    • Brand: TickleMe Plant
    • Manufacturer: TickleMe Plant

  • Novelty African Violet - 4" Clay Pot/Better Growth - Best Blooming Plant

    The most popular blooming plant in the world is the African Violet (SAINTAPAULIA). And for good reason, they bloom continuously, twelve months a year. Plus they are easy to grow, a filtered light window with

    • UPC: 125861035
    • Rating: 3.4

  • Hirt's Red Prayer Plant - Maranta - Easy to Grow House Plant -4" Pot- Live Plant

    Prayer plants and other nighttime movers are just trying to fool you into thinking they're settling down for a good night's rest. Prayer plants have big, oval leaves that turn upward at night. The folding

    • UPC: 115911220
    • Rating: 3.3

  • 25 Eve Everbearing Strawberry Plants - BEST BERRY! - Bare Root Plants

    The best tasting of the everbearing strawberries (and a great-tasting berry, period), 'Eve' produces a large crop of medium-size, firm, deep red fruit over a long period. Its superb flavor makes it an excellent fresh-eating

    • UPC: 154365554
    • Rating: 3.333

  • Set of 4 100% Hawaiian Plumeria (Frangipani) Plant Cuttings Discount Hawaiian GIfts B23

    RECEIVE 4 COLORS OF HAWAIIAN FRANGIPANI PLUMERIA CUTTINGS – OUR COLORS ARE RED,WHITE,YELLOW & PINKPua Melia is the Hawaiian Name for Plumeria,my delicate fragrance makes for the poplular flower leiGreat for Lei Making , landscaping,

    • UPC: 951368659
    • Color: Pinkred;white;yellow;pink
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Hirt's Ocean Spider Plant - Easy to Grow - Cleans the Air - NEW - 3.5" Pot

    Ocean is a new spider plant with more white in the leaves and white flowers on long stems that seem to dance in the air.Spider Plants make excellent house plants or indoor plants as they

    • UPC: 806753720
    • Rating: 4.0

  • 9GreenBox - Live 3 Layer Cake Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement w/ Frog & Lotus Handmade Ceramic Pot 40 stalk *GIFT*

    Native to Cameroon in West Africa, this shrub wetland species of plant is known for its stability and tranquility. These ornamental plants bring fortune and happiness to anyone who keeps them in their home or

    • UPC: 133435744
    • Color: PurpleLight Purple
    • Rating: 3.833

  • Seascape Everbearing Strawberry 25 Bare Root Plants - BEST FLAVOR

    Seascape Everbearing Strawberries. The best tasting of the everbearing strawberries (and a great-tasting berry, period), 'Seascape' produces a large crop of medium-size, firm, deep red fruit over a long period. Its superb flavor makes it

    • UPC: 115556415
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Perpetual Pesto Basil - The Best Basil - Live Plant - 3" Pot

    The shape, color, and scent of this herb will make it a favorite in your garden. The columnar shape and light green foilage edged in creamy white add variety to the herb garden. Since this

    • UPC: 176170402

  • Mara Des Bois French Everbearing Strawberry 10 Plants - BEST FLAVOR! - Bare Root

    Mara Des Bois strawberry was developed by a French breeding program. This ever-bearing strawberry produces medium fruit, and contains the highest flavor and fragrance of any variety. Berries have an attractive red color with a

    • UPC: 141349514

  • Best Choice Products 14in Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Metal Round Rolling Plant Stand Caddy w/ 4 Wheels - Black

    Moving plants from point A to point B has never been this easy. This rolling plant stand makes life easier and saves your back when moving heavy planters. The four caster wheels spin 360-degrees and

    • UPC: 770421331
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Watermelon Peperomia Live Plant 4" Pot Easy to Grow Houseplant Best Gift

    • UPC: 372581802721
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 23 USD

  • Plant Ocean Spider Live Easy to Grow Cleans the Air 3" Pot Best Gift Houseplant

    • UPC: 372526251558
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 18 USD

  • Greek Proverb "The best time to plant a tree..." Art Print Poster Gift Quote

    • UPC: 223235612320
    • Category: Art Posters
    • Price: 7 USD

  • Greek Proverb "The best time to plant a tree..." Art Print Poster Gift Quote

    • UPC: 223243438950
    • Category: Other Art
    • Price: 5 GBP

  • Red Prayer Maranta Live Plant Easy to Grow Houseplant 4" Pot Best Gift

    • UPC: 392170108240
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 15 USD

  • Dracaena Creme & Green Corn Live Plant 6" Pot Easy to Grow HousePlant Best Gift

    • UPC: 392211415421
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 21 USD

  • Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift FREE Fertilizer Easy To Care Indoor / Outdoor

    • UPC: 254231518562
    • Category: Bonsai
    • Price: 15 USD

  • Goldfish Plant Blooms Frequently 4" Pot Live Flowers Easy to Grow Best Gift

    • UPC: 392181296215
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 14 USD

  • Desert Rose Double Purple Native to Africa Tree Live Plant Flowers Best Gift

    • UPC: 172241209303
    • Category: Cacti & Succulent Seeds
    • Price: 28 USD

  • Live Rose Red aka Rosa Plant Fit 1 Gallon Pot - Best Gift - Easy to grow

    • UPC: 392279511477
    • Category: Roses
    • Price: 9 USD

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