• Hanabi 3 PCs Stickers Give Me Liberty Or Death Preferably 4 × 3 Inch Die-Cut Decals for Laptop Window

    • Brand: Hanabi

  • The Night Before Christmas : A Children's Christmas Poem about the Birth of Jesus

    The Night before Christmas: A Childrens Christmas Poem about the Birth of Jesus might sound familiar and yet new and fresh at the same time. This poem tells the story from the Bible about the

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    • Rating: 5.0

  • Poetry Book - Abyss of Bliss (Love Poems about Life, Poems about Love, Inspirational Poems, Friendship Poems, Romantic Poems, I Love You Poems, Poetry Collection, Inspirational Quotes, Poetry Books)

    Abyss of Bliss, is a magical poetry book filled with, enchanting illustrations. The raw poems embrace life's challenges and the beauty that lies beyond our conscious mind. The illuminated, love that is all pervading, ever

    • UPC: 757212775

  • Motherhood : Poems About Mothers

    Every poet is a mother's child, and many of the greatest poets have immortalized this elemental relationship. Here are poets as diverse as Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Sylvia Plath, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Gwendolyn Brooks,

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  • Best Loved Poems of American People

    Collection of the most popular American poems grouped by subject including Love and friendship, Inspiration, and Faith and

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  • The Heart of Chinese Poetry : Fifty-Seven of the Best Traditional Chinese Poems in a Dual-Language Edition

    Greg Whincup offers a varied and unique approach to Chinese translation in The Heart of Chinese Poetry. Special features of this edition include direct word-for-word translations showing the range of meaning in each Chinese character,

    • UPC: 46768236
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  • Music's Spell : Poems About Music and Musicians

    Music may be the universal language that needs no words, but that has not stopped poets from ancient times to the present from trying to represent it in verse. The poems in this collection are

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  • There are Girls like Lions : Poems about Being a Woman

    "Editorial collaboration by Mallory Farrugia" -- Verso title

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  • The 100 Best Poems of All Time

    An anthology of poetry from around the world includes works by Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Keats, Poe, both Brownings, Dickinson, Eliot, Neruda, Plath, and Angelou, as well as poems and songs that have entered popular

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  • The Truth About Magic : Poems

    From the internationally bestselling author of The Dark Between Stars and Love Her Wild, Instagram sensation Atticus returns with another romantic and deeply moving collection. In his third collection of poems, Atticus takes us on

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  • Doggerel : Poems About Dogs

    "Doggerel" features a robust brood of the most endearing verse tributes ever offered to beloved canine companions. Ribbon

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  • Poetry, Democracy & the Hope of Sounds | Diane Raptosh | TEDxBoise

    डैमोक्रैसी | पुरानी कविता : नया संदेश | अशोक चक्रधर | Democracy | Poem by Ashok Chakradhar

    Democracy poem