• RESTful API Design (API-University Series)

    Looking for Best Practices for RESTful APIs?This book is for you! Why? Because this book is packed with practical experience on what works best for RESTful API Design.You want to design APIs like a Pro? Use API description languages to both design APIs and develop APIs efficiently. The book introduces the two most common API description languages RAML, OpenAPI, and Swagger.Your company cares about its customers? Learn API product management with a customer-centric design and development approach for APIs. Learn how to manage APIs as a product and how to follow an API-first approach. Build APIs... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1514735164
    • ASIN: 1514735164
    • ISBN: 1514735164
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

  • Hands-On RESTful API Design Patterns and Best Practices: Design, develop, and deploy highly adaptable, scalable, and secure RESTful web APIs

    Build effective RESTful APIs for enterprise with design patterns and REST framework's out-of-the-box capabilities Key Features Understand advanced topics such as API gateways, API securities, and cloud Implement patterns programmatically with easy-to-follow examples Modernize legacy codebase using API connectors, layers, and microservices Book Description This book deals with the Representational State Transfer (REST) paradigm, which is an architectural style that allows networked devices to communicate with each other over the internet. With the help of this book, you'll explore the conce... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1788992660
    • ASIN: 1788992660
    • ISBN: 1788992660
    • Manufacturer: Packt Publishing

  • Ruby Best Practices: Increase Your Productivity - Write Better Code

    How do you write truly elegant code with Ruby? Ruby Best Practices is for programmers who want to use Ruby as experienced Rubyists do. Written by the developer of the Ruby project Prawn, this concise book explains how to design beautiful APIs and domain-specific languages with Ruby, as well as how to work with functional programming ideas and techniques that can simplify your code and make you more productive. You'll learn how to write code that's readable, expressive, and much more. Ruby Best Practices will help you:Understand the secret powers unlocked by Ruby's code blocksLearn how to bend ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0596523009
    • UPC: 636920523000
    • ASIN: 0596523009
    • ISBN: 0596523009
    • Brand: Brand: O'Reilly Media
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

  • Django Design Patterns and Best Practices: Industry-standard web development techniques and solutions using Python, 2nd Edition

    Build maintainable websites with elegant Django design patterns and modern best practicesKey FeaturesExplore aspects of Django from Models and Views to testing and deploymentUnderstand the nuances of web development such as browser attack and data designWalk through various asynchronous tools such as Celery and ChannelsBook DescriptionBuilding secure and maintainable web applications requires comprehensive knowledge. The second edition of this book not only sheds light on Django, but also encapsulates years of experience in the form of design patterns and best practices. Rather than sticking t... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1788831349
    • ASIN: 1788831349
    • ISBN: 1788831349
    • Manufacturer: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account

  • Java Concurrency in Practice

    "I was fortunate indeed to have worked with a fantastic team on the design and implementation of the concurrency features added to the Java platform in Java 5.0 and Java 6. Now this same team provides the best explanation yet of these new features, and of concurrency in general. Concurrency is no longer a subject for advanced users only. Every Java developer should read this book."--Martin BuchholzJDK Concurrency Czar, Sun Microsystems "For the past 30 years, computer performance has been driven by Moore's Law; from now on, it will be driven by Amdahl's Law. Writing code that effectively explo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0321349601
    • UPC: 785342349603
    • ASIN: 0321349601
    • ISBN: 0321349601
    • Brand: Addison-Wesley Professional
    • Manufacturer: Addison-Wesley Professional

  • RESTful Web APIs: Services for a Changing World

    The popularity of REST in recent years has led to tremendous growth in almost-RESTful APIs that don’t include many of the architecture’s benefits. With this practical guide, you’ll learn what it takes to design usable REST APIs that evolve over time. By focusing on solutions that cross a variety of domains, this book shows you how to create powerful and secure applications, using the tools designed for the world’s most successful distributed computing system: the World Wide Web.You’ll explore the concepts behind REST, learn different strategies for creating hypermedia-based APIs, and... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1449358063
    • ASIN: 1449358063
    • ISBN: 1449358063
    • Brand: Brand: O'Reilly Media
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners

    If you’ve ever spent hours renaming files or updating hundreds of spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But what if you could have your computer do them for you?In Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, you’ll learn how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take you hours to do by hand—no prior programming experience required. Once you’ve mastered the basics of programming, you’ll create Python programs that effortlessly perform useful and impressive feats of automation to:–Search for text in a file or across multiple files–Creat... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00WJ049VU
    • ASIN: B00WJ049VU
    • Manufacturer: No Starch Press

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam (Aws Certified Solutions Architect Official: Associate Exam)

    Validate your AWS skills.  This is your opportunity to take the next step in your career by expanding and validating your skills on the AWS cloud.  AWS has been the frontrunner in cloud computing products and services, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide for the Associate exam will get you fully prepared through expert content, and real-world knowledge, key exam essentials, chapter review questions, access to Sybex’s interactive online learning environment, and much more. This official study guide, written by AWS experts, covers exam concepts, and provides key re... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1119138558
    • ASIN: 1119138558
    • ISBN: 1119138558
    • Brand: SYBEX
    • Manufacturer: Sybex

  • Public Web APIs Toolkit: best-practice templates, step-by-step work plans and maturity diagnostics

    The Toolkit contains the following practical and powerful enablers with new and updated Public Web APIs specific requirements:Step 1 get your bearings resources: The quick edition of the Public Web APIs Self Assessment book in PDF containing 49 requirements to perform a quickscan, get an overview and share with stakeholders, plus an example pre-filled Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard to get familiar with results generation. Step 2 set concrete goals resources: Featuring 690 new and updated case-based questions, organized into seven core areas of process design, this Self-Assessment will help yo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B079Y7T6BT
    • UPC: 074528556936
    • ASIN: B079Y7T6BT
    • Brand: The Art of Service
    • Manufacturer: The Art of Service

  • Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems

    Distributed systems have become more fine-grained in the past 10 years, shifting from code-heavy monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices. But developing these systems brings its own set of headaches. With lots of examples and practical advice, this book takes a holistic view of the topics that system architects and administrators must consider when building, managing, and evolving microservice architectures.Microservice technologies are moving quickly. Author Sam Newman provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts while diving into current solutions for modeling,... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00T3N7XB4
    • ASIN: B00T3N7XB4
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

  • Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide

    What will you learn from this book?This brain-friendly guide teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model. You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined. And you’ll write real code, lots of it, so you can start building your own web applications. Prepare to open your mind as you learn (and nail) key topics including:The inner details of JavaScriptHow JavaScript works with the bro... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 144934013X
    • ASIN: 144934013X
    • ISBN: 9781449340131
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

  • High Performance Spark: Best Practices for Scaling and Optimizing Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is amazing when everything clicks. But if you haven’t seen the performance improvements you expected, or still don’t feel confident enough to use Spark in production, this practical book is for you. Authors Holden Karau and Rachel Warren demonstrate performance optimizations to help your Spark queries run faster and handle larger data sizes, while using fewer resources.Ideal for software engineers, data engineers, developers, and system administrators working with large-scale data applications, this book describes techniques that can reduce data infrastructure costs and develo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1491943203
    • ASIN: 1491943203
    • ISBN: 9781491943205
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

  • RESTful Web Services Cookbook: Solutions for Improving Scalability and Simplicity

    While the REST design philosophy has captured the imagination of web and enterprise developers alike, using this approach to develop real web services is no picnic. This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes to help you take advantage of REST, HTTP, and the infrastructure of the Web. You'll learn ways to design RESTful web services for client and server applications that meet performance, scalability, reliability, and security goals, no matter what programming language and development framework you use.Each recipe includes one or two problem statements, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step inst... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0596801688
    • ASIN: 0596801688
    • ISBN: 0596801688
    • Brand: Brand: Yahoo Press
    • Manufacturer: Yahoo Press

  • Web Scalability for Startup Engineers

    Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.Design and build scalable web applications quicklyThis is an invaluable roadmap for meeting the rapid demand to deliver scalable applications in a startup environment. With a focus on core concepts and best practices rather than on individual languages, platforms, or technologies, Web Scalability for Startup Engineers describes how infrastructure and software architecture work together to support a scalable e... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0071843655
    • ASIN: 0071843655
    • ISBN: 0071843655
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

  • Two Scoops of Django 1.11: Best Practices for the Django Web Framework

    Two Scoops of Django 1.11 Will Help You Build Django Projects.In this book we introduce you to the various tips, tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques that we've picked up over the years. We have put thousands of hours into the fourth edition of the book, writing and revising its material to include significant improvements and new material based on feedback from previous editions.Table of Contents Chapter 1: Coding Style Chapter 2: The Optimal Django Environment Setup Chapter 3: How To Lay Out Django Projects Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Django App Design Chapter 5: Set... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B076D5FKFX
    • ASIN: B076D5FKFX
    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Two Scoops Press

  • Restful Web APIs : Services for a Changing World

    The popularity of REST in recent years has led to tremendous growth in almost-RESTful APIs that don't include many of the architecture's benefits. With this practical guide, you'll learn what it takes to design usable

    • UPC: 23464786

  • Getting Started with Oauth 2.0 : Programming Clients for Secure Web API Authorization and Authentication

    Whether you develop web applications or mobile apps, the OAuth 2.0 protocol will save a lot of headaches. This concise introduction shows you how OAuth provides a single authorization technology across numerous APIs on the

    • UPC: 19509429
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Even Faster Web Sites : Performance Best Practices for Web Developers

    As an important follow-up to O'Reilly's bestselling "High Performance Web Sites," this second edition offers additional rules for speeding up Web page loading and

    • UPC: 10898275
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Thriving from A to Z : Best Practices to Increase Resilience, Satisfaction, and Success

    Thriving from A to Z provides you with 26 best practices proven to help you learn, grow, and succeed. The essential best practices, valuable implementation tips, and engaging reflection activities help you build resilience and

    • UPC: 662577702

  • Web Content Management : Systems, Features, and Best Practices

    "Looking to select a web content management system (CMS), but confused about the promises, terminology, and buzzwords? Do you want to understand content management without having to dive into the underlying programming? This book provides

    • UPC: 44979023

  • Detonate : Why - And How - Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (and Bring a Beginner's Mind) to Survive

    "This book explains how organizations built up bad habits, identifies which ones masquerade as "best practices," and suggests alternatives that can contribute to winning in the marketplace. With a focus on optimism and empowerment, it

    • UPC: 408349604

  • The New Frontier In Web Api Programming - eBook

    Do you use a single API Call Processing Server? Worse yet, do you have all of your web servers making individual API calls all on their own? Just a single API transaction takes 9 steps

    • UPC: 448052111

  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare : A Guide to Best Practice

    Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide

    • UPC: 762687928

  • Web Audio API - eBook

    Learn how to create an audio system for a web site or a web application. After reading this guide, you will know how to create audio nodes to play audio, how to connect them to

    • UPC: 455492521

  • Hands-On RESTful API Design Patterns and Best Practices - eBook

    Build effective RESTful APIs for enterprise with design patterns and REST framework’s out-of-the-box capabilitiesKey FeaturesUnderstand advanced topics such as API gateways, API securities, and cloudImplement patterns programmatically with easy-to-follow examplesModernize legacy codebase using API connectors,

    • UPC: 503359052

  • Never RESTing – RESTful API Best Practices using ASP.NET Web API - Spencer Schneidenbach

    Best Practices for API Design to Keep Your App Secure, Scalable and Efficient

    The never-ending REST API design debate by Guillaume Laforge