• Knowledge And Decisions

    With a new preface by the author, this reissue of Thomas Sowell's classic study of decision making updates his seminal work in the context of The Vision of the Annointed, Sowell, one of America's most celebrated public intellectuals, describes in concrete detail how knowledge is shared and disseminated throughout modern society. He warns that society suffers from an ever-widening gap between firsthand knowledge and decision making—a gap that threatens not only our economic and political efficiency, but our very freedom because actual knowledge gets replaced by assumptions based on an abstract... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0465037380
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  • Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick

    Every year, 6 million companies and more than 100,000 products are launched. They all need an awesome name, but many (such as Xobni, Svbtle, and Doostang) look like the results of a drunken Scrabble game. In this entertaining and engaging book, ace naming consultant Alexandra Watkins explains how anyone—even noncreative types—can create memorable and buzz-worthy brand names. No degree in linguistics required. The heart of the book is Watkins’s proven SMILE and SCRATCH Test—two acronyms for what makes or breaks a name. She also provides up-to-date advice, like how to make sure that Siri... [Read More]

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  • Rules to Break and Laws to Follow: How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism

    Praise for Rules to Break & Laws to Follow: How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism "A fascinating, highly readable synthesis of business principles, technology, sociology and common sense, Rules to Break and Laws to Follow persuasively shows the connection between customer trust and business profits, and then explains how to make it happen. As a bonus, you'll learn how to make your company more innovative, how to ensure your employees actually enjoy what they're doing, and how to deal with the kinds of service and quality breakdowns that occasionally plague any company, even a ... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0470227540
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  • Studies of IMF Governance: A Compendium

    The papers in this volume draw on background work done in preparation for the study Governance of the IMF: An Evaluation, Independent Evaluation Office, International Monetary Fund, May 28, 2008 (available at http://www.ieo-imf.org). This compilation presents in one collection the most recent work to date on the subject of governance of the IMF and contributes to the ongoing dialogue on how best to strengthen the governance of this important global institution. Good governance can contribute to the IMF’s legitimacy by ensuring appropriate voice and representation for the membership, by allow... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00CRE37G6
    • ASIN: B00CRE37G6

  • What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider's Story of Organizational Drift and Its Unintended Consequences

    This is the story of the slow evolution of Goldman Sachs—addressing why and how the firm changed from an ethical standard to a legal one as it grew to be a leading global corporation.In What Happened to Goldman Sachs, Steven G. Mandis uncovers the forces behind what he calls Goldman’s “organizational drift.” Drawing from his firsthand experience; sociological research; analysis of SEC, congressional, and other filings; and a wide array of interviews with former clients, detractors, and current and former partners, Mandis uncovers the pressures that forced Goldman to slowly drift away fro... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1422194191
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  • Game Plan for a More Profitable and Productive Law Firm: Thinking like a business, creating daily guidelines, becoming better at analyzing your business processes.

    A comprehensive strategy & reference guide that will detail thetechniques lawyers and law firms need to think like a business. It willhelp firms analyze and improve their business processes, dramaticallyincreasing their profitability and productivity.This book benefits every member of the firm, from partners and theaccounting staff to paralegals and other personnel. Contains examples ofbudgets, financial reports and management reports. Receive powerfulmanagement tips and daily cost cutting shortcuts. Get bills out that aremore accurate. Process your entire billing cycle in half the time. Provi... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0595444938
    • ISBN: 0595444938
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  • Top Class Competitors: How Nations, Firms, and Individuals Succeed in the New World of Competitiveness

    Three decades ago competitiveness was unheard-of; today it has taken the world by storm. But what is it? And will it last? In Top Class Competitors Stéphane Garelli - professor at IMD business school where he is also head of the World Competitiveness Centre, professor at the University of Lausanne, and former managing director of the World Economic Forum - defines competitiveness as the ability of a nation, company or individual to manage a set of disparate competencies to achieve prosperity. For instance, along with traditional policies a nation must tackle education and security to sustain ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0470025697
    • ASIN: 0470025697
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  • The Law and Business of International Project Finance

    This 2007 third edition examines the risks of project finance deals as a step-by-step handbook and reference for

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  • Project Finance - Audiobook

    Long term financing of industrial and infrastructure project is often referred as project finance. The finances are not based on the balance sheets of their sponsors. Instead, it is based on the flaws of cash

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  • Project Finance - eBook

    Project finance is comparatively broad term since it includes various sub theories within it. Since it is practically applied in commercial world, it makes in even broader. When we apply any theory practically, there are

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  • Calculation of Market value of a Firm if an Asset Purchase is Financed with debt - eBook

    "Stephenson Real Estate Company was founded 25 years ago by the current CEO, Robert Stephenson. The company purchases real estate, including land and buildings, and rents the property to tenants. The company has shown a

    • UPC: 204530309

  • Up-to-Date Business (1900), including lessons in banking, exchange, business, geography, finance, transportation, and commercial law - eBook

    Practical business advice, first published in 1900. The author starts with such basic definitions as this one: "A CHEQUE is an order for money, drawn by one who has funds in thebank. It is payable

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  • Modern Management Techniques for Law Firms - eBook

    Effective management is absolutely essential for having a successful and profitable law firm. The author, a recognized authority in management techniques, offers valuable advice in such areas as marketing and advertising, the importance of information

    • UPC: 607702676

  • Financial Modelling for Project Finance : Pre-Financial Close Cashflow Modelling in Excel

    A practical guide to creating, developing and using cash flow models for project finance. Relevant cross-industry, including energy, power, renewables and infrastructure, and for funding structures including classic project finance, PFI, PPP, BOT & DCF

    • UPC: 504324560

  • The Unwritten Laws of Finance and Investment - eBook

    While most financial and investment advice focuses on recent trends, or encourages consumers to buy a favoured product, this book breaks the mould, offering eternal wisdom that draws on years of expensive failures and enviable

    • UPC: 622674102

  • Corporate finance and the theory of the firm - eBook

    Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2003 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 2,0 (B), European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel (Corporate Finance and Capital Markets), language: English,

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  • How to Analyze and Use Leveraged Finance Bonds for Project Finance - eBook

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Much of leveraged finance credit analysis focuses on cash flows. But what happens when the credit you have to look at has no cash flow? What if it is

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  • Creative infrastructure Financing | Pierre-Emmanuel Noel | TEDxULB

    3 Rules for New Lawyers (How to be a Great Law Firm Associate)

    Understanding Portfolio Financing for Law Firms