• Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It Big

    *Winner of the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 2018 Robert Bruss Gold Award and the Nonfiction Authors Association's Gold Award*Think apartments and commercial real estate are just for the big boys? Think again.Brian Murray was not an investment pro when he bought his first commercial property. He was a teacher looking to build some si...

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  • Real Estate Investing For Dummies

    Everything you need to confidently make real estate part of your investing plan Do you want to get involved in real estate investing, but aren't quite sure where to start? Real Estate Investing For Dummies is your go-to resource for making sense of the subject, offering plain-English, step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know to keep...

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  • The 16% Solution: How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low-Interest World with Tax Lien Certificates, Revised Edition

    IN RICH DAD POOR DAD YOU FIRST LEARNED ABOUT THIS BOOK.  NOW READ THE BOOK AND START COLLECTING HIGH INTEREST PAYMENTS!.​Like millions of others, you are probably wondering where to put your money in these low interest times.  Money market funds, banks, and savings and loans are paying less than 5% interest.  After taxes and inflation, a 5% re...

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    • Brand: Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC
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  • Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits

    Multi-Family Millions offers expert advice for investors who want to make the transition from single-family homes to more profitable multi-family units. Successful real estate investor David Lindahl shows you how to find troubled properties that are ripe for quick profits, how to fix or flip those properties, and how to re-sell at maximum value. Wi...

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    • Brand: Wiley

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts: Structure, Performance, and Investment Opportunities (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis)

    The book offers broad understanding and unique insights into the REITs industry. Its scope is to analyze and synthesize the existing scholarly research on REITs in a way that will enable managers to improve their investments decisions and the operating performance of their REITs. It also provides up-to-date original research on REITs based on the a...

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  • Your First Year in Real Estate, 2nd Ed.: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional

    Newly Expanded with More Expert Advice to Help You Build a Winning Real Estate Career Welcome to the world of real estate sales, and the start of an exciting new career! Your destiny is now in your hands. Along with endless opportunities, flexible hours, and the freedom to chart your own path, you also have the potential to earn fabulous amounts o...

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  • If You Can't Wholesale After This: I've Got Nothing For You..

    If You Can't Wholesale After This is a step by step guide to closing your first real estate without needing any of your own money or credit. It's the first book in the "I've Got Nothing For You.." series. This series of books aims to guide you through the process of becoming financially free through real estate investing.If You Can't Wholesale Afte...

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  • Bet On Yourself: From zero to millions

    No matter what you want to achieve in life, you need money. School teaches us almost nothing about money or how to make it. At best, school tells us how to become an employee. But for many people employment means limited options and low pay. And if you lose your one job, you’re in big trouble. There is another way. BET ON YOURSELF: From zero to m...

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  • The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing

    The American Dream has shifted…Not long ago, Americans were bent on home ownership. Most viewed it as one of their great life goals and their largest investment. No more. Almost overnight, the demographics have shifted. For an increasing number of Americans of all ages and backgrounds, renting is in, and home ownership is out.Experienced commerci...

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  • How To Create Wealth Investing In Real Estate: How to Build Wealth with Multi-Family Real Estate

    In How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate Grant Cardone shares the exact formula he used to create almost $1B of real estate holdings, almost 5000 units. This is not a book about flipping or wholesaling homes, its about investing in real estate that is a proven method for creating massive wealth.This book is about how you can buy income prod...

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  • Short-Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing: How to Buy "No-Equity" Properties Directly from the Bank - at Huge Discounts

    Learn all about short-sales, the hottest topic in today’s real estate investing market, with Short-Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing: How to Buy "No-Equity" Properties Directly from the Bank -- at Huge Discounts. Understand how to buy properties at big discounts, creating windfall profits. Using this guide, you can access information about a topic t...

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  • Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing

    Discover what every beginner needs to know about investing in Commercial Real Estate. Why you should be a commercial investor, where the biggest pitfalls are, which types of properties are best for those just getting started, how to analyze any commercial deal quickly, how to speak the language of commercial real estate, the 4 guiding principles of...

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  • The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing, Second Edition

    Start making money today ---with the ultimate guide for first-time investors No matter what the market does, real estate stilloffers plenty of moneymaking opportunities. In thisnew edition of The Beginner's Guide to RealEstate Investing, Gary W. Eldred presents the toolsand knowledge new investors need to get started profitably. Packed with smart ...

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  • Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas

    Praise for Emerging Real Estate Markets "In this book, you'll discover how to snatch real estate opportunities at low prices, before their value becomes common knowledge. Buy all the copies on the bookshelf before your competitor does!" --Frank McKinney, "The Maverick Daredevil Real Estate Entrepreneur" and author of Frank McKinney's Maverick App...

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  • Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases

    While many books offer sample forms and advice about drafting clauses for retail, office, and industrial leases, few examine the essential business issues underlying each clause of the lease from both sides of the negotiating table — tenant and landlord alike. Whether you are a business owner about to sign a lease, a real estate professional dete...

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  • Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat : The Brrrr Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple

    Over 30,000 units sold of David Greene's first bestseller, Long-Distance Real Estate Investing! Invest in real estate and never run out of money--using the hottest strategy in the real estate world! For years, investors have

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  • The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties : How to Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property

    This practical, real-world guide gives investors all the tools they need to make wise decisions when weighing the value and potential of investment properties. Written for old pros as well as novice investors, this friendly,

    • UPC: 25951817

  • How Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep: The Guide to Getting Started With Student Rental Property Investment - eBook

    Want to know how you can make more money with a rental property?This book will give you a great introduction to the lucrative real estate investment market of student housing. There is much more to

    • UPC: 806292672

  • Property and Real Estate Investments: How To Buy, Remodel, and Sell Fix-upper Houses - eBook

    Table of ContentsIntroductionInvesting in a FixerProperty And DisputesMortgages and ForeclosuresLocalityDIY or a Contractor Do It?When Should You Buy a FixerTaking Professional AdviceSelling It or Renting It outBuying Foreclosed propertyMy Property Is Going to Appreciate…The ABC's

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  • Property Investment Valuation with Excel - eBook

    This ebook provides a detailed presentation of the use of spreadsheets in property valuation and finance.  It describes the process of using discount tables to undertake real property valuations It also describes how to undertake

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  • Earn Huge Returns from Property Investments - eBook

    This book is about A Comprehensive Guide on how to earn Huge Returns from Property Investments irrespective of the size of your bank account and irrespective of whether you have any experience in this field.

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  • Property Investment: the essential rules - eBook

    This inspirational book contains the guiding principles to help you become a successful property investor.Whether you want to invest in buy-to-let, have a go at some development projects, or take a calculated risk on some

    • UPC: 554455380

  • Complete Guide to Property Investment in France - eBook

    For the property investor France has it all ? a uniquely stable housing market, a vast long-term rental market and 70-80 million tourists a year looking for short term accommodation.But that is not all. Property

    • UPC: 623217998

  • Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets - eBook

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Buying at the Point of Maximum Pessimism: Six Value Investing Trends from China to Oil to Agriculture (9780137038497), by Scott

    • UPC: 136721274

  • As Safe As Houses: Cracking the Code to Profitable Property Investment - eBook

    Are you considering retirement and wondering how you will afford it? Do you want to retire early or sack your boss? Maybe you have tried investing and it didn’t work out or you lost money.

    • UPC: 602239137

  • How To Know If a Property Is A Good Investment

    How To Buy Your First Rental Property (Step by Step)

    Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property [Using The Four Square Method!]