• Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets- Portable Potty Trainer for Indoor and Outdoor Use by PETMAKER- Puppy Essentials, 20" x 25"

    House training your pet can be simple when utilizing the benefits of the Indoor, Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Small Pets by PETMAKER. This bathroom mat and tray is designed to accommodate to the potty training needs of puppies, along with the needs of small to medium sized pets that are unable to make it outside for any reason. The portable pet pad and tray system allows your cat or dog to have an acceptable place to relieve themselves, which ensures a cleaner house, apartment, or patio.IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our lo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00ICVHY5I
    • UPC: 799457470404
    • ASIN: B00ICVHY5I
    • Brand: PETMAKER
    • Size: Medium
    • Manufacturer: PAW

  • NaturVet - Potty Here Training Aid Spray - Attractive Scent Helps Train Puppies & Dogs Where to Potty - Formulated for Indoor & Outdoor Use - 8 oz

    NaturVet Potty Here Training Aid Spray is a dog potty training aid that helps train pups of all ages where to potty. Formulated for Indoor/Outdoor use and great for artificial grass and puppy pads, the unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. Make puppy potty training a breeze with Potty Here!

    • UPC: 785983737913
    • Brand: NaturVet
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Garmon Corp. / NaturVet

  • BrilliantPad Replacement Rolls for The Self-Cleaning Dog Potty (2 Pack) | Easy to Use, Super Absorbent, No Mess Puppy Pads for Dogs 25 lbs and Under

    BrilliantPad is the world's first self-cleaning dog potty for puppies and small dogs! No more smelly, messy potty training pads! BrilliantPad's adjustable timer automatically replaces a dirty pad with a clean, fresh one -- or refreshes anytime at touch of a button. BrilliantPad soaks up #1, begins to dry out #2 and then wraps and seals waste to keep your home clean and odor free. Enjoy freedom and flexibility and improve health and hygiene. BRILLIANT PAD FEATURES BrilliantPad is Convenient World's first self-cleaning dog potty Handles #1 and #2 Motor automatically replaces dirty pad with a cle... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07659LCZM
    • UPC: 866294000320
    • ASIN: B07659LCZM
    • Brand: BrilliantPad
    • Size: 2 Rolls
    • Manufacturer: BrilliantPad

  • Simple Solution Training Puppy Pads | 6 Layer Dog Pee Pads, Absorbs Up to 6 Cups of Liquid | 23x24 Inches, 100 Count

    When your pet goes toward the edge of the pad (as they always seem to do) you’ll be happy about the 6-layer construction and InstaShield technology. Simple Solution Dog Training Pads contain everything, including the odor. The attractant means your dog with find and use the pad. The new wetness indicator means you’ll know they have.

    • ASIN: B004AP9Y58
    • UPC: 010279113493
    • ASIN: B004AP9Y58
    • Brand: Simple Solution
    • Size: 100 ct
    • Manufacturer: Out International

  • Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads | Puppy Potty Training Pads That ABSORB & NEUTRALIZE Urine Instantly | New & Improved Quality, 100 count

    Glad for Pets waste bags, dispensers, and training pads are dependable and specially designed for easy clean up! Built with Glad level strength, everyday training and clean up accessories bring innovation to each stage of your dog's life, from training pads using activated carbon technology, to daily waste bags with dispensers. Glad Activated Carbon Training Pads for pets are made with five layers of strength for leak-proof protection. The activated carbon layer absorbs odor and yellow spots while the polymer layer absorbs and locks in liquid, all while turning it into a gel. The quilted cushi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01LWS9514
    • UPC: 742797781921
    • ASIN: B01LWS9514
    • Brand: Glad for Pets
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: Fetch for Pets

  • AmazonBasics Regular Pet Dog and Puppy Training Pads - Pack of 150

    AmazonBasics Pet-Training Pads Perfect for Potty Training: Give your puppy the best chance for success when it comes to potty training. AmazonBasics pet-training pads offer superior performance and reliable convenience so that adorable little Fido learns fast. In addition to training young pups, the pads also work well for assisting sick or aging dogs, making dogs more comfortable during transport, or offering an alternative to dogs without timely outdoor access. Dimensions: Each pad measures 22 by 22 inches (56x56 cm). 5-Layer Leak-Proof Design: Each pad comes with five layers to ensure leak-... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00MW8G6OC
    • UPC: 696739291422
    • ASIN: B00MW8G6OC
    • Brand: AmazonBasics
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics

  • PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Potty, Alternative to Puppy Pads, Large

    " The PetSafe Pet Loo is the perfect solution for busy or urban pet parents. This portable indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs, cats and small pets. The Pet Loo is a convenient alternative to pee pads. No more coming home for lunch or rushing home after work to let your pup out. Train your pet to potty inside! The urine conveniently drains through the grass mat into the Pee Pod and the Wee Sponge powder absorbs the liquid on contact to trap odors and help make clean-up easy. Use PetSafe Wee Care Enzyme Cleaner to spray on the Pet Loo grass and base to help keep your Pet Loo smelling fresh. Av... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B002DCWA4C
    • UPC: 729849144996
    • ASIN: B002DCWA4C
    • Brand: PetSafe
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Waste Management

  • Simple Solution Training Puppy Pads | Extra Large, 6 Layer Dog Pee Pads, Absorbs Up to 7 Cups of Liquid | 28x30 Inches, 50 Count

    Housebreaking a dog, or caring for an incontinent pet isn’t always easy. Simple Solution Extra Large Dog Training Pads will help take the stress and mess out of your life. The attractant will make sure your pup finds the right spot to go, and our InstaShield Technology neutrilizes odors while keeping it all contained -- up to 7 cups of liquid!

    • ASIN: B003UHUWSU
    • UPC: 010279112687
    • ASIN: B003UHUWSU
    • Brand: Simple Solution
    • Size: 50 ct
    • Manufacturer: Out International

  • AKC Training Pads, 100-Pack

    Training Pads are ideal for puppies and dogs that stay indoors for long periods of time. What you should do; Unfold the training pad and place it in a confined area. (Blue plastic side down). It is important to place your puppy or dog on the training pad several times a day in order to get him used it. on the average, a puppy must relieve himself every few hours, based on his age (a 2 month old puppy every 2 hours, a 3 month old every hours etc). If your pet relieves himself somewhere other than the designated spot where the pad is placed, bring him back to the correct spot immediately. Keep i... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B008JR7O32
    • UPC: 856025005113
    • ASIN: B008JR7O32
    • Brand: American Kennel Club
    • Size: 22" x 22" - Pack of 100
    • Manufacturer: European Home Designs

  • Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pee Potty Pad, Bathroom Tinkle Artificial Grass Turf, Portable Potty Trainer (20 x 25 inches with Drawer)

    This pee turf bathroom relief system is lightweight, convenient, and mimics soft real grass. Never worry about a mess anymore! The indoor potty is treated with anti-microbial odor control and is easy to clean. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use on balconies, patios, porches. This product is weatherproof and durable and is guaranteed to make your life easier. Replacement turfs available. 20"x25", 20"x30", 20"x25" with drawer available.

    • ASIN: B01D3J7W14
    • UPC: 600346143913
    • ASIN: B01D3J7W14
    • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply
    • Size: 20"x 25" w/ Drawer
    • Manufacturer: Downtown Pet Supply

  • Millie Mats Washable Dog Pee Pads for Puppies, Incontinent & Senior Dogs. Leak Proof to Protect Floors. Use for Whelping, Travel Mat or Indoor Potty Pad Size 44" x 63" Single

    Millie Mats was designed by a dog owner who experienced the challenges of housebreaking a Labrador puppy while living in an urban area where outside space is not easily or quickly accessible. Using disposable training pads were very helpful but very costly and environmentally unfriendly. To help solve this issue, Millie Mats was born. Millie Mats were carefully engineered to provide multi-purpose functions and to aesthetically blend in the surroundings, whether needed in the living room, in the crate, on the car seat, on the bed or furniture where dogs are allowed. Millie Mats Essential Fea... [Read More]

    • UPC: 768114774162
    • Brand: Millie Mats
    • Size: 44" x 63" - XXL Single Pack
    • Manufacturer: youngsco

  • BESTLE Extra Large Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads for Dogs 28"x34" -40 Count Super Absorbent & Leak-Free

    BESTLE CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOUR PET.BESTLE pet training pads provide all day protection for potty training, making cleanup a breeze. Our dog pads are of high quality, more durable than the most training pads. 5-layer design makes it super absorbent and leakproof, preventing leaks that can damage your floor or carpet. And the absorbent polymer turns liquid into a gel instantly, minimizing odors and moisture. It is ideal to place the puppy pads in paper boxes, pet pad holders, dog kennels, pet crates, pet carriers on car seats to eliminate odors. Specifications:      - Top Layer Material: No... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07CXJC82F
    • UPC: 665059002254
    • ASIN: B07CXJC82F
    • Brand: BESTLE
    • Size: 28"x34" -40 Count
    • Manufacturer: BESTLE

  • Hartz Home Protection Unscented Odor Eliminating Gel Dog Pads - 100 Count - 3270014938

    Coming home to pet messes is not how anyone likes to unwind after a long day, which is why we set out to create the ultimate dog pad. Hartz Home Protection dog pads make clean-up simpler, make replacement and disposal easy, and protect flooring from unpleasant accidents. Excellent for dogs living in homes with limited access to the outdoors, senior pups with restricted movement, puppies in training or sick dogs, Home Protection has you covered at every corner. Our absorption experts analyzed urine distribution and designed a pad with 6 layers, containing our Flash-Dry technology which creates ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B019DZ3WUW
    • UPC: 032700149383
    • ASIN: B019DZ3WUW
    • Brand: Hartz
    • Size: 21" x 21"
    • Manufacturer: Hartz

  • All-absorb Extra Large Training Pads 28-inch By 34-inch, 40-count

    Every All-absorb training pad consists of 5 layers of materials. The first layer is made of non-woven cloth, which allows dog urine flow through to the absorbent core quickly. The second layer is made of paper tissue, added with dog attractant and baking soda. The third layer is a mix of super-absorbent polymer and fluff pulp, which forms the absorbent core that can absorb and turn dog urine to gel instantly. The absorbent core can hold 3 cups of liquid. The fourth layer is also made of paper tissue. The back layer is made of water-proof PE film, which prevents wetting your floor.

    • ASIN: B00ENL0JJO
    • UPC: 851937005015
    • ASIN: B00ENL0JJO
    • Brand: All-Absorb
    • Size: X-Large
    • Manufacturer: All-Absorb

  • Top Dog, Black Premium Puppy Pad (80 Pack) Dog Training Pads with Quick-Dry Odor Control Carbon, Perfect for Puppy Training and Mature Pets, 22 x 23, 80 Count

    Top Dog has created the solution to your puppy training blues! Behold: Black Puppy Pads to Hide the Mess and Activated Carbon to neutralize the smell. These puppy pads are 25% thicker and 2x more absorbent than those of major name brand competitors. Built with 5-layer construction, our puppy training pads are optimized to ensure your floors stay clean and dry all day long. [*] Layer 1 is our unique Activated Carbon Technology for maximum absorption and minimum odor. [*] Layer 2 is a Super Absorptive Polymer layer that turns liquid into gel instantly! This material is based on technology from U... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00UN675M2
    • UPC: 635346988271
    • ASIN: B00UN675M2
    • Brand: Top Dog Pet and Home Care
    • Size: Large 80 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Top Dog Pet and Home Care

  • Pet All Star Training Pads, 22 in x 22 in, 100 Count

    Keep your floors clean while training your puppy with Pet All Star Puppy Pads. These training pads feature five-layer construction for fast absorbency. They also include a scent that attracts

    • UPC: 44856982
    • Model: WMTPR99
    • Color: White
    • Size: 22" x 22"
    • Rating: 4.107

  • Pet All Star XL Training Pads, 26 in x 30 in, 75 Count

    Clearance! Was $36.97This down jacket is a great coat for those cold winter

    • UPC: 872893
    • Model: 136022
    • Size: 26" x 30"
    • Rating: 4.37

  • Pet All Star XXL Training Pads, 30 in x 36 in, 40 Count

    Keep your floors safe from your excitable new puppy with the help of the Pet All Star XXL Training Pads. When you’ve welcomed your brand-new dog to your home, being proactive is a must. Set

    • UPC: 117365938
    • Model: WMTPXXL40
    • Size: 30" x 36"
    • Rating: 4.54

  • Glad for Pets, Activated Carbon Training Pads, 23 in x 23 in

    Glad Activated Carbon Training Pads are made with 5 layers of strength for leak-proof protection. The activated carbon layer absorbs odor and yellow spots while the polymer layer absorbs and locks in liquid while turning

    • UPC: 117978326
    • Model: FFP8653
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 50 ct
    • Rating: 4.021

  • Hartz Home Protection Odor-Eliminating Dog Pads, 21 in x 21 in

    Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads 100-Count are highly absorbent and won't spread or leak while you potty train your pet. These pads eliminate urine odor and have a light, fresh fragrance. Only Hartz dog pads

    • UPC: 36266499
    • Model: 14840
    • Color: Purple
    • Size: 100
    • Rating: 4.303

  • Vet's Best Dog Pad Holder | Portable Tray for Pet Training and Puppy Pads | Protection Against Pad Leakage, Bunching, and Shredding | Fits Pads 21 x 21 Inches or Larger

    Vet’s best Floor Protection Dog Pad Holder is a must-have accessory for homes that depend on training pads. In addition to simply holding your puppy’s training pad in place, it prevents tearing and shredding of

    • UPC: 884582323
    • Model: 3165810389
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Paws & Pals Paws & Pals Pet Puppy Potty Pads, 5-Layer Durable, Leak-proof Training Pads

    Absorbent and fast drying, the 5-layer puppy training pads have a highly absorbent top layer, odor reducing middle layer and a waterproof lining that makes puppy training stress free. Ideal for pets who are home

    • UPC: 188643677
    • Model: PTPP-01-150
    • Rating: 4.388

  • Hartz home protection odor-eliminating xl dog pads, 30 in x 21 in, 30 count

    Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Dog pads are highly absorbent and won't spread or leak. These pads eliminate urine odor and have a light, fresh fragrance. Only Hartz Dog Pads are made with Flash-Dry technology

    • UPC: 36266498
    • Model: 14839
    • Color: Purple
    • Size: 30" x 21"
    • Rating: 4.396

  • OUT! Ultimate Pro-Grip Dog Pads | Absorbent Pet Training and Puppy Pads | Grip Technology Prevents Slipping and Bunching | 50 Pads | 21 x 21 Inches

    OUT! Pet Care is proud to introduce our new ultimate Pro-Grip dog pads with Pro-Grip™ technology to help reduce messes from slipping and bunching. Contains a moisture lock™ core that is 2x super absorbent and

    • UPC: 50103910
    • Model: 72462PG-4P
    • Rating: 3.957

  • Arm & hammer puppy pads with baking soda, 22.5 in x 22.5 in, 100 count

    Say Goodbye to unpleasant odors with thin and powerful Arm & Hammer puppy and dog training pads. Whether you are training a new puppy or assisting an aging dog who has been the family companion

    • UPC: 816602128
    • Model: 655
    • Size: 22.5 x 22.5
    • Rating: 3.308

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