• The Rule of 2/3rds Betting Strategy For Roulette: Odds Of Winning On Every Spin: 81 to 95%!

    (Other booklets on casino gambling are listed on the Carlos Turver page at Amazon.com. His most recent publications are titled: “A Diet for The Body’s Needs, Not for Its Wants” subtitled “Eating the Same Meals Every Day Helps to Lose and to Maintain an Appropriate Weight” “Guadalajara Today May – July 2017” subtitled “The State Ca...

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  • Craps Book: The Best Gambling Guide to Beating Casino Craps - The Power of Pairs: Taking Advantage of Combined Probabilities on the Dice and Other Advanced Craps Strategies

    What you will learn:• How to play craps• Basic rules of the game• Types of bets and payouts• Advanced strategy to reduce your risk• Betting progression to optimize profits• 85 pages• Kindle or eBook instant delivery• Readable on all device typesEvery time I play craps at a casino, the dealers point out my strategy to one another and...

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  • Paladone Pocket Roulette - Travel Game

    Gamble on the go with a pocket version of this classic game of chance! Designed for 2-4 players, this Pocket Roulette set is perfect for a bit fun wherever you are, coming with everything you need to create your own mini casino. With an integrated fully functioning roulette wheel, take a spin and see if your luck's in as you compete with friends an...

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    • Brand: Paladone

  • Blackjack!

    • Brand: Sinan Özeray

  • Live Roulette Strategy - Proven Betting Strategy by High Rollers

    Real Roulette Prediction System - Method that help you win at Live Roulette.Read carefully every detail and you will understand how to apply this method in a real land based or online casino. The good thing about this system is that you can place your bets before the dealer makes a spin!...

    • ASIN: B01M5GFTO9

  • Psycho Dice Russian Roulette Game Chili Chocolate Game

    Psycho Dice Russian Roulette Game Psycho Dice is a game for 2- 6 players. Place your bets. Shoot the Psycho Dice. Dodge the bullets You're aiming for high scores and bonus points, but rolling any bullet dice means a non-scoring throw and the bullets must be set aside for the rest of your turn. Continue shooting until all five Psycho Dice show a bu...

    • ASIN: B076D8WK6B
    • Brand: Dr. Burnorium's Psycho Juice

  • High Probability Roulette

    • ASIN: B076FDR147

  • Strong Roulette System Your Choice TMPC Method ( Sixth Edition )

    TMPC Method is offering the chance of the life time, you now can receive two of TMPC Method Roulette Strategies and choose which ever one works best for you. They both a amazing roulette strategies that can get the job done, but some people prefer two types of playing when it comes to roulette. Get your choice and get the results you are looking fo...

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  • Roulette Profitmaster: Proven Roulette Strategy by High Rollers (RPM0100800 Book 100800)

    By reading my ebook I am sure you will start to understand the basics of my prediction methods. So please use this as a self training guide for example. I have written this from my own perspective, stating what I find works the best in order to predict where the ball will land.I developed the basics in real casinos, over time I become more accurate...

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  • Roulette Strategy - Outside Bets using CONTROL

    Roulette Strategy is required if you plan on attacking this great game in the casino. Roulette Betting Strategy, free Roulette Strategy or Roulette Strategies can be found everywhere and are a dime a dozen. What makes our's the best Roulette Strategy is that it has been tested and used for decades by the inventor and many of his students. This w...

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  • Roulette Puzzle

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  • Psycho Loco Russian Roulette Game Chili Chocolate Game

    Psycho Loco Russian Roulette Game Psycho Loco is a strategic card game for 2-5 players. Players bet on how many of their cards they can match to the target Psycho Dice over five rounds. The winner of each round acquires all wagered Betting Bones as well as an all important Skull Token. Winning is everything. The player with the fewest Skull Toke...

    • ASIN: B076D7YC4F
    • Brand: Dr. Burnorium's Psycho Juice

  • ROULETTE X STRATEGY + 2 BONUS SYSTEMS, American Roulette Gambling, Betting Aid

    BONUS TWO NEW GAMBLING SYSTEMS WITH WINNING POTENTIAL INCLUDED WITH THE ROULETTE X INSTRUCTIONS. I won money using the Roulette X as well as the two new gambling systems included with this listing and I hope you will too. This is the new Roulette X gambling system designed for the American Roulette, an essential tool for every Casino Roulette gambl...

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  • Gambling The Guru Way: Professional Systems And Techniques For Profitable Investment

    Discover why Gambling is the modern name of InvestmentGambling The Guru Way reveals systems that convert the word 'gambling' to 'investment'. Discover a new and unique system released to the public for the first time, to beat the hell out of European Roulette, thus increasing the probability of winning to an all time high unlike the conventional sy...

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  • Roulette Strategy: Outside Bets using CONTROL - eBook

    This book will give you, the better a complete system and methodology for betting Roulette, in particular the outside bets. This book will cover the Roulette Strategy on how to play on the six bets

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  • The Longevity Betting Strategy for Winning at Roulette

    The Longevity Betting Strategy for Winning at

    • UPC: 53297797

  • SAFEST roulette strategy = Small Bankroll!

    Roulette WIN tricks with $10 Bets.

    Fastest Winning Roulette System!