• Thermaltronics BC-10 Solder Tip Cleaning Wire

    Thermaltronics BC-10 Brass curls (12 grams each/10 per Pack) are used for cleaning soldering tips. For use on all soldering tips.

    • ASIN: B00NS49LPU
    • Color: Original version
    • Brand: Thermaltronics
    • UPC: 755835975022

  • Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (Black)

    The Best Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner: Include a Base Holder and The Brass Wire Ball, Which is Softer Than The Tip Plating Yet, and Harder Than The Oxidation That Forms On The Tip. So They Help to Remove Oxides and Excess Solder to Preserve Tip Life and Enable Clean, Precise Soldering. Brass Wire Cleans Soldering Iron Tips Without The Need for Water...

    • ASIN: B00J66FSY2
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Horsebiz
    • UPC: 799804990753

  • Hakko 599B-02 Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner

    The Hakko 599B-02 is a replacement solder tip cleaning wire sponge. These sponges are hard enough to remove debris and some corrosion from the solder tips while being soft enough not to damage the tip. They help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean, precise soldering....

    • Color: Bronze
    • Brand: Hakko
    • UPC: 641328041063

  • Soldering Tip Cleaner Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and Holder Soft Coiled Brass Tip Cleaner Kit with 5 PCS Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and 1 PC Holder for Cleaning Soldering Irons and Tips, No Water Needed

    Specification : Cleaning Wire Material: Brass Cleaning Holder Material: Stainless Steel Package List: 5 x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner- Cleaning Brass Wire 1 x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Holder

    • ASIN: B076X1NYBB
    • Brand: XOOL
    • UPC: 710619567954

  • Kaisiking Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and Holder Station Soft Coiled Brass with 3 Pcs Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and 1 Pcs Holder For Cleaning Soldering Irons and Tips

    Attention:Please wear gloves during replace the metal wire,put the cleaner uprightly when open it. Metal wire is springy so that don't take it out to sweep the tip, will possibly splash the melted residual solder, please be carefulTakes out when the clean tinsel, after certainly must coolly wait to be able to carry on, in order to avoid get wound.O...

    • ASIN: B07FYJC3DF
    • Color: KT-Solder tip cleaner
    • Brand: Kaisiking
    • UPC: 760960440451

  • Homewerks VHB-STD-F4B Hose Bibb, Male Thread and Solder, Brass, 3/4-Inch

    3/4", brass, standard threaded hose bibb, 3/4" hose thread outlet, pipe threads comply with ansi B1.20.1, hose threads comply with ansi B1.20.7.

    • ASIN: B0046HACS8
    • Brand: Homewerks
    • UPC: 879420000644

  • FEITA Solder Tip Cleaning Brass Wire for Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner - 5 Packs

    FEITA solder tip cleaning wire is designed for cleaning soldering tips, no sponge or water is needed. It maintains the solder tip temp during cleaning to ensure better workability. Dome shape design limits solder splash. Will not wear out solder tips and prevents oxidation of the tips.Package Include:5 x 26 grams Cleaning Wire Sponge Ball...

    • ASIN: B01HUQDT9K
    • Brand: FEITA

  • Soldering Tip Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Brass Tip Cleaner Kit and 6PCS Brass Ball Wire-type with 1PC Ball Shell Holder for Cleaning Solder Irons and Tips

    Product Description: Kulannder Soldering tip cleaner is a best replacement of the traditional sponge, the tip can be cleaned thoroughly, convenient and efficient, improve work efficiency. Specification: Material: Cleaning Wire: Brass Cleaning Holder: Stainless Steel Packing Include: 6*Soldering Tip Cleaner Brass Wire 1*Soldering Tip Cleaner Holder...

    • ASIN: B07FX4V7PZ
    • Brand: Kulannder

  • Harris Safety-Silv 56% 1/16 Silver Solder Brazing Alloy 1 Troy Ounce, 75310 5631

    For ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Often used to braze stainless steel. High silver content alloy; makes premium-quality brazes. Free flowing with unsurpassed capillary attraction and deep penetration with high ductility. Suitable for use in the food processing industry....

    • ASIN: B0713Y6V2F
    • Brand: Harris
    • UPC: 688940429831

  • Aven 17530-TC Soft Coiled Brass Tip Cleaner

    Our soft coiled brass tip cleaner reduces the potential to introduce contaminants to the tip. Cleans better than conventional sponges. No water is required. Keeps tip temperature constant to avoid tip shock. Has 3 rubber tip to prevent cleaner from moving....

    • ASIN: B00LTKUPD2
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Aven
    • UPC: 766955340287

  • Brass Wire Solder, 3 ft, 20 Gage, Cadmium-free Made in the USA

    The 20-gauge brass wire solder is an excellent color match for yellow brass pieces, eliminating mismatched seams or being limited to cold connections. This solder contains approximately 38% silver. Easy to handle, wire solder is often used for 'stick' soldering, allowing to you to continually 'feed' solder to your task as you work....

    • Brand: Bedrock Jewelry
    • UPC: 095225722356

  • 5PCS Premium Solder Tip Cleaning Ball + 50g Solder Paste Flux, Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Brass Wire(28-30g/pc, Full Brass), A Good Replacment To the Conventional Sponges

    Soldering tip cleaner, do not need water,improve work efficiency,prolong soldring tip life, effetively avoid premature wastage of soldering iron tips. A great replacment of convenient sponges ! Features: 1. Premium Brass Material. Copper cleaning ball.Remove tip oxide effectively 2. Do not ned water, no temperature losing, improve work effecienc...

    • ASIN: B07LBLY9VG
    • Brand: YHYZ-US
    • UPC: 641926031626

  • Flexzion Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner, Soft Coiled Brass Wire Sponge Stainless Steel Holder with Rosin Flux

    When the iron tip oxidizes and burnt flux accumulates on it, solder no longer wets the tip, impeding heat transfer and making soldering difficult or impossible; Tips must be periodically cleaned. Soldering flux will help to remove oxide; The more active the flux the better the cleaning. A tip which is cleaned but not retinned is also susceptible to...

    • Brand: Flexzion
    • UPC: 810651033483

  • Aoyue Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Brass wire sponge, no water needed

    • ASIN: B005C789EU
    • Brand: Aoyue
    • UPC: 022099136231

  • Aven 17530 Soldering Stand with Soft Coiled Tip Cleaner

    Sturdy and heavy-duty metal soldering iron stand with Bakelite ring that holds the iron and protects the tip. The built in soft coiled brass tip cleaner reduces the potential to introduce contaminants to the tip. Cleans better than conventional sponges. No water is required. Keeps tip temperature constant to avoid tip shock.  Has 4 rubber feet to ...

    • ASIN: B00LQG47V0
    • Brand: Aven
    • UPC: 766955340164

  • 3/4" Ball Valve, Solder Brass - No. 107-454

    Features: Vibration proof lock nut Dacromet plated handle Hard chrome plated ball Full port Forged brass Application: 400 PSI water, oil & air 150 PSI steam -20 to 350 deg

    • UPC: 779885110
    • Color: MulitcolorOther

  • Gas Diffusers, Brass, For Best Welds 400 Amp; Tweco No. 2 4 Mig Guns


    • UPC: 185512642
    • Model: 054A
    • Color: MulticolorMulti

  • Gas Diffusers, Brass, for Best Welds 250a; Tweco No. 2 Mig Guns; No. 3, 4 Nozzle


    • UPC: 112136387
    • Model: 52FN
    • Color: MulticolorMulti

  • Gas Diffusers, Brass, For Bernard MIG Guns/1500 Series Contact Tips, 400-600A


    • UPC: 164789039
    • Model: 900-4635
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Electrode Holders - High Tong Type, 200 A, Brass, For #3 Cable, 4 Mm Cap., 8.46"


    • UPC: 140363985
    • Model: 900-A-532
    • Color: Multicolor

  • Gas Diffusers, Brass, For Bernard Mig Guns 7400 Series Contact Tips, 400-600a


    • UPC: 182352767
    • Model: 900-4435
    • Color: Multicolor


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