• Staple Gun, 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun with 1800 Staples - Heavy Duty Gun for Upholstery, Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture

    Product Features The staple gun made of thick carbon steel. Adopting the principle of spring spring-back impact, just your hands to operate without other power source Staples for nail gun has 4-14mm 3 different nails, for fixing material, decoration, carpentry, furniture, doors and windows, meet the needs of various household DIY Non-slip matte handle, increase the frictional resistance between the palm and the nail gun, which is more convenient and labor-saving The user-friendly Staple Channel allows you to easily pull it out and easily solve the problem of nail stuck Our nail guns have dedic... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07HMY19D1
    • ASIN: B07HMY19D1
    • Brand: Topec
    • Manufacturer: Topec

  • WORKPRO Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit, 4-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer with 3000 Staples and 1000 Brad Nails, Stapler for Upholstery, Material Repair, Decoration, DIY, Furniture, Doors and Windows, Carpentry

    The WORKPRO 4-in-1 Staple Gun is compatible with heavy-duty and light-duty D-staples/U-staple/Brad nails. Along with the stampler the bundle comes with 4000 staples/nails in 4 different sizes. A lever for High/Low power adjustment and a lever for selecting the type of staple you're using add to the ease of operation. The perfect choice for a heavy-duty manual stapler, great for home, office, and worksite. Works well for upholstery, weather stripping, insulation, small fencing, and more!

    • ASIN: B07PHRK1R5
    • UPC: 820909753414
    • ASIN: B07PHRK1R5
    • Brand: WORKPRO
    • Size: Heavy-Duty

  • Surebonder 9615A-300-3A 22G Pneumatic Upholstery Staple Gun Kit-includes15,000 Staples (Air Compressor Needed Not Inlcuded)

    This is a must for every DIY homeowner! The kit includes a 22G pneumatic staple gun, a sturdy carrying case, bottle of tool oil, one allen wrench, an operating instruction guide and 5000 staples of each of these leg lengths: 3/8", 7/16" and 5/8". The Surebonder 22G pneumatic staple gun is easy to use and is ideal for but not limited to upholstery, insulation, roofing felt, automotive vinyl, fabric projects, golf cart seats and more. The gun drives 3/8" crown, 22G, 5/16" thru 5/8" leg length staples. Features include a rubber grip for comfort, 1/4" male quick release connector, a magazine capac... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06XJ5C9GD
    • UPC: 018239360321
    • ASIN: B06XJ5C9GD
    • Brand: Surebonder
    • Manufacturer: FPC CORPORATION

  • Staple Gun with Remover - 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Nail Steel Gun Kit with 1800 Staples, Upholstery Stapler for Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Doors and Windows

    AECCN brings you professional tools for building & construction. This purpose stapling gun is great for securing insulation plastic sheeting, carpets, and other fastening applications. All steel casing and mechanics. are professional products as well as devoted renovation, repair, DIY and hobby work at home. High quality products you can rely on. Material: Chrome steel Product Weight: 1.21lb Product Size: 7.48 x 6.38 x 1.1 inches Package Include: 1 x Staple Gun 600 x Door-type Staples 600 x T-type Staples 600 x U-type Staples NOTE: * Never aim the staple gun at any person, child or animal.... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07M98J9Z2
    • UPC: 192242445456
    • ASIN: B07M98J9Z2
    • Brand: AECCN
    • Manufacturer: AECCN

  • Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler (Air compressor needed-not included)

    • ASIN: B000EOJPC6
    • UPC: 018239333042
    • ASIN: B000EOJPC6
    • Brand: FPC Corporation (Surebonder)
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: FPC CORPORATION

  • 3PLUS H7116SP 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch

    This 3PLUS H7116SP is a 22-gauge Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler that will drive staples from 1/4" - 5/8" in length. It accepts any brand of 22 gauge 3/8" crown staples that are most comparable with 71 series, C-Crown Staples. The convenient bottom load magazine allows you to re-load quickly and work more efficiently. Features include a rubber grip for comfort, 1/4" male air plug, a magazine capacity of 180 staples, and a 360° adjustable exhaust. This 3PLUS stapler requires 60-100 PSI air pressure, so it will work with most air compressors.

    • ASIN: B07KQ52FBB
    • UPC: 682838708022
    • ASIN: B07KQ52FBB
    • Brand: 3PLUS
    • Manufacturer: 3PLUS

  • Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T-50 Type Stapler Kit, 1/4-Inch - 9/16-Inch, 7-Piece

    This user friendly and lightweight air powered stapler is a must for the DIY homeowner. You will be able to finish your projects or repairs in half the time and have fun doing it. In this kit you will receive 1250 staples of each different length: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 9/16". These are Surebonder #4 standard size heavy duty staples, same as ArrowT50 type staples. The kit also includes a high impact carrying case, an Allen wrench, small bottle of tool oil and easy to follow operating instructions. The applications are endless-here are a few; Upholstery, insulation, screen repair, woodwork... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00PK1BMR4
    • UPC: 018239357383
    • ASIN: B00PK1BMR4
    • Brand: Surebonder
    • Size: 1/4-Inch - 9/16-Inch
    • Manufacturer: FPC CORPORATION

  • BeA 71/16-421 Fine Wire 22-Gauge Stapler for 71 Series or Senco C Style Staples with 3/8-Inch Crown and 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch Leg Length

    Bea - Fine Wire 22-Gauge Upholstery Stapler Bea - Fine Wire 22-Gauge Upholstery Stapler accepts Senco C style Staples with 3/8-Inch Crown. They are used for art, crafts, scrapbooking and DIY Crafts purposes. It is a good quality product which is compatible with Series 71 stapler pins and offers a complete line of pneumatic staplers, nailers, collated fasteners and also specialty in industrial tools. Features of the product: Made in Germany. Small in size. Heavy-duty material used. Strong and durable. Tested in the most rigorous conditions for the best results. Used for Art, Crafts and DIY p... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00HNL82TK
    • UPC: 735090206451
    • ASIN: B00HNL82TK
    • Brand: Bea
    • Size: 3/8" Crown
    • Manufacturer: BeA

  • Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

    The T50ACD and T50DCD electric and cordless staplers are the best performing light duty electric staplers in their class. Featuring our patent pending spiral-drive technology, the tools deliver maximum power with every shot and better reliability compared to traditional Solenoid driven tools. Their innovative design and consistent performance make these the ideal tools for a variety of home improvement projects.

    • ASIN: B00SX0ADZ6
    • UPC: 079055102106
    • ASIN: B00SX0ADZ6
    • Brand: Arrow Fastener
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: ARROW FASTENER

  • Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch 22-Gauge C-Crown Upholstery Stapler

    The Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch, 22-Gauge C-Crown Upholstery Stapler is an easy to use pneumatic stapler with plenty of useful features. It uses standard Senco C Type 22-gauge, 3/8-inch crown staples to get the job done right, and it includes a 1-inch nose extension for those tough to reach areas. The high-capacity bottom-load magazine handles 185 staples, and the driver guide moves back to easily clear jams from the magazine. The US58 stapler requires 70-120 PSI air pressure, so it will work with most air compressors.

    • ASIN: B00004SBC3
    • UPC: 039404000583
    • ASIN: B00004SBC3
    • Brand: PORTER-CABLE
    • Size: full size
    • Manufacturer: PORTER-CABLE

  • [UPDATED 2019] Könnig Heavy Duty Staple Gun 3 in 1 w/BONUS 2000 Staples, Hand Operated Stainless Steel Stapler, Brad Nailer, Tacker Tool

    Könnig 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun, Hand Operated Stainless Steel Brad Nail Gun, Tacker Tool   APPLICATION:  Commercial  DIY  FEATURES AND BENEFITS:   ✅ All metal robust construction  ✅ Compact design with no loose parts  ✅ Easy drop-in loading with reload indicator  ✅ Handle lock for easy storage  ✅ Elegant soft rubber grip for extra working comfort✅ Fires standard, U-shaped and brad staples  ✅ Heavy duty, all-steel construction for strength & durability  ✅ Ergonomic handle for comfort & reduced fatigue✅ Unique staple loading & clearing mechanism for fast & co... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07VH5YC6M
    • ASIN: B07VH5YC6M
    • Brand: Könnig
    • Manufacturer: Global Traders USA LLC

  • Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Narrow Crown Upholstery Staple Gun with Blow Molded Carrying Case (Air Compressor Needed - Not Included)

    The Surebonder 9615A Pneumatic 22G Staple Gun is ideal for but not limited to various upholstery applications, insulation, roofing felt, house wrap and automotive vinyl. Follow our clear cut directions for repairs and DIY projects. Drives 3/8" Crown, 22G, 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", and 5/8" leg ength staples. Suggested pressure operation is 60 to 100 PSI. The gun features a quick release magazine for easy loading, a safety latch that won't allow trigger to engage when latch is in the safety position, a rubber grip handle and a 1/4" male quick release connector. Magazine capacity holds 100 stapl... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B000N52KSW
    • UPC: 018239333066
    • ASIN: B000N52KSW
    • Brand: Surebonder
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: FPC CORPORATION

  • WORKPRO Cordless Staple Gun - 3.6V Electric Stapler, Rechargable 2000mAh Li-ion Battery, USB Charger, 1000-Pack JT21 Staples and 1000-Pack 15mm T Nails Included

    Specifications: Battery :3.6V 2000mAh Li-ion USB Charger : 1.5-2.5H Rated firing speed: 60pcs/min Max Loading(one time) : 100 staples Including: 1000pcs 15mm T nails 1000pcs 10mm JT21 staples 1pc UL approved USB charging cable1pc staple gun

    • ASIN: B07GYR9BSX
    • UPC: 820909752127
    • ASIN: B07GYR9BSX
    • Brand: WORKPRO
    • Size: Staple Gun

  • Swpeet 3-in-1 Staple Gun Kit with Staple Remover and 600 Staples Selection Pack,Hand Operated Carbon Steel Gun Tacker Tool for Upholstery, Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture

    【 FEATURES】 Why Choose Our Staple Gun? 1, Quick-jam-clear mechanism - jam-resistant mechanism allows for easy loading and using, saves time and avoid hassle. 2, Perfect for Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Billboards, Securing Plastic Sheeting and much more. 3, Perfect for crafts and DIY projects alike. With a remover, Easily solve your worries. 4,Super-thick Crush Pad, Crush Pad for preventing the staples fracture to avoid injury. 【 SPECIFICATION 】 ·Material: Carbon Steel ·Product Weight: 0.7kg (1.5lb) ·Product Size: 5.5x6.14 inch (140x156 mm) ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07D3S3FGP
    • UPC: 605621095048
    • ASIN: B07D3S3FGP
    • Brand: Swpeet
    • Manufacturer: Swpeet

  • DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer

    The DEWALT Electric Multi-Tacker loads a variety of staples and brads from heavy duty, narrow, cable, 18-Gauge brads and 18-Gauge headless brads. Due to the variety of staples and brads that the Electric Multi-Tacker is compatible with, there are numerous applications for this tool such as installing carpet, installing sheets of insulation and attaching lightweight trim using the brads, to name a few. This tacker is bottom-loading and makes loading user-friendly

    • ASIN: B01MG6F60W
    • UPC: 076174750218
    • ASIN: B01MG6F60W
    • Brand: DEWALT
    • Manufacturer: Dewalt

  • STANLEY TR110S Heavy-duty Steel Staple Gun

    This Stanley Staple Gun is a smart choice for everyday stapling jobs at home or at the office. It is lightweight and comfortable for sustained use. It also has a convenient handle lock to keep

    • UPC: 14146046
    • Model: TR110
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 1Pack of 1
    • Rating: 4.02

  • Light Duty Staple Gun Kit- Stapler for Upholstery, Fabric, Wood, Crafts, Construction, Bulletin Board with Staples and Carrying Case by Stalwart, Red

    The all-steel construction of this Red, Light Duty Stapler with Case by Stalwart offers unbeatable strength and value in an easy-to-manage lightweight design. This staple gun features a superior non-slip grip and outstanding functionality, perfect

    • UPC: 812496943
    • Model: HW5500010
    • Size: Light model (Red)
    • Rating: 5.0

  • 9615A Pneumatic 22 Gauge Upholstery Stapler with Case and 15,000 Staples

    Surebonder 9615A-300-3 Pneumatic 22 Gauge Upholstery Stapler with Case and 15,000 Staples.

    • UPC: 925592536
    • Model: 9615A-300-3
    • Rating: 4.4

  • 3 WAY STAPLER Staple Gun Brad Nailer KIT Heavy Duty Upholstery Wood with Case

    Brand New- 3 Way Staple Gun KitFeatures:* 3-IN-1 Gun* Uses Staples or Nails* Nails: 5/16" - 9/16" Inches*Staples: 5/32" - 9/16" Inches* Round Staples: 3/8" - 9/16" Inches* Includes Starter set of Nails and Staples*

    • UPC: 202140430
    • Rating: 1.0

  • C08 Upholstery Fine Wire Staple 22 Gauge 3/8" Crown X 1/2" Leg (7108)

    3/8" CROWN, 1/2" LENGTH, BOX OF 10,000 STAPLES (7108) SIMILAR TO SENCO C, FASCO 7C, BEA 71 SPOT NAILS, GALVANIZED CHISEL POINT STAPLES. 87006 For use in Spotnails JS7116, JS7116LN, Senco SFW09-C, SFT10XP, SFW08C, SFT10-C,

    • UPC: 191420770

  • *BLACK ** C08 Upholstery Fine Wire Staple 22 Gauge 3/8" crown, 1/2" length


    • UPC: 552497014

  • Senco C06BAAP Upholstery Fine Wire Staple 3/8" crown 22 gauge wire, 50,000 Count

    C06BAAP Senco Upholstery Fine Wire Staple 3/8" crown X 3/8" leg 22 gauge wire 50,000 per box, Galvanized Similar to: Spotnails 87000 Series- , Bostitch 7 series and the Bea 71 series of upholstery

    • UPC: 191428533

  • NuMax SC22US 22-Gauge 3/8 in. Crown 5/8 in. Upholstery Stapler

    22-Gauge 0.375 in. Crown 5/8 in. Upholstery Stapler is very similar with other models, but it has some features and technologies which makes it stand out among the rest. While the interface is not quite

    • UPC: 44415947
    • Model: SC22US
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Porter-Cable US58 22-Gauge 5/8 in. Upholstery Stapler

    Uses standard Senco C Type, 22-Gauge, 3/8 in. crown staples from 1/4 in. to 5/8 in. longSmall and light weight for ease of operation1 in. nose extension for limited clearance fasteningSteel top cap for durabilityRear

    • UPC: 14930486
    • Model: US58
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Unicatch US2238AL Long Nose 22 Gauge Upholstery Stapler - On Sale!

    Unicatch US2238AL Long Nose 22 Gauge Upholstery Stapler Nose of stapler is 2" Long to reach tighter upholstery applications USES 22GA WIRE STAPLES 3/8" CROWN, LEG LENGTHS FROM 1/4" TO 9/16" COMPARABLE TO "C" SERIES

    • UPC: 106863145
    • Model: USC71/16L (US2238AL)
    • Color: White

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