• Sous Vide Cooker, Wancle Thermal Immersion Circulator, with Recipe E-Cookbook, Accurate Temperature Digital Timer, Ultra-quiet, 850 Watts, 120V, Stainless Steel/Black

    Sous Vide - Your Culinary Game Changer Sous vide is a method of cooking that makes it super simple to achieve professional-quality results at home. The immersion circulator utilizes accurate time temperature control to deliver super-juicy, flavor-packed meals, every time. Professional chefs and restaurants started to rely on this immersion circulat...

    • ASIN: B07BKSH4KY
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Wancle
    • UPC: 657228299893

  • Chefman Sous Vide Immersion Circulator w/ Precise Temperature, Programmable Digital Touch Screen Display and Easy to Use Controls, Black

    WHAT IS A SOUS VIDE? Simply put, Sous Vide is an easy, stress-free method of producing 5-star restaurant quality dishes using just a pot, some water, and food in a bag. Chef man Sous Vide helps home chefs master underwater cooking with submerged circulation technology that precisely controls the water temperature, ensuring meals from steak to fish ...

    • ASIN: B077P73F2V
    • Color: Manual Sous Vide
    • Brand: Chefman
    • UPC: 816458022026

  • Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator - Sous Vide Starter Kit - Sous Vide Pod 1000W, 15 Bags, Pump, Clips, Free Cookbook

    Sous Vide Technology - this is the Trend in Cooking! If you have not gotten acquainted with the technology of cooking delicious dishes with the Sous Vide method yet, then it's time for you to do so. The essence of the method is very simple: the products are vacuum sealed in special sous vide bags and cooked in water, the temperature of which us...

    • ASIN: B077GXV153
    • Color: black color
    • Brand: SousVideArt
    • UPC: 603051060544

  • VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker Accurate Immersion Cooker Control Temperature and Timer, 1000 Watts, 100-120V, Sous Vide Cookbook Included

    Why choose Sous Vide cooking Comparing to traditional cooking means, cooking with sous vide will keep more nutrient substance in food. Its oxygen deficient environment and low temperature will make delicious elements completely permeate into the food, decrease harmful substances, lower the fat use but ensure healthy eating. Why choose Vpcok Sous Vi...

    • ASIN: B07HJ2F6JN
    • Color: Digital Display
    • Brand: VPCOK
    • UPC: 720355783693

  • Secura Sous Vide Cooker 1,000-Watt Immersion Circulator for Tender Steak Premium 304 Stainless Steel Professional Vacuum Heater, Accurate Temperature Digital Timer Ultra Quiet, Black

    The benefit of sous vide cooking- Food slowly cooks at precise low temperatures over a long period of time to achieve succulent, delicious meals. - Sealing food inside pouches allows it to cook in its own juices; you can also add any marinades or seasonings you like. Vitamins, minerals and juices are retained within the food and natural flavors are...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Secura
    • UPC: 712375535680

  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano | Bluetooth | 750W | Anova App Included

    The Anova Precision Cooker Nano makes it easy to achieve professional-level cooking results at home. To use, simply attach the cooker to any water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. The Anova Precision Cooker Nano heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature, cooking food to an exact temperatur...

    • ASIN: B07C7PW3PC
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Anova Culinary
    • UPC: 851607006427

  • ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide, 1100 Watts, White Body, Stainless Steel Cap & Base

    Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool available. It heats water faster than any other immersion circulator or precision cooker and holds the temperature with absolute accuracy to ensure perfect results every time. Controlled exclusively by a groundbreaking app that empowers sous vide veterans and novices alike, Joule gives you the fre...

    • ASIN: B01M8MMLBI
    • Color: White/Stainless
    • Brand: ChefSteps
    • UPC: 855869006003

  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | WI-FI + Bluetooth | 900W | Anova App Included

    The Anova Precision Cooker makes it easy to achieve professional-level cooking results at home. To use, simply attach the cooker to any water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature, cooking food to an exact temperature which creates ...

    • ASIN: B01HHWSV1S
    • Color: Silver/Black
    • Brand: Anova Culinary
    • UPC: 851607006380

  • EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid Compatible with Anova Culinary Precision Cooker and 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount)

    A better solution for sous vide cooking chefs with ANOVA cookers where water bath evaporation is annoying. You don't have to worry about the water evaporation as the lid miniminzes the heat loss and steam loss by firmly covering the container. Cook long and you don't have to refill water, particularly at night. A sous vide lid for the most common...

    • ASIN: B071L6PRY8
    • Color: Corner mount for Anova
    • Brand: EVERIE
    • UPC: 756926402939

  • Dash DSV300XXSS01 Chef Series Stainless Steel Sous Vide, 8.5 quart, Temperature Control For Steak/Poultry/Seafood/Vegetables

    Create a gourmet, restaurant-quality meal in your own kitchen with the Dash chef series digital sous vide. Precise temperature control with a magnetic-driven water circulation system allows the ingredients to cook through while maintaining moisture and heightening the flavors. The Dash chef series digital sous vide produces consistent, tasty result...

    • ASIN: B077SGSRCV
    • Color: Temperature Control For Steak/Poultry/Seafood/Vegetables
    • Brand: DASH
    • UPC: 856757006990

  • Instant Pot SSV800 Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, 6 or 8 quart

    Accu slim sous vide immersion circulator by Instant Pot is designed for the gourmet who strives to create 'restaurant quality dishes' In the Comfort of their home. The accu slim sous vide cooks food at very precise temperatures 104F - 195F/ 40C - 90C for a period of time (up to 72 hours) to achieve succulent, nutritious and delicious meals. The cir...

    • ASIN: B07898VZN9
    • Color: silver
    • Brand: Instant Pot
    • UPC: 859716007311

  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | Bluetooth | 800W | Anova App Included

    The Anova Precision Cooker makes it easy to achieve professional-level cooking results at home. To use, simply attach the cooker to any water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature, cooking food to an exact temperature which creates ...

    • ASIN: B00UKPBXM4
    • Color: Silver/Black
    • Brand: Anova Culinary
    • UPC: 851607006083

  • Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven, SVS10LS

    SousVide Supreme The award-winning SousVide Supreme is the world’s first water oven designed to make the gourmet sous vide cooking technique easy and affordable. Sous vide cooking locks in the juices and flavor and preserves the nutritional quality of the food. The result is incomparable taste and texture: steak perfectly cooked edge-to-edge, vi...

    • ASIN: B003AYZIB4
    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Sous Vide
    • UPC: 076757399490

  • FEBOTE Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator, Fast Heating Meat Cooking (1000W), Accurate Temperature Control, 0-99 Hours Timer, Free Vacuum Seal Bags and Pump, Cooking as Pro Chef

    Specifications: Range of temperature: Lowest 32ºF/0ºC and highest 203ºF/95ºC Temperature accuracy: ±1ºF (.5ºC) Minimum water depth: 2.6 inch Maximum water depth: 5.0 inch Pump Speed: 7-8 liters per minute Maximum recommended tank capacity: 5-6 gallons (18-22 liters) Celsius and Fahrenheit?  C or F temperature readings Voltage: 100 to 120 V ...

    • ASIN: B07FZ5SZ54
    • Brand: FEBOTE

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container for Kitchen/Sous Vide/Food Prep, 12 Quart, Clear (FG631200CLR)

    The Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Food Storage Container keeps food fresh, organized, and ready-to-use. Featuring easy-to-read graduated measurements in blue for liters and red for quarts, these plastic food storage containers make it easy to measure contents. Because we believe the best food storage containers use space efficiently, we've des...

    • ASIN: B000R8JOUC
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
    • UPC: 086876044027

  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide Nano Precision Cooker

    New Nano Precision Cooker - Launched in June 2018 with updated technology based on 10+ years of building the most popular sous vide devices on the market. The Nano is a smaller, quieter, connected lab-grade

    • UPC: 578622045
    • Model: AN400-10
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 4.88

  • Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Digital Slow Cooker Programmable with Temperature Probe, Temp Tracker Lets You Cook, Braise, Simmer, Sous Vide, Make Fondue & Yogurt, Black Stainless (33866),

    Hamilton Beach Programmable Temp Tracker Slow Cooker with Temperature ProbeExpand your cooking options with precise temperature control.Take all of the guesswork out of meal preparation with the Hamilton Beach Temp Tracker Slow Cooker. It offers

    • UPC: 950388095
    • Model: 33866
    • Color: BlackBlack / Stainless Steel
    • Rating: 4.929

  • Power Precision Cooker Sous Vide with Sous Vide Cookbook

    Get better-than-restaurant-quality meals at home with the Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker. Using precise temperature control for consistent results, sous vide is a cooking technique that eliminates overcooking by heating and circulating the water in

    • UPC: 992671284
    • Model: 752356820404
    • Rating: 4.417

  • Instant Brands SSV800 Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

    Instant Brands Sous Vide

    • UPC: 731452154
    • Color: Black

  • Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps, Stainless Steel

    The world's smallest, smartest, most powerful sous vide. Perfect for sous vide novices and experts alike. iOS or Android

    • UPC: 781969346
    • Model: B01M8MMLBI
    • Color: SilverStainless Steel

  • The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

    What happens when science and love for food and cooking come together? You will find the answer here in this Sous Vide cookbook.Create many extraordinary moments and sharer them with your loved ones!Cooking with Sous

    • UPC: 632153197

  • Simple Sous Vide : 200 Modern Recipes Made Easy

    "Make it easy, make it sous vide! You don't have to be a high-end chef to bring the wonder of sous vide into your home. You can use the wildly popular water-immersion cooking technique to

    • UPC: 56076129

  • Hamilton Beach® Professional Sous Vide and 6 Qt. Slow Cooker | Model# 33970

    Bring the no-fail cooking method professional chefs rely on to your kitchen with the Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide and 6 Quart Slow Cooker. This sous vide water oven also doubles as a slow cooker,

    • UPC: 54774994
    • Model: 33970
    • Color: SilverSTAINLESS STEEL
    • Rating: 4.529

  • The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook : More Than 175 Recipes with Tips and Techniques

    Sous vide cooking is the latest and hottest trend in home kitchens

    • UPC: 46768945

  • DELLA 800W Sous Vide Precision Electric Adjustable Circulator Water Immersion Cooker, Black

    Della Sous Vide Precision Cooker utilizes advanced thermal immersion water circulation technology, allows you to enjoy an easy technique that prepare your ingredient perfectly in a convenient and healthy way.  Features:Make Gourmet Quality Food At

    • UPC: 990170981
    • Model: 048-DSV800-BK
    • Color: Black

  • Sous Vide Steak TIME EXPERIMENT - How long should you cook your STEAK?

    Sous-Vide Like a Pro - an in-depth guide (Sous-vide series, Ep. 1)

    Brad Makes Sous Vide Steak | Kitchen Basics | Bon Appetit