• Premier 2 Speed Handheld Drink Mixer, Latte Maker and Milk Frother with an Ergonomic Freestanding Design Offers a Solution to Your Budget Busting Latte Obsession and Most of Your Everyday Mixing Needs

    Why the Cosír Café milk frother and drink mixer can change your life with just the push of a button! - Tired of giving your hard earned money to your local coffee shops with a dream of being able to create that foamy goodness at home? - Have you ever tried to mix your favorite powdered drinks and supplements without having it clump together, only to have it float to the top of your cup for a mouthful of powdery chunks? - Do you wonder how to make that perfect glass of chocolate milk with that perfectly foamy top that your kids love? - Do you dream about creating those fresh homemade sala... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B018SX428Q
    • UPC: 646437553308
    • ASIN: B018SX428Q
    • Brand: Cosír Café
    • Manufacturer: The Resource Remedy

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