• AUTISM - Behind The Locked Door: Understanding My Life as an Autistic

    Do you have any idea what it’s like to be a person with autism in 2018 and live in their world? Paul Louden, an adult on the spectrum, provides astonishing and unique insights into how the world appears to him compared to those wired neuro-typically. He bravely shares personal and sometimes painful experiences to bridge understanding between thos...

    • ASIN: 0998255009

  • Nathan's Autism Spectrum Superpowers (One Three Nine Inspired)

    The superhero of this book, Nathan, explains about his Autism Spectrum Superpowers, how they affect him, and ways his friends can help out when his superpowers spiral out of control. This book is a tool to help children and their friends, families and caregivers understand kids with superpowers. All children need to know they're wanted, loved and s...

    • ASIN: 1732638101

  • Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

    There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your bright, talented son or daughter struggle with everyday tasks like finishing homework, putting away toys, or following instructions at school. Your “smart but scattered” child might also have trouble coping with disappointment or managing anger. Drs. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare have great ...

    • ASIN: 1593854455
    • Brand: The Guilford Press

  • Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World

    It’s time to say NO to trying to fit square-peg kids into rounds holes, and YES to raising them from a place of acceptance and joy. Today millions of kids are stuck in a world that doesn’t embrace who they really are. They are the one in five “differently wired” children with ADHD, dyslexia, giftedness, autism, anxiety, or other neurodiffer...

    • ASIN: B075G4C36R

  • Understanding Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism (The Autism Spectrum Disorders Library)

    This volume, the first in the series, explores the high-functioning group of people within the spectrum of autism disorders. It is the culmination of over a decade of clinical work and research, including the most current information available about this group. Written in a style that is accessible to both seasoned clinicians and concerned lay pers...

    • ASIN: 0306466279

  • The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents)

    This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. Some children with ASDs are gifted; others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. S...

    • ASIN: 1575423855
    • Brand: Free Spirit Publishing

  • Social Skills for Teenagers with Developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorders: The PEERS Treatment Manual

    This book is essential reading for any clinician or researcher working with teens with autism spectrum disorders. This parent-assisted intervention for teens is based on a comprehensive, evidence-based, 14-week program at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, the manualization of the popular UCLA PEERS Program, and the succe...

    • ASIN: 0415872030

  • Managing Meltdowns: Using the S.C.A.R.E.D. Calming Technique with Children and Adults with Autism

    In a chaotic or threatening situation, fear is the primary emotional response of an autistic individual. Often the initial physical response is to freeze. 'Meltdowns', or brain overloads can be scary for the individual with autism, and for the person trying to help if they don't know how to react in this situation. Common coping strategies, such as...

    • ASIN: 1843109085
    • Brand: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

  • Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals

    A growing body of research shows that many young children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders can derive significant, lasting, and sometimes dramatic benefits from early intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This manual, inspired by that research, provides a wealth of practical information for parents, pro...

    • ASIN: 0890796831
    • Brand: Brand: Pro Ed

  • The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism

    “One of the most remarkable books I’ve ever read. It’s truly moving, eye-opening, incredibly vivid.”—Jon Stewart, The Daily ShowNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYNPR • The Wall Street Journal • Bloomberg Business • BookishFINALIST FOR THE BOOKS FOR A BETTER LIFE FIRST BOOK AWARD • NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERYou’ve never ...

    • ASIN: 081298515X
    • Brand: Naoki Higashida

  • The Conversation Train: A Visual Approach to Conversation for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    This inventive colour picture book uses the metaphor of a train to teach basic conventions of conversation to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Engines are like greetings; they get the train going. Freight wagons are like different speakers' turns; it is good to have at least a few when you are in conversation. A set of points guiding...

    • ASIN: 1849059861
    • Brand: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

  • Making Sense of Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Create the Brightest Future for Your Child with the Best Treatment Options

    • ASIN: B0036S49L4

  • Incredible 5-Point Scale Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional Responses

    This must-have resource shows how the use of a simple 5-point scale can help students understand and control their emotional reactions to everyday events. This book shows how to break down a given behavior and, with the student s active participation, develop a scale that identifies the problem and suggests alternative, positive behaviors at each l...

    • ASIN: 1931282528
    • Brand: Autism Asperger Publishing Company

  • Harkla Hug (60 inches) - Inflatable Peapod for Children with Sensory Needs - Great Sensory Product for Ages 6 to 12 - Occupational Therapy Tools, Autism Toys

    Are you looking for a new relaxation location for your child? The Harkla Hug combines a bean bag chairs for children with a sensory input! Inflate the toddler sensory chair and watch your child explore a new comfort spot in your home or kids sensory room. Now made with flocked vinyl, our durable bean bags for kids is a perfect addition. The relaxat...

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    • Brand: Harkla
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  • You Know Social Skills Games and Therapy Games, A Fun Game That Opens Communication and Encourages Meaningful Conversations to Establish Relationships

    👇 Ways To Use You Know - One of The Top Therapeutic Games on The Market 👇 ✔️In Counseling Groups To Build Social Skills And Positive Communication ✔️In A Small Group Setting Such As A Classroom, Camp, Or Team Building Activity ✔️With Your Family - Provides Insight Into Children's Social Skills, Decision-making Process, F...

    • ASIN: B07FNTN9RP
    • Brand: Therapy U
    • UPC: 086156140005

  • Simple Strategies That Work! Helpful Hints for All Educators of Students with Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, and Related Disabilities

    Children and youth with Asperger Syndrome, high-functioning autism (HFA), and pervasive developmental disorders - not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and related exceptionalities have great potential, but all too often their abilities are not realized. This book

    • UPC: 5130568

  • The Parent's Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and Other Special Needs : Practical Strategies for Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, Toilet Training, and More

    Expanding upon the award winning first edition, this essential guide for parents of children with autism and other special needs covers sensory processing, toileting, feeding, and much more. It provides clear explanations of common behaviors

    • UPC: 47477303

  • A Parent's Guide to High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Second Edition : How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child Thrive

    "Packed with real-life stories and everyday problem-solving ideas, this book has given many tens of thousands of parents the facts they need about high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger syndrome. The authors are leading

    • UPC: 37281329

  • Navigating the Social World : A Curriculum for Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Related Disorders

    Pediatrician Jeanie McAfee originally created this user-friendly social curriculum for her daughter Rachel, who was diagnosed with Asperger's at age ten. Since then, it has become a staple for parents and educators. It addresses the

    • UPC: 33075200

  • Children with High-Functioning Autism

    Advice, guidance, and solutions from a parent and teacher of children with

    • UPC: 13050931
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Asperger's on the Job : Must-Have Advice for People with Asperger's or High Functioning Autism, and Their Employers, Educators, and Advocates

    A great resource for navigating the work place. I was really able to relate to it. The guides for handling social situations in the office will be extremely beneficial [for those with Asperger's Syndrome].--Dr. Temple

    • UPC: 12469166
    • Rating: 3.5

  • Autism Through a Sister's Eyes : A Book for Children about High-Functioning Autism and Related Disorders

    Subtitle on cover: A young girl's view of her brother's

    • UPC: 24482699
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Raising Martians - From Crash-Landing to Leaving Home : How to Help a Child with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism

    Muggleton is 21 and has Asperger's Syndrome. Now studying psychology at the University of St. Andrews, he has been through all the trials and tribulations of the school system. In "Raising Martians," he combines his

    • UPC: 17191181
    • Rating: 3.5

  • School Success for Kids with High-Functioning Autism

    Explores the key components of autism spectrum disorder and social communication disorders and how they may appear to parents and professionals, while offering steps that should be taken once these signs are

    • UPC: 29509773
    • Rating: 3.3

  • School Success for Kids with High-Functioning Autism - eBook

    Smart kids with autism spectrum disorders need specific interventions to find success in school and beyond. Featuring a foreword by Temple Grandin, School Success for Kids With High-Functioning Autism shares practical advice for implementing strategies

    • UPC: 946317893
    • Rating: 3.3

  • What is High Functioning Autism? | Kati Morton

    The SMART Program: Treating Autism and Autism-Related Disorders

    Autism Symptoms & Treatments : How Is Autism Treated?