• Fender Blues Jr. Tube Set (x2 EL84, x3 12AX7)

    (3) T-12AX7-S-JJ (1) T-EL84-JJ-MP (Apex Matched), which includes:(2) T-EL84-JJ (2) T-EL84-JJ

    • ASIN: B00EJXZIP6
    • Brand: JJ / Tesla
    • UPC: 609722129961

  • JJ Tube Upgrade Kit For Fender Blues Junior Amps EL84 ECC83S

    Audio Tubes Direct is an Authorized Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, Genalex, Mullard, Sovtek, Svetlana & JJ Electronic Dealer. Imported from Slovakia, these brand new tubes have been fully tested on the industry's most reliable, voltage controlled testing equipment and exceed all manufacturer's specifications. They are guaranteed from the manufacturer ...

    • ASIN: B00VVOK26G
    • Brand: JJ Electronic
    • UPC: 702706586719

  • Sovtek Tube Kit For Fender Blues Jr. Amps EL84 12AX7WA

    Audio Tubes Direct is an Authorized Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, Genalex, Mullard, Svetlana, Sovtek, and JJ Dealer. If you do not see the amp set you are looking for, please let us know. The Sovtek EL84 series produce an unbeatable smooth, warm, distortion. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30's and the like, our EL84's are used by Fender, Cr...

    • ASIN: B01MF704OI
    • Brand: Sovtek
    • UPC: 740120831084

  • Vacuum Tube Set for Fender Blues Jr, Tube Amp Doctor brand tubes

    (3)T-12AX7-PS-TAD (1)T-EL84-TAD-MP, which contains (2) T-EL84-TAD

    • ASIN: B00TQ8C6WM
    • Brand: AP Tubesets
    • UPC: 609722169349

  • Tung-Sol Tube Upgrade Kit For Fender Blues Junior III Amps EL84 12AX7

    Audio Tubes Direct is an Authorized Tung-Sol Dealer. We have over 4000 successful transactions on other websites with a 100% feedback rating. Manufactured in the famous Reflector plant in Saratov, Russia, these brand new tubes have been fully tested on the industrys most reliable, voltage controlled testing equipment and exceed all manufacturer spe...

    • ASIN: B01FWE2EZW
    • Brand: Unknown
    • UPC: 603658080686

  • Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

    One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds modified preamp circuitry, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate. A 15-watt favorite in any setting, this amp is ideal for guitarists who need to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice with warm tone and vers...

    • ASIN: B0798438SZ
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fender
    • UPC: 885978878215

  • Fender Hot Rod 0213205700 Blues Junior III 15-W LTD Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier, Tweed

    The Blues Jr. Lacquered Tweed takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with a lacquered tweed covering and a vintage-voiced 12" Jensen speaker. Its golden tones are generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes. Add renowned Fender reverb, flexible controls, FAT switch for mi...

    • ASIN: B001OI6LP0
    • Color: Tweed (Lacquered)
    • Brand: Fender
    • UPC: 717669197308

  • JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-EL84-JJ-MP)

    JJ's EL84 is a great replacement for guitar amps or hi-fi. EL84/6BQ5, Available in Singles, Apex Matched Pairs or Apex Matched Quads - please select from list.

    • ASIN: B003FO89CE
    • Color: Matched Pair
    • Brand: JJ Electronic
    • UPC: 609722123105

  • Standard Tube Set for Fender Blues Jr

    TubeDepot supplies vacuum tubes for musical instrument amplifiers, Hi-Fi amplifiers, vintage vacuum tube recording gear and associated equipment. We provide tube sets for virtually any vintage or new production amp on the market....

    • ASIN: B07B9K8SGY
    • Brand: TubeDepot

  • Fender 2231500971 Blues Jr IV Surf Green P12Q Limited Edition Amplifier

    This spectacular Fender Special Run Blues Junior IV dons a retro surf green vinyl wrap that oozes the 1950's surf rock music scene of Southern California. Boasting an updated preamp and pushing 15 Watts of garage shaking power through the 12-inch Celestion A-Type Speaker. This model features a built-in control for spring reverb, and a push button F...

    • ASIN: B07HYB7XBY
    • Color: Surf Green
    • Brand: Fender
    • UPC: 885978931842

  • JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-12AX7-S-JJ)

    This tube has a well balanced, colorful tone with strongly defined lows, mids and smooth highs. It allows for more clean head-room than higher gain 12AX7s. In overdrive, it is smooth and strong with well defined lows and Mids. When pushed into overdrive it offers clean distortion with well balanced lows and Mids. The jj 12AX7 is well suited for all...

    • ASIN: B0002M728Y
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: JJ Electronic
    • UPC: 844632022081

  • JJ 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Vacuum Tubes (Three Pack)

    This 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tube has a well-balanced, colorful tone. Strongly defined lows and mids and smooth highs. It allows for more clean headroom than higher gain 12AX7s. Spiral filament for reduced noise & microphonics. Package of 3...

    • ASIN: B005F5TP6U
    • Brand: JJ Electronic
    • UPC: 609722131322

  • Mullard EL84, Matched Pair (2 tubes)

    Copy of the original. Black plates, carbonized screens, and gold plated grids. This tube was the Voice of the Vox AC-30." A mainstay of affordable quality hi-fi amplifiers of the 1960. Made in Saratov, Russia...

    • ASIN: B008OZ4Y1Y
    • Brand: Mullard
    • UPC: 609722133982

  • MOD 8EB3C1B Reverb Tank

    The MOD Reverb Tanks are high quality upgrade units. Some of the major differences between the MODs and other reverb tanks are that the Transducers are wired directly to their respective RCA jacks as opposed to current production tanks where Transducers are connected by a detachable plug to their respective RCA jacks. This makes the tanks less rece...

    • ASIN: B005CQ98LE
    • Brand: MOD Reverb Tanks
    • UPC: 609722129312

  • Monoprice 611815 15Watt, 1 x 12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker & Spring Reverb

    Get superior guitar tone and flexibility using this 15-Watt, 1x12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker & Spring Reverb from Monoprice! As the title indicates, this guitar amplifier features a 15-watt tube power amplifier and a Celestion brand speaker. It uses three ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tubes and two EL84 power tubes for the am...

    • ASIN: B016JDJE9E
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • UPC: 757901820311

  • Best of the Ballads & Blues (CD)

    Best Of Ballads & Blues

    • UPC: 2327060
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Best Of Mississippi Blues

    The Best Of Mississippi Blues

    • UPC: 7730798

  • Best of the Bayou Blues

    16 track collection of swampy, rootsy favorites such as quot;Crawfishin,quot; quot;Hot Tamale Baby,quot; quot;Jambalaya,quot; and more, culled from his five Vanguard

    • UPC: 28849997

  • American Epic: The Best Of Blues / Various (Vinyl)

    Details Coming Soon

    • UPC: 55920804

  • Blues Best: Greatest Hits (CD)

    Classic Leadbelly recordings including quot;Goodnight Irene,quot; quot;Where Did You Sleep Last Nightquot; and

    • UPC: 736920333

  • Billabong Juniors Bob Marley Blues Box T-Shirt

    Billabong Juniors Bob Marley Blues Box T-ShirtScreen Print on front60% Polyester;37% Cotton;13% RayonShort SleevesLoose Fitting Crew Neck This item is sold by Webzom. Not returnable in store, online only. Buyer responsible for return

    • UPC: 123625601
    • Color: Green
    • Size: M

  • Blues with a Feeling: The Very Best of Taj Mahal (CD)

    Details Coming Soon

    • UPC: 28850121

  • Best Of American Folk & Blues / Various (CD)

    Details Coming Soon

    • UPC: 175677513

  • Best of the Blues - Best of Blues No. 1 [CD]

    Best Of The Blues

    • UPC: 1119648

  • Rory Block - Best Blues & Originals [CD]

    Best Blues & Originals

    • UPC: 866323

  • Fender Blues Jr : stock tubes set vs JJ tubes set

    Before and After: Tube Amp Doctor in the Blues Junior

    Fender Blues Jr tube replacement