• Stens 770-100 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, Clear

    Ultrasonic cleaning solution 1 gallon bottle

    • ASIN: B00GHS00TK
    • UPC: 023899428953
    • ASIN: B00GHS00TK
    • Brand: Stens
    • Manufacturer: Stens

  • Master STAGES CLEAN2020/1G Clean 2020 Washing Compound for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers, Pale Yellow, 1 gal Jug

    Master STAGES CLEAN 2020 is a concentrated, very high performance cleaner made for washing all metals including brass, copper alloy, and aluminum in ultrasonic or immersion washers. Its cleaning ability is extraordinary, which often leads to shorter cleaning cycles or elimination of cleaning steps. CLEAN 2020’s oil rejecting properties mean longer bath life and economical operation.

    • ASIN: B012GQOBM8
    • UPC: 641238027379
    • ASIN: B012GQOBM8
    • Brand: Master Stages
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Master Chemical Corporation

  • Carburettor, Machine, and Engine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - 1 Litre Cleaning Fluid

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean carburettors and engine parts, also machine parts and metal units.Allendale Ultrasonics strive to provide specialist and affordable ultrasonic Cleaner equipment, our ultrasonic Cleaner tanks and carburettor cleaning fluids can be used for many applications. Including Engines, engine components, heads, valves, seats, rockers, carburettors, mechanics, engineering workshops, machinists, factories, laboratories, hobbyists, industrial, and more.

    • ASIN: B00CD2DBT0
    • ASIN: B00CD2DBT0
    • Brand: Allendale Ultrasonics
    • Manufacturer: Allendale Ultrasonics

  • Oxidation and Rust Removal Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - 1 Litre Cleaning Fluid

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean and remove oxidation from metals including iron, copper, tin, aluminium and stainless steelAllendale Ultrasonics strive to provide specialist and affordable ultrasonic Cleaner equipment, our ultrasonic Cleaner tanks and oxidation removal cleaning fluids can be used for many applications. Applications include mechanics, engineering workshops, machinists, factories, hospitals, dental practices, surgeries, laboratories, jewellers, watch repair, hobbyists, industrial, and more.

    • ASIN: B00CDNB84O
    • ASIN: B00CDNB84O
    • Brand: Allendale Ultrasonics
    • Manufacturer: Allendale Ultrasonics

  • Tek Motion 10L Digital Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine Cleaner with Heater, Timer (490 W, 4x60 W Transducers)

    Package Includes: 1 x Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 x Cleaning Basket 1 x Manual Specifications: Total Working Power: 490 W Cleaner Power: 240 W Power Supply: AC110V-120V 60Hz Heater: 250W (Digital Control) Frequency: 40,000 Hz Tank Materials: Stainless Steel SUS304 Tank Capacity: 10 liter (2 1/2gallon) Cycles: 1 - 30 min (LED Digital Display) DO NOT continuously heating it for over 30mins Temperature Setting: 0-80 degrees Celsius (32-176 degrees Fahrenheit) Transducer Quantity: 4 set Tank Size: 11"L x 9 1/2"W x 6"H Product Size: 14"L x 10 1/2" W x 10 1/2"H

    • ASIN: B01FDIFAG2
    • ASIN: B01FDIFAG2
    • Brand: CO-Z
    • Size: 10L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
    • Manufacturer: Tek Motion

  • Simple Green Extreme Aircraft and Precision Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle 13406

    Extreme Simple Green, Simple Green’s new aircraft and precision cleaning product, cuts through tough, built up grease, oil, dirt, pollution, insect residue and impact soils. it causes no harm to aircraft structural metals, plastics, paints, or coatings. Extreme Simple Green gets its superior cleaning from a unique triple play cleaning formula. 2 High performance surfactants and a new generation grease lifter/cutter combine to get the soil away from the aircraft surface quickly and then keep it away so that it can be cleanly rinsed away. Extreme Simple Green’s speed of grease cutt... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B001VXU7OE
    • UPC: 881795607595
    • ASIN: B001VXU7OE
    • Brand: SIMPLE GREEN
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Simple Green

  • VEVOR Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner 6L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer Jewelry Watch Glasses Cleaner Large Capacity Cleaner Solution

    Commercial Grade 6 Liters Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner for Eyeglasses Rings Cleaning with Heater and Digital Timer Introduction Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the cavitation effect caused by high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signals in fluid. The ultrasound can be used with just water, but use of a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the type of soiling present enhances the effect. Microscopic bubbles that expand and rapidly collapse cause cavitation, which creates an effective cleaning action on the surface of object being cleaned. Special for cleaning jewellery, lenses an... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01HGNYO0U
    • UPC: 712166589649
    • ASIN: B01HGNYO0U
    • Brand: VEVOR
    • Size: 6L/380W
    • Manufacturer: VEVOR

  • Skymen Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner for Parts 4.5L Cleaning Solution Cleaner Machine with Timer and Heater Sonic Bath Cleaning for Gun, Medical Lab Tools, Auto Bicycle Parts etc

    Fashion life starts here with SKYMEN! Featured with smart touch button of ON, OFF, TIME SET and TC the SKYMEN JP-030S-U-110V Stainless steel Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed for powerful professional grade cleaning to remove dirtoil and grime from your valuable items including jewelryeyeglasses and instruments in minutes without damaging themIt is applicable to glasses, watches, jewelry, the metal article, metal dishware, stationery and daily usedideal for jewelry shops, eyeglasses shops, watch and clock shopsdental clinics, mobile phone shops, office and household use.Four Ways of Cleaning Gen... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01L7436YE
    • UPC: 601209400884
    • ASIN: B01L7436YE
    • Brand: Skymen
    • Size: 4.5L
    • Manufacturer: Skymen

  • Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L Heated Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer Ultrasonic Carburetor Jewelry Dental Cleaner Large Capacity Cleaner Solution

    Technical Details Heating Power: 200WUltrasonic Power : 240W Frequency: 40kHz Voltage: AC110V60Hz Tank Capacity: 10L Time Setting: 1 - 30 minutes. DO NOT continuously heating it for over 30mins Temperature Setting: 0-80 degrees Celsius Tank Size:30*24*15cm Unit Size: 32.5*26.5*28cm Tank Material:Stainless Steel SUS304 Package Included 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 x Cleaning Basket 1 x Cleaning Cover 1x Instruction Manuel Notices 1.Running without water will damage the cleaner! If heating is needed,the water level should not be less than 2/3. 2.Heater is forbidden when using flammable liquid(Su... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DWVG8RL
    • UPC: 657419920605
    • ASIN: B07DWVG8RL
    • Brand: Taihan
    • Size: 10L
    • Manufacturer: Taihan

  • CO-Z 30L Digital Professional Large Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine Cleaner with Heater, Timer (1400 W, 10x60 W Transducers)

    This ultrasonic cleaner tank is made of brushed stainless steel, making it durable and easy to maintain. It is made to be used with a wide range of products such as jewelry, glasses, diamonds, medical equipment etc... It is controlled by a microprocessor that uses ultrasonic waves, or high frequency sound waves, to clean jewelry and other delicate items. The ultrasonic wave creates microscopic bubbles that travel through the fluid, generating an impact wave known as "cavitation". Cavitation will affect the item it hits, and clean them by removing everything on its surface. This chemical and ph... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01HBC1UHQ
    • ASIN: B01HBC1UHQ
    • Brand: CO-Z
    • Size: 30L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
    • Manufacturer: CO-Z

  • Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Large & Lengthened stainless steel tank -- Suitable for long dental equipment and tube. Tank Capacity: 5.29 pints (2500 ml). Tank Size: 9.84" (L) x 5.90" (W) x 3.15" (H). 2.62" deep to max line (2100ml capacity to the Max mark). Strong plastic basket (material ABS 757) -- Better water-proof and drop-proof ability than metal.

    • ASIN: B01NCJ0N6O
    • UPC: 659061993129
    • ASIN: B01NCJ0N6O
    • Brand: H&B Luxuries
    • Manufacturer: e-fortune

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Skymen Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 800ML Solution Cleaning for Eyeglasses, Silver Jewelry, Ring, Necklace, Denture, Toothbrush, Shaving Head etc

    SKYMEN PROFESIONAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER FOR HOUSEHOLD, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRAIL ! Suggested applications: - Scientific lab:Eyeglass Frames,Lab Glassware,Optical &Contact Lenses,Pipettes,Test Tubes - Electronics Manufacturing:Capacitors,Ceramic Substrates,PC Boards,Packaging Components,SMDs - Medical &Dental Labs,Burs,Blood Oxygenators,Cannulae,Dental Instruments,Syringe Parts - Jewelry Manufacturing:Chains,Charms,Coins,Intricate Settings,Precious Metals&Gemstones - In Auto Industry:Carburetor,Castings,Fuel Injectors,Machined Parts,Stamped Parts,Switches Specifications Material: Stainless Steel Ult... [Read More]

    • UPC: 763891757407
    • Brand: Skymen
    • Size: 800ml
    • Manufacturer: SKYMEN

  • TruSonik 2.5L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner With Heater | Industrial Stainless Steel Body, Tub, & Basket | Cleans Jewellery, Dental & Tattoo Equipment, Guns & Gun Parts, Car Parts & Carbs, & More

    Do you know the optimal cleaning frequency of your solution?Different cleaning solutions have different resonance frequencies, meaning that they work best at their own unique cleaning frequency. The key to getting maximum cleaning power out of any ultrasonic cleaner is to match that frequency as doing so will generate the most powerful ultrasonic waves possible. This will in turn allow the solution to penetrate deeper into hard to clean parts, resulting in a more thorough clean done in less time. TruSonik ultrasonic cleaners are the only cleaners in their price point to offer a built-in automa... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01HC4WBQW
    • UPC: 637057819080
    • ASIN: B01HC4WBQW
    • Brand: TruSonik
    • Size: 2.5 Liter
    • Manufacturer: TruSonik

  • iSonic P4820-WPB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2.6Qt/2.5L, White Color, Plastic Basket, 110V

    iSonic P4820-WPB Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2. 6Qt/2. 5L, white color, plastic basket, heater, 110V. Equipped with an industrial grade ultrasonic stack transducer which is twice stronger and more durable compared to wafer transducers used by some manufacturers in their commercial models. The generously proportioned stainless steel tank is designed to clean long items such as dental instruments and silver wear. The stainless steel tank is also polished for easy cleaning. It's compact for small counter spaces. Heater is preset at 149F/65C and runs independently to cleaning. Cooling fan helps... [Read More]

    • UPC: 723794851510
    • Brand: iSonic
    • Manufacturer: iSonic

  • Digital Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Heated - DK SONIC 6L 180W Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner with Heater Basket for Parts Jewelry Brass Eyeglass Ring Fuel Injector Glasses Record Circuit Board 28/40KHz

    Specifications Model No.: DK-600S Quantity of transducers: 3 pieces Ultrasonic Power: 180W Ultrasonic frequency: Semiwave(28KHz)/Fullwave(40KHz) Heating Power: 300W Control Mode: Digital Control Tank Capacity: 6L Tank Size: 300*155*150mm(11.8*6.1*5.9 inches) Overall Size: 330*180*330mm(13*7.1*13 inches) Voltage: AC 100~120V, 60Hz Drainage: Yes Time Range(min): 1~99 Temperature Range(℃): 0~80 Applications: Gross Rinse-28KHz is professional for surface cleaning such as jewelry,eyeglass,ring,contact lens,coin,case,glasses,diamond,clock,pen,watch,instrument,bullet,razor,components,toothbrush,ci... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071FF966Q
    • ASIN: B071FF966Q
    • Brand: DK SONIC
    • Size: 6L
    • Manufacturer: DK SONIC

  • Mr. Clean Liquid Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze, Meadows & Rain, 128 fl oz

    This Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner is imbued with Febreze Freshness to leave surfaces in your home both clean and fragrant. The Meadows & Rain Scent of this Mr. Clean All-Purpose Cleaner gives your home a

    • UPC: 22726432
    • Model: 3700019437
    • Color: BlueTurquoise blue color
    • Size: 128 fl oz128
    • Rating: 4.625

  • Crest 4 Gallon Chem Crest 2003 Ultrasonic Heavy Duty Fluid Cleaning Solution

    Chem-Crest 2003 is a heavy duty liquid detergent concentrate with a broad spectrum of uses on hard

    • UPC: 861093357

  • Omega DeScaler FOUR 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Remove Rust Corrosion Cleaning Soap Solution

    Omega DeScaler 5 Gallon Ultrasonic Remove Rust Corrosion Cleaning Soap Solution. This solution is

    • UPC: 316120439
    • Color: RedRust

  • Crest 5 Gallon Chem Crest 275 Ultrasonic Multipurpose Fluid Cleaning Solution

    Chem-Crest 275 is a multipurpose, heavy-duty, phosphate- and silicate-free caustic liquid

    • UPC: 338248451

  • Ultrasonic Non-Toxic Concentrate Weapons Cleaning Solution

    Designed for use with the RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner, Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaning Solution quickly removes grease, carbon buildup and fouling from firearm parts. The fast-acting synthetic detergent cleans all part surfaces, and its rust preventive

    • UPC: 200469278
    • Model: 87059

  • OmegaClean 5 Gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Agent Soap Solvent Solution

    OmegaClean 5 Gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Agent Soap Solvent Solution. This solution is

    • UPC: 465743787
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Lv. life Carburetor Carbon Dirt Deposit, Cleaning Cleaner Tools,Carburetor Carbon Dirt Deposit Remover Cleaning Cleaner Tools 11cm Needle Brush

    Description:   This kit of cleaning needles and brushes is designed for the carburetordirt remove. Regulate cleaning of motor carburetor is of overridingimportance to make it operate normally and extend its service life. Thiscleaning tool set consists

    • UPC: 354149400
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Clock Cleaning Solution On Pint Concentrate

    One pint of concentrated ammoniated clock cleaning solution that can be used to clean movements by hand, or to use with a ultrasonic cleaning machine. Just mix 1 part of this solution to 8 -12

    • UPC: 430188442

  • OmegaClean 1 Gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Agent Soap Solvent Solution

    OmegaClean 1 Gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Agent Soap Solvent Solution. This solution is

    • UPC: 241532123

  • Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor, Fast-acting immersion cleaner By Berryman Products

    All of our productsWalmartply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Fast-acting immersion cleaner for all metal parts, including alloys. Removes gum, varnish, sludge, carbon,

    • UPC: 343290180

  • My Small Engine Shop Ultrasonic Cleaner & The Cleaning Solutions I Use

    Harbor Freight Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carburetors

    The BEST method for cleaning carburetors - soda blast and ultrasonic