• Educated: A Memoir

    • ASIN: B072BLVM83
    • ASIN: B072BLVM83
    • Manufacturer: Random House

  • The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

    New York Times bestseller! More than Five million copies sold!You CAN take control of your money. Build up your money muscles with America’s favorite finance coach.Okay, folks, do you want to turn those fat and flabby expenses into a well-toned budget? Do you want to transform your sad and skinny little bank account into a bulked-up cash machine? Then get with the program, people. There’s one sure way to whip your finances into shape, and that’s with The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition.By now, you’ve heard all the nutty get-rich-quick schemes, the fiscal diet fads that leave you... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1595555277
    • ISBN: 9781595555274
    • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
    • Manufacturer: Thomas Nelson

  • Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press)

    The latest edition of the essential text and professional reference, with substantial new material on such topics as vEB trees, multithreaded algorithms, dynamic programming, and edge-based flow.Some books on algorithms are rigorous but incomplete; others cover masses of material but lack rigor. Introduction to Algorithms uniquely combines rigor and comprehensiveness. The book covers a broad range of algorithms in depth, yet makes their design and analysis accessible to all levels of readers. Each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be used as a unit of study. The algorithms are descr... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0262033844
    • ASIN: 0262033844
    • ISBN: 9780262033848
    • Brand: THE MIT
    • Manufacturer: The MIT Press

  • SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

    Click the "look inside" feature above to browse the SAT Black Book and get a feel for how it approaches the SAT! The fully up-to-date SAT Prep Black Book, Second Edition gives you unique, effective SAT strategies from Mike Barrett, an SAT tutor with clients all over the globe who pay him hundreds of dollars an hour for phone tutoring. In addition to extensive and effective training on every aspect of the SAT, the SAT Black Book gives you detailed, systematic, easy-to-follow walkthroughs for every question in 4 of the College Board's official SAT Practice Tests.The Black Book is a must-have in ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0692916164
    • ASIN: 0692916164
    • ISBN: 9780692916162
    • Manufacturer: ACT Prep Books

  • Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

    #1 New York Times Bestseller  An inspiring and thought-provoking graduation gift: At last, a book that shows you how to build—design—a life you can thrive in, at any age or stage  Designers create worlds and solve problems using design thinking. Look around your office or home—at the tablet or smartphone you may be holding or the chair you are sitting in. Everything in our lives was designed by someone. And every design starts with a problem that a designer or team of designers seeks to solve. In this book, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans show us how design thinking can help us create a li... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1101875321
    • ASIN: 1101875321
    • ISBN: 9781101875322
    • Brand: Knopf Publishing Group
    • Manufacturer: Knopf

  • The 36-Hour Day, sixth edition: The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

    Through five editions, The 36-Hour Day has been an essential resource for families who love and care for people with Alzheimer disease. Whether a person has Alzheimer disease or another form of dementia, he or she will face a host of problems. The 36-Hour Day will help family members and caregivers address these challenges and simultaneously cope with their own emotions and needs.Featuring useful takeaway messages and informed by recent research into the causes of and the search for therapies to prevent or cure dementia, this edition includes new information on• devices to make life simpler ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1421422239
    • ASIN: 1421422239
    • ISBN: 1421422239
    • Brand: JOHNS HOPKINS
    • Manufacturer: Johns Hopkins University Press

  • The Empowerment Approach to Social Work Practice

    First published in 1994, this book was hailed as a cutting-edge, theory-driven report from the front-line trenches in the battle for social justice. Both clinical and community oriented and written from a global perspective, it presents clients speaking for themselves alongside reports of prominent social work educators. This new edition puts greater emphasis on "how-to" skills in working with people toward their own empowerment and stresses multiculturalism. A new chapter identifies worldwide issues of oppression such as abuse of women and children and neglect of the mentally ill.

    • ASIN: 0231115482
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    • ASIN: 0231115482
    • ISBN: 0231115482
    • Manufacturer: Columbia University Press

  • Between the World and Me

    • ASIN: 0812993543
    • ASIN: 0812993543
    • ISBN: 0812993543
    • Brand: Spiegel Grau
    • Manufacturer: Spiegel & Grau

  • Jiu-Jitsu University

    Saulo Ribeiro—six-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion—is world-renowned for his functional jiu-jitsu knowledge and flawless technique. In Jiu-Jitsu University, Ribeiro shares with the public for the first time his revolutionary system of grappling, mapping out more than 200 techniques that carry you from white to black belt. Illuminating common jiu-jitsu errors and then illustrating practical remedies, this book is a must for all who train in jiu-jitsu. Not your run-of-the-mill technique book, Jiu-Jitsu University is a detailed training manual that will ultimately change the way jiu-ji... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0981504434
    • ASIN: 0981504434
    • ISBN: 9780981504438
    • Brand: Victory Belt Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Victory Belt Publishing

  • Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students

    Your students aren’t reading. They aren’t engaged in class. Getting them to talk is like pulling teeth.Whatever the situation, your reality is not meeting your expectations. Change is needed. But who’s got the time?Or maybe you’re just starting out, and you want to get it right the first time.If so, Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students is the blueprint. Written for the early career college professor, this easy-to-implement college instruction guide teaches you to:Think like advertisers to understand your target audience—your studentsAdo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01NCXF8JC
    • ASIN: B01NCXF8JC

  • Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this instant and tenacious bestseller, Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight “offers a rare and revealing look at the notoriously media-shy man behind the swoosh” (Booklist, starred review), illuminating his company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.Bill Gates named Shoe Dog one of his five favorite books of 2016 and called it “an amazing tale, a refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like. It’s a messy, perilous, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1501135929
    • ASIN: 1501135929
    • ISBN: 1501135929
    • Brand: Scribner
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

  • Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide To Money

    If you’re looking for practical information to answer all your “How?” “What?” and “Why?” questions about money, this book is for you. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave’s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest. You’ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all―giving.This is the handbook of Financial Peace University. If you’ve already been through Dave’s nine-week class, you won’t find much new information in this book. This book collec... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1937077209
    • ASIN: 1937077209
    • ISBN: 1937077209
    • Brand: Lampo Press
    • Manufacturer: Ramsey Press

  • The Eloquent Shakespeare: A Pronouncing Dictionary for the Complete Dramatic Works with Notes to Untie the Modern Tongue

    An actor’s deepest desire is to be understood. But when asked to pronounce such words as “chanson,” “phantasime,” or “quaestor,” many otherwise unflappable actors can be rendered speechless. The Eloquent Shakespeare aims to untie those tongues and help anyone speak Shakespeare’s language with ease. More than 17,500 entries make it the most comprehensive pronunciation guide to Shakespeare’s words, from the common to the arcane. Each entry is written in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and represents standard American pronunciations, making this dictionary perfect f... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 022600631X
    • ASIN: 022600631X
    • ISBN: 9780226006314
    • Manufacturer: University of Chicago Press

  • Monsters University


  • MyMathLab: Student Access Kit

    This access kit will provide you with a code to get into MyMathLab, a personalized interactive learning environment, where you can learn mathematics and statistics at your own pace and measure your progress. In order to use MyMathLab, you will need a CourseID provided by your instructor; MyMathLab is not a self-study product and does require you to be in an instructor-led course. This product is for the national MyMathLab access kit. If your school has a custom MyMathLab course the printed access card will not work.   MyMathLab includes:   Interactive tutorial exercises: MyMathLab... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 032119991X
    • ASIN: 032119991X
    • ISBN: 032119991X
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    • Manufacturer: Pearson

  • A System of Anatomy and Physiology, with the Comparative Anatomy of Animals Compiled from the Latest and Best Authors, and Arranged, as Nearly as the Work Would Admit, in the Order of the Lectures Delivered in the University Ofedinburgh V1 of 3; Volume 1

    A System Of Anatomy And Physiology,

    • UPC: 714032669

  • A System of Anatomy and Physiology : From the Latest and Best Authors as Nearly as the Nature of the Work Would Admit, in the Order of the Lectures Delivered by the Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh V 1 of 3

    System of Anatomy and

    • UPC: 480937791

  • A System of Anatomy and Physiology, with the Comparative Anatomy of Animals Compiled from the Latest and Best Authors, and Arranged, as Nearly as the Work Would Admit, in the Order of the Lectures Delivered in the University Ofedinburgh V1 Volume 1 of 3


    • UPC: 465678473

  • Heart Care for Life : Developing the Program That Works Best for You

    Heart Care for Life: Developing the Program That Works Best for

    • UPC: 37284129

  • Europe Didn't Work : Why We Left and How to Get the Best from Brexit

    Portion of edition statement from page 4 of

    • UPC: 56023630

  • Best Practices for Social Work with Refugees and Immigrants

    Rather than focusing on specific groups, this book takes a "pancultural" perspective that focuses on the common experiences of refugees and immigrants. The author focuses on empirically-based practice approaches; assessment and intervention techniques that have

    • UPC: 32726262

  • Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship Care : A Guide to Getting the Best Out of the System for Caregivers and Practitioners

    This book is the first to provide strategies for effective advocacy and placement within the foster care and kinship care systems. It also takes a rare look at the dynamics of the foster and kinship

    • UPC: 11599100

  • Top 10 Best Universities in the World ✔


    HOW TO GET A JOB AT YOUR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY (Student Work V.S Work Study my experience)