• TableCraft 32405 Bamboo Handle Wok Spatula, 14.5-Inch

    Tablecraft 14.5" Bamboo Handle Wok Spatula is ideal for the at home Pan-Asian chef. Easy long handle feature will help remove food without much splatter.

    • ASIN: B00KD6MKMC
    • Color: Bamboo
    • Brand: Tablecraft
    • UPC: 735343688324

  • Fox Run 48763 Spatula & Ladle Wok Tool Set, 16.5-17.5 inches, Brown

    The lotus series chuan and hoak set is the perfect set of stir fry tools. 100% hand made, Authentic Chinese, the chuan spatula designed to efficiently scoop and flip stir fry and REACH all parts of a wok, hoak soup ladle to get all liquids. the perfect compliment to any wok, fits with t-comfortable, lodge cast iron wok and Joyce Chen carbon steel w...

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Fox Run
    • UPC: 030734487631

  • Craft Wok Chinese Brass Skimmer/Strainer 6 inch Diameter Spider with Bamboo Handle / 732W7

    6 inch diameter, also known as a Chinese spider (also known as "Zhao li") A Chinese Brass Wire Skimmer/Strainer is a unique, handsome, and practical piece of cookware. The Chinese skimmer lifts out Oriental foods and pasta, wontons, ravioli, and tortellini from boiling water or deep fried foods from hot oil. The most handy, versatile, useful and du...

    • ASIN: B01KTMP3EG
    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Craft Wok
    • UPC: 641243391168

  • Chinese Cooking: Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes

    Stay in and prepare your favorite Chinese takeout recipes tonight!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!It is not a secret that Americans love Chinese food. There’s just something special about those fried chicken bits coated in a delicious sweet and sour sauce that keeps us coming back for more. Not to mention, the incredibly delicious fried rice...

    • ASIN: B06XS8R56B

  • T-fal A80789 Specialty Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA-Free Jumbo Wok Cookware, 14-Inch, Black

    Prepare delicious Asian-inspired meals for the whole family with this T-fal Specialty nonstick 14-inch jumbo wok. Made of durable aluminum and traditionally shaped with a wide top and narrow base, the gently curved wok heats quickly and evenly, sealing in flavor. The wok’s PFOA-free nonstick (inside and out) requires the use of little to no oil o...

    • ASIN: B000MYI2ZO
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: T-fal
    • UPC: 032406040793

  • Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook for Stir-Fry, Dim Sum, and Other Restaurant Favorites

    All the Recipes You Need to Enjoy Comforting Chinese Food at Home Ordering Chinese takeout is easy--but it's definitely not the healthiest or most affordable way to enjoy Chinese comfort food at home. With this simple cookbook in your kitchen and a mighty wok in your hand, Chinese favorites are now quicker, healthier, and cheaper than delivery. ...

    • ASIN: 162315605X
    • Brand: Imatome Yun Naomi

  • Authentic Hand Hammered Wok, 14 Inch Carbon Steel Chinese Pow Wok, Traditional Round Bottom Wok by Mammafong

    The traditional hand-hammered carbon steel wok is the one true wok. It stands above cast iron, non-stick, stainless steel, ceramic coated, anodized aluminium to carry the heat required for genuine wok hei flavour. This fine example is shipped with a protected coating of oil. Once washed & reseasoned with oil your wok is ready to use. It will improv...

    • ASIN: B07DWK4DCG
    • Color: Carbon Steel Silver
    • Brand: Mammafong
    • UPC: 705377907517

  • Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Dishwasher Safe Scratch Resistant PFOA Free Induction Woks And Stir Fry Pans with Glass Lid 12.6Inch,5.9L,5.6lb - Black ...

    COOKLOVER's Chinese wok and stir fry pan with glass lid , diameter : The measure of 6.23 quart / 5.9L capacity12.6Inch diameter, weight is 5.6lb is suitable for cooking family size meals. The ergonomic riveted handles provide a comfortable grip while you are cooking. which are insulated and hot-proof,The convenient helper handle gives added support...

    • ASIN: B075WRD7WR
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: COOKLOVER
    • UPC: 713482031232

  • Town Food Service 15.5" Stainless Steel Mandarin Strainer

    Town Food Service 15.5" Stainless Steel Mandarin StrainerThis Town Food Service Mandarin Strainer features one-piece 18-8 stainless steel construction and has a perforated design. Its strong angle handle adds extra durability during use. Perforated 18-8 stainless steel One-piece construction Strong angle handle Diameter: 11" Handle: 5" Overall leng...

    • ASIN: B000UPJ1DM
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Town Food Service
    • UPC: 843784003177

  • Joyce Chen 21-9972, Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok Set, 4-Piece, 14-Inch, Charcoal

    Classic Series Carbon Steel 4 Pc. Wok Set Cleans Up EasilyInstead of going out for dinner, stay in, and make a healthy tofu and vegetable stir-fry or Szechwan beef and broccoli stir-fry using this four-piece wok set. Safe for use on either gas or electric cooktops, the flat-bottomed wok should be hand washed and dried thoroughly before storing...

    • ASIN: B002AQSWNE
    • Color: Charcoal
    • Brand: Joyce Chen
    • UPC: 802193034318

  • The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook: Fresh Recipes to Sizzle, Steam, and Stir-Fry Restaurant Favorites at Home

    Want to make easy, healthy Chinese food? Go for a wok.In the time it takes to call for takeout, you could make a delicious Chinese dinner at home! The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook shows you how to create nourishing, satisfying versions of Chinese restaurant favorites using just a wok. With this one versatile pan, you can stir-fry meats, steam veggi...

    • ASIN: B071KW3GMP

  • Alpha Nonstick Marble Stone Coating Wok Pan, 13.4-Inch PFOA FREE

    Alpha Cookware introduces our 13.4" non-stick marble wok, the new standard in cookware. Marble coating is naturally non-stick, durable, easy to clean, heats evenly, and is completely safe. Compared to other woks, a lot less oil is needed and you can start cooking healthy by eliminating extra calories from the use of fatty oils or butter. In additio...

    • ASIN: B00NF1P0U6
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Alpha
    • UPC: 859176004936

  • Ieoke Wok Pan, Chinese Pan Iron Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Uncoated Carbon Steel Cookware with Wooden Helper, 14.4 inch Round Bottom

    IEOKE Wok Pan,Chinese pan Iron Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Uncoated Carbon Steel Wok Cookware Why choice our cast iron wok? Fry wok is made from hand hammered iron craft inherited from the Qing Dynasty of China. It has a history of 100 years and the craftsmanship is mature and superb. The advantages of our products? --- Traditional hand hammere...

    • ASIN: B07F9RR1KH
    • Color: Silver Gray
    • Brand: IEOKE
    • UPC: 663585842559

  • Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Spider Strainer with Natural Bamboo Handle, 5-Inch Strainer Basket

    • ASIN: B000PKQ3YW
    • Color: Wood
    • Brand: Helen's Asian Kitchen
    • UPC: 802198780890

  • Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom) / 731W88

    Wok pan -- the name of a deep pan with a round bottom of small diameter. The main purpose of the wok is to "stir-fry" -- fast frying with frequent stirring on a hot skillet, but in addition the wok pan can be used as vessel used for deep frying food in hot oil and for preparation of various soups. It can also be used as a steamer and even as a smok...

    • ASIN: B00PUZT9MU
    • Color: Steel
    • Brand: Craft Wok
    • UPC: 856299007059

  • The Best 50 Wok Recipes

    Gary Lee, a best-selling author and one of America s leading authorities on wok cooking, has distilled his cooking expertise and cookbook experience into this easy-to-follow book, containing a collection of the very best stir-fries

    • UPC: 26346900
    • Rating: 1.0

  • The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook : Fresh Recipes to Sizzle, Steam, and Stir-Fry Restaurant Favorites at Home

    Enjoy Simple, Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Chinese Dishes with The Healthy Wok Chinese CookbookChinese food is a favorite among many American families. But its harmonious fusion of sweet spice and tangy heat doesn't have

    • UPC: 55785232

  • Everyday Chinese Cooking: Quick and Easy Stir-Fry Wok Recipes

    Everyday Chinese Cooking: Quick and Easy Stir-Fry Wok

    • UPC: 865311723

  • The Wok Cookbook: Delicious And Filling Chinese Recipes To Enjoy - eBook

    Enjoy Healthier Homemade Versions Of Your Favorite Chinese Meals!Prepare Great Meals Using Your Wok!Americans have become accustomed to Chinese foods. We love, enjoy and crave for it as we do our pizzas and tacos. The

    • UPC: 308695310

  • Wok Cookbook for Beginners & Cooking for One Cookbook for Beginners & Ultimate Barbecue and Grilling for Beginners & Slow Cooking Guide for Beginners & the Best Prepared Mason Jar Meals

    Wok Cookbook for Beginners: The Top Easy and Quick Recipes for Wok Cooking For Beginners! + Cooking for One Cookbook for Beginners: The Ultimate Recipe Cookbook for Cooking for One! + Slow Cooking Guide for

    • UPC: 728311420

  • Best-Ever Chinese Cooking : Delicious and Authentic Dishes from One of the World's Best-Loved Cuisines: 150 Irresistible Recipes Shown in 250 Stunning Photographs

    Mouthwatering and authentic soups, appetizers and dim sum, stir-fries, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and

    • UPC: 365436410

  • Wok Cookbook for Beginners & Cooking for One Cookbook for Beginners & Slow Guide for Beginners & Ultimate Canning & Preserving Food Guide for Beginners & the Best Prepared Mason Jar Meals

    Wok Cookbook for Beginners & Cooking for One Cookbook for Beginners & Slow Guide for Beginners & Ultimate Canning & Preserving Food Guide for

    • UPC: 157473973



    • UPC: 265063395

  • Stir Crazy : 100 Deliciously Healthy Stir-Fry Recipes

    Stir-frying is not only one of the easiest and fastest ways to cook, but also one of the most healthy - using little oil and retaining more nutrients than other methods of cooking. It also

    • UPC: 56041246

  • The Best Prepared Mason Jar Meals

    The Best Prepared Mason Jar Meals

    • UPC: 746807642

  • The BEST Wok to Buy! - Hot Thai Kitchen!

    How to Select Your First Wok (如何選你第一個炒鍋)

    How to Choose a Wok | A Beginner's Guide to Buying the Right Wok |