• Visible Learning for Science, Grades K-12: What Works Best to Optimize Student Learning

    Inquiry, laboratory, project-based learning, discovery learning―which science instructional approach is most effective? In Visible Learning for Science, the authors reveal that it’s not which strategy, but when, and plot a vital K-12 framework for choosing the right approach at the right time, depending on where students are within the three ph...

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  • Visible Learning for Literacy, Grades K-12: Implementing the Practices That Work Best to Accelerate Student Learning (Corwin Literacy)

    Ensure students demonstrate more than a year’s worth of learning during a school year Renowned literacy experts Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey work with John Hattie to apply his 15 years of research, identifying instructional routines that have the biggest impact on student learning, to literacy practices. These practices are "visible" because the...

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  • Visible Learning for Mathematics, Grades K-12: What Works Best to Optimize Student Learning (Corwin Mathematics Series)

    Rich tasks, collaborative work, number talks, problem based learning, direct instruction…with so many possible approaches, how do we know which ones work the best? In Visible Learning for Mathematics, six acclaimed educators assert it’s not about which one―it’s about when―and show you how to design high impact instruction so all students...

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  • How the Immune System Works (The How it Works Series)

    How the Immune System Works has helped thousands of students understand what's in their hefty immunology textbooks. In this book, Dr. Sompayrac cuts through the jargon and details to reveal, in simple language, the essence of this complex subject: how the immune system fits together, how it protects us from disease and, perhaps most importantly, w...

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  • When Teams Work Best: 6,000 Team Members and Leaders Tell What it Takes to Succeed

    What makes some teams achieve extraordinary outcomes, while other fall disappointingly short of the mark? Frank LaFasto and Carl Larson have systematically explored that question for more than 20 years. In 1989, they published the best-selling book TeamWork; What Must Go Right/What Can Go Wrong, which reported the results of an in-depth study of s...

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  • Plato: Complete Works

    Outstanding translations by leading contemporary scholars--many commissioned especially for this volume--are presented here in the first single edition to include the entire surviving corpus of works attributed to Plato in antiquity. In his introductory essay, John Cooper explains the presentation of these works, discusses questions concerning the ...

    • ASIN: 0872203492

  • In the Best Interest of Students: Staying True to What Works in the ELA Classroom

    What is in the best interest of our students? Is it teaching to the newest standards movement, like the Common Core? Teaching that prepares students to take a test? Or is it something more meaningful and authentic? In his new book, In the Best Interest of Students, Kelly Gallagher notes that there are real strengths in the Common Core standards, a...

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  • The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling

    An inspiring guide to finding your life’s purpose—what spiritual teachers call dharma—through mindfulness and self-exploration.   Stephen Cope says that in order to have a fulfilling life you must discover the deep purpose hidden at the very core of your self. The secret to unlocking this mystery, he asserts, can be found in the pages of a...

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  • Philosophy of Existence (Works in Continental Philosophy)

    Philosophy of Existence was first presented to the public as a series of lectures invited by The German Academy of Frankfurt. In preparing these lectures Jaspers, whom the Nazis had already dismissed from his professorship at Heidelberg, knew that he was speaking in Germany for the last time. Jaspers used the occasion to offer an account of the cul...

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  • The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win

    Joel Trachtman's book presents in plain and lucid terms the powerful tools of argument that have been honed through the ages in the discipline of law. If you are a law student or new lawyer, a business professional or a government official, this book will boost your analytical thinking, your foundational legal knowledge, and your confidence as you ...

    • ASIN: 1481246380

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

    #1 New York Times BestsellerOver 6 million copies soldIn this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be "positive" all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. "F**k pos...

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  • Philosophies of India

    The volume is divided into four sections: The introduction places the position of the Buddhist Tantras within Mahayana Buddhism and recalls their early literary history, especially the Guhyasamahatantra; the section also covers Buddhist Genesis and the Tantric tradition. The foundations of the Buddhist Tantras are discussed and the Tantric presenta...

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  • Philosophy: The Pursuit of Wisdom

    Can philosophy be fun? With PHILOSOPHY: THE PURSUIT OF WISDOM it most certainly is. Because of its lively writing style and clear presentation, this introduction to philosophy textbook is both interesting and informative. You'll discover all the major philosophical theories, as well as tackle hot topics like the existence of God, the free will/dete...

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  • Theory and Reality: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Science and Its Conceptual Foundations series)

    How does science work? Does it tell us what the world is "really" like? What makes it different from other ways of understanding the universe? In Theory and Reality, Peter Godfrey-Smith addresses these questions by taking the reader on a grand tour of one hundred years of debate about science. The result is a completely accessible introduction to t...

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  • Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology

    Designed for classroom use, this authoritative anthology presents key selections from the best contemporary work in philosophy of film. The featured essays have been specially chosen for their clarity, philosophical depth, and consonance with the current move towards cognitive film theory Eight sections with introductions cover topics such as the...

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    • Brand: Brand: Wiley-Blackwell

  • The Pleasure of Finding Things Out : The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman

    A magnificent treasury of the best short works of Feynman--from interviews and speeches to lectures and printed articles--presents a fascinating view of a life in science like no

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  • Marcus Aurelius Complete Works – World’s Best Collection - eBook

    Marcus Aurelius Complete Works – World’s Best World's Best CollectionThis is the world’s best Marcus Aurelius collection, including the most complete set of Aurelius’s works available plus many free bonus materials.Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius was a

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  • Plato Complete Works – World’s Best Collection - eBook

    Plato Complete Works – World’s Best CollectionThis is the world’s best Plato collection, including the most complete set of Plato’s works available plus many free bonus materials.PlatoPlato was a philosopher in Ancient Greece, a student

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  • Herbert Spencer: The Best Works - eBook

    The Best Works of Herbert Spencer Essays on Education and Kindred SubjectsJohn Stuart Mill; His Life and WorksThe Philosophy of StyleThe Right To Ignore The StateThe Data of

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  • Annie Payson Call: The Best Works - eBook

    The Best Works of Annie Payson CallA Man of the WorldAs a Matter of CourseNerves and Common SensePower Through ReposeThe Freedom Of

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  • George Santayana: The Best Works - eBook

    The Best Works of George Santayana Character and Opinion in the United StaesSome Turns of Thought in Modern PhilosophyThe Life of ReasonThe Sense of BeautyThree Philosophical PoetsWinds of

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  • 10 Interesting Books About Philosophy

    Student Philosopher: Where to Start with Philosophy?

    PHILOSOPHY - Plato