• Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story

    Kids love yoga―and it’s great for them, so much so that the President’s Council has added the practice to the fitness activities in the annual President’s Challenge. For parents and caregivers looking for a fun and effective new routine for bedtime, innovative educator Mariam Gates presents Good Night Yoga, a playful yet wholly practical bo...

    • ASIN: 162203466X
    • Brand: Sounds True
    • UPC: 884956868064

  • Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands of Possible Combinations!

    This container of dice holds endless inspiration for every yoga lover! Seven wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses—seated, standing, balancing, twists, and more—that, when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels....

    • ASIN: 1452161682
    • Brand: Chronicle

  • Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story (Good Night Yoga)

    Calm and awake, "I can do this!"is all I need to say.A deep breath in, a long breath out―I am ready for the day!This "wake up" story is so much more than a story. It’s a practice for kids and parents to greet the morning with joy and embark on their daily adventures with intention and confidence. Turn the page and reach up to the sky, press you...

    • ASIN: 1622036026
    • Brand: Gates Mariam
    • UPC: 710308291450

  • The Kids' Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Games

    Yoga is fun! Get kids bending, breathing, and stretching with The Kids Yoga Deck. Playful poses such as Cat, Flower, Airplane, and Gorillaas well as partner poses that can be performed with friendsteach kids the basics of yoga. Easy enough for children to do on their own, The Kids Yoga Deck engages bodies and minds to help youngsters build strength...

    • ASIN: 0811836983
    • Brand: Brand: Chronicle Books
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  • The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

    This fun mix of coloring book and instructional guide demystifies anatomy for the yoga enthusiast and teacher.   Yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, and anatomy teacher Kelly Solloway provides an entertaining and informative journey through the human body, focusing on the bones, joints, and muscles used in yoga. After an overview of helpf...

    • ASIN: 1640210210

  • The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice

    Apply the wisdom of yoga philosophy to your personal yoga practice and throughout your life with The Yoga Mind. The profound inspiration that yoga promises begins not in the body, but in the mind. In The Yoga Mind, internationally renowned yoga expert Rina Jakubowicz takes a simple, accessible approach to the complex origins of yoga philosophy. Wit...

    • ASIN: 1623159717

  • Yoga Friends: A Pose-by-Pose Partner Adventure for Kids (Good Night Yoga)

    Time to Buddy Up for Movement, Cooperation, and Imaginative Play A sailboat skimming across the waves, A feathery owl, A tree stretching from earth to sky.Together, what do we want to become today? From the creators of Good Night Yoga and Good Morning Yoga comes a beautifully illustrated city adventure that introduces children to the delights and b...

    • ASIN: 1622038169

  • Yoga For Kids: Simple First Steps in Yoga and Mindfulness

    Teach your kids about yoga and mindfulness with this mindful yoga activity book. Yoga activities are a great way to teach children about relaxation, meditation, and peace--while having fun at the same time.This book is packed with yoga activities for kids and mindful games. Kids can stretch into tree pose, bend into butterfly pose, learn how to mak...

    • ASIN: 1465475419

  • Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids: 25+ Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Focus and Peace | Yoga Stories for Kids and Parents

    This book provides adults with real, actionable information while building fun access points for kids leave them begging their parents to help them practice yoga.Here is what you find in this book:What are the secrets of successful yoga with your children.Why yoga is the most affordable and effective method for the harmonious development of the chi...

    • ASIN: 1946755400

  • Yoga for Kids: Simple Animal Poses for Any Age

    A little boy begins taking yoga lessons at the zoo, where he learns that he can mimic the animals there with simple yoga poses. When he returns home after his lessons, he practices with his cat, Nino. With an illustration of each animal pose and a description of how to do it on each page, this enchanting book makes the perfect instruction guide for...

    • ASIN: 0807591726

  • Yoga Pretzels (Yoga Cards)

    Practice bending, twisting, breathing, relaxing and more with Yoga Pretzels, a vibrant and colorful set of illustrated cards that provide a healthy dose of fun and education while teaching all the basics of yoga to help your head and heart.Founded by Tara Guber and directed by Leah Kalish, Yoga Ed. develops health and wellness courses and materials...

    • ASIN: 1905236042
    • Brand: Barefoot Books

  • You Are a Lion!: And Other Fun Yoga Poses

    With simple instructions and bright, clear illustrations, award-winning artist Taeeun Yoo invites children to enjoy yoga by assuming playful animal poses. And she sparks their imagination further by encouraging them to pretend to be the animal - to flutter like a butterfly, hiss like a snake, roar like a lion and more. Yoga is great for kids becaus...

    • ASIN: 0399256024
    • Brand: Taeeun Yoo
    • UPC: 884269561362

  • Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children

    Help your kids de-stress and get healthy!Yoga for Children will encourage your child to learn about yoga with an attentive, at-home instructor--you! Even if you are new to the practice, author, mom, and children's yoga expert Lisa Flynn will guide you and your child through more than 200 yoga poses, meditations, and activities that are suitable for...

    • ASIN: 1440554633
    • Brand: Adams Media
    • UPC: 045079554634

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck

    Jennifer Cohen Harper, Little Flower Yoga founder, author, and mindfulness and yoga expert (and parent), has created another unique resource to help children embrace their full potential. Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck offers over 50 activities to support health, well-being, empowerment and an improved capacity to navigate th...

    • ASIN: 1683730186
    • Brand: Cohen Harper Jennifer

  • Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck

    The Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck, by Lisa Flynn, is a fun and effective tool for educators, counselors, therapists and parents to use with children for a peaceful and productive classroom. Larger 6x8 boxed set features 67 yoga and mindfulness-based activity cards which include illustrated instructions, discussion points, sub-activities, and educatio...

    • ASIN: 0615537715
    • Brand: Yoga 4 Classrooms

  • Yoga for Children--Yoga Cards : 50+ Yoga Poses and Mindfulness Activities for Healthier, More Resilient Kids

    Teaching children about yoga and mindfulness has never been so easy! Yoga for Children--Yoga Cards offers children a fun approach to learning with a trusted and attentive instructor--you! Complete with full-color, easy-to-follow photographs and step-by-step

    • UPC: 671028700

  • 50 Poses and Meditations: The Yoga Deck - Other

    Now beginners, experts, and teachers alike can make rejuvenating meditations part of daily life with this beautifully illustrated deck of fifty yoga poses and meditations. Each easy-to-use card gives detailed instructions, benefits, and an affirmation.

    • UPC: 1180615
    • Rating: 4.0

  • 2,100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses

    "The most complete collection of yoga Asanas ever photographed, and the first-ever to categorize an astonishing 2,100 yoga poses. This beautifully designed book is a must-have for yogis of all levels and every practice. 2,100

    • UPC: 45840813
    • Rating: 3.0

  • The Key Poses of Yoga - eBook

    Using detailed, full-color illustrations of the human muscu-loskeletal system, orthopedic surgeon and founder of Bandha Yoga, Dr. Ray Long, reveals the anatomical and physiological truths at the core of 55 fundamental poses of yoga. He

    • UPC: 589872127
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Yoga for Children : 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children

    Help your kids de-stress and get healthy! Yoga for Children will encourage your child to learn about yoga with an attentive, at-home instructor--you! Even if you are new to the practice, author, mom, and children's

    • UPC: 22007603

  • Yoga Body and Mind Handbook : Easy Poses, Guided Meditations, Perfect Peace Wherever You Are

    Yoga for Mind & Body is the only book to give beginners the information and guidance they need to understand yoga's mind-body connection and get the most out of their practice. The book promises to

    • UPC: 55477335

  • Yoga for 50+ : Modified Poses and Techniques for a Safe Practice

    A step-by-step guide to yoga offers people over fifty a technique for relaxing, offering tips for graceful movements and breathing exercises, as well as instructions for using props such as mats and chairs during yoga.

    • UPC: 2512150

  • Yoga Bug Simple Poses for Little Ones (Board Book)

    Flutter like a butterfly, twist like a grasshopper, wiggle like a beetle! Kids love bugs--so, what better way to teach them the healthy joys of yoga than with the help of our multi-legged friends? For

    • UPC: 55858963

  • The Healing Yoga Deck : 60 Poses and Meditations to Alleviate Pain and Support Well-Being


    • UPC: 650582186

  • The Kids' Yoga Deck : 50 Poses and Games

    Easy enough for children to do on their own, "The Kids' Yoga Deck" engages bodies and minds to help youngsters build strength, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. 50 full-color

    • UPC: 265093496

  • Yoga for Kids: Part I

    Yoga For Confidence – Boat Pose

    HealthWorks! Youth Fitness 101 - Warm Up | Cincinnati Children's