• Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots

    Pro-Knot -The waterproof portable knot book! With over one million knot cards sold and more 5 Star reviews than any other knot book on Amazon, Pro-Knot is a highly respected and trusted name in knots. This Outdoor Knots version will serve you well whether you are lashing down a kayak on the roof of your car (use the Trucker's Hitch), hanging an adjustable line in camp (use the Tautline Hitch), tying a boat to a dock (Cleat Hitch), or you just need a quick peek at the good old Bowline Knot while outdoors. And being completely waterproof solid plastic means you can take them with you anywhere w... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0922273227
    • UPC: 764511750105
    • ASIN: 0922273227
    • ISBN: 0922273227
    • Brand: Pro-Knot
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: J. E. Sherry Company

  • Set Lock (Small)

    Conveniently pick from 5 stainless steel tools .Includes plastic case, 5 stainless tools and metal grips

    • ASIN: B07R9VFZJC
    • UPC: 737787234990
    • ASIN: B07R9VFZJC
    • Brand: Intex
    • Manufacturer: Qian

  • The Secret

    The tenth-anniversary edition of the book that changed lives in profound ways, now with a new foreword and afterword.In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—The Secret—and, later that year, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller. Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it.... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B002M5E2DW
    • ASIN: B002M5E2DW
    • Manufacturer: Atria Books/Beyond Words

  • AP World History Flash Cards (Barron's Test Prep)

    Barron’s AP World History Flash Cards are revised and updated to reflect the most recent changes in the AP World History curriculum. This set of 400 cards helps students review key topics and get prepared for the exam.Each card presents a history topic on its front, with key information listed on the reverse side. Cards are divided into six major historical eras: Time Immemorial to 600 C.E., 600 to 1450, 1450 to 1750, 1750 to 1900, and 1900 to the present day. Each topic is also assigned one of six categories, further enabling students to arrange them in any order that suits their needs.The ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1438076304
    • ASIN: 1438076304
    • ISBN: 1438076304
    • Brand: Barrons Educational Series
    • Manufacturer: Barrons Educational Series

  • Square POS Hardware Bundle - Star Micronics TSP143IIU USB Printer and Epsilont Cash Drawer (White)

    EPSILONT POS BUNDLE INCLUDES: 1. Square recommended Star Micronics TSP143IIU USB receipt printer 2. Square recommenced Printer Driven 16 x 16 Epsilont Cash Drawer (non-USB, Cable included). Comparable to APG 16 x 16 Vasario Series Cash Drawer Part #: VB320-BL1616.

    • ASIN: B01KMW26WA
    • UPC: 748388640448
    • ASIN: B01KMW26WA
    • Brand: Epsilont
    • Manufacturer: Epsilont

  • The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

    Be online without leaving a trace.Your every step online is being tracked and stored, and your identity literally stolen. Big companies and big governments want to know and exploit what you do, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand.In this explosive yet practical book, Kevin Mitnick uses true-life stories to show exactly what is happening without your knowledge, teaching you "the art of invisibility"--online and real-world tactics to protect you and your family, using easy step-by-step instructions. Reading this book, you will learn everything from password protection and smart ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01GZY28CW
    • ASIN: B01GZY28CW
    • Manufacturer: Little, Brown and Company

  • 21st-Century Apprenticeship: Best Practices for Building a World-Class Workforce

    Illustrates how a changing U.S. economy demands a revival of employer-based workforce training and suggests a new model of apprenticeship founded on the best of practices past and present, overseas and at home.• Includes excerpts from interviews and observations from the author's travels through Europe, where apprenticeship has been revitalized with great success• Discusses the current best practices and potential of community colleges collaborating with employers to facilitate apprenticeship training and college credit/courses• Includes sidebars that document how local or regional colla... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1440834180
    • ASIN: 1440834180
    • ISBN: 1440834180
    • Manufacturer: Praeger

  • Learn & Climb Play Money Set for Kids - Realistic Dollar Bills, Coins, Credit & Debit Cards & Checkbook. Add-on for Pretend Play Cash Register

    • ASIN: B07GXZ4XDM
    • UPC: 793588616441
    • ASIN: B07GXZ4XDM
    • Brand: Learn & Climb
    • Manufacturer: Learn & Climb

  • SHZOND Embossing Machine 72 Characters Card Embosser Printer Gift Card Credit ID PVC Card Embosser Stamping Machine Manual Embosser Machine

    72 Characters Manual Embosser Embossing Machine Introduction This Manual PVC Card Embosser Machine we offer has the characteristics of heavy duty reliable structure, accurate orientation, small volume, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. Compared with electric embossing machines, this manual machine is more economical and suitable for small batch. Features Heavy duty steel construction. 11 Lines of embossing, 7 or 10 characters per inch. Please use the PVC card (85 mm x 55 mm) CR-80 standard. Indicator and sample card for raised type location indication. Character depth can be adju... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B075DBHGT6
    • UPC: 606321325831
    • ASIN: B075DBHGT6
    • Brand: SHZOND
    • Size: still straws-modelHJ174
    • Manufacturer: SHZOND

  • Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool, Sapphire

    Over the years, both customer needs and technology have changed. The Swiss Army Knife has evolved by responding to these needs, while remaining an essential tool our clients can rely on. That's our story. But it's not what turned the Victorinox Knife into an icon. It's about the stories our customers experienced in which our products played a vital role: stories about memorable moments of adventure and expeditions on earth, in the sky, and in space. Dramatic stories in which our products contributed to solutions and saved lives. Even stories of prominent encounters where our knives opened door... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B001Y7XUT6
    • UPC: 469285333294
    • ASIN: B001Y7XUT6
    • Brand: Victorinox
    • Manufacturer: Victorinox

  • Ben Franklin Toys Talking Toy Cash Register - STEM Learning 69 Piece Pretend Store with 3 Languages, Paging Microphone, Credit Card, Bank Card, Play Money and Banking for Kids, Silver

    Cha-chin! That's the sound this deluxe cash register makes as kids play for hours. Kids will have fun playing store, counting money, making change, swiping bank cards. Plus, this toy teaches kids other languages including English, French and Spanish. This interactive play set includes a life size electronic cash register, play bills and coins, debit card, receipts, and open/closed sign. Perfect for home or classroom use. Holds life size real money or play money so kids learn the real value of a dollar. Perfect for gift giving. Great for boys and girls of all ages 3 and up. Contains: cash regis... [Read More]

    • UPC: 856670005544
    • Brand: Ben Franklin Toys
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Thin Air Brands, LLC

  • 6 Pk Credit Card Fresnel Lens Pocket Magnifier Ruler Emergency Solar Fire Starter -Compact Plastic Magnifying Glass for EDC Home Office Classroom Hobbies & Outdoor Survival Bushcraft

    This Fresnel lens made of PVC plastic is extremely thin, flexible and shatter proof. The approximate size is 3.25"x2.25" and slightly thinner than a credit card making them the perfect EDC or Every Day Carry item so you can always have one with you when you need it. It's just like having a backup pair of reading glasses or magnifying glass with you at all times, and with 6 per pack you'll have plenty to share with friends or keep in multiple locations for quick access. In the office they're great for viewing the small print on spreadsheets and documents. At home they're great for reading the... [Read More]

    • UPC: 647358995758
    • Brand: Lifesport Gear
    • Size: 6 pack
    • Manufacturer: Lifesport Gear

  • BOHONG Aluminum RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men Women - Stylish Travel Wallet - Best Protection for Bank Debit, ID, ATM, Cards Against Scanning Criminals,The Dark Night

    BE SAFE AND PROTECTED from Electronic Pickpocketing: Safe, Secure, Blocking protection from all RFID scanners and readers.ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY: using High quality aluminum materials from top manufacturer. Easy click button for opening and closing,Latches safely and securely when not in use.Rounded corner wouldn't damage on your clothes.Compact & slim design for your pocket.6 Slots, Capacity for up to more than 9 credit cards.Color:We will send whatever colors we have available. Colors may not be pictured. Print:Stylish and beautiful pictures via heat transfer printing at the surface.

    • ASIN: B01LZW0RQI
    • UPC: 723120885776
    • ASIN: B01LZW0RQI
    • Brand: BOHONG
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: BOHONG

  • Smartish Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Q Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - Ultra Slim Protective Kickstand Credit Card Carrying Case (CM4) - Black Onyx

    The Q Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 by CM4 is an ultra slim wallet case that fits 3 credit cards plus cash in a premium, protective soft-touch and fabric case. An exclusive patented soft-touch rubber and premium fabric construction blends to form a streamlined pocket to carry just what you need while on-the-go. Meanwhile, the Lay-Flat Screen Guard design and Natural Throw buttons provide ultimate screen protection and enhance the organic connection with your phone. Last, the covert kickstand allows you to slide a card into the hidden card slot to prop your phone into 2 different viewing posi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00UNOB7WS
    • UPC: 796594709787
    • ASIN: B00UNOB7WS
    • Brand: Smartish
    • Manufacturer: Silk

  • Premium Grade Fresnel Lens Pocket Wallet Credit Card Size • Magnifier • Solar Fire Starter • Ruler - Unbreakable Plastic for Home Office Classroom & Outdoor EDC Survival Kit Bushcraft

    Our premium grade Fresnel lenses are made from top quality PVC plastic. They are extremely thin, flexible and shatterproof. @ approximately 3.25"x2.25" in size and slightly thinner than a credit card, they are the perfect EDC or Every Day Carry item. A much less bulky alternative to carrying a pair of reading glasses or magnifying glass with you at all times, and with 10 per pack, you'll have plenty to share with friends or keep in multiple locations for quick access. The ruler comes in handy with hobbies and crafts or anything where a large ruler isn't needed. Office use - great for viewing t... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06WRR6ZSW
    • UPC: 700516410231
    • ASIN: B06WRR6ZSW
    • Brand: Cz Garden Supply
    • Size: 5 pack PREMIUM GRADE Ruler/Magnifier
    • Manufacturer: Cz Garden Supply

  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum : Best Practices in Early Childhood Education, Enhanced Pearson Etext -- Access Card


    • UPC: 659648502

  • How to Get the Best of Your Credit Cards - eBook

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life (9780132383837), by Liz Pulliam Weston.

    • UPC: 776594198

  • M6547XTG YULETIDE ZOO YOGA' 10 Assorted Christmas Thank You Notecards Featuring Fun and Flexible Zoo Animals Practicing Yoga Poses While Wearing Christmas Hats, with Envelopes by The Best Card Compan

    These 'M6547XTG YULETIDE ZOO YOGA' Christmas Thank You note cards come in an assortment of 10 unique but related designs, and measure 4'' x 5 ¼''. All of our cards are printed in North America,

    • UPC: 560083143
    • Model: M6547XTG
    • Color: White

  • Abusive Credit Card Practices and Bankruptcy

    Abusive Credit Card Practices and

    • UPC: 359857788

  • Regulatory Requirements and Industry Practices of Credit Card Issuers

    Regulatory Requirements and Industry Practices of Credit Card

    • UPC: 345302920

  • Examining the Billing, Marketing, and Disclosure Practices of the Credit Card Industry, and Their Impact on Consumers

    Examining the Billing, Marketing, and Disclosure Practices of the Credit Card Industry, and Their Impact on

    • UPC: 989129462

  • Credit Card Practices : Unfair Interest Rate Increases

    Credit Card Practices: Unfair Interest Rate

    • UPC: 811787899

  • Credit Card Practices : Fees, Interest Charges, and Grace Periods

    Credit Card Practices

    • UPC: 184325477

  • Best Tarot Practices : Everything You Need to Know to Learn the Tarot

    Best Tarot Practices is a comprehensive approach to teaching everything you need to know to read the cards for personal insight and spiritual growth, for yourself and others. Using a method that blends modern questions

    • UPC: 10722103



    • UPC: 33546456

  • Credit Cards: Mistakes and Best Practices (Credit Card Basics 3/3)

    Things to Do When You Get a New Credit Card | Best Practices & Tips to Help Manage Your New Card

    Credit Cards 101: How to build your credit score ASAP and leverage your money