• Best Practices for Data Archival

    This is a best practices document for individuals or businesses to use in investigating, developing, and deploying a successful data archival plan and process. Data archival is a very mission critical process that all businesses must employ to increase client satisfaction, growth of profit, and vast improvement in database performance....

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  • Android Database Best Practices - eBook

    Battle-Tested Strategies for Storing, Managing, and Sharing Android Data“Android™ Database Best Practices goes well beyond API documentation to offer strategic advice about how to handle data in an Android application and the tools needed to

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  • Java Database Best Practices - eBook

    When creating complex Java enterprise applications, do you spend a lot of time thumbing through a myriad of books and other resources searching for what you hope will be the API that's right for the

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  • Big Data : Principles and Best Practices of Scalable Realtime Data Systems

    Teaches readers how to build big data systems using Lambda Architecture, an architecture designed specifically to capture and analyze web-scale

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  • Java Database Best Practices


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  • Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices - eBook

    In this book, Steven Feuerstein, widely recognized as one of the world's experts on the Oracle PL/SQL language, distills his many years of programming, writing, and teaching about PL/SQL into a set of PL/SQL language

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  • Android Database Best Practices

    Android Database Best Practices

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  • Oracle APEX Best Practices - eBook

    In clearly written chapters you will be guided through different aspects of Oracle Application Express. Varying from setting up your environment to maximizing SQL and PL/SQL. Examples are given based on a simple but appealing

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  • Accumulo : Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices

    Get up to speed on Apache Accumulo, the flexible, high-performance key/value store created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and based on Google's BigTable data storage system. Written by former NSA team members, this comprehensive

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  • Data Analytics : 4 Books in 1- Bible of 4 Manuscipts- Beginner's Guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Effective Strategies+ Best Practices to Learn Data Analytics Efficiently

    It doesn't matter if your business has three employees or three hundred, you are likely generating far more information that you may realize, and certainly far more than you are likely tracking effectively. Understanding what

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  • Pro Oracle SQL Development : Best Practices for Writing Advanced Queries

    IOUG Press

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  • What You Need to Know About Archiving, Data Retention, and Backups Pt 1

    In-Database Archiving

    T-SQL Stored Procedure Best Practices - Archive Log Table 1 of 3