• The Girl on the Best Seller List

    A satire of Peyton Place originally published in 1960 from the author of Spring Fire and The Damnation of Adam

    • UPC: 50845755

  • A Memory of Violets : A Novel of London's Flower Sellers

    Soon after taking a job at a home for orphaned flower girls, Tilly Harper finds a notebook that tells the tale of two flower girl sisters, Flora and Rosie, who were heartbreakingly separated forty years

    • UPC: 39968758

  • Stand by Me: The Uplifting and Heartbreaking Best Seller You Need to Read This Year

    "They'll always have each other... won't they? Lisa and Elliot have been best friends since the day they met as children. Twenty years later, life has pulled the pair apart and Lisa is struggling. Her

    • UPC: 919235971

  • Battlefield Earth : Science Fiction New York Times Best Seller

    Originally published: New York: St. Martin's Press,

    • UPC: 49365457
    • Rating: 3.333

  • Girl on the Best Seller List - eBook

    The book that damned an entire townFERN FULTON: "I’m the only friend Gloria Wealdon has in this town. How could she write those dreadful things about me and my husband and our daughter?"VIRGINIA FULTON, age

    • UPC: 389828782

  • Battlefield Earth : Science Fiction New York Times Best Seller

    It's the year 3000 A.D. and Man has become an endangered species under the ruthless rule of an alien

    • UPC: 53811654

  • Best Seller (Illustrated Edition) - eBook

    Few people are familiar with the name William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), but, just as many remember Mark Twain and not Samuel L. Clemens, Porter is well known by the pen name O. Henry. And O.

    • UPC: 337757317

  • Best Seller Writer - eBook

    Missing persons, contretemps, triumph and tragedy, jealousy and a guilty conscience are blended together in a way that draws in the

    • UPC: 743551729

  • Best Seller - eBook

    This is where you enter your synopsis for your

    • UPC: 996461161

  • Alexander the Great : Military Commander and King of Ancient Greece - Biography Best Sellers | Children's Biographies - eBook

    You know a lot about the Ancient Greece because of the writings of philosophers. But did you know that military personnel also helped to make Ancient Greece one of the most successful early civilizations in

    • UPC: 333004962

  • Kisah Asmara Nyata P3ngal4man Malam P3rt4maku di G1tuin

    5 Anime Romance Paling Romantis [ BAGIAN 4 ]