• Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms: Second Edition

    Medical Terminology Let’s be very clear about this, if you want to feel proud of yourself and do a great job in the health care field, you need to learn and understand medical terminology! It is a fundamental part of the future of your career.Our medical terminology book is a must-have study guide and workbook for students looking to broaden or refreshen their skills of understanding medical terms. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to enter the medical field, and is a great complementary tool to have when preparing for the NCLEX or MCAT! With this book you will learn and understand th... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1519066627
    • ASIN: 1519066627
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  • The Anatomy Coloring Book

    Why use this coloring book?   For more than 35 years, The Anatomy Coloring Book has been the #1 best-selling human anatomy coloring book! A useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning anatomical structures, this concisely written text features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn figures that were crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Organized according to body systems, each of the 162 two-page spreads  featured in this book includes an ingenious color-key system where anatomical terminology is linked to detailed illustrations of the structures of the body. Whe... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0321832019
    • ISBN: 0321832019
    • Brand: Pearson Education
    • Manufacturer: Pearson

  • Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology (Guyton Physiology)

    The 13th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title's long tradition as the world’s foremost medical physiology textbook. Unlike other textbooks on this topic, this clear and comprehensive guide has a consistent, single-author voice and focuses on the content most relevant to clinical and pre-clinical students. The detailed but lucid text is complemented by didactic illustrations that summarize key concepts in physiology and pathophysiology. Larger font size emphasizes core information around how the body must maintain homeostasis in order to... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1455770051
    • ASIN: 1455770051
    • ISBN: 1455770051
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Saunders

  • Atlas of Human Anatomy (Netter Basic Science)

    The only anatomy atlas illustrated by physicians, Atlas of Human Anatomy, 7th edition, brings you world-renowned, exquisitely clear views of the human body with a clinical perspective. In addition to the famous work of Dr. Frank Netter, you’ll also find nearly 100 paintings by Dr. Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today’s foremost medical illustrators. Together, these two uniquely talented physician-artists highlight the most clinically relevant views of the human body. In addition, more than 50 carefully selected radiologic images help bridge illustrated anatomy to living anatomy as seen in ev... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0323393225
    • ISBN: 0323393225
    • Manufacturer: Elsevier

  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy

    The world’s most trusted clinically focused anatomy text!Renowned for comprehensive coverage, the best-selling Clinically Oriented Anatomy guides students from initial anatomy and foundational science courses through clinical training and practice. The eighth edition reflects significant new information and updates and maintains the highest standards for scientific and clinical accuracy. Comprehensive updates reflect changes in the clinical application of anatomy as well as new imaging technologies, focusing on the anatomy that students need to know.Extensively revised “Clinical Blue Boxes... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1496347218
    • ISBN: 1496347218
    • Manufacturer: LWW

  • Anatomy Coloring Book

    Coloring the body and its systems is the most effective way to study the structure and functions of human anatomy. Kaplan's Anatomy Coloring Book provides realistic drawings, clear descriptions, and must-know terms for an easy way to learn anatomy.Anatomy Coloring Book features detailed illustrations of the body's anatomical systems in a spacious new page design with larger images and more space. Our new Color Guide appears on every 2-page spread and offers instructions for best coloring results so you can get the most out of your study.The Best ReviewMore than 450 detailed, realistic medical ... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1506208525
    • ISBN: 9781506208527
    • Brand: KAPLAN
    • Manufacturer: Kaplan Publishing

  • Trail Guide to the Body: How to Locate Muscles, Bones and More

    Trail Guide to the Body, 5th Edition, A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more Before you can assess or treat a muscle, you first must be able to locate it. This acclaimed book delivers beautifully illustrated information for learning palpation and the musculoskeletal system. It makes mastering the essential manual therapy skills interesting, memorable and easy. With 504 pages and 1,400 illustrations covering more than 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body. This new edition includes an extensive 56-page appen... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0982978650
    • ISBN: 0982978650
    • Manufacturer: Books of Discovery

  • Exploring Anatomy & Physiology in the Laboratory, 3e

    This comprehensive, beautifully illustrated, and affordably priced manual is appropriate for a two-semester anatomy and physiology laboratory course. Through focused activities and by eliminating redundant exposition and artwork found in most primary textbooks, this manual complements the lecture material and serves as an efficient and effective tool for learning in the lab.Features include:1. Objectives. Each unit begins with a set of learning goals to prepare students for what they are expected to know after completing the lab.2. Pre-Lab Exercises. PLEs encourage students to active... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1617316202
    • ASIN: 1617316202
    • ISBN: 1617316202
    • Manufacturer: Morton Publishing Company

  • Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book Updated Edition (Netter Basic Science)

    Learn and master anatomy with ease, while having fun, through the unique approach of Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition. You can trace arteries, veins, and nerves through their courses and bifurcations...reinforce your understanding of muscle origins and insertions from multiple views and dissection layers...and develop a better understanding of the integration of individual organs in the workings of each body system throughout the human form. Whether you are taking an anatomy course or just curious about how the body works, let the art of Netter guide you! Key Features Netter's Anat... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0323545033
    • ISBN: 1974804933
    • Manufacturer: Elsevier

  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Thumb Index Version))

    Must-know, rarely memorized information. Appendices for normal reference laboratory values and prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms, as well as abbreviations, symbols, and units of measurement, documentation system definitions, and complementary and alternative medicine as well as nursing-focused resources. Full-color illustrations of anatomy and physiology, and photographs of diseases and disorders photographs focus on the distinguishing features of diseases and disorders.  The tools for success. Patient Care Statements—Quick-reference summaries detail assessment, treatment, and patient... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0803659040
    • ASIN: 0803659040
    • ISBN: 0803659040
    • Manufacturer: F.A. Davis Company

  • The Human Body Coloring Book: The Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide

    An essential workbook that will appeal to all students of anatomy, The Human Body Coloring Book takes an interactive approach to human anatomy that will help users learn, understand, and revisit the subject with ease. Drawing on an unparalleled library of state-of-the-art specialist anatomical illustrations, The Human Body Coloring Book is structured system by system for ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of the human body from cell to system. The Human Body Coloring Book is a unique study aid that provides students with an innovative approach to learning, while the opportunity to self-t... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0756682347
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    • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
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  • Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards (Netter Basic Science)

    Learn the essential anatomy you need to know – quickly and easily! Each flash card in this full-color deck features high-quality Netter art (and several new paintings by Dr. Carlos Machado), numbered labels (with hidden answers), and concise comments and clinical notes for the most commonly tested anatomy terms and concepts. Focusing on clinically relevant anatomy, this easy-to-use, portable study tool helps you learn anatomical structures with confidence!Pre-punched holes make it easy to carry selected groups of cards with you.A perfect study aid and complement to Netter’s Clinical Anatom... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0323530508
    • ASIN: 0323530508
    • ISBN: 0323530508
    • Manufacturer: Elsevier

  • Veterinary Assistant (Quick Study Academic)

    Looking to begin a career in veterinary medicine as an assistant? We’re here to help you in achieving this goal with our newest 6 page study guide, which provides the most comprehensive information on properly treating pets in a medical setting. Discussions of various veterinary terms and procedures, as well as useful guidelines and rules, are included within each page; additional information is broken down into full-color images, charts, and graphs for easy reference.

    • ASIN: 1423216725
    • ASIN: 1423216725
    • ISBN: 1423216725
    • Manufacturer: QuickStudy

  • Comprehensive Handbook Obstetrics and Gynecology

    All the chapters are completely updated and reviewed by an expert panel; soft leatherette cover and sewn binding; printed in full-color with color-coded sections This pocket-sized book provides vital information in a concise, portable format. It focuses on diagnosis and therapy, including management protocols, medications, and dosages. Common problems are covered in greater detail. Key facts on uncommon conditions are also presented. Medical students and interns can find pearls on pelvic and breast examinations and cervical examinations during labor, and they can also prepare confidently for q... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 098226772X
    • ASIN: 098226772X
    • ISBN: 098226772X
    • Brand: Phoenix Medical Press
    • Manufacturer: Phoenix Medical Press

  • Gray's Anatomy for Students: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

    It didn’t take long for students around the world to realize that anatomy texts just don’t get any better than Gray’s Anatomy for Students. Only in its 2nd edition, this already popular, clinically focused reference has moved far ahead of the competition and is highly recommended by anyone who uses it. A team of authors with a wealth of diverse teaching and clinical experience has updated and revised this new edition to efficiently cover what you’re learning in contemporary anatomy classes. An improved format, updated clinical material, and remarkable artwork by renowned illustrators R... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0443069522
    • ASIN: 0443069522
    • ISBN: 0443069522
    • Manufacturer: Churchill Livingstone

  • Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Coding


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  • Basics of Human Anatomy for Students of Medical & Allied Health Sciences - eBook

    SALIENT FEATURES OF THE BOOK:It contains all the general topics including histology.It is structured for all courses: medical; dental; nursing; physiotherapy and all other allied health sciences.Each chapter is explained in simple English language, so

    • UPC: 874689868

  • The Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy : A Reference for Students of Physical Therapy, Medicine, Sports, and Bodywork

    "A user-friendly guide for students of anatomy and anyone interested in the workings of the human body. This concise, pocket-sized reference guide is a handy, comprehensive reference for students and practitioners of anatomy, massage, physical

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  • Student Workbook for Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

    Ideal as a companion to the text. Perfect as a stand-alone study guide. Body system by system, the exercises and activities you'll find inside will help you to master the basics of anatomy and physiology.

    • UPC: 442721413

  • Student Workbook for Functional Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Palpation for Manual Therapists (LWW Massage Therapy and Bodywork Educational Series), Cael ATC CSCS LMP, Christy J

    Student Workbook for Functional Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Palpation for Manual Therapists (LWW Massage Therapy and Bodywork Educational Series), Cael ATC CSCS LMP, Christy

    • UPC: 15125180

  • Cpc Exam Study Guide - 2019 Edition : 150 Cpc Practice Exam Questions, Answers, Full Rationale, Medical Terminology, Common Anatomy, the Exam Strategy, and Scoring Sheets

    Cpc Exam Study Guide - 2019 Edition: 150 Cpc Practice Exam Questions, Answers, Full Rationale, Medical Terminology, Common Anatomy, the Exam

    • UPC: 137506910

  • A Textbook of Medical Physics for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine - Primary Source Edition

    A Textbook of Medical Physics for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine - Primary Source

    • UPC: 963466863

  • Student Workbook for Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology and Anatomy


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  • Anatomy of an Awesome Medical Elective: How to plan your international student placement and get the most out of it! (Paperback)

    Your medical elective should be an experience of a lifetime!As part of your training, you have a four-to-eight week window to travel anywhere in the world and get some clinical experience in any medical field

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  • A Compend of Visceral Anatomy : Especially Adapted to the Use of Medical Students

    A Compend of Visceral Anatomy

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  • How to Study Anatomy in Medical School

    10 Best Anatomy Textbooks 2018

    Study Tips for First Year Medical Students