• The Bread Machine Cookbook: All the Best Recipes in One Book Fresh & Crispy Homemade Bread

    Make Your Own Bread At Home And Taste The Difference!Have you bought a bread making machine but you don’t know how to properly use it?Do you want your home to be filled with the unique smell of freshly baked bread?With this amazing cookbook you can become a master baker in the easiest way possible!The book contains many delicious and simple recipes that will help you make healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious bread at home from scratch.Using simple ingredients that you already have in your pantry, you can create fresh, crispy and amazing bread.The cookbook takes you step by step throu... [Read More]


  • The Complete Guide to Bread Machine Baking: Recipes for 1 1/2- and 2-pound Loaves (Better Homes & Gardens)

    This must-have cookbook is for novice and expert bread machine bakers. Filled with classic, shaped, sweet, holiday, and savory breads, this book has a recipe for every occasion.More than 180 classics and inventive, new recipes for 1 1/2- and 2-pound machines.Extensive guide for foolproof bread machine baking, with an easy-to-use troubleshooting chart.Tips for converting conventional favorites to a bread machine.Bonus recipes for butters and spreads.Mail-order sources for unusual flours or ingredients.

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    • ASIN: 0696209675
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    • Manufacturer: Better Homes and Gardens

  • The Tassajara Bread Book

    The Tassajara Bread Book has been a favorite among renowned chefs and novice bakers alike for more than thirty years. In this deluxe edition, the same gentle, clear instructions and wonderful recipes are presented in a new paperback format with an updated interior design. Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, says, “This little book has long been a guide for those who want to bake but don’t know where to begin, as well as for those who want to go beyond and discover not just recipes, but bread making itself.”

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  • The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World

    Bake authentic multiethnic breads from the New York City bakery with a mission, with The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook, Yahoo Food's Cookbook of the Year. At first glance Hot Bread Kitchen may look like many other bakeries. Multigrain sandwich loaves, sourdough batards, baguettes, and Parker House rolls line the glass case up front in the small shop. But so, too, do sweet Mexican conchas, rich m’smen flatbreads, mini bialys sporting a filling of caramelized onion, and chewy Indian naan. In fact, the breads are as diverse as the women who bake them—because the recipes come from their homelands... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0804186170
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  • The Best Pumpkin Bread Recipes for The Fall: Bake Your Way to Happy Holidays!

    When you are looking for a wholesome, healthy snack for the afternoon munchies or a sweet breakfast, then try one of these delicious pumpkin bread recipes. Each entry uses simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and the directions are easy to follow. For most recipes you will need two large bowls to mix the wet and dry ingredients separately before combining them, 1 or 2 loaf pans, some cooking spray and an oven.I find it useful to use a large wooden spoon for stirring, an electric mixer for combining the wet ingredients and a whisk. Once you make 1 or 2 of these loaves, i... [Read More]


  • 1001 Best Baking Recipes of All Time: A Baking Cookbook with Over 1001 Recipes Book For Baking Basics such as Bread, Cakes, Chocolate, Cookies, Desserts, Muffin, Pastry and More

    1001 Best Baking Recipes of All Time!Over 1,000 of Mouth Watering Baking Recipes with Easy-to-Follow Directions!Have you ever dreamed about baking scrumptious cakes, luscious cheesecakes, crunchy cookies and healthy muffins?! How tempting does Nutella Banana Tart or Brownie Cheesecake sound?! If just the thought of those desserts tingled your taste buds, you’ve come to the right place! This book is just what you need to get you started towards learning what baking is, how it works and how it can be done at home without much hassle, professional equipment or any special baking skill.Baking h... [Read More]

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  • The Only Cookbook for Bread Machine you Need: Super Tasty and Easy Bread Recipes for your Bread Machine

    If you already have experience with making bread using a bread machine you are aware of all the benefits that come with this machine. But if you are still thinking about buying or you just bought one you have made the best decision for life. Why? Well, first of all, you will always have fresh bread to serve with the meals. Next, you have total control over the ingredients. You can choose which flour to use, what additional ingredients you want to add like seeds, etc. But the best part is that this machine doesn’t leave any mess. But what you need now is a new bread cookbook. While making bre... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: B07T1Q4KRR

  • Bread Machine 123: A Collection of 123 Bread Machine Recipes for Every Baking Artists

    You are a busy person, and you do not have time to prepare a meal? You need the easy, and quickly bread machine recipes? You are RIGHT when choosing my book!✩★✩ Read this book for FREE on the Kindle Unlimited NOW ~ BONUS RIGHT AFTER CONCLUSION ACT NOW BEFORE GONE! ✩★✩Through the time, baking bread is not a difficult thing requiring many skills and experience like the past. With the help of a bread machine, the bread will be made very easily. You only need a right recipe, and you will create many different bread types.“ Bread Machine 123” is a collection of 123 bread machine re... [Read More]

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  • The All New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 Brand New Irresistible Foolproof Recipes For Family And Friends

    Tom Lacalamita's The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook showed how easy it was to have freshly baked, delicious, and nutritious bread anytime. Now comes The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 Brand-New, Irresistible, Foolproof Recipes for Family and Friends, which presents recipes suitable for making 1 1/2- and 2-pound loaves, using the new ingredients now readily available. Here you will find mouth-watering recipes for Sourdough White Bread and Sweet Bread. Imagine the sights and smells of Cinnamon-Raisin Bread and Cornmeal Honey Loaf coming hot from your bread machine. There are also... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 0684855283
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  • Everyday Happy Herbivore: Over 175 Quick-and-Easy Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes

    After vegan chef Lindsay S. Nixon wrapped up her popular cookbook The Happy Herbivore Cookbook last year, she went back to her kitchen in her new home of St. Maarten. Island living encouraged her to come up with simpler recipes, which led her to create a follow-up cookbook with a focus on recipes that bring tasty back to quick-and-easy.Now, in Nixon’s much-anticipated follow-up cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore, readers will see, once again, that just because plant-based eating is optimal for health, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or time-consuming.Everyday Happy Herbivore will ... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: B006L8KGKY
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  • Artisan Breads: Practical Recipes and Detailed Instructions for Baking the World's Finest Loaves

    In this beautifully photographed book, master baker Jan Hedh teaches us the basics for baking delicious artisan breads right in our own ovens. Hedh offers a cookbook full of recipes for all occasions—from daily loaves for sandwiches to delectable sweet breads for special occasions. This cookbook includes master tips on how to bake bread for maximum taste and aroma, the proper way to knead dough, the type of flour to use, and the correct baking time and oven temperature. With his wide breadth of recipes from all over the world—including Italian, French, Swiss, German, Arabic, and of course ... [Read More]

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  • Best Bread Recipes: The Homemade Bread Cookbook

    Thank you for choosing Recipe Guru™*BREAD RECIPES* Since 2015, it has been our goal to provide our readers with premium, hand-selected recipes which are guaranteed to impress time and time again. We pride ourselves on striving for quality rather than quantity, to ensure both satisfaction and feasible usability of all of our cookbooks. We try our best to cater to every culinary background, from beginners to professionals, and everything in between. Our meals, appetizers, and desserts will never be overly-complicated, nor will they require special cookware which is not found in the common hous... [Read More]

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  • Here Are The 30 Crunchiest Bread Recipes: The Best Bread Book with Crisp Outside and Soft Inside Recipes

    The flour, salt, yeast and water – all four when mixed together can make a haven! Enjoy the ultimate baked bread recipes, enriched with various flavors and colors, adding a wave of sizzling magic and charm along with the superb taste to every day of your life. We are here, featuring the exciting 30 recipes that belong to various corners of world and hold an important place among different cuisines. All it takes to make the bread for your breakfast and teatime is the four basic ingredients submerged in different flavors, providing the taste full of pleasure and joy. The quality of each of t... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: 1723706612
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  • Calling on All Pudding Lovers: The Best Bread Pudding Recipes - Bread Pudding Recipe Cookbook

    Bread pudding are satiating, which means they fill up your stomach quickly and you may not feel the urge to eat again after several hours. Aside from providing a very satiating meal, bread puddings can be made with different ingredients, especially if you are concerned about health, for instance, you can make use of sugar alternatives such as Swerve and Erithriol, or even honey. If you are lactose intolerance, you may want to use skimmed milk or make use of low or non-fat milk if you want to reduce the total level of cholesterol in your meals.Bread puddings can be made in different ways, they... [Read More]

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  • Make Artisan Bread: Bake Homemade Artisan Bread, The Best Bread Recipes, Become A Great Baker. Learn How To Bake Perfect Pizza, Rolls, Loves, Baguetts etc. Enjoy This Baking Cookbook

    Bake like a True Artisan Baker...... Yes make Artisan BreadLearn How To Bake Artisan Bread Like A Baker. Understand the fundamentals of baking different types of breads. Then get to work with over 100 Delicious Bread Recipes Do you want to bake great artisan bread for your family and friends or take your hobby to the next level and win that baking competition ? Learn the Fundamentals of baking different types of bread and the tips and tricks to making perfect artisan breads. Ever wanted to Make the Best French Breads in your own kitchen? You Will Learn The Following:The Basics of BakingThe ... [Read More]

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  • (4 Pack) Betty Crocker Banana Nut Muffin and Quick Bread Mix, 12.3 oz

    Betty Crocker's home-baked muffins are a great meal, snack or even dessert! Perfectly portable for families on the go. Also makes great bread!Betty Crocker Muffin & Quick Bread Mix Banana Nut 12.3 oz

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  • (3 Pack) Betty Crocker Banana Nut Muffin and Quick Bread Mix, 12.3 oz

    Betty Crocker Muffin & Quick Bread Mix Banana Nut 12.3 oz

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  • Chiquita Banana Bread Mix, (6 Boxes)

    Quick and tasty, the Chiquita 13.7 Oz. Banana Bread Mix makes dessert simple. Just add fresh bananas, eggs and water to bake a delicious treat the whole family's sure to love. This low-fat snack features

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  • Banana Bread Cookbook: 51 Easy But Great Banana Bread Recipes - eBook

    Banana bread is so popular in US that most Americans have a recipe for banana bread. Not only that but they observe National Banana Bread day on 23 February Every Year.Most of the Recipes People

    • UPC: 958300707

  • Brilliant Banana Bread & 25 Other Fantastic Banana Cake Recipes - eBook

    Banana bread (otherwise known as banana cake) is on of those "feel good" comfort foods that everyone loves. There are hundreds of recipes for banana bread, but often they are bland, dry or just plain

    • UPC: 730815594

  • Easy Bread Machine Recipes: 31 Best Bread Machine Recipes Cookbook! "Impress the Guests" Recipes for Bread Machine - eBook

    Easy Bread Machine Recipes: 31 Best Bread Machine Recipes Cookbook! "Impress the Guests" Recipes for Bread MachineGetting max use of your Bread Machine? What are you waiting for? True, most recipes are the typical, same

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  • (3 Pack) Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Sunrise Banana Bread Mix, 9.88 oz

    Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1Our chefs at Duncan Hines work hard to ensure only the finest ingredients are used.The Perfect Size for One promise is:?¢ Use only real and simple ingredients.?¢ No artificial flavors,

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  • Bread Machine Cookbook : Top 151 Best Delicious Bread Machine Recipes - eBook

    Bread machines are such a great way to make bread. No need to knead! Let the machine do the work and the result is delicious fresh-baked bread. Bread machines have revolutionized baking. With a few

    • UPC: 741966850

  • The No-Mess Bread Machine Cookbook: Recipes For Perfect Homemade Breads In Your Bread Maker Every Time - eBook

    Enjoy Endless Varieties Of Bread Made From Your Bread MachineThese days, people are paying more attention to what they eat. They are now getting to understand the importance of eating fresh, organic and natural foods

    • UPC: 266076185

  • Savory Cheese Bread Recipes: The Bread Machine Series - eBook

    There is nothing like the aroma of fresh, homemade bread baking. The bread machine allows all of us to enjoy baking bread. We at Chefs Secret Vault have compiled 20 of the best savory cheese

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  • Banana Bread Recipe for Bread Machines

    Best | Bread Machine | Banana Nut Bread

    homemade banana bread on bread machine