• Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

    The updated edition of the book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset. After decades of research, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., discovered a simple but groundbreaking idea: the power of mindset. In this brilliant book, she shows how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities. People with a fixed mindset—those who believe that abilities are fixed—are less likely to flourish than those with a g... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0345472322
    • ASIN: 0345472322
    • ISBN: 9780345472328
    • Brand: Ballantine Books
    • Manufacturer: Ballantine Books

  • Counseling Toward Solutions: A Practical Solution-Focused Program for Working with Students, Teachers, and Parents

    When it was first published in 1995, Linda Metcalf’s book Counseling Toward Solutions became an instant bestseller. Written for counselors and teachers at all levels, this revised and updated second edition of Counseling Toward Solutions presents a positive program for changing individual behavior that empowers students of all ages to deal with their own problems, gaining self-esteem in the process.

    • ASIN: 0787998060
    • ASIN: 0787998060
    • ISBN: 0787998060
    • Brand: Jossey-Bass
    • Manufacturer: Jossey-Bass

  • You Are Your Child's Best Psychologist: 7 Keys to Excellence in Parenting

    “You hold in your hand a very remarkable thing, something for which parents have always yearned: a how-to manual for raising children that are happy, independent and productive!” - Ted L Meyer, MD, FAAP, prominent pediatrician in Sarasota, Florida “You are Your Child’s Best Psychologist is a must read for anyone who is raising or works with children!” - John M. Tauer, Ph.D., youth sports expert, 2-time college basketball division III national champion & national coach of the year “Dr. van Ingen has done it again!” - Jameson C Lontz, Ph.D., renown neuropsychologist in the Northwes... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1935576062
    • ASIN: 1935576062
    • ISBN: 1935576062
    • Manufacturer: FEP International

  • Infants, Children, and Adolescents (8th Edition) (Berk & Meyers, The Infants, Children, and Adolescents Series, 8th Edition)

    NOTE: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyDevelopmentLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyDevelopmentLab, search for ISBN-10: 0134130146 / ISBN-13: 9780134130149. That package includes ISBN-10: 0133936732 / ISBN-13: 9780133936735 and ISBN-10: 0205909744 / ISBN-13: 9780205909742. MyDevelopmentLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. For courses in Child Development Visit the Showcase Site to see sample chapters, get information on the supplements (including sample videos and on-line simulations), ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0133936732
    • ASIN: 0133936732
    • ISBN: 0133936732
    • Brand: Pearson
    • Manufacturer: Pearson

  • Reset Your Child's Brain: A Four-Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades, and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen-Time

    A no-cost, nonpharmaceutical treatment plan for children with behavioral and mental health challengesIncreasing numbers of parents grapple with children who are acting out without obvious reason. Revved up and irritable, many of these children are diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar illness, autism, or other disorders but don’t respond well to treatment. They are then medicated, often with poor results and unwanted side effects. Based on emerging scientific research and extensive clinical experience, integrative child psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Dunckley has pioneered a four-week program to treat the... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1608682846
    • ASIN: 1608682846
    • ISBN: 1608682846
    • Brand: Dunckley Victoria L
    • Manufacturer: New World Library

  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 4th Edition: A Step-by-Step Program for a Good Night's Sleep

    The perennial favorite for parents who want to get their kids to sleep with ease—now in a completely revised and expanded fourth edition!   In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, one of the country’s leading pediatricians, overhauls his groundbreaking approach to solving and preventing your children’s sleep problems, from infancy through adolescence. In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains with authority and reassurance his step-by-step regime for instituting beneficial habits within the framework of your child’s natural sleep cycles. Rewritten and reorga... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0553394800
    • ASIN: 0553394800
    • ISBN: 9780553394801
    • Brand: Marc Weissbluth
    • Manufacturer: Ballantine Books

  • From Child Sexual Abuse to Adult Sexual Risk: Trauma, Revictimization, and Intervention

    From Child Sexual Abuse to Adult Sexual Risk examines the relation between child sexual abuse (CSA) and adult sexual health outcomes in men and women. An emerging body of literature suggests that children who experience sexual violence are more likely to engage in sexual risk behavior and, consequently, may be vulnerable to many negative reproductive and sexual health problems as adults. These problems include unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, and adult sexual violence. In this singular volume, leading researchers and clinicians integrate research from a variety... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1591470307
    • ASIN: 1591470307
    • ISBN: 1591470307
    • Brand: Brand: American Psychological Association (APA)
    • Manufacturer: American Psychological Association (APA)

  • No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The pioneering experts behind The Whole-Brain Child and The Yes Brain tackle the ultimate parenting challenge: discipline.   “A lot of fascinating insights . . . an eye-opener worth reading.”—ParentsHighlighting the fascinating link between a child’s neurological development and the way a parent reacts to misbehavior, No-Drama Discipline provides an effective, compassionate road map for dealing with tantrums, tensions, and tears—without causing a scene.  Defining the true meaning of the “d” word (to instruct, not to shout or reprimand), the autho... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 034554806X
    • ASIN: 034554806X
    • ISBN: 9780345548061
    • Brand: Siegel Daniel J
    • Manufacturer: Bantam

  • Coping Skills for Kids Workbook: Over 75 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Anger

    Dealing with stress, anxiety and anger are important skills to learn, but not all kids learn those strategies naturally. The Coping Skills for Kids Workbook can help teach children to calm down, balance their energy and emotions, and process challenging feelings. Author Janine Halloran, LMHC, share over 75 innovative, fun and engaging activities developed from her experience in schools, outpatient mental health clinics and as a mother. Loved by counselors, educators and parents alike!!

    • ASIN: 1683731220
    • ASIN: 1683731220
    • ISBN: 1683731220
    • Manufacturer: PESI Publshing & Media

  • The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook--What Traumatized Children Can Teach Us About Loss, Love, and Healing

    In this instant classic of developmental psychology, a renowned psychiatrist examines the effect that trauma can have on a child, reveals how PTSD impacts the developing mind, and outlines the path to recovery.What happens when a young brain is traumatized? How does terror, abuse, or disaster affect a child's mind -- and how can that mind recover? Child psychiatrist Dr. Bruce D. Perry has helped children faced with unimaginable horror: genocide survivors, murder witnesses, kidnapped teenagers, and victims of family violence.In The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, Dr. Perry tells their stories of t... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0465094457
    • ASIN: 0465094457
    • ISBN: 0465094457
    • Brand: Basic Books
    • Manufacturer: Basic Books

  • Parenting the Strong-Willed Child: The Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of Two- to Six-Year-Olds, Third Edition

    A clinically proven, five-week program for improving your child's behavior Rex Forehand, Ph.D. and Nicholas Long Ph.D. have helped thousands of parents achieve discipline using positive reinforcement, without yelling or harming the child's self-esteem. Their clinically proven, five-week program gives you the tools you need to successfully manage your child’s behavior, giving specific factors that cause or contribute to disruptive behavior; ways to develop a more positive atmosphere in your family and home; and strategies for managing specific behavior problems. The completely revised and upd... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0071667822
    • ASIN: 0071667822
    • ISBN: 0071667822
    • Brand: McGraw-Hill
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

  • Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia: 101 Games and Activities to Teach Your Child to Read

    Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia is the definitive activity workbook to improve phonemic awareness, dysgraphia, and auditory processing disorder (APD) for kids ages 7-12.For kids with an official dyslexia diagnosis, or kids struggling with dyslexia related symptoms, learning to read can be challenging. Using a targeted approach to skill development, Learn to Read for Kids with Dyslexia applies the latest research-based learning methods to games and activities that strengthen auditory discrimination skills, support letter formation in writing, and most importantly―make reading fun.Specifi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 164152104X
    • ASIN: 164152104X
    • ISBN: 164152104X
    • Manufacturer: Zephyros Press

  • How Children Succeed

    “Drop the flashcards—grit, character, and curiosity matter even more than cognitive skills. A persuasive wake-up call.”—PeopleWhy do some children succeed while others fail? The story we usually tell about childhood and success is the one about intelligence: success comes to those who score highest on tests, from preschool admissions to SATs. But in How Children Succeed, Paul Tough argues that the qualities that matter more have to do with character: skills like perseverance, curiosity, optimism, and self-control.How Children Succeed introduces us to a new generation of researchers and... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0544104404
    • ASIN: 0544104404
    • ISBN: 9780544104402
    • Brand: Mariner Books
    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

  • Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents, Second Edition: How to Foster Resilience through Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency

    Tens of thousands of clinicians have used this book--now revised and expanded with 50% new material--to plan and organize effective interventions for children and adolescents who have experienced complex trauma. The Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework can be used with children, parents, and other caregivers in a wide range of settings. The volume guides the clinician to identify key treatment goals and intervene flexibly to strengthen child–caregiver relationships and support healthy development and positive functioning. In a large-size format with lay-flat binding for eas... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1462537049
    • ASIN: 1462537049
    • ISBN: 1462537049
    • Manufacturer: The Guilford Press

  • 1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting

    "Dr. Phelan's strategies have seen a resurgence in the parenting world. Maybe that's why you feel like everywhere you go, you keep overhearing other moms say to their misbehaving children, 'That's one. That's two. That's three.' And then you watch in disbelief as their kid actually stops!" ― PopSugar MomsAre you the parent of a strong-willed child? Is bedtime a nightly battle? Are you looking to discipline without stress?Since kids don't come with a manual, 1-2-3 Magic is the next best thing. Dr. Thomas Phelan has developed a quick, simple and scientifically proven way to parent that actuall... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 149262988X
    • ASIN: 149262988X
    • ISBN: 149262988X
    • Brand: Ingramcontent
    • Manufacturer: Sourcebooks

  • The Parent's Guide to In-Home ABA Programs : Frequently Asked Questions about Applied Behavior Analysis for Your Child with Autism

    Concise and practical, this handbook explains the ins and outs of Applied Behavior Analysis in a chatty Q&A format. It covers everything parents need to know from what a typical in-home session will entail, to

    • UPC: 21276533

  • The Organized Child : An Effective Program to Maximize Your Kid's Potential--in School and in Life


    • UPC: 56175086

  • Qigong Massage for Your Child with Autism : A Home Program from Chinese Medicine

    Teaches parents a simple qigong massage programme specifically developed for children with ASDs. With step-by-step instructions and a video demonstrating the technique in action, this book shows parents how to adopt qigong massage into their

    • UPC: 267090511

  • Best Friends, Worst Enemies : Understanding the Social Lives of Children

    Details the complex nature of children's friendships and discusses the difference between friendship and popularity, how boys and girls deal with intimacy and commitments, and related

    • UPC: 1746400
    • Rating: 3.0

  • The Summer Dance Intensive Handbook: How to Choose the Best Program for Your Child and Help Your Dancer Get the Most Out of the Experience - eBook

    Thousands of girls and boys attend summer dance intensives every year. Choosing the right one and preparing for it can prove a stressful experience for parents and dancers -- until the creation of this handbook.

    • UPC: 699328705

  • Reaching Our Neediest Children: Bringing a Mental Health Program into the Schools - eBook

    It makes sense to invest in mental health services in public schools. Addressing the emotional and situational issues children live with can make an enormous difference in learning opportunities. In Reaching Our Neediest Children: Bringing

    • UPC: 187094089

  • 50 of the Best Government Programs for Busy Moms - eBook

    We’ve Made It Easy For You This eBook Gives You The Best Of Our 30 Years of Work We have been studying government programs for over 30 years. We maintain the world’s largest database of

    • UPC: 881813255

  • Kids Recipes Book: 70 Of The Best Ever Lunch Recipes That All Kids Will Eat...Revealed! - eBook

    Having kids recipes books can be a very big help for every parent out there. Most parents who do not have a kid yet will have no idea how hard it is to feed little

    • UPC: 932496151

  • Black Children Sell Best - eBook

    Over the past 5 decades, aid & development have grown into a multi-billion dollar business, yet little has changed for the millions of poor around the world. So where does all the money go? Few

    • UPC: 570035551

  • A History of Television in 100 Programmes - eBook

    An entertaining and illuminating celebration of televisual history by cultural historian Phil Norman For decades, television occupied a unique position in the national imagination. By today’s standards the ‘box’ was tiny, but it dominated the

    • UPC: 309191010

  • Intro To Psychology with Child & Adolescent Psychologist Dr. Collins Hodges

    Why clinical child psychology programs? / Psychology Degree

    Pitt School of Education - Applied Developmental Psychology Degree