• Audioengine D1 24-Bit DAC, Premium Desktop Digital To Analogue Converter and Headphone Amplifier

    The D1 DAC is a perfect example of the extension of this mission. With music streaming services and digital music players becoming the centre of the modern music system, consumers have had to accept a loss of the premium components resulting in the loss of sound quality. Perfect for providing a higher quality audio signal to any speakers or headphones, the D1 is a high quality 24-bit DAC and headphone amplifier for your computer, TV, and any device with a USB port or Optical output. The D1 sets up in seconds with no software to download or setup hassle.

    • ASIN: B006IPH5H2
    • UPC: 819955250039
    • ASIN: B006IPH5H2
    • Brand: Audioengine
    • Manufacturer: Audioengine

  • FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Black)

    The E10K USB DAC high resolution Headphone Amplifier from Fiio is customizable and designed to improve your laptop's audio output quality via its PCM5102 DAC chip and is capable of handling PCM files in up to 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution. It features a selectable bass boost and low-pass filter, both with circuitry optimized for a low noise floor when engaged, allowing you to customize the sound of your audio to your tastes.The unit connects to your laptop via its Micro USB connection, which also provides it with power. It offers a variety of connections, including a front-panel 1/8\" headphone ja... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00LP3AMC2
    • UPC: 701980441950
    • ASIN: B00LP3AMC2
    • Brand: FiiO
    • Size: regular
    • Manufacturer: FiiO

  • Schiit Modi 3 D/A Converter - Delta-Sigma DAC

    Whether you want better sound from your computer, your tablet, your CD player, or many other sources, Modi 3 is a tiny delta-sigma DAC that really delivers. Modi 3: All The DAC You Need Plug Modi 3 into any virtually any computer with the included USB to micro cable and you're ready to go. Or, choose and optical or coaxial digital source with the included wall power supply. Or connect to your phones and tablets that need a low-power-draw device, again using the wall power supply. That's right--Modi 3 accepts pretty much any input you can throw at it! Featuring the AK4490 DAC and DC-coupled out... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07KWHWV1M
    • UPC: 640265321917
    • ASIN: B07KWHWV1M
    • Brand: Schiit
    • Manufacturer: Schiit

  • Monolith 124459 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 Dacs & Dual AAA-788 Modules)

    The Monolith THX desktop headphone amplifier and DAC features cutting edge technology to bring out the best in your headphones, playback device, and music library. Featuring dual THX AAA 788 amplifier modules for best in class amplification, an AKM 4493 DAC for an exceptionally musical experience, and dirac sensaround II decoding for an out-of-your-heard, larger than life soundstage, The Monolith amplifier is engineered for the finest in music reproduction. A host of inputs and outputs, including balanced, unbalanced, and digital, ensures that you have plenty of ways to connect your audio devi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07KQW1WFX
    • UPC: 889028055977
    • ASIN: B07KQW1WFX
    • Brand: Monolith
    • Manufacturer: Monoprice

  • FiiO D3 (D03K) Digital to Analog Audio Converter - 192kHz/24bit Optical and Coaxial DAC

    The FiiO D3 is a quick and easy way to convert digital audio output into high fidelity stereo analog sound. It is ideal for interfacing between modern digital audio/video devices with analog amplifiers or self-powered speakers. The D3 works with any playback source with an optical Toslink or coaxial digital audio output.Here are just a few of the devices supported: - Digital TVs and HDTVs - CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD players - Apple TV, Google TV Revue - Game consoles: PS3 All, XBOX 360 Slim - Satellite/Cable receivers and DVRs, TiVO - AV Receivers and Integrated Amplifiers - Digital media ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B009346RSS
    • UPC: 796594765011
    • ASIN: B009346RSS
    • Brand: FiiO
    • Manufacturer: Fiio

  • TOPPING D10 Mini USB DAC CSS XMOS xu208 es9018k2m opa2134 Decoder Audio Amplifier

    Measured:10.3cm x 14.6cm x 3.7cm Weight:314g Power supply:DC5V/0.5A IN:USB Digital output:Digital output Digital output:AUX LINE OUT RCA LINE OUT RCA: SNR:115dB at 1kHz Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(0.1dB) OutPut Level:[email protected] Noise: Crosstalk:-115dB @1kHz Balance:0.1dB Output Impedance:100ohms USB IN:44.1kHz-384kHz/16Bit-32Bit、DSD64-DSD256(Native) OPT/COAX OUT:44.1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit

    • ASIN: B07B46KQVP
    • UPC: 651312006992
    • ASIN: B07B46KQVP
    • Brand: Topping
    • Size: D10
    • Manufacturer: TOPPING

  • FX Audio DAC-X6 24BIT/192 Optical/Coaxial/USB Digital Audio Amplifier DAC Decoder Black

    The standard input interface:Computer USB/coaxial,optical fiber(with toggle switch switch) The standard output interface:6.35mm headset standard RCA interface circuit output Shell color:black Panel color:black/silver Line level output:RMS 2V Output power:90mw /600Ω、180mw/300Ω、450mw/100Ω、610mw /62Ω、910mw/32Ω、1000mw/16Ω SNR:≥105dB Distortion:≤0.001% Frequency Response:20hz-20khz Adapter USES voltage:100-240ACV Power supply/adapter output voltage:Dc12V more than 1A Machine size: 146 mm x 98 mm x35mm Package weight:500g

    • ASIN: B072JJT7SF
    • UPC: 790996172279
    • ASIN: B072JJT7SF
    • Brand: FX Audio
    • Manufacturer: FX Audio

  • AudioQuest Dragonfly Red Mobile Bundle with DragonFly Red (Portable USB Preamp, Headphone Amp/DAC) and Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter for Compatible Connection with Select iPhones, iPads, and iPods

    AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amp with Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter Bring Great Sound to Apple Smartphones and Tablets: You Can Even Charge Your Device During Playback Playing music on your computer, laptop, stereo, smartphone, tablet, or powered speakers becomes exponentially better, more authoritative, and stunningly lifelike with the groundbreaking AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC/headphone amplifier . Among the most exciting audio products in recent memory - and named The Absolute Sound 's Product of the Year Award (Budget Component), Stereophile 's Product of the Year (Digital... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06VY19X8K
    • UPC: 638865860417
    • ASIN: B06VY19X8K
    • Brand: AudioQuest
    • Manufacturer: AUDIOQUEST

  • AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5 Plug-in USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    From the get go, all of us were instant fans of the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC, and the way it improved the sound of our computer music. While the original DragonFly defined the market for micro-DACs, its USB power draw made it compatible with computers only. But a lot of us music lovers have wished and craved a more portable version—one that could be reliably used and work with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Well, we got our wish. The DragonFly Black now delivers that same clear, dynamic sound with Apple or Android mobile devices. Convenience and performance are no longer mutu... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01DP5JHHI
    • UPC: 009259204818
    • ASIN: B01DP5JHHI
    • Brand: AudioQuest
    • Manufacturer: AUDIOQUEST

  • Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB 32bit/384kHz Gaming DAC, External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amp, Dolby Digital, 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, Sidetone/Speaker Control for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo


    • ASIN: B07FY45F2S
    • UPC: 054651192249
    • ASIN: B07FY45F2S
    • Brand: Creative
    • Manufacturer: Creative Labs

  • PROZOR Digital to Analog Converter DAC Digital SPDIF Optical to Analog L/R RCA Converter Toslink Optical to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter for PS3 Xbox HD DVD PS4 Amps Apple TV Home Cinema

    PROZOR Digital to Analog Audio Converter converts coaxial or toslink digital PCM audio signals to analog L/R RCA and 3.5mm Jack audio.It also can be used for PS3, XBox, Blue-ray player, HD DVD, etc. which have no RCA(L/R) outputs or 3.5mm Jack output. Features:Converts coaxial or toslink digital PCM audio signals to analog L/R RCA and 3.5mm Jack audio simultaneously ( not capable of being reversed)Available for connection to an external device such as an amplifier via standard RCA jacks or a headphone via 3.5mm jack cableSupports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM digital audio signal outputSupports ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00KNNSKV0
    • UPC: 738759979185
    • ASIN: B00KNNSKV0
    • Brand: PROZOR
    • Manufacturer: Proster Trading Limited

  • NextDrive Spectra Portable USB DAC - The World's Smallest 32-bit DAC Headphone Amp for Truly Mastering Your Sound On-The-Go (Spectra X USB C)

    Welcome to the next milestone in the audio revolution: The Spectra from NextDrive. Play high resolution audio files up to 32-bit PCM or quad-rate DSD directly to your headphones or speakers, bypassing your device's stock audio hardware. The Spectra packs plenty of power with enough output to drive all but the most demanding headphones, and its ESS Sabre 9018Q2C chip delivers sound quality previously assumed to be impossible in a form factor this size.The revolution starts now.Audiophile reviewers around the web agree, the NextDrive Spectra simply cannot be beat in terms of price versus audio q... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07HRNQ9VP
    • ASIN: B07HRNQ9VP
    • Brand: NEXTDRIVE
    • Manufacturer: NextDrive Inc.

  • Micca OriGen G2 High Resolution USB DAC and Preamplifier - 24-Bit/192kHz PCM

    The Micca OriGen G2 USB audio DAC and preamplifier is a studio master grade digital audio playback device that supports high resolution PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. Its powerful preamp and headphone amplifier makes the OriGen G2 especially well suited in a compact desktop computer audio system together with powered monitors and headhpones. Use the OriGen+ to bypass a computer's sound card and unlock the full sonic potential of your music library. Digital Finesse The digital circuitry of the OriGen G2 consists of a C-MEDIA CM6631A USB 2.0 High Speed 480Mbps audio controller and a Wolfson WM87... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01N14SY65
    • UPC: 741360331877
    • ASIN: B01N14SY65
    • Brand: Micca
    • Manufacturer: Micca

  • EarStudio ES100-24bit Portable High-Resolution Bluetooth Receiver/USB DAC/Headphone Amp with LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC (3.5mm Unbalanced & 2.5mm Balanced Output)

    EarStudio supports Qualcomm's aptX HD codec, which allows you to stream 24bit hi-res music wireless. EarStudio automatically enhances 16bit music into 24bit sound. We use CSR 8675 Qualcomm Chip and 2x DACs of AK4375a. Noise free, jitter free. EarStudio ES100 reproduces sound over Bluetooth through Radsone's patented DCT technology which reduces subtle digital noise and cleans the jitter from Bluetooth streaming. Dual DACs with analog volume control EarStudio has optimized circuit architecture, proprietary DualDrive technology, using 2 independent Hi-Fi DACs and Amplifiers. Unlike other dua... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B078H4YD2L
    • ASIN: B078H4YD2L
    • Brand: EarStudio
    • Manufacturer: RADSONE

  • Fosi Audio DAC Converter 24-bit/192kHz Optical/Coaxial/USB Digital-to-Analog Adapter Decoder & Headphone Amplifier & Mini Stereo Pre-Amplifier Q5 (Black)

    Welcome to the Fosi Audio family, the Fosi Audio team is dedicated to brining you the highest-quality listening experience and the Q5 was designed with the same attention to detail and operational simplicity as well other Fosi Audio products. Our goal is to get you to your music as simply as possible without all the "gadget tinkering" many other products require. As with our past efforts, we thank our customers, distributors for the inspiration to create another great product. Specifications Headphone output power: 400MWatt @32 Ohm Frequency response: 10Hz- 20Khz(+/- 0.5dB) S/N ratio ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07G2NQYLX
    • ASIN: B07G2NQYLX
    • Brand: Fosi Audio
    • Manufacturer: Fosi Audio

  • ROG Strix Fusion 500 Virtual 7.1 LED Gaming Headset with Hi-Fi Grade ESS DAC, ESS Amplifier, Digital Microphone and Aura Sync RGB Lighting

    ROG Strix Fusion 500 Headset - Stereo - Black - USB - Wired - 32 Ohm - 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 6.56 ft Cable - Uni-directional

    • UPC: 209176276
    • Model: ROG STRIX FUSION 500
    • Color: SilverBlack

  • 3/8-16 x 1 1/4" Weld Screws | Nibs Under Head | Steel | Plain (Quantity: 500)

    3/8-16 x 1 1/4" Weld Screws | Nibs Under Head | Steel | Plain (Quantity:

    • UPC: 592908250
    • Size: 3/8-16 x 1 1/4

  • 3/8-16 x 1 3/4" Weld Screws | Nibs Under Head | Steel | Plain (Quantity: 500)

    3/8-16 x 1 3/4" Weld Screws | Nibs Under Head | Steel | Plain (Quantity:

    • UPC: 791912742
    • Size: 3/8-16 x 1 3/4

  • Winflo-30" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 500 CFM Touch Control Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

    This beautiful Winflo 30"under cabinet range hood will create excellence in your kitchen. Constructed of high quality stainless steel to deliver elegance and easy cleaning. Complete with stainless steel baffle filters that remove odors and

    • UPC: 471361619
    • Size: Range Hood

  • Empire Art Direct Dachshund Dimensional Collage Framed Graphic Art Under Glass Wall Art, 25" x 48" x 1.4", Ready to Hang

    Hot dog it's a dachshund. This lively breed of dog, originally from Germany, is a favorite among dog owners. Known for their long, low body style and perky personality, these dogs are loved the world

    • UPC: 614381016
    • Model: DAC-060-2548B
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 25" x 48" x 1.4"25\" x 48\" x 1.4\"

  • Best Choice Products 3-Piece Modular Modern Living Room Sofa Sectional Furniture Set with Convertible Double Futon Bed, Single-Seat Futon, and Footstool w/ Reclining Backrests, Faux Leather Upholstery

    Lounge in style with a completely modular furniture set that's customizable to your space and preference. This modern collection includes 2 fully reclining futons that provide a versatile way to relax. Put up your feet

    • UPC: 391457928
    • Color: Black
    • Rating: 4.0

  • DAC V-Best Tent Stakes, 4 Sizes, Ultralight & Super-Strong, Performance Engineered by The Premier Tent Pole Maker S - 7x11mm 8 pack Fire Colored

    Shipping Weight: 4 ounces#39 in Tent StakesHigh strength custom aluminum alloy, TH72M, is the equal of the strongest and most advanced alloys in the world today. 20% stronger than 7075-T6, more than twice as strong as

    • UPC: 601648820
    • Size: One Size

  • Best Ride On Cars 12V Fiat 500 Style Super Min Car - Blue

    FeaturesSuitable for ages 2 - 5 yearsAux connection for your phoneWorking headlight and horn soundsPlastic constructionKids are always fond of cars, for them, it is their little bundle of adventureSpecificationsColor: BlueVoltage: 12VDimension: 44" x 23"

    • UPC: 735702036
    • Model: Fiat 500 12V- Blue
    • Color: Blue
    • Size: 44" x 23" x 14"44\"
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Perfect Bridal Set 1.50 carat emerald Cut Morganite and Diamond Bridal Set in Rose Gold: Bestselling Design Under Dollar 500

    A perfect handmade 1.50 carat emerald Cut Morganite and Diamond Bridal Set in 10k Rose Gold affordable morganite and diamond engagement ring. The beautiful women's engagement ring is a perfect designer gemstone ring, handmade and

    • UPC: 963541762
    • Model: RHJGJmne362
    • Color: PinkRose
    • Size: 7.5

  • Best Ride on Cars Fiat 500 12V- White

    Ofiicially Licensed Fiat comes with 12 Volt upgraded battery and motor, it has working headlight, aux connection ot connect your phone, it has forward and reverse option, and working horn sounds, the door open ad

    • UPC: 515643891
    • Model: Fiat 500 12V- White
    • Color: White
    • Size: N/A

  • A crazy good but not crazy expensive DAC

    Best DAC under £500 - Arcam irDAC

    Best Headphone Amps & DACs To Buy In 2019